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What a beautiful day sunshine and about 53 degrees right now might be sixty tomorrow should be in the low to mid sixties on Sunday. Very nice weekend coming up and we're ready to kick off for the Friday huddle here on ESPN. Upstate welcome in. I'm Greg McKinney Josh Phillips is here Alonso was here and you can join us this afternoon until 4 o'clock in the got a lot to get to today. There's stuff going on. Here in the middle of January. That's in Clemson transfer news we'll get to in just a moment we're gonna talk with Mandy Robinson with a grain more news about 125 this afternoon. It is also resign on Williams and the decision and we call this the decision the local decision. Tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. At Spartanburg based school on Zion on Williamson's college choice. We demanding starts on of that and some other things related to watch Clemson University which he's been keeping a close eye on. We will laden get into this weekend's. NFC and AFC championship games both on Sunday both you can hear here on ESP in upstate the jags in the pats. Add to 305. Kick off on Sunday for the AFC. And the vikings and Eagles scheduled to kick at 640. In the NFC championship game back to back on Sunday we'll have them both for you here on ESPN upstate. The latest on Tom Brady Bill Belichick had a news conference today and said nothing. So we'll let you know. What we know about Brady's hand injury. Coming up today. Greg Popovich on. A big injury for his San Antonio Spurs and that's why Leonard. His thoughts about that won't have it coming up. You're a bit from Paul find bomb on Hugh freeze. And his future and what he could have done perhaps to keep the job at Ole miss that he didn't do. And we write web time and again and this a transfer rule relaxation story I don't know is this gonna happen. In 2018. By mile further down the road but there's more more discussion. That the NCAA is ready to relax the transfer rules. You won't have to sit out a year if you transfer. And we'll laugh I mean it's always good for debate we've debated before we can do it again so we'll try to get into that today as well. If you wanna jump onboard 8444773776. Is the phone number of the text line 71307. Use the keyword ESPN at the beginning. And Twitter at ESP in upstate. Swelling near there were too many quarterbacks a Clemson university and today at the first casualties so to speak. Late this morning rising sophomores Eric Cooper. Announcing he will transfer away from Clemson University. The tweet came from. The school. With a quote. From there Cooper that said. Thank you to coach Sweeney the Clinton staff and the best fans in college football for an incredible two years. The memories. And relationships I have built when my teammates will be truly unforgettable. I won't miss playing in Orange and purple however after much prayer and thinking with my family I have decided to transfer from Clemson University. This is no reflection on the Clemson family but rather a direct reflection of my drive to leave the play and compete. Orange and purple will always be in. My heart which from mr. Cooper today. As a redshirt freshman this past season he played a little. 41. Passes were attempted to completed 61%. 256 yards two touchdowns no interceptions ran the ball ten times for eighteen yards but. It sure felt like nom. He dropped down the depth chart. To hundred Johnson there was a time when Jerry Cooper was number two. Mine Kelly Bryant drop down at the end below hundred Johnson. And of course Trever Lawrence is on the way Trevor launches air now early enrollees at Clemson so. Josh I would say this is probably. The odd man out maybe not the only one but certainly an odd man out and that quarterback situation that comes. You know he's. Problem only the last. Oh. More than likely depending on how the spurring. Competition should sat. I would not be surprised upon Johnson's next one to. Decide to take his. Trade elsewhere on the U you've only got one position and when you've got. 455. Star quarterbacks I mean it's a great problem to have. But at the same. I'm mute you're gonna have to make a decision. You journal the best case scenario was keeping three. I don't it'll still be able to do that with a Kelly coming back and Trevor Lawrence in the fold in January and go to spring practice so. Like you said do I thought it would be hard Johnson. It would be the first one to jump ship because he was. Kind of in a battle but you kind of get the feeling that he was third behind there are low yet or you know practically the whole season so. You know I think they'll be more on at that position yeah that'll probably be no solidify. Where bulls' Derrick Cooper go. He told tiger net today he's going to visit Jacksonville State this weekend. So that's all we know. There's speculation that. Your Arkansas hogs could come into the picture. Jim Morris is there. And I don't know exactly what their relationship coming Cooper Morris left after 2014 but. He was recruiting in my gas and knows him and a so there may be some relationship that would. Make that a possibility. You want mr. Cooper on the Arkansas. I would mind it all mean right now the quarterback competition finally. Is wide open. Hog signed on. The number two quarterback gangster number one quarterback of the state on come on Nolan. Sold. Plus they got called Kelly coming back axles there. They're gonna have a great opportunity to get tunes well Alamo peeking get in now buy items and you have to sit. Jacksonville State I understand why there and play because of quarterback coaches polls now. So he's down there are pluses. A drop in competition so he deal eligible to play. Immediately. So that. That also makes cents Oz was just gonna come down to. You know where he feels like he has the best chance. To get on the field it sounds like he wants to play. Yep it's sounds like you want to go somewhere where they can practically guarantee. He's going to be the starter and if that's the case. On Jacksonville State probably is best bet. Now arkansas' not gonna make any such guarantee you won't know I know he's doing and you'll be hearing. Learn Chad's off Hinson and get after address those gas I film. There's just no way you can hang on knowledge. There's no light. And you know you hate it because some guys a lot of talent for Clemson fans would like to have seen him do more there was a four star coming out of Georgia. In high school he was rated the fourth best player out of Georgia by. ESPN he some rankings had him as high number seven quarterback in his class twit foursome sport said that. I in high school as a senior passed for over 2000 yards 21 touchdowns. But just never got on the field much. Clemson and and it sure didn't look like he was going to on get on the field this coming season took it just makes all the sense in the world and should not be too big of a surprise for Clemson fans they should singing common during. Yeah exactly right and that's the thing there from a physics how the information how standpoint. Is the best throwing the ball on the air roster I mean the kid can throw the ball eighty yards in the air he has got a tremendously. Powerful. All he just flicks it not mean it just bolts and there. So I think you have his. Pick of where he wanted to go guys. Don't forget. Who they recruited him you know I'm sure just like all the kids yet to make a decision in the Hampshire some of those guys that. He told noted go to Clemson and I'll give them a call and seen if he's interested in. Revisit them as well also on Hollande on his feet somewhere just go and depend on whether he wants to go and plug and play a smaller division school or. I'll go find out. He's not one of those 65 guys who 62 yen but up pretty solid 2.2 120 pounds pretty thickly built a quarterback and certainly. As you send a strong enough arm to play somewhere else out of this might make it more likely that hunter Johnson would hang around with warmest guy in the competition. Also you know Tucker Israel's been in the mix and he got sick I don't know the whole story Garnett got stomach issues in the summer he was as missing all year. MIA so I don't know that he's. And Clinton's future remembering thing about that mean. The only thing I heard is that they want to going to coaching and he's got the jump on right now. And you know what there's nothing wrong with that bit there's nothing wrong with. If you know where Europe from a skill saved Europe very good situation. Which he has end. All that he can start working on. His development. As a future quote probably at the collegiate level. And what better place to be an alarm. On the with a top five program and to get ready to go so. Everything I've heard about him is he understands. Where he is that from skill standpoint with the guys around him and he's perfectly happy with. Getting his degree. And then going on pursuing his coaching career so. Bit that's. It sounds like young man's got a great handle national. If you wanna comment on nagging Collison 8444773776. Other college football news late this morning. Alabama of this nominee confirmed by the school but. According to sources quoted by ESPN Alabama is hiring promoting from within for offensive coordinator. Michael Oxley. We'll get the position. Past two seasons he's been the co offensive coordinator and he's coached wide receivers he was an analyst with the Crimson Tide in 2000. Sixteen he's 48 years old. He could have gone to Florida State under Willie Taggart but he turned that down to stay in Alabama. And so the reports are that he will be the offensive coordinator Anchorage quarterbacks. For Alabama he was the coach and New Mexico. From 2009 to 2011. Was interim head coach of Maryland for the first six games are 2015. And was the offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach they are so he replaces Brian de Mol has won back to the NFL. As the Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator. Four offensive coordinators in fort. Munson applicants. Unbelievable and they still adults do when everything that's unbelievable so I don't know feed you know you can see this is a legitimate issue for Nick Saban I would say not right. Not a problem. Not a slow season there. You keep him around you'll be just fine when he leaves them Woolsey. Alabama starring Penn State wide receivers coach Josh Gaddis. To fill law blocks les rolling coaching the Alabama wide receivers according to sources quoted by on ESPN so that's the news. Out of Alabama as we start to fill in the blanks on some of these. College football openings coordinator positions and on the company. I 8444773776. Text line 71307. Twitter and ESPN upstate. Will tiger break we'll come back and not talk with many Robinson with a grain mill news. About as I am Williamson and Clemson football Clemson basketball all coming up next so stay with us just underway for the Friday huddle here on ESPN upstate. But again it's the huddle it's Friday on ESPN. Up stations GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso get your calls after this segment and a 444773776. But. Let's check in now with many Robinson columnists for the Greenville news and Manny being Manny on Twitter many orient. I'm doing great very RU. Good to talk to you as always been a few weeks and sort of catch up on a few things we do many let me start with the decision. South Carolina stop. Tomorrow night over a guy that oh how tough is is he gonna say I'm gonna take my talents to wherever Arnold was on Williams is housing and do this tomorrow I'll. Yeah I had to be thinking of the comparison with with LeBron get that BK treatment take market so it's. By the hopefully he did he did it in eclectic way out of food and a few hat trick or. The Bulldog puppies you know in everything we've seen at this point with we're college football so. On The Who knows but I got the feeling and it's going to be kind of straightforward way to Asia minute candle I'll handle business with such clerical. More they get a chance to dog him before. No no I have not been I have been in our own beat and I will be there tomorrow. And then I was going to. Earlier this week when you know that winter weather. Kind of capital canceled the gains and so I haven't indicated that they visited the gym over the the embarked down. I'm just I'm discredit through that this scene the spectacle. Out tomorrow what would it going to be like. Now one to ask you that if we had anything this big as far as a college announcement in South Carolina Marcus Lattimore wasn't this big was it or who who would compare to this. I mean anecdotally that actually they act and think right up out my hair he acquired on. But those anymore. Like forgone conclusions like I don't think there was as much like. Uncertainty around those decision you know leading up to him I think you kind of had a feeling he already was down to. I mean you can't and a leading going into an armor but. You know last report that you've read or dynamic he's still undecided are believing that he's decided on the point here and I just can't imagine what. The new expression he tendered right now. Yeah I'm. Well he has a stepfather that played at Clemson right and number everything I've read. Has said Clemson is the favorite what do you think. I flout it hit the pedal think about it I think he I think he going both ways so. You know and that that be able to justify both ways maybe go to one of the boomlet is currently you know they handle this kind of thing before they cycle through the five star. Athletes and they ended cremate stars. On the not a huge deal he won't have that much pressure to come in and do the type thing that you have to do it at Clinton's forest eating a media attention. Come of the circuit that will be around them. Oh outdoor stadium on the find his own way. Knowing that or assuming that he's gonna play on words feet and then fixing NBA. If you want to do that quote on the possible. I mean you know other than you know and other senior ia state. In Agassi that too did you know that. At this day and age you reach your goals from anywhere in new leaders go for sure that it Tucker are. Yeah no question about that com. What about. Desire on playing style they are the comparisons to LeBron James kind of ridiculous at this point. Yes I think that is more so than it does highlight dunks and he you know the way he cocked back on the camp. I'm Tom I mean it you know he kind of mere bet that down after just. At Doral with that kind of force you know you talk about abroad gained in Dominique Wilkins and does know a few others. But I think that's that's all that is I think from a that the skill standpoint. You know the mean no one's military doctors are doing everything but what I had seen deeply both. Both ways artistically a local golf lately he he had that I cry about it which. What it will coincidence. On that it will play on both sides of the ball. Which you don't feel lightly with you know at all of July you'll see it at all it was players Albert. You know it's all about you bought. But he he he did but could signal so you know some of the public opinion toward. Reject shuddered just at. We had die Alex English the former game cog great Denver nugget I scoring nine MBA player on a couple of days ago. He was saying that dust South Carolina be a great place for one year because Frank Martin would teach him to play defense. Could that be a factor. Yeah I I mean I think you get that vote. Would run oval yeah both of them both got that value defense that and PGA in a way that translates. Two BBA where you you're playing man to man and you know where. Not here you don't think they're like there are. It depends on like if he were to go play at both places you know if he stayed home you beat the man. Com and YouTube deal would double pane and you know bears when it caught without a notable courting them. At a place like Kentucky your chances of duke. You know he he may be the second option I'm and they eat like that so it is it at all what you prefer. But you're right yeah that the skill development at the is gonna be more intense as president soccer farm. Then. Talking about Clemson basketball really a great start for Brad Brownell and he's kind of making the administrators a clumsy look good for the decision to keep them on. For another year but dumb actually last week hasn't been so great with the losses to NC state and North Carolina any concern about those losing two out of three here. In the past week so. No look book on the road it's tough place to play with. Those detained they're no interstate on the bubble in Europe North Carolina but they never point oh. We and the way they they started happening in the current gain. Didn't sleep right now but I don't think it's any day of great concern. Meant to your point that the Clinton kind of become like the Pittsburgh Steelers as far as stability in Munich just think would go to them. It paid off for. These days that that you knew that it happened so. You you have to credit radical that you make him look good and especially if they win. Nine tomorrow on this and look really. Now my goodness that would that would be pretty exciting for the Clemson fan base our claims has got Notre Dame tomorrow and they have Virginia next Tuesday. So that's couple a good teams I know that Don Brett brown others lose those two games that warming losing four out of five in the the fans storm rumble with the. Yes he yeah it it just let it go with him basically I think that. That's something that kind of get lost. If you just look at records. I'm hoping I think if you look Connecticut media harmonica medium look at that the north crow law that look bad. When you consider the caliber of over scheduled that they poignant. But still you don't wanna drop that meaning game ratify the are you wanna get into risky because you are talking about. No college student and I can get indicating you get into slope and it just rolls away from it here so they're scared he'd. Are trying to mediate. Can push you into the Turkey really fast. Mocked. Talking to Manny Robinson with the green will lose here in the hollow many Lestock little football here staying on Clemson first all the news this morning dessert Cooper is. Transferring out one of those many quarterbacks like Clemson with Trevor Lawrence coming and no surprise here out of I don't know of anything that Clinton could have done to keep mr. Cooper around because they can't really give many playing time in the. Don't know if it did what is the kind of put the we're just gonna wait and put it that ball drop really. And it was it. I don't I was in it you eat you know the sound of a dark that you brought the state. And compete. And you know at this. A game goes back to the preference that it. Do they want staying contribute as a scout team players and that's enough for them or do they want to play and develop good. Who knows way you know pursue our. Career in NFL he would feel support there. You know it. The media Abu Allah Warner I would have make sure have a fair shot even elected get a fair shot. To compete or he's still eat milk in his heart that he. Can't compete or you know he won't win their adopted yet maybe we tried something maybe in this yes. You know in the global crop of whatever. But I guess he sat down we didn't talk to the coaches didn't and it was a decision. That he made so no surprise with the talent they have coming back and and coming here. Yeah no question about that from what about you know there's more more discussion about relaxing these transfer rules and letting kids. Go and transfer to a similar size school and player on away pretty come down on the. Yeah humble both for these very good to beat the college football us commissioner Pete. The ability this that you didn't that way or wherever as kind of cocky is is Spurrier being on this because if you keep being the forefront sometimes. Out there by himself from Warner you'll pay clear that pocketed. And it'll loosen the rules saying you know simple purple coat and Lee an important and that I have to get out of here. You know looking to leave the middle contract or mill feed whatever. You know players should should be given that that saying I think freedom. You know made it they wanna say that you know it'll open up the floodgates to. You know what what real whenever. Boy you know it optical systems to do the same particular country. You know it is you shouldn't. Recruited so hardening given their intake for greater. You know you just opt out talent. Promise of these things and and it doesn't come to fruition in you can't hold on to a and so. Yeah I know it was you would. It probably increased transfers bullet. But also knew it would force coaches on the other hand to. Did you. Tourtelot. Figured it do their job dispute that Cuba pretzel a particular culture. None of them like it because they have the power now and they don't give that opera. Oh all right that's you know that's one of the reasons why you have those earlier. But earlier on peace now. You know that the quicker than they can keep debt that ink on the line. Built the their quicker than they connect hill. You know they have to worry about all the ultimatum finger figured it. I'm about who their you know. Who through their flirting with their credit they. That over the you know people wouldn't that so. I stated much control. Addicting game. Because that's their lives because they're separate but also hit it also for the well being of the of the student. Manny before alleging go log Clinton's got to be happy with who's coming back guys that call would have left juniors that could have gone out this year. I'm in the last couple but man all three of those defensive linemen coming back. Why are they doing that wire fairway and Bryant are a Christian Wilkens all coming back when they're projected to be high draft picks. I couldn't tell you I couldn't he had no like I've I've been saying oh we yeah you basically you could you let markets. When you split you put a million dollars anyway here VMware. Red and a black. If record already have a championship bringing them you know there's really you think that the quote is here that the left Peru. But you know were also an opportunity complaining you know what take one more ride which phrase to Patriot League B four B two to one of the moment that's part of it's very close. You know it's good here camaraderie and their you know they wanna play together. And you know how I recover earlier in the week about the dangers that they. Can't op option to protect themselves with an injury. In future loss to learn to enjoy that they can do this what piece of our. Data makes a difference I guess how much great news for Clemson endowed so the clubs is going to be loaded again I guess and I've problem as the favorite to make the playoffs this coming year would you. Yeah I would like them and and that I was to do that saying that put in my head of Alabama of course is being nothing at this point that. Yeah I mean look at it the scheduled to think it's a little bit lighter schedule bit. And they had in recent history. Although the Carolina game is their home that they kicked out with a look at that particular game will be more competitive this year and but but yeah I think it you know any kind of constricting you. Beast fortified in the churches in the yard you also get to tie it back and Eric. You know everything pimping goes there. No doubt Mandy Robinson columnist for the Greenville news that Manny being Manny on Twitter if you wanna give my follow there are always good at all team many appreciate it. I absolutely think that mean you take care. You bet Mandy Robinson there. Good guy covering. Sports in the upstate and particularly the Clemson Tigers good to talk to him to squeeze Allen before the brakes denying and on Alan welcome into the huddle. Thanks for a quick Mikhail. Do you not not. An inside track list is get out Spartanburg a bit. Worded it and it's some it's kind of close to go until Patton talked to a woman about to three weeks. And he kind of shrug your shoulders like you know going home. That I think they got him back here you know imply that is my father is not only. Well but she is Angela with mark. Under. He likes being held a cheap bank debt he realizes. Battle an end and you know by realizes he's got some development in typical than a year and a half of the plate and yes well brought. Yeah but he got to step up. You know it was one thing that slam about the ball out though. Squat and other it would get out just like you and he will run until but a minute think that wearing Morton will be able to develop that better. Banned them anywhere else. But here's mother who pictured she's all about extensions so wherever he get it won't be. In in the long term plan has to get a degree. So. Yeah I last saw a sweet and I don't remember who was that does Annan had contact with Clemson just couple days ago I don't know if that's true or not but de man it would shock me if they have been ignoring him. That would be crazy. That's at the. Yeah I agree that it shall somebody that. Over the. I wish I meant will say I mean you know I mean he wouldn't be the biggest upset in the history of recruiting if if he chose South Carolina but. Stalling think Clemson in the lead at this point but we'll find out. Just a day from now tomorrow night 8 o'clock over in Spartanburg. Gotta get a break like we'll get to you when we get back you'll hang on a 444773776. Here in the huddle. On Friday on ESP in upstate stay with us welcome back it's style hobble. Rom Brady watch when not Tom Brady addresses the media here in a few minutes and see if we can bring you some of that. Check about two podiums says man my hand hurt some not play and. Probably not he's going to be sarcastic like he always had this up. Which is the only thing that I appreciate about them. I just I wish I wish you would have a much handlers around him change in the eyes so in this moment. Are you wouldn't you diesel boy that is a lot of fun when it. Liberalism anyway muscle groups. Now people of low suggested that at least restaurant and get in the hands of well Jacksonville if you were playing Jacksonville. And worse that afraid I can understand. Home found that tweet about Zion Williamson and Clemson. It's from Jeff boards LO and thanks to Chris for sending it to me and also found it on my Twitter feed. Won back to probably this was yesterday just bores LO is a college basketball. Recruiting insider for ESPN. And he said. On a tweet Clemson met with sign John Williamson this afternoon. Sources told ESP at chill on the idea that Clinton's not been in touch with the news. Crazy enough apparently. Not the case what do you think coach wears a don't. Of state. I appreciate sarcastic answer. Just go to offered what for Mike Young. Why not do the same thing you'll do a little I don't lawyer downplayed those farm programs cannot do well I love that man. A lot of while not I still think Clemson. That's what I've been saying for weeks and I'm gonna stick to its clips. I say he's going toward the big schools. Don't want the blue bloods you know Dugard did a Kentucky girl I'm going Kentucky. Want to see that I would rather him go to Clemson I would like to keep a guy in state. I mean what you does feel like we need to keep some of these they don't you hate it when our best athletes leave the state. I'm gonna show bias here's something I never do but I would never saying I would rather someone went to Clemson. And that's you. I know that you and how big a deal as it if he's going to stay one year how much can you change a program and one year. Not in the league in this is what we talk about four people. In Arkansas we're losing their mind they win the league well decided. To leave the state of Arkansas to go to Kentucky. And it didn't matter. He was there one year with Kentucky. And he left go to the NBA. And it really didn't map the razorbacks still may be NCAA tournament. They still competed they still have a route they've been over twenty ball games. So if it wasn't like. It was that big a loss twenty years ago would have been lost because all of these guys. Studied for years part of the Christian late Thursday in grand hills and all those guys. They stay all four years but these guys that are one and dolphins it's like OK we'd love to have you for that time period. But if you don't. We're gonna just keep going because one year's not gonna break. One years not a make or break. One particular program or another now. It might with clubs because Brad Brownell in my estimation. Is under a much tighter leash than throwing more. After the run the gamecocks made after the turn around we're seeing right now. Nobody's gonna think about four more and leaving. South Carolina policies currently unless he's our way in most of them like it to them and but right now there's still this big year for Brad Brownell if he does not make the NCAA tournament he's gonna get our. I'm gonna. Don't know about what we saw him I mean not knowing also that at like collapse yes but they showed something this year and I don't think they're gonna collapse. I think he might just. Squeak into the NIT you're not knock on maybe NCAA tournament and still survive Madonna. Million to the point is that it would show if you got zeile Williamson at a Clemson or South Carolina. That you can get the best players they just haven't been able to do that. In the past and yes the best players are one and done that's the rule right now until they change it you know and if he can you compete for the very best players you're competing for one and guns. I think it matters if you can get. Three. If you can get three of them in one class. Because now you've got a chance. To be a legitimate national championship team. So. They've got a Boeing coming up bowl and so that's excellent. This team coming back they're not you know they're not elite players that you know everybody knows that but these guards are coming back clubs is going to have a good team next year where design comes. Or not and with him. I can be a pretty special thing for me one year you know I keep hearing there. Once say that desire and wants to us if he stayed in state would do would be to be the man that don't you prove that you really are the man if you go to a school with all these big stars. And you wore that guy there doesn't that raise your status for the NBA if that's what you look at that capacities is good is. We think he isn't going to be the man no matter Horry goes well my thing is if that's the case and everybody wants to put him in the realm of LeBron. That quote college is go really let me think we can you gotta sitting here yes true and struck out one year before anyone goes so he's going somewhere for one year so. You know. That would be interested to see this is going to be fascinating to see how they handle and it's also going to be possibly deceit. What they do with the rule change. 8444773776. Jimmy on the line almost all the buzz I'm going to pay Jimmy. I got that we ought to go up. I so Brent Barton. A showman he can beat that geeks in the Kentucky. Without all they want and gone. So I think that's so a lot about Frank Martin. And he's had some doubt the players they aired it decided transfer route and he still want. Without those guys despite that and most recently Beattie Qaeda. And these still twelve and six B Dortmund beat it beat Georgia their play speak Kentucky. Coen yeah conceit. Brian Williams condemned the act on it she's going South Carolina right mark. From. Yeah I mean there's did it logically I don't argue would do it all Jimmie is just that dumb with the with the fan with a family connection with a stepfather Clemson them IBM but much to overcome. Yeah that is flat named yet. Left if that's the that's the 100. It is definitely enters he got him that it like Baghdad this. A lot of the other. Got to dictate the young man I don't where each one bill. And by the market more but these are your breath. That marked by more mother I can state that story Petri do about that other. Right I appreciated Jimmie thanks for the call an aura biggest break loans of which are we squeeze a little bit of Tom Tom Brady at the podium making the series say in here. Yet they think it's really good team that's good in all phases. And it'll have to really well. Look you thought her his office. Obsolete in his best team we faced all year. In that you know there for a reason. If there policy you know top ranked defense in the league some great players. At all levels. And no really what coach. A lot of points. So Brett but really what. That movie by forcing. There's no word brutal who's. Yeah I don't try to practice and yet that's what. WWW. As we've been able was it. We'll play it on your relationship friendship guy. Things that are important who wouldn't go. Yes he's been a great coach and a great friend and I think he's so well prepared gets me paired her week he's. So diligent. And he's just a great coach and I've loved playing for him about working with them and note had a lot of fun to get. You met through Hugo good way. Who. You can do. Did absolutely it's a lot of yes a lot of that it's. How. Confident are you gonna play Sunday we'll see. Isn't messing with people's bodies and this roofs. Time. Here. They're doing what the patriots do you guys are density at the beginning of the press conference. Excuse me he held up his hand he still wearing the glove daddy's all both handles science they're both are now. This is a typical that you. Breaking the dollar back in a moment in the huddle on ESP announced. Tom Brady has wrapped up his. Press availability. Rather abruptly. And as the ESPN anchor said he is obligated to meet with the media. I really obligated to answer any questions. Could directly. Up to say any thing. And has pretty much what happened. After not practicing yeah yesterday he comes to the press conference today with. Gloves on both ends. And loans does other room for some this year little more than I did he when he was asked. You know he had they ask how he is when you can't say yet how. His preparations was blue for Brian Hoyer to play just in case we're going in he says well he's insane meetings and here's the same things on I'd hear. As someone else asking about the gloves again Neeson while she already asked that question and that's when he walked us. I think he's obviously hop double and painkillers. Because when he left the room I saw a definite. A stagger you guys fight it I did notice that when I saw it. Bill. He'll learn from Belichick ending. He's got a more fined bella check before he retires. So T smiles all Tommy does it which I think makes it. I don't better I don't know he keeps on that crazy died of his he startle elected preacher and poltergeist do. Normally I don't think drinks on one you know I saw you guys die you know. If I saw them that it may end. That guy was walked out some. How shall we phrase our Twitter Paula onto a Twitter poll on Tom Brady in playing or not playing on now. On Sunday so we mean we more than your choices will they play yes or no. Which will come in that would probably come in at about 99%. Yes don't think. Probably like a poll that has a little better split and like the 5050 poll we had. The other day that turned out pretty good I like those kind of polls. What should we do here can we phrase this Twitter poll for you people. You people like to love. Lineup or Twitter polls so I'm got to think about that. Was another choice besides yes of course is gonna play the game no he's not gonna play. What else can we put in there may be should text. Maybe he'll listen should Tex what they think you should put him someone's resume soon to say. Those Tom Brady throw for over 300. I can be an option yes say many starts and plays. And plays well yes he start to blaze but it's not himself and doesn't play well. Or no he's out he's out for the game. What happens if he does come out overseers. Doesn't come out to start run warrior comes out we're gonna Smart option but. To literally explode meant. Literal smoke you smoke pouring out of your phone lets you put yourself in a deficit right away as lawyer just come right out until an interception if it. Well he doesn't do that the third quarter Tedy Bruschi called that press covers John Tom Brady just had strange. On ESPN after it was. That they are. There's a world wanna use but I can't but they are messing with the media. Thank you for refraining appreciate that in the that's a you can tell by his look by his demeanor of the way he was answering questions he's a 100% that's which are saying there's not that there's not a 100%. There's nothing wrong when there's no this man. Wearing gloves for effect he could be on the beach and that he Indian missed the whole week apartments come natural 300 this week you know people get her. You think of Tom Brady hurt his hand they went on high and of course. The swamps him. All the other side. What I hear from a guy in. Who thinks that this might be more seriously that's been Boland with a Boston Globe his comments on this before the news conference back in a moment model he has been in upstate.