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It's not a Lonnie espionage stay with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso phone number is 8444773776. Text line 71307. Use security SP into the beginning of your text message. Twitter. Add ESPN. Upstate we've had done more than fifty people vote nor Twitter poll today. And that is what's gonna happen with Tom Brady on Sunday in the game against Jacksonville. 63%. Of you say Tom Brady will play and he will play well. 31% of our Twitter voters say you'll play but will not be himself. And we're down to 6%. Of people who believe Tom Brady is not going to play in the game and so on. 6% of you. After his news conference today were came out with both hands in a glove and just basically kept saying we'll see. As far as his status. Force on the Addie SP in upstate if you want to vote in our Twitter poll which continues throughout the afternoon. It's not all over the Charlotte hornets team BA team. They have a bunch of bad contracts. And at und tradable assets. And now ESPN is saying that the hornets are making it kimbo walker available. In trade discussions. Charlotte has been encouraging teams to make offers. And they appear to be eager to discuss attaching Kemba Walker to a larger trade. In which would another team would be taking all one of the hornet's several far less desirable contracts are trying to unload some of those. Kemba Walker and all star. 27 years old he makes twelve million dollars a year rush pretty cheap enough. NBA terms. That's his pay through 20182019. His production. Al performs is based Dublin the hornets don't have too many guys like that duke. He's the best. Most popular player. And they hope that including Kemba Walker and a potential trade would help bring back a good young player may be a first round draft pick. Ultimately the hornets know that trading walker in any deal would be a reset for the franchise. Be sending or your number two player all time. In terms of points and assists. The hornets had already made available NIC Batum. Dwight Howard. Marvin Williams. And Michael Kidd Gilchrist. According to league sources but. Those guys have unattractive. Contract. What our as a two year 47 million dollar deal NIC Batum has a four year 100 Milledge and preference equal. Oh man at the horn it's ever been good there Jordan. And her. Petitioner. Not so much the most likely known for being a shrewd manager. Charlotte is eleventh in the east right now the record is eighteen and 25. Right now would be out of the playoffs. They're four games behind the pistons in the 76ers those two teams tied for the eighth position in the last playoff position in the conference. Other big get their act coach Mac Steve Clifford had the headaches that. He couldn't get past T news. Not sleeping well he returned. Wednesday night night before last. After a 21 game absence and now they won over the Washington Wizards. Hum. Well I mean Kimba walker not hornet was that upset anybody. Doesn't really matter does a you know when one of them might as well do something. Thank you chance. Yeah I don't know what direction they want to go win. I didn't understand when they drafted Kamensky. Just didn't make sense of Maine. Com. That there's just something that they're soft and ride it there's too many good players. Especially third. Free agency and right now I don't know if there are financial crisis. I don't know what the problem isn't sure but. With all the free agents that get named literally literally every year you never hear about the bobcats one after the elite players. The hornets again excuse me ports story. Now I mean I got back contracts and money. They got to figure a way don't. And then they've got to bring in the name of the game of the year in the NBA. Is stockpiling draft picks or free agents. Short term vs long term. What team will be the best team Fort Campbell walker where he would. Be able to help the team. You'll earn a playoff team I don't know I mean. Good point guard they got a few sold them I mean the the cavs are supposedly. Shop in interest and Tom Thompson and Josh is boy. And lawsuits they can do what that I don't know. You know. That's it that's contender he could help. And I think the hornets are starting to sound a little desperate to who's gonna have to. Basically. Reset start over that's the way it's looking they're not having out. Much success the way things are going right now so this suddenly has done well in the room. Word is as dominant on the since the beginning of the season cabin and they knew they had the bad contracts but you know I saw today. We got some. Decent challenge here let's see if we can win but how many bad contracts is take beef Rio you know maybe we shouldn't do that. Yeah it's some maybe it's us that's what they should be say in run Jordan's part of the ownership of who wanted to have him. Honestly can't do. That. The hornets are eighteen and 25 -- sensitive one like 42% other games I you know like is still work their way back in their only. Four games out of the playoffs right now but. But they're going nowhere fast. And they won two games around there and they're going nowhere fast suddenly the Somalia has positioned you know. And. Philadelphia. Philadelphia is eight to 2120. And Detroit's just like percentage points behind their 2221. So Philadelphia Detroit two they got to catch. And the knicks are element of the knicks are out of the march. Asked knock it knock it could be worse to be the hawks. And they spend all that money to be denied. He. Now for the San Antonio Spurs. Still very much shown in the hunt seven games back of golden statement in third place in the west. But they're dealing with life without collide Leonard right now and Gregg Popovich. Coach of the spurs so that's a big problem for his team to. Horrible situation it's just. Players would write lastly don't lose beautiful mind tonight. It's tough to do read them. You floating game for sure. What every team you'll probably. Feels. Like you play a big push your pillow and a we've got to get ready we think. To do with no decision. Between told me it's been beautiful. It's been a challenging but. Really onerous. When you. Plus. Interest. As Gregg Popovich as knob and a fun year for dispersed and get healthy and I can certainly be competitive but right now. Missing coli Leonard they're. Here than Joseph well indeed made the all star team. For the Philadelphia 76ers and that's a pretty big deal image here and he's basically dissing Rihanna. In a post game interview after their win last night joy OMB was asked whether he might finally have a chance of landing a date with Rihanna now that he's an all star because. She has said. Way back Lannan 2014 on Twitter so he we was on Twitter saying he's crazy about round he did it all of 2013. And and 2014 he tweeted I was trying to get a date was this famous girl and she said come back when you're an all star. That was Rihanna apparently fans responded to his all star nod by flooding Arianna does and stay Graham. With his username. Well and the post game interview. MB said she did not mean back then there's no reason to give extra. He said there's a lot of pretty women out there and I'm beautiful song moving on to the next one. This singer Rihanna so he can sail out but if Rihanna suddenly shows that agencies don't know him in doing. Yeah definitely. It's pretty funny though I like it like it is down Hillary LA. It is no me when you don't know me now. Not going now if you read on yeah you prowler he would not turn down Rihanna she says aren't Emmerich. It's like on the Y if on my life. A life that and then here's the update from mob in the Cleveland Cavaliers would like to talk about Alonso by just cavaliers. When things on man especially. But winning streak on the road to tell amount. Tyrod Lou your coach said the team must go through Kevin Love when the offense is sputtering. Post the basketball he said. When you have a dry spell out. Like when they nearly blew 120 point halftime lead they got out over Orlando. 1040103. And Kevin Love had twelve points three of ten shooting eleven rebounds and two assists in only four shot attempts in the second half and the team shot. Thirteen out of 43. Chance players had more attempts. Then Kevin Love after halftime. Isiah Thomas LeBron James and Jeff Green the group that you want more shots from Kevin Love when things are going man. Go ahead jump on their do what you gonna do you know yours too. Will it matter. I wonder why you hate Kevin Love samarra. That's not that I hate kind of lobby they paid too much born. I don't think you can never pay too much for some money you pay yeah I mean you know Cynthia said no that's too much for me. Again I'm not blaming Kim loaf. I mean what do the cavs. Went has. Contributed. To the cavaliers winning a championship. Now I'm a piece say this all the time and I should take time and resource to prove that to Rome because it noted role on the wrong you're definitely wrong on the same thing JR Smith well I and his buddy the barber shop guy graduates Aerosmith then the barbershop Le Kevin Love your wrong. When they when they run the offense through him they do a whole lot better the problem Cleveland right now as it played no defense. And when they're freeze dried out there and suddenly believe drives OK how can he be 611 and play defense. He he is literally a liability round the block he is the only one on the team is now playing defense. Look when you make 240 million dollars you called when you play as solved as he plays. At 611. When's the last time you watch an entire casket and watched a watched three or four this year doctor was last up. Probably a week ago OK and when you watch you're looking at Kevin love the entire time to see in salt. As soft as melted Boehner. It has been his entire career he ol' wedding took him out of the game and dale listened. He'll he'll Lindy. Is a plug and now is now is wrong and we don't thousand Emery. Knows. Good agreed that ticks me off I got Kelly Nolan I've gotten bitten worst clubs heaters. We know we don't ya bin worse by snakes on anything that's true too forgot about it. The problem is when Isiah Thomas is in the game Kevin Love doing and shops whose Isiah Thomas guns. Again. I'm. Everybody laughed when. Alonso. And did Lee and Tyler Butler and all of them were just having a jolly old time and how Cleveland. Fleeced the Celtics on that trade. Just please don't. We got on sale we got a crowd are we got is the only answer. It is I'm very glad that they got Crowder earning Crowder does a fine job crawler out of all the guy who works hard on all the guys that left. Problem was the war and I was. But I understand because he's not a score. He can't he's a streaky. Shooter. But he's not a consistent school. But the cavs I mean look we've we've talked about this the cavs from a four month high Davis. And then bronze gone to LA or wherever. And it's going to disintegrate. And you know what it'll find out about the great Kevin loaf. Because you'll still be on the roster believe it would shock me if LeBron leaves of Kevin Love dozens of going somehow team might. He even in my abdomen which state would you stay there always stated on the Broncos. It's I herself diner mine out and no I wouldn't stay there I got an argument with another. I won't mention any names. Of bouts. The cavaliers in Albion the tomb and where Kevin Love fit and look. For the regular season he is a serviceable. Role player but you don't pay a guy the money that they paid him to command. And be a serviceable role player that scores during the regular season and disappeared during the playoffs in literally boggles my mind. Because the guy has got game. High scoring is coaching. I don't know what it I think he coached a pro exit the same way you do. Coast to coast doesn't like Kevin Love what I don't know what it is but the guys he is talented. But he is under achieved. So horrendously. I mean I don't know what to make out. He's he's. He's port saint yes. Without the grip. Well here's what we'll find out what LeBron James actually thinks about them I'm pretty sure that Kevin Love make the all star game again this year on chilies and we'll see you CF LeBron takes them for his team I don't know if he doesn't take him for a stage do you know there's probably should do that like you do pick up basket moment your body stand or does well they didn't come over more yeah but I know that's what they're doing this year to make him do this kind of groups cylinder at their complaints now that they're not televising this they should televise this and and I just saw earlier they showed up hockey all star game where they actually did that. I think they'll be awesome permissiveness and a big opportunity for. You know and Jenna loves Alaska statute that you have Liberia and might be anybody you may not be. So it's deathly going to be interest in how they're doing this though because we know that staff has taken alongside your favorite player. And the bronze picking on the other. Do you are you obligated to pick guys and your own team that are out there all stars is that automatic. Willow will know I'm hesitant to LeBron pick fiery. Here's the thing that NBA all star game ranks right up there with me. Well if curling. That's where it ranks. All mom must watch. Unbelievable. You know if you listen I'm about to say I'll let you do is currently going to look covered extensively on this radio. You know I don't give a rats to be words comfort okay the day that the NBA all star game comes on. And the day that curling comes on you know I do those days. I I bought the plant roses. Let me ask you a question cause we are known to send people to places. Two see big games so if you had the opportunity to go to the all star game you would rather. Plant roses. Yes that's ridiculous I don't believe up for a second guessing go knowing what it's all kinds of places it's not I just to go there and talk to your beloved Celtics you will go then there's two places. I have no desire to go ever. It's not a mop bucket list. It's not something that I wanna see not even from a fascination standpoint. The NBA all star is number two. And the Super Bowl is number one I have really as you say probable I know. Rob I have no desire I would much rather go to the Pro Bowl. Because at least at the Pro Bowl it's much more relaxed you can talk to the players get autographs it's more of a fan friendly situation. I have. No desire. Whatsoever in my body if somebody gave me free tickets to Super Bowl it would be I'd really have to think about it. I'd probably sellable on the secondary marks the end and I would probably go play cliffs at glassy. Now you've got to be in the minority as far as that beautiful wintertime trip to Minneapolis and you wanna go there and help me. Numero uno the Al all star game mildly MBA all star game is February 18 at the Staples Center and guard their similar bonds economy. Have no desire. 8444773776. You only get in here in the hot got to hit it right back more coming up BSP announced that. Are back to the hot all got a couple of thought college note sear for local schools in South Carolina you heard about Joseph wind gearing. Basketball player out of a great collegiate. In Colombia he's got a bunch of offers today he alum from Frank Martin delivered personally by Frank Martin met with Gary today. And gave him I had an offer. In July Gary also has offers from Clemson Florida North Carolina State Texas say NN UNLV. Georgia. Maryland. Wake Forest and Connecticut a lot of people want this guy he's 66. He is right by 24/7 sports as the third best prospect in the state of South Carolina for 2019. And he is ranked 29 in the country. For 2019 by ESPN. Score and just 122 point two game may rebounds a game. And is approaching the 1000. Points. In his career so he would be a good get them gamecocks offer coming in seems like a little late with a all those others. Already out and how Smart dumb anyway joined Gary with an offer today. From the South Carolina Gamecocks and will be watching his recruitment also some game coxnews. There were watching to see where heightened Hearst the tide end for South Carolina news coming out early will go in the NFL draft. He was the only one who declared early for South Carolina. And he is projected. By at least one analyst as a first rounder. Daniel Jeremiah a releasing this first mock draft and he projects. Hayden Hearst to go to. The Jacksonville Jaguars. And s.'s own town he's from Jacksonville a mechanical. If he ended up there. It's expected that third jag you'll have the number 29 pick in the draft course there's to play and so we don't know that for sure. The test their projections or be late first round. And Islam. They nursed go late first round of a pretty big deal would certainly mean he probably made the right decision by coming out early. Also we got the Watford football schedule announced today. And talking about clemson's schedule lot. The Wofford terriers. In 2008. Team. We'll have home games against citadel BMI East Tennessee State. And Mercer. In James three this year the Wofford terriers will go to Wyoming. Fortunately that quarterback is not going to be there with the yes he's going to do so love that's good news there that's kind of a cool trip man has a long way to go. Have you had a chance to meet new coat. And Auckland Noah much yet you know mention that hadn't heard anything about I guess all the guys and staff for gonna stay which. You know that's really good. I think exit one of them I think. All one of their defensive guys left to join me woody. All done at Georgia Tech. At some breaking news. Tonight. Injury diagnosis. On Tom Brady's hand. No fracture ligament damage cut from him buckle in towards helmet for stitches around the knuckle. Should be fun. Hussein and that corn to a foursome sports. Cut his hand. And just say that. Stitches up four stitches stitches for Brady. Around the knuckle. That. Should be fine coach about that for pitchers and and you are still running and that's got hurt. Yeah which makes that she was. Released from the full won't turn in his hand over and then that part of the storm hit salute pencil. Where you know where there were no strap as a constant helmet. Does it take you guys lay in to say that yes well. A different candidate. Because. What are we just talked about last out. I try to tell everybody was a roost and that something happened. And then you brought up a very good point and that they didn't come back in squash and they just let it run. Because people are so in his stereo mode. Any time something with a knee injury happened with the Brady. And so the patriots like OK we will fine run with it meanwhile time's up there with the Mona Lisa Graham and I'm going there's nothing to do about it. They did Belichick news conference and a Brady news conference he has four stitches in his hand and they say nothing. Any men here okay that and he missed the whole week of media. Deliberation. Still targeting that and I think his boy you don't gang problems. Maybe so and somebody probably step on it if they can. But that it's like we talk about that is quintessential bullets. Somebody wants to make something not far Enron when. Rather than just answer the question MB download. It's gonna come out you know what's gonna come out I blame but none of them ever just answer questions why not what's so bad about that. You know what that's a great question I would love to ask you Belichick one day. I mean why and jerking everybody around. There's no place. That's live they love doing those real coffee that's what happens when the possibility happy. Coffee on them uncle who's a puffy knuckle. I made the mistake of doing that one time shoe and a millimeter and mobile phone over and Papa off big war. I undisturbed at about. All you got news answer questions. In the mile hide until game time anyway. Just answer the question. The funny thing is the link they want to mess with people that they don't they were they were messing with the me. Wearing two gloves out. I guarantee they were in the locker room before and we'll watch this. We're gonna do what ones what watch what were wounded ones. The media should get that much more aggressive. Impress them that much more next time something happens. You lie you didn't tell the truth last time about yeah hit it last time woody I had this done. The delta delta is either. Victory. Now why they do that I I don't know but they enjoy playing mind games of people and again and obviously I think they did it. For two reasons I think they did it to muzzle the media for a little bit also think they did that the missile Jacksonville. Now people would think quite the word I believe you used was petty. But if Belichick can get any type of psychological advantage. He's gonna that's eggs that's ourselves. And come and help him although Parcells would do it more zone. He will be Graf salons you're saying you come Angola today and Paul definitely Josh would suit you know you would step on a lot of fun in Britain and are they pronounce his name in Bamako and some. Agreement for the play jags agreement for at this opens the door because you got to have a boom yeah. You know. Don't world has a Google on the sideline that's a practice player mark you've got one role will cover your fine you'll cut exactly right you're gonna get thrown out of the game will take the fifteen yard penalty. You squash that. Some doubts abound the amount doesn't even anymore I mean we completed. Clinic. It is not O'Malley be open MX report that's true. Problem on to tell him to do it. 8444773776. We'll be right back gets the huddle on ESP in upstate. So Nick Saban didn't do the thing that would have made us so much falling going into the upcoming college football season and hired Hugh freeze from. Ole miss says his offensive coordinator instead Alabama has promoted Michael Oxley. To the position according to ESPN sources he's been on the Alabama staff as the co offensive coordinator. And coaching wide receivers 48 years old and I turned out an opportunity to go to Florida State was Willie Taggart to stay at Alabama so now the reports on the he'll be the offensive coordinator for the Crimson Tide pop my mom says Hugh freeze could still be coaching at Ole miss. If he had just done one thing. Ultimately. Hugh freeze argued that he did everything he could. And he couldn't control. The boosters. Now. The reason he was fired last July was totally separate. You know it's never been revealed exactly why he was fired. The school was circumspect about that it's pretty obvious if you follow the case. He was fired. For abusing. He is position. Used pretty obvious he was fired for. Conduct unbecoming of a public official. And my argument has been that if you freeze would would've. Come clean and not tried to dance around it with a bunch of well home I've made good with my family and and I'm sorry that may be we would understand what it was all about but he chose not to do that. Bad chose not to do that and now is he unbearable as anybody can take on. Euphrates if anybody had the guts to do it it would be Nick Saban but he has decided to go. In another direction. We'll see you freeze may be unemployed. For awhile to come. All this Clemson basketball game tomorrow with Notre Dame which you can hear here on ESPN upstate. Tomorrow afternoon. Something to keep in mind. They're going to be without a couple of big time players at Notre Dame. They're already without Bonzi Colson he's out until March. Now they're talented to freshman DJ Harvey. Is on the shelf for four weeks with a knee injury. Irish have already lost three straight games to Georgia Tech North Carolina and lawyer able. Punch is lost two out of its last three they've got a big game when Virginia coming up next Tuesday with Colson and Harvey Alps. I don't know who Notre Dame is going to have to match up with somebody like Dante grant them some back can be. An advantage for the tigers they do need to win having lost two out of three with a couple of key guys missing for Notre Dame that might. The a benefit for them going into that game course regarding mentioned that South Carolina placed Tennessee. At 6 o'clock tomorrow night a Wichita State will play at Houston tomorrow at noon on ESPN EU. Wichita State people think they should be a final four contender they've lost. Two of the two best teams they've played they lost to Notre Dame and Notre Dame was full strength. And they lost to Oklahoma and they got upset by SMU so the shoppers are shockingly not winning as much this year. They need to get it turned around. Ohio State plays Minnesota Tim Madison Square Garden. Tomorrow at noon. It's the third annual big ten's super Saturday. A basketball hockey double header have you ever heard that. Hockey game will feature Minnesota and Michigan State. Basketball game Minnesota and Ohio State. Would you say double header at both in the same arena yet. And listen back to back I don't ask me how to get thyself I was wonder how well appendix. Why don't you you've put you put the boards on top of the ice because that's what happens that the the well they're on ended up pretty quickly I guess yeah. I guess so. So anyway it's pretty big basketball game there Minnesota and Ohio State Texas plays number six West Virginia. 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon mountaineers have lost their last two games. Texas Tech in Kansas by a combined six points. So long that's an interesting game Xavier number eleven will play Seton Hall signals number nineteen it's 230 game on fox. Tomorrow that's the only matchup of two ranked teams this weekend. And it's kind of an important game for Xavier. Most of their big games have been at home. Their best win outside of Cincinnati came at Marc Katz. So far they can get a win at Seton Hall thank can be big. For those guys so those Somalia. Basketball match ups the key ones coming up tomorrow again the 4 o'clock game Notre Dame at Clemson will have to Wear your 330 air time tomorrow. Here on ESPN. Upstate. I let's take our final break we'll come back and revenue for the Friday edition of the huddle. Would only return he has in upstate stay with us. Heading handle what should be a very nice weekend's been awhile since we've had a pretty warm weekend but. Early and as sixty tomorrow maybe 63 on Sunday with sunshine so I'm just signed enjoy the weekend and next week we're. Go to the fifty's all weeks on the problems weather wise after some. The winter weather that we all I deal was I don't know when kids are gonna back school the issue back on Monday I hope right. We get him back him Monday please march. I think maybe we're done with this latest. Snow we did and so you say a winter's over right there winners over wonders if this could spring Costa Spain spurring. Spring training baseball. Coming up announcement today from the New York Mets. They have invited Tim Tebow. To spring train. Again. He spent 27 seen in the minor league system is final stats from last year we debated Tim Tebow pretty much all based policies. Final stats worry you at 226. Eight home runs. And 52. Runs batted in and 126 games. Not exactly like in an up. But the invite him back he started in Colombia in the South Atlantic League Denny was promoted to saint Lucie. In Florida. In late you. Which he improved when he moved up so what would you have done if you lose at that level the entire season while ago find out. Yeah he batted 317. Over his first 25 games. For saint Lucie. He had a twelve game hitting streak he was a designated hitter and played some Al field. Last year. He permitted proper discredited spring training with a Mets and saint Lucie and it was four for 27 that's 148. So we'll see what Tim Tebow has this year he's now turned thirty years old modeling. But he does a year under his belt and he probably won't do better in spring training this year. We continue with the nay saying why he would have been. Because he does a year earlier as well as Sally understands the speed of the game and things like that he's given back into it's that kind of shape. He's a a year closer to being too old play. He's gonna make the majors at least one game just to prove me right. Not less is the stunt. They might do add in my just move him up. To draw a crowd. If he moves up and he's in at least takes a bat and you win that I went yet when you look at. After 26 last year overall. Nazi what he does this year he says Saddam. Looking back there were a lot of ups and downs a lot of learning moments. Almost every day there's been something that I've never been through before that I am learning. At saint Lucy got something out of Tim Tebow being there they drew a 122000. Fans. Whole season attendance record. That's what Tim Tebow does for the Mets remember what he did when he was here there I don't know whenever and talk to him in the dugout over there at them. That's a flower field when he was here came up to a agreement. It will continue. Tim Tebow Tebow mania will continue. Geisha mr. news out of Clemson today that quarterbacks Eric Cooper is transferring away. Clemson tweeted that this morning in the message from mom. Zurich Cooper was thanking George Sweeney the staff and the best financing college football. He said his decision to transfer is no reflection on the Clemson family. But a direct reflection of his drive to lead to play and compete. Cooper said orange and purple always be and his art. So is Eric Cooper photo somewhere else he has told tiger net that he is visiting the campus of Jacksonville State. This weekend could certainly go there and probably start in Jacksonville State's mascot right. I was concerned says that if it. Goes that headline here. Eric Cooper becomes a Hancock in. I don't know if that's real enough or not. They beat who they beat Ole miss. All of what it. Sure they come close to being one of them couple years ago. Maybe science. And amend their stadium. That Wofford in the years ago. Not man. Am I not like to see though personally I'd like disease Eric Cooper go to a I think they got a four star guy and 61%. Completion rate at Clemson didn't throw any picks. Couple touchdowns in mobile got strong Loren as you said but CP to make it. At Arkansas at the. He would definitely have a shot at. Is not Austin Alan hall. Please old woman and triplets but if I don't know where Linda going but the I'm not surprised there with Trevor warrants coming him for the Clemson Tigers and Kelly Bryant coming back. Obviously he did not see much playing time in his future so. He's the first guy to go everybody be watching hunter Johnson now appear hunter Johnson do you stay clubs and. While would you then be black and your whole career. A mess of things you got. The experienced quarterback in Chile Bryant back this year and Trevor Lawrence. Even if it doesn't start this year than you'll be a software that dubious second year player and one year in the system and what are your chances of beating him out. The first fundamental question. When your putting together recruiting board position only. Is can this guy beat out. Is he better than so and so who's on the team. And the coaches say yes or no. If it's a yes you're recruiting efforts and no you don't. So obviously when double Sweeney in the offensive staff. Put together their recruiting lists in the recruiting board. The first thing they said was is Trevor Morris better than. Caller Johnson and such and such on down the line and obviously the answer was yes. You don't bring him in if you don't at least better than I don't know if there yet if you don't think. He's better or say these same of of the same caliber. Because you're not your football teams not getting any better. So if our motor Johnson I've got to be thinking. You know what they brought me and they signed me I decide to come here it's not working out. I'm going to be holding a clipboard for the next three years. So you transfer. If you wanna play. Now somebody will say oh well you get in there compete well he's done that. He win there are competed and they came up with a third string spot. The second by the into the other end of the year now. But it is gonna go back to third with Trevor. Lawrence coming in while while waste a year then when you can mean the kid was the number one quarterback. In the country a couple of years ago is fox orchids and he can go somewhere implied exact gonna sit on the bench would rather just sit out the year and then play the next. Records of the big school. I don't know we'll watch and see that that's going to be fascinating to watch. Model we have the official. Injury report for Sunday's game with new England and Jacksonville. Tom Brady is. Questionable. He's on injured reserve to hit the I'm in the week you know there was do that if they could. Listed as questionable for the game. But. This other report WBZ of Boston Mike fell jurors had this report problems dimension. Four stitches in his hand according to WBZ. After hitting your teammates Helmand during Wednesday's practice knee injury should not greatly impact his ability to play. That's the report. Well welcome back Monday and talk about all of that we'll also talk about zeile Williamson's college decision which is being announced in Spartanburg. 8 o'clock tomorrow night. And will low and get underwater Holtz has happened over the weekend it will be a busy sports weekend and college basketball with Clemson flying South Carolina playing. That's all coming up Monday at 1 o'clock in the huddle as we start off another week straight up the Sturgis next for Alonso and Josh Phillips I'm Greg McKinney. George great weather this weekend we'll see you Monday in the huddle.