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One man Wednesday hoddle is on the air from the ESPN. Upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Alex guest star in turn is here as well. And we reduced to a 4 o'clock this afternoon. Welcome in plenty to get to today in the huddle a couple of guest legends Oki Carolina Panthers radio network at 330. A Panthers play tomorrow night Thursday night. Against the Philadelphia Eagles at home to four and one teams that's pretty good Thursday night game guys coming we complain about Thursday night football. Hard to complain about Alan that's pretty good. I'll pigging lives up to the records of the two teams will talk to Jim. About that coming up. Also JC sure over the makes Murdoch come joins us at 220 to 25 or so of the staff to gnome we will talk about south Carolina's win over. Arkansas. And their upcoming game with Tennessee. The volunteers. Which we are all. Certainly going to be discussing more in depth as we get closer to the weekend. Just learned that. We had. One of our guys. Big Tennessee. And renegade in our picks. This week. You know a quick question before we really get into things on which is more binding. A verbal. Or written when it comes to these picks on the that's very important as far as judging because he verbal commitment was made I believe yesterday on the air. And another is not binding or is he written by indeed it would be the written OK I'm just. Trying to clarify which is more. And binding available contact tractor or written well it's I'm asking you and now it's his world it is on record so. Britain is all that matters. Well let him explain his pick a little later. Is it possible to control. With a spoken word as opposed on social media continued to neutral on the show despite. Things that you talk about trolling. Q okay good. What do some of that today. Who are mutual funds and then outstanding. My favorite kind of thing. I knew today was special when I'm done I'll have some help from my buddy Paul pharma and I. Didn't walk off are really have to do is ms. placing comets and Paul finals and it kind of takes care of itself. Now we're back coming up bar on the show today. Also will hear from us Stephen A Smith. Stephen I says don't look for any Dallas Cowboys to defy Jerry Jones. By kneeling during the nationally. And you'll explain more I agree with a moment we'll hear his comments on the coming up did he's coming in today. At 304 this afternoon. What talking about baseball his Red Sox are done. And they fired diminish that so you've been Goodman I know it was a great day today that they have picked a great mood coming up at the at the Rio for this afternoon. And we'll take your phone calls it a 444773776. You can text us at 71307. Carolina coach is RB superstore text line years keyword he has PM. And more on Twitter Eddie ESPN upstate. So Alonso we've been doing the show since. February. 24. Wanna say. Of 2014. Right when the station began here the first day so three and a half years. We ever led the ship with soccer. I don't believe I recall doing that and one time head nodding once even when we went we were on location for a soccer event last World Cup we went downtown. They had a soccer viewing party. Right beside the armed. Remarks on main street had set up a cool little outdoor bar and we were broadcasting line out there so I'll probably mentioned soccer in the opener of that day I would like I did but I doubt if we let its core. I would likes to protest I think this is about ideal mountain. Perfect storm last night. The stat I heard from ESPN stats and information was that there was a 3%. Chance that the USA would miss the World Cup 3%. You know August. So 97% chance that they make it. And yet. They did not. Because of a two to one defeat at the hands of for the feet of Trinidad and Tobago. And a couple of other games couple other upsets I guess you qualify both of them is upset trying to. To form this perfect storm and the USA. Is out. And people are losing their minds when. And Josh you're gonna you're you're gonna go off on that in a moment I don't know the we've ever lead with a Josh Phillips rants. Anomaly either morality you. Let you do that. But I mean my goodness. People tell my just scraping what we do. Developing soccer players and starting from scratch and as we're obviously doing this wrong. We lost to a country. That's the size of San Diego California. In soccer lesson. Omar Gonzales said it was the worst day of his career Bruce Arena called it disappointing. Apologies left and right. First time since the 1986. Cycle. That the US. Is eliminated. From the World Cup so we're basically gonna have years. Of irrelevance for US soccer in mere four years you know the beauty he would it's not like hey wait a next year. We just don't like please just don't play. In the World Cup next year. And the US was just basically sleep walking through the first what 45 minutes last night didn't do any thing. Before they woke up and started applying a little bit there were some weird things and on goal that was. Looking. But put themselves in this position. To possibly. Lose. This game and then had to watches confessed the perfect storm. Continued so what does this leave soccer fans. In this country. Or is it leave fox sports which is carrying a little cut back and forth back to you as say then in the field. Next year. You know they're counting on that they're trying to make a name for themselves of box there's been a ton of money on the World Cup. Oh no you as a OPEC. And it really will affect a lot people probably watch the championship you know when it's down the last cup teams. Come people follow watch that but how about that the early rounds in a worthy US. Games are really the only ones that are. Get a whole lot of attention. Around here Josh blaming your phone now and it turned off. If your phone trying to tell something from the new US losing there was that led that'll work. Has there been an up dead do you have the US has lost again. Yeah they got beat Bob Malone believes the end you've seen of her. In a shoot out won nothing. So a lot of people in this room chairs. Don't everybody speak at once. We are too many old guys in this room Alex you're a young guy you should care about soccer you do not care about soccer. Why do you not care about soccer if you don't care how are we supposed to care yet just never gonna soccer person can't it just never appealed to me. Now soccer love Josh you care about soccer or. Someone. Someone. An early answer for months of yeah it's been noted many times on this there. But you understand how. More and more people do care on March CNET for your friends your cohorts people you know people you follow on social media have you singled more more. Soccer coach in the past I don't know what these guys that none of my friends north co hurts really coworkers talk about soccer ever except the make fun of it. Well I've got. More involved since they selected to cure a sick of them believe I'm pronouncing his name correctly test a nineteen year old yes. Did you see that even they did a sixty minute piece on him over in Germany. Mail outstanding man. Oh yeah yeah well you want to see him no. In he'll be an old man before security force a couple of cut up your numbers let's get a tragic and that he got a guy like Dan. Up and comer and fun to watch OK. We'll get to watch. As the USA is out. Clint Dempsey from Furman. Out the door. All these guys. Not happen. What's hysterical to me GMAC. It is that the soccer world. Was pretty much talking about this team. Making a run to the World Cup. And it reminded me of Todd Bowles talking about the jets being too powerful. And I'm thinking because that's what we are in soccer. The discussion was how to we get over the top. Rod not how we keep the bottom from volatile right and see everything had been done I mean they have beaten this team earlier in the qualifier. Two to nothing. And then they tied Panama they beat Coastr Rica they beat. I believe Honduras. And they beat. Another Latin team that they were supposed to be so that got everybody excited. That now the solid and the United States is ready to be a major player in the World Cup. And I'm thinking to myself listening to the build up this match. I'm going. And where is new to the stage of soccer as the world is a football. But it you know the NFL's trying to get in the London and China and all these different places. And the world's trying to pick it up. But they're new to. And even though we've been playing soccer for a long time it's never been. A focal sport it is when your child ever because it's cheap. Every child growing up plays soccer. I disagree you know dust AGI. I have a a 23 year old son in nineteen year old daughter. Neither one of more interest in soccer nor was I interest to be giving them the soccer and they've played sports from the time they were six all the way through high school. Never soccer never even thought about soccer. Well that's different. Because most most I mean when you look at the numbers in the news. Soccer has never been higher. Every kid is playing soccer now and especially with all of the CT stuff that's common now. You know more and more families are choosing their kids to go to soccer route because of those injury. If not if I just I started all over again I would do exactly the same way she even know one eyed one. Little we know about CT the soccer just doesn't I mean I don't. I don't know if you need to be. Born in a certain area I don't know what it is but soccer just. You know I'm from. The Columbus, Ohio the inner city to port side. They play soccer we played football I mean you know so in your past settle into your children and their friends were playing soccer either. No I agree with. So it and I mean that's their friends were playing and they say data wanna play soccer I would have put him in soccer but. There are soccer is the world sport not the American sport. And that's the difference. You go to that you go to any of the European. Countries. It's crazy over there crazy. That it's there football. Yeah and it's cheap to play. Over the air but over here. Not so much has become kind of a suburban well off. Upscale sport you you know I think a soccer I think of preppy I mean that's that's one thing yes I was look there's a millennial that's that's not mean that's that's what you think anyone in if you look like club soccer you know around here's a fifteen under straight at 15100 Alastair registered please club soccer in America. Mean who's gonna do that 15100. Well it has changed man. Yeah I mean play him play well and and become. Elite. In all and be somebody that could help the USA team down the road. Well than they don't then it's expensive right then they have called their own problem. Because let's be honest better athletes do not come from means of that time. That's just a flat. Every now and then yeah that I happened to us trying our best athletes are not playing soccer right and what do we do about it. Well you better make it. We don't do anything because we don't want to play soccer salons of those true keep it down although after watching how much they make that nineteen year old. He's making nine million dollars. A year. You can do them playing baseball around her food or may I ask him on the you know I mean you make a 175 million and not even pitch because you got analogy. He's gonna pitch modeling. You think that's the latest or does not I want to change the subject I'm sure I get to strong net. Dale is the baseball. Iowa you have an angle on this. Coach. And I'm told that. Your opinion would qualify as a rant so we'll do another first today. And opened the huddle. With the Rand of the day from coach Phillips. It's Doran that we lost stride that's the only thing we law attrition alone try. Well I'm not gonna ran on that and a rant at the people that Iran that we lost. These bowls so clowns. That never talk about soccer ever. That don't even the difference between a soccer ball a rugby ball. And then within 24 hours another talk about how he sockets are. But were never comes across it lips. Ever become a mile. You look at your blog. Can help them coordinate the dynasty ever. All people. I mean really. Challenge to defend the people that are so upset that the US got beat Trinidad and Tobago. Do you even know or Trinidad and Tobago is open up here Alex boards Trinidad and Tobago right off the top area no idea no idea Alonso. Somewhere in the mid week somewhere and emily's GMAC I don't know why they get the used to. Teams Trinidad and today because they can make up the model our country Alan. Let's not for your two against one. I agree with that. The that I have today is everybody's losing their. And oh. If it does not care about soccer. Soccer is somewhere around bowl and Carl. Sports car nobody. Cares. Man I'm blown. Bowling is more popular than soccer pentagon. But somebody call somebody tell me where Trinidad and Tobago is it's near Venezuela that's what I heard eye opener a citizen yet somewhere in the island. In the Caribbean. That they've got calypso music and so go what the heck of us go. They're national doubles hummingbird and their capital is 82 bit. And they beat us so welcome to puppet boy does that and that the huh. So. Lax people. Well now the world that come into a man and a favor if you Kabul us. United States soccer that all I felt that they had some soccer and slider. On the SP in this morning to our twellman that's yeah thank you thought you have a heart attack he was just about to blow against. I mean that's important somebody's getting them hooked. Maybe they can get a group therapy session when Eminem and him and just hug though because I never heard that you cried and all my life. Let me Taylor got his one and you lower every four year appearance. And it had to be too. Mourn the demise of US side of soccer and that's what he's gonna go to the protection program at the front. End. And you. Will all be dead or closed. Now. Maybe not streak Morgan Newton Melbourne but not forget that younger that our children to move this to proceed and I mean Ian and it's actually become a player on the scene of world soccer. Did in the right mind actually believe. That the United States soccer team was going to challenge the Brazilians the Italians the Germans. The British. Level we thought we'd make it to the dying World Cup okay and Kitna got a jump off a bridge. Lol. I mean it like I said. Who cares. Who cares. And the funny thing as sports guys. Might Greenberg was an article. But on the eighteen years you know you meet the ever mention soccer. League. And he's he's going on the Lam and ever gonna hear from these people again the American people. And it's not the Obama. I might get soccer a love soccer so I would put which I'd get my love soccer hang on I do for my kids. Now I'm not only sixteen dollars and opal RT but the like GMAC that you people lost your mind and it takes to be leaked all the world you tell me. Well Pablo down and some Paulo Brazil. It's more now. Was told him it's cheap another country that's what I'm saying and that particular I pull out and America. At work. And make the dollars right there might be paying sixty coconuts. I don't know. But maybe it's W make it and I'll leave this up across more like apparently get a good look at what level. How about we just make it mainstream first. The only thing that I've heard about soccer somebody said to me today. Are you go watch the soccer matches Pelé coming out of retirement. Well I'm in an obese go off I think you might have died collier was eggs them. The funny thing has averaged talks on the literally the New Orleans excels. Because I looked up Trinidad and Tobago you know what there that there are equally old culture. I need to shrimp grits I mean. Get a life people okay. We got the NFL coming up we got that this will be forgotten literally before the sun goes down tonight. At least a lot of people not appreciate your update on its holders health. Most painless and 76. Not to understate Clinton's got a pretty good soccer team. Furman used to have a pretty good soccer team. But to the point we got people calling me a message and talk shows come home. Tom Jones. Joshua on soccer. I got a couple calls old and only got to break first we'll get you guys. Next. Stay with us on the soccer show today the huddle on ESP in upstate. So it's on the Twitter poll now. Hollow poll how much I care about the US economic and World Cup your choices are. It's devastating. Would prefer that we made it. All right couldn't care less you guys say this is going to go heavily couldn't careless. On our mobile without a doubt. Heavily I said 65%. Do well no no you're a little bit higher household assets 75 per house they semi precisely 95%. We spent six votes and like thirty seconds here and it's 83% couldn't careless. And 17%. It's devastating that's probably one verse. So get on anti espionage stay we just put it up and let us know. How this is affecting your life I think Alex did that just as the contrary and really can only go once nuts. Let's go to the phones Dell then you are first tell us about soccer belt and much do you care. Soccer next 42 different football at all vocal are the only. And some ridiculous up and zero interest. Politic crushed in it we didn't quite get our assistance it if you were decisions or a coach. Obama on not Cain bit unit or heart want to write about their little court opposition. Yes that was a bad situation. I cannot believe that. I could not. Believe he did and what's worse is he intentionally leaked it. So he wanted that to get into the media. I mean it's one thing if you say privately. It's another thing when you walk it. To get out publicly yeah that's. I mean I wouldn't wanna even be an assistant with him alone can be my head coach. If it did take artist did little person on a little bit ER he's beaten on. I'll that's exactly right. So yes to take that responsibility and it's. It explains why he failed so miserably in organ state. And why he left Wisconsin. I did Delmon Camden. I think we'll start about soccer pitch Kevin. Out of them on the United States with some of the damage on the world status or soccer and he looked every country that they are we play. Their best. Aptly report cocker. Coming to you can't compete every can you imagine it's Deion Sanders gro plant soccer Paula. The sort of football camp when you can give would be completely different ball but until that changes. I'm a particular feel the united front consistently compete on the world stage in our. I'm going to deck seven that are we getting worse serves us just an aberration what happened this year. It's just that I think they can keep going money edit and money verdict would be a record. Every truckers on the sun's work. I think something into clicking the little movie we saw has been able to. Score into the figure it. I don't know I'd I'm not a about it well coordinated what I think we're like just Serbia football yeah. It'll start Alicia treated it was it. I appreciate because I you know I liked it in two dozen fortune into the Davis Simpson in the summer. There's not much going on in the summer it was kind of cool member that Alonso was fun. OK you don't have a win win the World Cup finals get here you're right yeah that's one. It would have been fun next summer yells and. Can you explain why the people like the women's soccer team with that he could care less about the men's soccer team the stores I. Marty knew the answer I thought I'd point out there and I did while bullish. And they're actually good damn. I mean there are no expectations for men's soccer in the women have actually. Why in the World Cup and it kicked down Disney and things like that idea saying you know. I kind of they're entertaining yeah there's a story behind them that's not always a good win for my story. Couldn't care less is not running away with a our poll book. We now have 23 votes in our. Twitter poll that just wanna. And 52%. Couldn't care less 52% just barely over half you guys are predicting eighty or 90% couldn't careless. I'm just pointing that out. What would prefer how the halls the middle and do 22% yes that doesn't just pull in for Britain to America and 26%. Are devastated by the 26% one got a Ford devastated by this news here and upstate South Carolina. I guess we have Twitter follower when it plays if I recall the few times that we have mentioned briefly soccer we've there have been assumed a couple soccer calls through the middle here. It he caught a couple BI couple and the music always to have bonded to a member of the day a year in the World Cup though you're Alex I believe. It was a guy that played down I was not he heard Natalie was Alex. It played for the Seattle think. The hump and we got a text about a bodily. If soccer is so unpopular than how the heck is the Atlantic united soccer team selling out every game. And they've sold 75000. Plus seats for a match on the 22. That's because they can't afford to get in no falcons game. Thought they played a Bobby Dodd stadium apparently they whether planned summit the Mercedes men's stay on our side yet we Yu king as semi 5000 to Bobby Dodd. And you know no. Other this soccer Mercedes. And that is summit. Bobby got to let you honestly also a lot of standing room only for soccer and I don't know. If the. Well also this Atlanta does have. An enormous use soccer program. That you don't have to pay 70000. Dollars Alex showed me that I nearly passed now what 70000 dollars for one. A family. Actually paid. In their yearly budget 171000. Dollars. To support their kids. Soccer. Several kids I don't know still several phone Eric's exhaustively driver right. Exactly right then. Yeah I'm telling you I mean 88 it's not. It's not like your kid playing. Baseball. No and its Major League. Sold. I mean if you're gonna keep it up right because you you're gonna have to you know. I think the thing I heard from our guide twellman who is on ESPN to die going crazy. Is that you're only allowed to play. Like two and a half months or something. I guess he's talking about. At a high school level. That this is they have rules because how mushy comply. And you know there's not. The town of the year round training that goes on in some other sports too. Com. Me squeeze in Haider before the break tiger welcome him. There are real don't amend. About the US men's soccer game. I have to disagree with everyone saying that we don't have enough talent. I think we're of course setup and a special way where we have all country universities and colleges that push. A push that that that game. Whereas a lot of countries don't. So what's the problem than fighter and why are we better than we are. I mean I think we have a we have our schedule problem. I mean other than that. I don't really now I mean I think it's just time. And it takes our company's earnings. You know everywhere else yes soccer soccer's number one sport for whatever reason in the US it's not and that's because we have other sports like. Football. And baseball. Yeah I mean just figured you know here's that we can't play football in Trinidad I guess not that kind of football thank you Haider good golf. Oh give back to the calls a moment 8444773776. Not colonias in upstate. What do magna huddle on the ESPN. Upstate with GMAC. Coach Josh Phillips Alonso and you know you don't slander is trying to make. I just mad AM. Why. You don't know who it is who doesn't know where does that make me man Eminem do anyway. It was hysterical. I literally didn't stop laughing for maybe two in this political. Now emit a political statement and accounts are no no only is home welcome. And it was actually posted my FaceBook page. I'll look at it it's hysterical. Like that's yeah that's great so there was I've watched it on those are you supposed we freestyle and I'm now. Oscar back the phones bring my Austin next they must welcome in. Guys and I've never been a soccer fan department it will be even thought played soccer went out that tidbit or came to this country. You know I don't think. You know the United States whenever you have low scoring game it type baseball even though one not saying. Specter's bill is awesome and baseball but most fans are not only watch only. You know watching game that's going to have liked to create a lot. And dusty soccer you know you have that time barely touching somebody and he takes pot slips acts like a broker correct. On sin and to me. He can all shoot the ball at the net loss but our whole goal in Italy. I got like twenty times to get one clear shot. You know and it just there's just not fun for me to watch on another cup soccer camp out they love to watch it but I. You know I don't enjoy that stick to my income for Bollywood note a dime people say that's what people. A you know darn it and it is going to be Tennessee and Missouri demos than other you know in this New York. I think this is done you know the coffin or butch. You know leave it out until has been responsible for getting a lot of coaches fire they're not being disciplined enough to want. It is first Utley gets fired don't and probably don't regret saying it can't say I am good enough they wanted to get thing. We can't be fired and they will be they aren't but elegant and now a bigger than they can't go up. But if we Blair got quicker and at the other day special on defense our defense is garner really hit people and if we keep doing that I think will be okay now don't are yesterday you'd think Tennessee's starting freshman quarterback maybe. Down the hill they have announced so yeah it looks like they're going to guarantee on on because. Things are working now with the enormity something that looks to be the case but I don't think butch has confirmed that. Yeah but I think OK okay way offensive line break the coming weeks. Lot of things went right for last week and at Arkansas not Beckett but. We understand a pretty crow law. You know Rico and they don't cry get into the marketing loan. I think we can come live with the victory and now now I think that looking and looking good even if we'd. Any. He could help prove it began just. Sites are must and so like we're laughter there you broke up at the end but I got to gamecocks went. 8444773776. Churches 1000 dollars about ten minutes away. Got to get our break here to wrap up our number one in the huddle back in a moment on he has been in upstate. An hour of soccer talk. In the hall no we used to. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore techsters says some. That the I Atlanta I united secretary misplayed five plus games at Mercedes bands that play a lot of games at them Bobby Dodd George tech. But does so far he says five plus games at the new stadium tickets average more than a falcons game. Says a man trying to buy tickets for a month. It always sells out it's a 125 bucks for cheap seats. I'd rather spend money on them McGregor all. Mayweather fight or the Stevens a golf tour storms mormons but you know I would rather pay money to that. And outlook they're drawing some video will be in here at 3 o'clock I know he's big in the Orlando soccer saying let's go and saying you know I. He seems like someone who was like yeah he's soccer man so he's gonna yelling yes here's what's crazy. I've lived in virtually every part of this country and not ones. Have I ever been. Or even knew there was a Major League soccer team. In that particular city which won Atlanta any of Arlington Atlanta though I'm now the Phoenix I think they've got one. I'm new California got one because of David Beckham. And then he gets them I think. To go back in Europe. They have one in Columbus. I think the crews still exists I'm not positive but I think they've pretty much started out and I laughed. It was nearly wrecked my car wasn't a few years ago. When they announced that Beckham was common to the United States and somebody was paying them 250 million dollars not win. For what. And somebody somebody told me while he's gonna play soccer world we're here. I don't know there was 250 million dollars. In the sport in the sport a little old to pay one player. I just one point now that you guys could have been more wrong so far on our little poll. Now we have had 47 votes here in the last thirty minutes or so. How much do I care that the USA is not making the World Cup and soccer. 30% say this is devastating. Almost a third devastated today by this news. 36%. Would prefer that we made it or not devastated and 34%. Couldn't careless. You know I would just like to point out that. I believe the host is trying to sway the audience to go the direction that he would like to pull to go now I want slayer that's tampering number more in the middle I would prefer we made him and I'm not devastated but. I'm not tampering. I'm just telling you that more people care about this than you guys realize you just do you just don't. Appreciate. This final start Cohen GMAC Russia and on this new nickname. Well Putin well how does start. I'll say this GMAC about that particular poll. Is that the ones in the middle. All the ones if you really were to ask him. I really don't care they really don't care. But because the flag is up. And our country completely something. You know what I get. So they're more like me that Saddam is something for next summer that we can have enjoyed it. And now we can't it's like during the Olympics we never talk about Olympic sports until. The actual Olympics nobody cares that we will be pretty soon probably right.