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We are back in the huddle ESPN upstate Friday afternoon dishing Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso phone lines open 8444773776. The text line. 71307. News the key word ES PM. And Twitter and ESPN upstate a couple of bum storage Kellen dominating the discussion. Today. Now one desire Williamson barber day school. Highly touted the basketball player will announce his college of choice tomorrow night adds 8 o'clock worry or do you think he will ago. A little over 24 hours before we find out about that and then the other one is a Tom Brady. The New England Patriots. As they all play Jacksonville 305 on Sunday afternoon for the AFC championship right to go to the Super Bowl to play the winner of the vikings and the Eagles. Back games at 640 on Sunday we'll have both problem here on ESPN upstate. A couple of men they report these guys to go for the media. And boy did they not like. Bill Belichick act. This morning. Went before the medium. And basically said. We gave up the injury report yesterday will updated today. When Belichick was asked about his level of concern for Tom Brady on Sunday. Belichick's answer was I don't know we'll see. Brady didn't practice. Yesterday he do warmup. Then Tom Brady. Just wrapped up ten minutes with the media as he is required today. And basically said nothing as well we'll see. Was the oft repeated. Phrase. From Tom Brady here. Warning to gloves on his hands. At the podium. At the press conference. The Boston Globe columnist. Bin Boland. Says. There are some real concern about Tom Brady's hand. In New England. On a scale of one to ten and I'm go look at six or seven on this one I don't think this is the patriots playing head games. With the jaguars and I think this is a really injury on on Tom Brady's throwing hand. You don't like to see your quarterback mr. Thursday practice before the AFC championship game. He would Wear a glove on that right hand today and you were all examining the photos like it was the Kennedy assassination a group of stumping in. His right thumb looked awful Boxee it's the juror looked like he was aware of some sort of splinter something and if that's the case. That is the wrong finger you wanted to injure. Boxy looking thumb. He has a boxy looking so was I mean a thing is yet splint on an or something under the love. Or tape to a personal the only territory is coffee it's bigger than the other hand definitely. Did you just see and feel it's puppy Buffy dumb yes Pleasantville was and you know swollen if if so the swollen and puffy right. Are you saying that's wrong. Yes America sees him puffy is there's on on national word power. Well that's not what I'm saying. How can you tell policy. Because it was bigger than the other phone okay here's what kind of I didn't see it now. Why is it Wear gloves aren't he was wearing a glove in the left hand is about a level both plants I think exactly I think someone's being an apologist. For a second team I'm telling you this is a groups. He is not hurt they are playing games. Connecticut think about it the whole wheat rye what what is has been around. You mean to tell me a hand kept him out of meeting with the media for two days when he practiced yesterday. Practice. He was out on the practice field and went out there and practice. Again. He's been in the league over fifteen years what does Jacksonville gonna show him yet you want your guy practice and on Thursday as a coach. Yeah I'm as a Tuesday practice but there is going with this particular situation can right now Jacksonville don't know what to believe. So they have to prove its demands. That they have to prepare for both quarterbacks. So way way way way so so. The advantages that's not the advantage what you're doing is you're making Saxon bill. Get a little more hungry because they see that the alpha lion O there's a little bit wounded. And so they're gonna come even harder now maybe you're setting up for that. To take advantage of their aggressiveness which will be even more so now that they know we've heard best defense in the league they're smelling blood exactly what would you do that. This is Brady get out of that. It's it's the psychological point against the games and she which works both legs okay and what is Jacksonville done. What is Jacksonville done to get the head of the patriots Jacksonville they've they're being nice and I dominate they dominating the headlines in the press conferences. Over Blake morals has a hang nail. So as a coach. You would rather it dvds the patriots approach for the Jacksonville approach where we always talk about Jacksonville at all. All the talk about his patriots all the talk about is Tom Brady's film gonna talk about the other game. Any NFL right now which should be a good game all or somebody is stinker Brady stalled. Movie. So what does that take the focus off law. What what does Belichick. And his glory what does he like to do he likes to deflect. Everything away from one. The patriots are doing trying to do he's a master of manipulating the media behaving because he doesn't give up in the thing. Now Brady is giving these. I don't know what's the worst term for blade but they're worse than day. One reporter asked war uber. Well what are you got to play well we'll see Willis or you're gonna start Willies and all the beatings. I mean Andy's got this Mona Lisa grin on his space. So you were laughing and joking about this and I'm willing to go along way for a joke sure but there's no way that that's what they're doing that things. Wondered no way this is the same team that puts eyes. And in the stands this the same team that supposedly. And they were Medicare out of football solos so here's here's. A mistake then I'm making so I'm believing that cheaters would also line. I'm sorry you're absolutely right now. Thousands here's what I'm saying. They won't take and try to do remember a few years ago in the playoffs. When they play the Baltimore Ravens. And the patriots have gotten the NFL rule book changed so many times is that they just need to call it a New England Patriots playbook. A rule book in the NFL. And they came with a funky formations called Baltimore off guard and they did score a touchdown and win the game. Okay. These guys will look and explore and go after every advantage that they can get to win the football game. Any event. What happened on Wednesday in your mind. I would not be surprised if deterrence jelly or team period I would say skeletons and that's one. But that during the team period. A defensive linemen get too close and buying this handle is on the hill. Okay. Teacher really hurt yourself donut. It depends all depends on how you hit it but typically. It even goes two ways either. Totally cares the ligament in the thumb and jabs to where you cannot even grip the football. Or is discount splits the mail and utilized on fuel and overcame an and you go on about your way. And that's it's no big deal you kind of topic back out. Throwing hand but I've Hawaii so you're saying it's no. A no big deal he played. Defense a lot and I'm sure like me you had your phones been backlight that you cannot grip slump I mean you can't beat king. Hardly hold on to a Jersey when you're trying to tackle someone let alone the football. I mean this is bad. And I don't believe at this thing well I think all the haters out there live arm and in the back and won't be bad because they want Jacksonville. Has to save you don't believe what I've said before and I'll say it again when it and as they say they'll have a dog in this hunt but I want to see. My best be your best I want Brady and his best so when he loses there are no excuses. And that's fair. But I don't think I think this thing is getting way blown out of proportion I mean the fact that here we are off Friday before the game. And he's just now making an appearance who's who's go who's the most famous person on the field for both games this week. Without doubt armory so. I said before about a hang reality. You know if you get a scratch on his forehead it's news because he is the biggest star right now in the house of blown out of proportion Tom Brady artists come that's what they're told us. The guys heard there's hurt your digit heat it's like you said I've played with pain before yep you're not quarterback from the during the period. No that's true. Nor does that or will ever be right but. I think a lot of this is is apropos what here's what gets me about this it's the fact. That if it's his hand. Why can't he give the press conference on Monday one can only do one Wednesday Thursday canceled today he canceled both days. I mean your hand is all the way from my arm so a book portals has the same injury it's it is not news. Oh yes yes it still and K there's it's still there. I disagree with that I just think it's the starting quarterback in the playoffs is hurt in his news I think Belichick. And Brady and the patriots. Have created this to deflect from the game. And throw a little far out there for Jacksonville what you're really saying is they have exaggerated. Yeah civil touted to be exaggerated said anything exactly they have can't announcing he's fine exactly I think something happened. Here's what I honestly believe him now ours. I believe something did happen on the practice field. And then once the media took it and ran with it they encouraged. By not letting him go to the press conference. It's that hey we can use this. To our advantage from a mental standpoint. Because now what is forced Jack to do if your dog overall. What do you do you know next time you have to prepare for Bryant. Who want. We're gonna take a step far who keep you out of practice so they think picture hurt. More than what you war. Well I mean. Here's the thing defensive coaches are notoriously caramel. Notoriously. Paranoia. And Jacksonville has led bother what. Their defense. You'll think Belichick knows that as defensive coach given of himself and again I believe something happened. But I don't think it's to the east and neither do because my wife where glove out this year. I mean what why put a global your left hand. Why put global you're right I mean this thing it's a circus. You think they wearing gloves to cover up a perfectly fine them. Again that there might be a little twist or you could even split loosened the thing is mangled possibly been reattached. Steve bower so that's why a lot of those pressing this thing with the man. Because he's Kansas City guy and he remembers when state of the art had his left ours I think it uses. We'll do is figure out if it is and soreness. Throwing hand and made it at all. And a bird on national television puppets back in the boys as well manned and out. Put the huddle pull up. And we are a 42 votes in like ten minutes so. Obviously there's interest in this topic here your choice is Tom Brady on Sunday. Plays and plays well. Plays but is not himself. Ward doesn't like what do you think how many don't look over here. Many. In my computer screen widget close and Yani to be facing you guys that this whole Islam needs to listen I'm not quite sure you can see now personally. Matter with us without us tonight here's my question you guys what percentage of our Twitter voters and we have had this 42 so force say Tom Brady is not gonna play on Sunday what percentage mark. Twitter followers. Have said that on the jump and say 80% also 32. Loans are so much better than you at the same. 7% say Tom Bridget does not play 62%. Say he'll play in a play well. 31%. Say they'll play but he won't be and so boom. 7% say sits about. At ESPN upstate if you wanna vote and our Twitter poll. And you go alana watched Tom Brady's news conference if that changes your opinion. At all Hilton broke for 250 left in ten minutes of saying nothing that's what we got. Listen he's good he's going to be taken out of the game at some point he's gonna come back in and he's going to be the hero. When he leads his team to the victory. That's all part of this ruse that you are talking about the date set up. So they can make. Tom Brady you've raised even higher than what he already does and that's. Possible don't times ten but that's not possible if you can't. Go I mean no matter what he does arrest and his career. It's it can only just. Add to it he came after what he did against Atlanta in the fourth quarter. Down seventy that there's nothing more you know. He you know why this wouldn't view one scenario where this wouldn't be a big deal. Is Jimmy drop linemen traded. Libya as big deal right because I Taylor well Cohen is if you see got Barack blowback or you're not nearly as worried as Libya and holier. You know what I give the reporter I don't know who who was wish they would of told their name. I love the fact that the reporter had done. Call hold these. Tests don't test Billick check I believe earlier in the week. Does this make you regret trading problem. I doubt he's saying he's run he just kind of deflected that he didn't want any part. All of that of that question. I love the fact of the reporter asked it. 8444773776. Q and chime in on the health of Tom Brady. New England game with Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon or anything else to excellent 71307. I wish I could cover that press conference. Because I would start laughing I'll be like all right can you guys forget about stupid phone and let's talk about the game. The same old boring questions about the game come on the thumbs the story. I mean I haven't seen on this important. Apples that a war. Or monitor. You'll. I think there's obviously legitimate concern by Josh because he's so offended by this I think he bombardments and. Actually it's not I'm not offended I'm not that it amuses me. The way. You know there's that old Parcells clip where he's back and Terrell Owens. And he says. You know he suction guys in. Consider yourself sucked. And I think that's what. If Parcells Parcells. So these interview Parcells would be like aid bill what do you think about what belt he he's probably rolling. So Bill Parcells is laughing. To no wind about what's going on in this press. You know Greg easily this kind of calm confidence constitutes some sort of that. I'm just saying Josh is so shorten. That is thumb is fine. I think there needs to be some sort of bent involved. What would that be I don't know I think we got to come up with Bada bing needs. Was always going to be about food and we want humiliation. I like you can okay all right so this. You'd get me an option to melt down my legs finally not that kind of humiliation and I'll talk a legitimate and who did somebody did in the laws. It Wear dress yes hole. But he steadily building but here's the thing I was man enough to want to pay out. Arguably I give you who those other people including the personhood that was when they lost they never paid it then so here. Gotta break a 444773776. Or did it without us talking football Tom Brady. Talk and basketball's on around Williamson whatever else should like talk about in the huddle on Friday money ESP in upstate. Think Tom radio throw it sixty times on Sunday and. 36 just for fun. I'd probably not sixty but. 35 or forty times. Come radio put them thanks. The CA ME update the the pole or 62% now say that tumble play and play well 31% says. He'll play but will be himself and 7% say Tom Brady will not. Life. Against Jacksonville on a Sunday at ESP in upstate that's our Twitter poll that we just put a few minutes ago. Lots folks already voting on bad. I don't know that the college transfer rules are going to be relaxed this year 28 team. But there's doesn't talk about that that is seems to be the direction we're headed right. At some point the next couple years. That. The transfer rule that. Requires that you sit out a year if you transfer the same level. There's more more talk about. Doing away where that. Is that the right solution. Lotta people are concerned that we'll have the wild west that big schools will just coach the best players Alabama mobile. Come in and take who they want to put up. Free agencies in hopefully be because we'll get paid because that's what this is going to be free agency. And talent it luckily a run and I think there's got to be a solution out there I don't know what it is but I'll thing does is it. Here's how I think you handle. You let him transfer. Anywhere they wanna go without penalty. As long as it's not within your league. A kid transfer within your league because that brings in the Alabama effect. That brings and a player that jumps on the scene out of Vanderbilt. Or South Carolina Arkansas or somewhere like that that really. Was under the radar from recruiting standpoint gets their four. Two years go through the program and then bust out into a first round pick in that light look. I want to go to I don't wanna national title Matty. Wouldn't keep Trevor Lawrence from transferring to Alabama from Clemson he's not on the same league right. But it would keep you from going to Florida State or somewhere like that how well in this one suggestion. A one time no penalty transfer to can't keep doing until guys doing it you know every year just hop and around the next best. Offer or how well you can transfer of the first two years were not after that. See even with the one time I mean if you realize OK I need this players displayed this player and I'm gonna win national championship on need to do is when warm Gelman bonuses and everything. OK so you go out and you recruit these guys away from the teams and general Howard a no coaching rule. How can. See it but didn't know where I can figure out as it is go for a one year trial. Ending keep an island Jim Harbaugh whenever he does. Then you fix it afterwards cause he's always going to stretch the rule. This bars it will go without breaking what he has to be the most sought coach in the history college football. He bends every rule on the man still and still and I don't listen I've Betty can win when this if this school's institute I don't think it obviously bit people's houses will be all kinds. What he had to do something else bill in the already did it didn't help them for a kick. Yeah I don't know how do you justify. The way it is right now. How do you justify the restrictions all the power belongs to the coaches. All that and they're not gonna wanna change that so they're gonna fight this tooth and nail. Taken and screaming for any kind of relaxation because what you commit they want you to stay committed. And they wanna decide what you can do and I wanna be able to make a decision on where you can go when you transfer you can go here you can't go there is that right. Well. I totally disagree with the I totally disagree with. When Kirby Smart first got the job at Georgia. There were. Several players that we wanted to transfer from Georgia and he's okay that's fine you can go anywhere you want except Miami. Well of course she you know that's really wanted to go. So that wasn't even that is leak within the league it was even within the SEC and but you wanna go with mark right to vote to sophomore. Seemed to me that's that's ridiculous. And yet that's great war. Like Paul Pierce. Paul. Heaters and petty man that's petty. I think if the quote the other thing is they've got to address your coaching situation. They should demand likely well. If you play the book you kick you off limits. Until your team is done playing. And stop all that other shenanigans that if you can't wait. What do you know what that's owned you. Okay M ami amateur that that separate a bit of a separate issue but. Coach is gonna leave anytime they want you know knows it coaches that now a year. I agree. That's why I think you make it's that simple. Can't transfer within your league other than that eagle reward. Problem solved. And. I guess I can see where you're coming from on that but I mean you know. Yourself Gilani contrast her to Clinton. Model in the league in on in the league the league you can do that or vice Versa right. The got to come up with something I don't know what is some have suggested. One thing giving players five years to play five seasons. So you do away with a red shirt she you've got five years basically. And you can play five years if you want if you stay for five years you're obviously the president felt a high draft pick with the you are not exactly and I demand so we'll be the big problem. People go to school for five years. That's been one suggestion like image in the suggestions now they're that you could transfer one time but that's it anything after that you get a sit out a year. It's been suggested that. You can transfer. As a freshman or sophomore but not after that. I don't know if I completely solves the problem. Coaches are basically say we liked the way it is it is don't change anything. Gulf Coast or coaches and hamstrings the planes. Yep. You know and you got idiots like Gus miles on out their truck now injured players and get them Boston up even worse. Carry on Johnson. It. I'm always not just head coaches that believe they generally. Take some assistance with a they can do that assistance can leave without penalty. Something's gonna happen to this I don't have a final solution on a the status quo is not gonna stand up. You know what do you think's gonna institute to change. A lot of this with the coaches as well as the players. It's win a marquee players atop playoff game. Yep. When you've got a quarterback or running back or wide receiver. That says. It's gonna go on the top five. Or is projected to go on the top of the draft and he says. I'm done I'm not played in a playoff game. That's where this site giving players five years to play five seasons would come in to be hit an advantage because if you lose. A marquee player for your playoff game or your bowl game into a bring somebody else yup and not here and cannot lose so. Panama and exile in looked it's going to happen. It's not a matter of it's wind it's going to happen. In if you expand it it's gonna happen a lot. That's the downside to expansion. Which I understand your argument on both sides. But if you expand at eighteen. You're gonna have multiple teams of players so now. And I think Dan that we'll institute a lot of the issues with the coaches and you'll talk about coach squall. It. Bill earlier that if that happens. There is an NCAA transfer working group that's been discussing what to do about all this. And they say things like no tampering well do you enforcement. The approaching a tamper. Okay and you force them and they say things about you know you can transfer one time without penalty but you gotta be in it it they're going to be some academic standards. That's kind of a joke if yeah that's a panic about. Be serious with a song now. That's going to be fudged all over the place. I don't know what is gonna look like when this is done but I think after ten does seem to have. Another look like gum. There might be some momentum for 20:18 am hearing maybe. My take another year to getting going but that's something's coming on the transfer rules. Can be something we talk about going down the road. A 444773776. Bright time back was more in a moment you're listening to the huddle this is ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle ESPN upstate so the big news of the day couple things. Tom Brady when asked a little while ago fee will be playing on Sunday against Jacksonville said will seek. Will say that was his answer with two dogs on at the podium at his news conference which he is required today. Also word out of Clemson today this Eric Cooper the quarterback rising sophomore is going to transfer away from the tigers. Not a big surprise there not getting him. A lot of playing time so far in the bigger story I guess is the prospects for future playing time seemed to be very limited with them. Guys that are coming in in Kelly Bryant coming back Trevor Lawrence of course. Much ballyhooed. Freshman already there act Clemson early enrolling early. So while in Zurich Cooper's career at Clemson comes to when and where will he go. All we know is that he has said he told tiger net today that he will visit Jacksonville State this weekend. And then there's been some mention he hasn't said anything about it and all of that up. Arkansas with Chad Morris could figure into the picture. Are there Cooper but we don't know yet we'll wait and see where he ends up going. And down more trouble for the New York Jets. Ronnie Anderson they're receiver. Arrested this morning second time he's been arrested. Recently. Ellison of this according to the police report from Broward county sheriff's. Anderson faces nine. Charges. Armed to a public servant reckless driving and eluding police resisting arrest fleeing while lights and sirens were active. Failure to drive and a single lane. Two counts of disobeying a red light speeding. Turning without a signal. If your run from the police music turn signal throwing them some more less storage. I guess who's listen will most champions post game press conference Lisa no gas no breaks. He was Miami radio station said that Robbie Anderson was going a 105. Miles per hour and a 45 mile per hour zone. Ran two red lights and finally stop now here's the worst of it when the police stopped him. He allegedly threatened to find it. And sexually assault the arresting officer's wife. Good grief. That is not a good guy. He had a good year for the jets he had 63 catches almost a thousand yards another 41 yards and seven. Touchdowns. But in May last may he was charged with felony resisting arrest. With violence and obstruction of justice after an dissident at a concert. That's case is still pending. And Robbie Anderson after this arrest this morning 1:41 AM he did what all sane people would do in such a situation he went to Twitter. One. And his tweet is. I'm a flame in a rotten now man I swear. Okay. Josh translation I have no idea. I take it. That means he was anger. Flame and right now and elsewhere this flaming. Claimants until it demeans our army general can be character in the birdcage. Yeah. Robbie Anderson. I NL. It's a pretty egregious stuff round of phone. The jets when he met some Robby Anders. I don't know maybe survives him and I have be able to we threatened to do so until I get to this officer's wife I think you might go away or you should go for a while. Milieu would say something like. I don't know what he was on. How altered he was but. And anger issues again but that's pretty bad you know said you hope he was altered you hope he wasn't I mean sober to do that yes. Yes that's. That's in the police report. In Florida Broward County. Crazy stuff lets our final break of the hour welcome back here a 444773776. This is a huddle it's Friday afternoon you're listening to ESPN upstate. Iraq cannot always like to talk about some of the new health standing up college football players. From the state of South Carolina play high school football South Carolina and got away. And I'll what are those is Quinn shot Davis remember him the receiver from Gaffney high school went to North Carolina. He is going to. Come back to North Carolina now and work for them he's going to be an offensive graduate assistant for the Tar Heels. The receiver so while. It's good for him that he's found a job tells the guy that the South Carolina I'm a pretty good shot at him as our call. Anyway and it going to what North Carolina and had a good career with the Tar Heels so he'll work for that program. Congratulations to quench job. Former Gaffney Indian. There. 8444773776. Q and again and when us here in the huddle. We will have college basketball for you tomorrow here on ESP in upstate should be a pretty big game. It's North Carolina and Clemson that's a 330 airtime at a Little John. I'm sort Notre Dame in Clemson and North Carolina on the brink figure play them again to say and again. But Notre Dame cumin and deploy clubs in the fighting Irish are thirteen and 63. And three in the ACC. And that took off before 05 tomorrow at Littlejohn Coliseum. Did you know that Clemson is 015 all time against Notre Dame never been a the Irish have only come into Clemson. Once. And they won that game in 2015 by two points 6258. The only other Clemson home game was played in Greeneville during the renovation. And 20152016. Mark he's read former ACC player of the week is on 120 players in the country. Averaging sixteen points four and a half rebounds two and a half a system one and have steals per game. So he is having a good year there. But notre Dame's got five straight wins in this series. The tigers have 199. Games. In conference a little Johnson has committed 200 win if they could dump. If they can get that their record against ACC opponents and Little John. Is now 199 and 157. And about 56%. Other games this is kind of bomb. Big for Clemson. As we mentioned because again played Virginia next week on Tuesday Virginia and number two team in the country. So that will be tough on the road and excellence has lost two out of three right now with those losses to the North Carolina and NC state. But they don't get this Notre Dame game they're in danger of perhaps losing four out of five. Assuming they don't get the on the road win at number two Virginia next week so I can like do like get it done certainly tomorrow. They had a streak in that North Carolina game earlier in the week three nights ago. And North Carolina where they had fifteen consecutive field goals made some hot. Shooting. Like that. And album. The folks over Clemson so that's probably a record they're still trying to researcher but they are not aware of any other time when Clemson has made fifteen straight baskets that's hard to do any. At any level. Is it fifth district and hit fifteen straight is still lose that's not good. But that's what happened to them so locked Clemson. Needing a win they are on number twenty in the country. And of course in danger of losing that. Ranking after a loss earlier this week. So alarm. We watching that CFO. Clemson can get back on track against Notre Dame and you can hear it here on ESPN upstate than a 6 o'clock tomorrow South Carolina hosting Rick Barnes. And Tennessee. Another big game here in gamecocks have been playing better as of late course got a big win on Tuesday against. John Calipari and Kentucky. At home. The the Kentucky and Tennessee back to back them starting to chill a little good feeling normal and. Yes a lot very well in Tennessee I mean they've struggled a little bit recently but they are a very very good club. And so the gamecocks got a chance. You know now that they held serve. At home against Kentucky the get another one. This week in which they'll need you you know moving forward but. Couple backed by momentum. I'd games for the gamecocks to help them. All through the stretch run hard to believe it's hard to believe in a month and a half will be in the term. Yep and that's right grip mid January. Carolina's 12 and a road win at Georgia by seven in the win at home against Kentucky by eight. So they get Tennessee coming up tomorrow at 6 PM tip off at colonial life arena and the next Wednesday they play at Florida. Next Saturday a week from tomorrow although play against. Eighth ranked Texas Tech hasn't Texas Tech just lost not before last so the problem will be trying to land but duck. That's a good team coming in and so on non conference game that is. Pretty difficult. For the gamecocks coming up in a week so that's pretty tough week a good look at Kentucky Tennessee. Florida and Texas Tech and a two week period that's a pretty tough little stretch for South Carolina. But they've won the first to a bomb or they won the Georgia and the Kentucky game assume they do tomorrow. Against Tennessee. And then not kind of a big deal. Coming up tomorrow and USC upstate at the Hodge senator. It's Eddie Payne appreciation. Night. Actually in the afternoon 2 o'clock start. Upstate hosting north Florida at the Hyde senator and down boy any pain literally. A big deal for USC upstate and down both William win that game. At the same time that they are recognizing him read a lot for. That school. And games last night. We're talking about Wofford and Furman. Greg games. Last night and I'll offer got the win over Sanford 93 to 89. So good outcome for them but now it's so as good an outcome for Furman. The salt Bradford. Hit a jumper. A floater. From the middle of the lane with four and a half seconds left and East Tennessee State beat Furman 62 to 61 last night. At Timmons arena so East Tennessee State goes to fifteen in four of their six and know when the so content. And in a nine game winning streak Furman drops to about thirteen and six overall and four into. In Southern Conference play a tough way to lose with four and a half seconds left. I next game for Furman they'll be back at home again tomorrow afternoon at 430 against Sanford. And Timmons arena so while beefing get a back on track Bayer but. Good where for Wofford. As they got their. Victory. Last night but not for the Furman Paladins. In college basketball in this area are coming up in the final hour of the huddle here for this Friday afternoon on ESPN upstate. We hear from mug Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs about the injury too why letter to early MBA. In the next hour of that injury to Leonard is a really difficult one for San Antonio don't know how long he's going to be out. And Paul find bomb the mouth of the south. We'll talk about Euphrates how he could still be coaching at Ole miss. If he had come clean on what he did wrong there. But he did not do that and so he was. Escorted away from that program we'll hear from fine mom on that. We'll take your phone calls as well 8444773776. You can text us or 71307. You can hit us at Twitter and ESPN. Upstate. Last chance to get juror calls or checks then all what you think's gonna happen in the AFC and NFC championship games on Sunday. Tom Brady says. Will say. But he can play. Against the jags on Sunday. Vote nor Twitter poll at ESPN upstate on that back and all of the huddle on ESP in upstate.