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While commandments Tuesday as the hot Lonnie ESPN upstate. I'm Greg McKinney Josh Phillips is here. Alonso is here and interns are multiplying. Today. I'm not only would have Alex here but we have Saxon from off five oaks academy welcome and sex workers should emanated into a room full of people here. Today far Marshall comes in we're in trouble today I guess. I'll welcome it we have a lot to do today plenty of football to talk about the this afternoon will must champs just up. Wrapped up his meeting with the media in Colombia will hear from him later in the show. Never Sweeney did the same at Clemson and ready to hear from him. And just few minutes about the upcoming Friday game yes Clemson plays Friday this week against Syracuse so we will law here that. They'll live from mom Mitchell true risky from the Monday Night Football game last night didn't quite get it done. But down for rescue wasn't bad. And also will hear from Keith long of ESPN. Talking about baseball as we I'd. Get into the hearts of the Major League Baseball post season action launching games yesterday just one game today. Just one today the cubs in the nationals. Will laden. Start up at 538. This afternoon and this is supposed to be a night game but dumb as some weather coming in so they've decided to. Move it up to 5381. Pitch comes up to one in that series soap. They could wrap things up today if they finish off the nets Horry can go to a fifth and deciding game talk about that coming up. On the show as well there's news about Adrian Peterson will get in soup. And also bill O'Brien the Houston Texans coach on how Cedeno and clowning is going to all be counted on heavily because. Everybody else is hurt. From the Houston defense so luck clowning they need in a big way we'll hear from O'Brien on that today. You can call editing 444773776. Text line opened at 71307. Driven by Carolina coaches RB superstore. And we're on Twitter at ESP in upstate. Well here's an update first of all on the Clemson quarterback situation. Kelly Bryant. Seems to be fine. So much of that story right Kelly Bryant hurt are gonna to bring in another quarterback. Probably not Davos today said that Kelly Bryant practiced. For the whole practice yesterday moved around well. He was very encouraged by that. Never say Kelly is our starter that doesn't change. We'll see him practice today he didn't miss a rep yesterday. And hopefully goes again today and that will settle that so long. Ms. shortly story there on the Kelly Brian. Ankle situation. On. But also doubt bush met today. Building up this week's opponent. Syracuse. Here's some of what Davos said about the Friday match up for the tigers. I can just say this is a program that's that's. Definitely and in the right direction in. Very cable beaten us I mean it's no question about it I mean we're we we've. We are. We got to play well. Two two win every single week we know we're gonna get everybody's best shot and we love that and we embrace that. You know I don't wanna have to. Sit around whales might playback on some folks on playing good or play well. And that's that's our focus their each and every week and you know we don't. Nothing that's why we've been so consistent not worried about. The opponent. Well hopefully we'll. Makes mistakes whenever we just won't just play our best game and that's what it's gonna take us our focus and then we a lot of respect that I again just tell you it. That you're gonna look up. You know down the road here quickly. And this will be you know of those programs that. You don't bring your a game begin be. This is this they're gonna they're gonna get better and her. Here every two years ago bomb went Clemson went to the Carrier Dome. 3727. Was a funnel clubs and got out of their. With a win Sweeney said that Syracuse embarrassed Clemson. That day. That they couldn't stop them clemson's defense couldn't stop. Syracuse. We jumped on him pretty quick next thing you know or in a dog fight we couldn't hardly score enough points big plays. Missed assignments they ran a lot up option and ran right through us last body so we were fortunate. To. Win the game. Josh. Any such worries this week. About Syracuse. No I think Syracuse is gonna score when you look at them over the first. Five ball games I think only once have they scored less than. 2527. Points. Than that they've had a code fifty point game they've had 41 point game. 34 point game they only they only got beat by NC state by eight points excuse me. 35 to 27. I believe 3320 but only five points on air dungy the quarterback is an NFL time. He threw for almost 400 York's. Against NC state. He is their best offensive players they've got a couple wide receivers. They're probably won't play on Sunday and they'll get drafted somewhere late. Third to sixth round somewhere in there by. From an offensive standpoint. Are they here they're gonna challenge Clemson now the problem though is defensively they've able to stay on the boss. Because they just they cannot stop anybody I think everybody. Outside of central Michigan has scored. 25 more against him. As well in that that's the problem with this game and I think what will oversee. Is a lot like what happened with the global. I think we're gonna see a lot of Davey and the Easter. And Travis ET and I'm not be surprised if Clinton runs for. 350 former New York both of those guys on for over a hundred because I just think Clinton's going to be able to Muslim and shorten the clock. And get out of there and then of course. Syracuse has faced a defensive front like they're getting please either and I understand why doubles what he's saying because. Of the respect that number one he has to be nobody version number two for the respect that he season film from Eric dungy. But this is a game Clemson but I wouldn't be surprised if they want it like. You know 44 to 24 something along those lines where. That they get out early. And then maybe Syracuse scores a touchdown so openly economy get better. That what it is but certain he's going to move the football. I'm just gonna be interesting to see how well they can protect. And if they can complete. Passes down the field Dino was it was at Baylor under our brothels for many years. Probably because also there when Robert Griffin the third was there when he won the Heisman Trophy sold Dino has brought that office. To the Atlantic Coast Conference. And so far he's he's done a great job with probably this is there a year. Second and third here asking. Have to chuckle that bullet. Yeah I mean offensively. They can challenge you but I just. It's just too strong. And the offensive linemen are expecting big running and they announced it. Know Brian it's gonna play at all or you don't try to hold on now. Now he's going he has a plan that's asbestos want them we're talking mighty armies practicing so he's gonna you know there's no lomb. A mile back and change sure. I can change that could say look we we we're just gonna puts money Yeltsin there if you don't like but you'll be fine yesterday in practice took all the red Chester. So he's the star. Right now that's what we expect. It's kind of a weird place that Carrier Dome if the fans do get loud sometimes they do sometimes they don't you know at Syracuse. If they yell loud it can reverberate in the kind of a challenging always situation. Mostly. You know searches to hang in Wisconsin maybe gets allow Friday night. But. On some bullets Moyer early in the non that'll take care of that. I was looking at what Syracuse has done so far. This year they beat Pitt last week now Pitt has been disappointing yeah. There's no question about that the Syracuse beat him by three points so that's their best to win their only other wins were central Michigan and Central Connecticut State. They lost they lost to middle Tennessee. Which is not good. That lost LSU by nine and as you said NC state by eight that they being competitive with. Most everybody manageable amount. This year but they employed team like Clemson it's. You know look it's going to be difference to me Friday night's going to be in the carrier now home. All that stuff Ken you know kind of effect detained we'll see if Clemson. Lives up to the challenge and puts on their a game on Friday night they use that then this is not a contest for a right this is over Purdue here. Yeah I agree with that they're gonna have to help Syracuse there they're gonna have to. Do things that Clemson this year hasn't done. And that's the it'll turn the ball over thrown interception fumble the ball have a breakdown on special teams that. That gives Syracuse momentum like you said the Carrier Dome. Very very difficult to play should be a capacity crowd. Oh when you've got the number two team coming in the country you're gonna have that type of environment. And the you know people don't wanna see if they can handle that upset bug I'm with you Syracuse records is gonna have to Opel. And if they just play it clean game then you know they should be able to get through this going in golf week. That was talking up the a couple of receivers for Syracuse. Urban Phillips wears number three and Steve ish trail wears number eight. He said down. He looked at the tape and said I thought Mike Williams was in San Diego. All about all that buddy aces though to those two guys will be two of the better receivers that Clemson sees. All year sell. That's that Clinton's should be helping enough and should be big favorites going into the jump game at Carrier Dome. On Friday night and should come out of their with their seventh win of the season if they do need to back up quarterbacks. Eric Cooper uttering Johnson. He says they're ready to go he says those guys have been playing their entire lives they've done a good job this year and got into the game both our home and little oval. And of course got into the game last week. And got to play some meaningful snaps in that game so they're ready now I think it's not like they've ball not gotten any playing time this year should they be. Needed. 7 o'clock game on Friday. Our coverage will begin on 93 point three the planet at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon with Ingles college football today. And in the Clemson pregame show at 4 o'clock. So I just make a note. Friday Clemson football this week is one of those weird weeks but it's a road game in the tigers'. Will be traveling up to the Carrier Dome for that went. You to comment on 8444773776. You can text us a 71307. Still to come we're gonna hear from we'll mush champ. South Carolina prepares to go to Tennessee on Saturday. What must champ had to say about that's coming up on the show in a bid so. Hang around for that the ball back when we return from this break you're listening to the huddle on ESP announced they will be right back. Welcome back Jim Hubble on ESPN. Upstate here Tuesday edition back in studio today appreciate folks stop by and saw us yesterday. At a local Q in Greenville and bonding out there will be back out there again next month. For a Monday Night Football edition of the huddle so what what you know about that coming up Scott evolves and bring in Delmon up first today had a double what's up. Eight. On public there and I lived through this scheme it. OK showing you know what's currently you know there's salute is that they know as he pleases and Bentley and Aniston's intercession compliment he handled it does he got baited don't pollute the group move by Eric was and up until warplanes. And some prep work there all the usual kind of hurt picking lieutenant where. He he's considered a public vote. Nick Gina was the other thing Bremer was gonna play but he did but now he's hurting him so far out how long we built this time. Public Enola good Keenan was solid I was like only foreign completions went for kingdom last night. It was. Gilbert L it would completely eight vote and seeing little refreshed our workers is that they. Keep it more plant you present it let me he gave the site helpless child last week guilt the guilt on the issue I do believe anybody's game. I wasn't so bad that they're gonna go back to Uggla and announcers sure. Here it is let loose and understood. Now Obama console look stupid mold was doses. Lucia over I know we're. Slightly in May maybe they should resonate CNET president Barack wins the U for the presidential vote. I know I do believe social. Or like it was who wrote other Packers don't let. I argued that we're looking depletion little naive to me. Another one add to the legacy of butch don't we appreciate the call. The baseball yesterday was pretty good. We had some pretty close games we have Bach Koppel one run games. Yesterday including the Astros over the Red Sox so the Red Sox are done. That was quick. Five to for the Astros win and did you see the up post game celebration from Josh Redick. With his flag Speedo. In the locker. Decided them and yes I did know model cannot be. You know on Tuesday as a sophomore Josh wears off the normal there was disrespect the flag I think about that might be. In my view what what you Josh Redick played angry bull in 2007 he's but the whole year with a remote drive. In 2007 as the Red Sox. Drafted him before he moved on to the Astros in fact he had 306 and eighteen home runs here ten years ago. In 2000 so yeah look it up if you if you wanna see a champagne dance. In a flag speed up its there. It's out before. The Astros moved on. The cubs made the nationals to the ones of the cubs are up to one though play today and if they went and battle we have for the nets in the cubs will move on. Policy the Yankees are still alive. You know that's taken Red Sox fans on Friday that the Yankees are still go on. And the utterance after Al already not ship. We read there's a possibility we might get our revenge how's that. Well if they'll go ahead and fire Farrell which they need to do. And the Yankees do something stupid and get rid of Girardi Girardi would be more than welcome and being now. Be an interesting right now and compete and interest to move so I'm praying GMAC now. Also which I was proud of the way that they played yesterday. I didn't expect him to beat Houston and Houston was the better team. Throughout the regular season I thought it was going to be a tall task. Although when they got that three to two run. Always been into and he hit the bomb which you played here green bull. 04 little bit men on board here the bond. Put the Sox what was sale may sale has not had. Good three week last three weeks now of the season I thought they might be able. To squeeze that now but you. And is is just announced in the globe but the good thing is in the I think every Sox and his agreement. Is what is the fire for Earl. Get heated up and it's heated up right now in especially if the Yankees which to this day. Somebody has to explain to me why it makes baseball sense for Joseph Girardi to get far. I mean has he made questionable calls yet but they all have. If that was the case with Davy would have been on his here two years ago drive what with a questionable calls that he's done in Saint Louis. But all but all of Girardi he's done has averaged 91 wins a year since he's been the skipper of the Yankees think about that. That's what won this year to anyone exactly right and he's got up on the verge. Of going to the championship series and this team is not going to do anything but get better. Will it what they've gotten their farm system plus what they've got. Currently on their active roster so. I mean I don't idol maybe it's that they don't think he's as committed because. You know he spends a lot of time with his family away from the ballpark and the you know he hasn't definite or ready for that but. Somebody asked to explain to me why it makes baseball so that's when the Yankees are so young was so much talent and so much talent on the way. That you would get rid of this guy and he's a Leo we have all the way he has won a World Series. With the Yankees so it's not like he has been a flop. Well or better this year than there were supposed to yes so what are you what you bargained for them for exactly the meaning they they outperformed expectations this year next year's post the year when that. I got it coming together we will have that adding five. Between the Yankees and Cleveland tomorrow night here on ESP in upstate sabathia vs the numbers that you bigger when. 8081 page 730 as the year time. On that one tomorrow here on nine ESP in upstate and then the Diamondbacks. Were swept. By the LA Don George three to what was yesterday's score soared three game sweep. And now on for the Dodgers so we're getting close to get down to our our final four in Major League Baseball and should have that pretty quickly so you would you like to win at all right now. Well at the beginning of the season I picked Houston and a way to play for and I think that it's a waste time. If they can get commercial off the she died of of this playoff and it seems they've done that. By sweeping the Diamondbacks. So they went out they got Darvish and brought him and before the trade deadline which they needed to do that as well also. And I'm sticking with a month to get still going to be I think you know it was the best team in the National League and on to me Houston was the best team. In the American League and I think that's who gonna see if they can take care of it but you talk about a frustrated fan base. Imagine being in nationals fan yesterday in that game. You're you're one of the best hitting teams. All of Major League Baseball in the post season the nationals are batting 121. Think about that was all of that talent. That they have with Bryce Harper and Jason Werth and all of those guys and they got beat the cubbies yesterday truly want the and it was it was a wild one game civil. Which quite honestly I thought Dusty Baker was the one that screwed that up. Our I thought there were some moves that he made especially on the hit Enron and all of which which was a bad move and you can tell. That Joseph Maddon in this press conference somebody asked him why do you think you pulled this out. He's kind of got us from working you know he wanted to say what does he help just a little bit with. With that one call because it was a crucial moment. For the national soul. And. Only people sure church and yes he did yes he did a great. But I don't know shores or is you know all of us helping the immediate. He was getting close to his his official Ayman end days come back from my hamstring so there may have been good medical reason to do that. There was an edge memories and it knew that he was pitching very well. When people about it. But dusty in the price for that he's seven due while. The headline on ESPN's website was that dusty is falling on the sword. He's seven to take the heat. For making the moves that he made because they did not work out. For him yesterday. But that's okay that Saddam. That's baseball as they say that's the way the ball bounces are also. Paul Baltimore. Is a going to be back with the twins. Come back. Letting historic turnaround. Of the twins announcing that he's in the new three year deal keep money contractor 20/20 185 games this year. And they made the playoffs for ten minutes. The first intimate playoffs after losing a hundred games the previous year so that's pretty big turnaround for them the key to deserves that. So Pall mall malt or will be back with the Minnesota Twins then announcement made yesterday. To get Jenin here. Before we go to break Jim welcome man. You are doing very well it's a trade this can't be that people locked in my yankees still play your lungs up. Emote still. I did it was doing you know. Don't let them relevant to American oil over. Tibet to complete power why he got older freighters. In boot and I'll mr. September whatever lies based Politico and being replaced immediately would do little ball player. But it didn't do contribute no replay it lies just released in effect it is first home run. Engaged straight pars to users Clijsters and that's pretty cool building via their 88 billion don't get the ball back to me really liked. I'm Betty did so the Yankees gonna win tomorrow night. Except. I don't get outside of the bagel indicated no rewarding big result like dope like we used to them. Yeah stolen doctor's care about it. Bill Russell Crowe impatience. Thank you know have a good day. You do running a 444773776. The tax line is. So 71307. It'll be ten or Rourke against Jake Ariana today. In the Washington Chicago game. And again first pitch and now when his 538. This afternoon the cubs win that one will be over. We'll take a regular back was more stay what is just underway here on this Tuesday edition of the huddle on ESP in upstate. Quarterback the huddle on ESPN up stay with team action coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Jesse Simons and who is a reporter senior writer for ball qwest chief rivals. Has just tweeted. That Jerry and Darren Tom O will be the starting quarterback for Tennessee. Against the gamecocks this week. And that Clinton door nobody who's been a starter up until this week. Is now contemplating his future. That Tennessee. So this is dumb. As this but as hail Mary Josh. One more shot yeah saving himself. And gear tunnel was the five star quarterback they recruited in the opening. To redshirt a figure that normally would get him through the season. And yet this is the last pitcher in the bullpen. And they're gonna try it out there meanwhile not. I mean they recruited the kid. They brought him in the play and bush knows he is on a five day contract right now. Now because of South Carolina wins its game he has done Sunday morning. Don't. He will not be the total Monday for the Tennessee Volunteers going forward and he knows that his staff knows that. And he's gonna go down far enough and blame him I mean again hurt. With the athletes that Tennessee has. And Kelly at running back in Callaway at wide receiver. Go out there give the young kid a shot and shooting do you know what normally WG. Turnovers are a lot with a lot a deal for games. I don't think it's going to be enough anyway. So alone. Well I mean. Garrick John knows more than dual threat guy he can run. And you know South Carolina has at times shown a vulnerability to that defense was much much better last week against Arkansas. Com and we're in here woman's champ talk about that coming up here on the show but done. Now if you'll see any reason not to try this a look at may work it may or may lot of fire under the so Tennessee offense this mourners many wondering. Yeah they do and with the way that they've lost games the way they've low. I think the U mass. Barometer you know it seems that word fluke is getting thrown around. Here in South Carolina but apparently that you mass close win was not a fluke. On that apparently that issues that is played Tennessee. Literally out of the gate would Georgia Tech they still haven't fixed. Can't stop the wrong and have an issue with turnovers can't generate profits consistently. I can't get off the field have a breakdown on special teams. Also it's a complete fail when your point that does he says it's all phases. And that's something that if you're South Carolina you hope they don't fix this week. And they had two weeks to prepare and that's the other kicker. Is it with two weeks to prepare there are no more excuses. Four Tennessee. Home. And if they if they lose this one. Good luck in figuring out who the interim coach should be heading into the into the season. Yeah I wonder about this news and again Tennessee hasn't confirmed anything. At this point it's being reported by a number of people down have been rumored for a while here. I mean I wonder which Jones one to keep this under wraps you know until game time and it's now it's gone now on Tuesday and no Devoe what must champ and and the defense itself Carroll a lot more time to off. Think about prepare for the reporter that challenge the other reporter did not get any leadership wrote it and know that is no leadership rep for you. For leaking that. That story but again it'd been rumored for a while this man buzzing around for a few days now. Being reported. Again by at least one reporter nests. Jesse symington who says that it will be the first career start forward Jared and Garrett Tonto in L makes it sound like Dorman is falling and transfer. Prime a's knocked off now gonna try to win the job back contemplating his future summit he moves them. Com will say interesting stuff you can tell that dumb. This is a critical week. For the Butch Jones. Regime. At Tennessee. How did Tennessee gets old. I mean how they would com. Literally. You know people expect certain things I mean nobody has any expectation. For Kentucky or Vanderbilt. So take them off the radar. There's a little bit expectation. For Carolina but not much because of the rebuild the rules deal where. But how was it that Tennessee institute specifically Tennessee in the war. And just. I mean I'm never would have bowl they have they would have solved with a special intimacy. When was the last time since he was good we hear every year for the last three or four years since the year as the years as the air they never do anything. If Kiffin credit mean he recruited exceptionally well was not the last on their regular that was the last time. A or bad last year but just lost some bad games at the end here. You can't just say there are. I had Kenyon. Dish can. They have a history of of being right up there to compete for the east at least the ones last time I mean. Thirds mediocre. At best I mean it's been that way. For awhile yeah. And an agony better and that's the problem this was supposed to be the year. This was supposed to be Tennessee. I mean think about it if Tennessee loses to South Carolina Saturday. Does anybody think they're going to be Kentucky. No. I don't. Not with him struggling to stop the wrong and I mean smell have a huge game. Does anybody think that they'll compete well better better about bull out of the water last year. Yeah that was one day at a men. Lost to Vanderbilt. So they're gonna won nine games the only guy names last year they won nine games he reform there is a good chance. Think about this there is a good chance Tennessee finishes last in the east. Home. Well that would do it yeah for sure. I mean I would give it a better than 60% chance. Money you wanna go back to when they were really really mad just go back a few years whether one of five games so nine the last two years not a one man. How many wins again this year. It. Three yeah. They could potentially lose out. And and lose to southern Minnesota and they gave Kentucky rural. What if the coach is gone you don't think they'll be a little bit of a boost that they may be when porn came out after no not with the staff that he's a thousand fold completely understand his soulful. That he's brought in. He's turned over. Three stands in the time that he's been there. And that these these dogs he's got on the staff this year. All they're going to be doing is looking how we get out of here or is it just somehow impressed. The income and staff which that never works at that level is usually. Income and head coach brings his own people. So what's gonna happen is. If they lose Saturday and Butch Jones as fired Sunday. Did it's gonna become a free for all with the staff. And that the focus is no longer gonna be are we going away we're gonna lose it's going to be. On that I've got to start looking for another job. In the middle well would've fought for fun games left and Aziz. Who was the woman is scheduled GMAC. All it's a tough for. Alabama. On the road Kentucky on the road in southern miss at home is certainly winnable game at Missouri is a winnable game. Unnecessarily an easy game for them LSU at home Vanderbilt at home that's the rest of the series. Yeah there's a good chance wolf I might give him one win. They'll be so. He southern miss three into team right now but. They be crucial in ministry and only played. Kentucky and they beat southern and you LM and UT San Antonio slam meaning about. They got to be better than humans. May be. May be Kentucky only be southern miss a seven point. And. And then now you got your. Quarterback that's been star he's going to be disgruntled. Demi interest and while I got a full and all the stuff so we got to Kardashian situation going on in Knoxville. We fun to watch listen and kick off. On Saturday game Cox. And the Tennessee Volunteers final break of the hour your chance of 1000 dollars coming up about ten minutes stand by for the keyword so huddle on ESP in upstate. Well the cardinals have released one old running back embroiled in another old running back that's their plan I guess. Other cardinals. Picking up Adrian Peterson. From the saints. They traded an undisclosed. 2018 conditional draft pick to the saints. Four. Adrian Peterson. And Chris Johnson. They are releasing so. The boy and get a big move the pick up a happy are preparing now that's also that's no great hurry that's a big move for them ami come on. That's Chris Johnson 2.5. Dead and Peterson three. What they drink goes a lighted up for the cardinals world chances of that. Maybe it's just the right match for Adrian Peterson. Yeah I never understood him going to New Orleans. I mean they were never gonna take the ball out of breezes hand never. They've never done that that's why I never understood why. The organization drafted those. Oh who was on Ingram of Alabama that marketing marketing room and those guys I never understood. Why Sean Payton kept making those moves when he had. So many issues with his defense so many issues with the as offensive line he needed play makers. Are to surround breeze and I never is that what why would they make a move. To bring in the guy that was getting 25 carries a game to give him three. And plus Peterson knowing that Peyton I mean that made you think he would be there very long to realize exactly. The ill understand why Adrian was yelling into the incumbents don't. Meanwhile would you bring in a future hall of Famer just hold helmet. It's one. 27 carries for 81 yards. We're actually debating your member of that on zone well how Longo was that we were debating whether to be a thousand are projected spending or but it wasn't long ago that's true there was an 81 yard rusher and he apocalypse. That is yet for the season. Three yards a carry. You looked at tells me that tells me that Sean Payton got overrule. That tells me either the general manager of the owner. Said we're gonna sign this guy. And I guarantee you Sean Payton said I don't warning don't bringing here but think about as much noises as Peterson's may confront the camera how much does he make him behind absolutely right. Absolutely right. Because there's no way I mean what is it war half carries a game. While ominous it's it's back. Yes that tells me Peyton never had him in the plan. Of the offense to begin way. So that sounds like a. Front office move that win. Horrendously. Awry. Arizona he'll be all right has Bruce irons likes to run football. Now I don't know what he's gonna be able to revive his career what is he 34. Why Adrian and 33 maybe you know it's it's funny look at him at the end of his career. I was working at Tennessee camp early in my coaching career when. And I'll never forget. NFL and that's it what do you mean he goes he's told the rock mrs.