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Final hour of the huddle here for Thursday afternoon on ESPN. Upstate as the grateful continues 844477. 3776. You wanna get in text line is 71307. Used to keyword ESPN. And Twitter at ESPN. Upstate one of law. Join us on the show this afternoon and joining us on the show this afternoon as Mike been dating blogger podcaster. Cohosts. You name it in the studio guys patriots had on yes. And I'm a man of many hats. Yeah well what I thought that I thought was a one more week of votes and perform but no given them well Blake bulls by the way and number three overall pick out of the university's center floor yep. If you wanna know why I'm so it kind of that's cool I was covering them during his run there it was a lot of fun so it's kind of a tough week for me personally. You bottom line in this ballgame you have a good game. I don't buy it because only two quarterbacks have had success in July in January in the past fifteen years. In only one of them is a good quarterback. And that's Flacco and the other one being Sanchez who no longer has a job so I do it's it's really hard to buy that you're gonna see a portals type which I love him. In man I would love to see him do incredibly well. I just don't buy him going into July in January and playing well it's gonna come down to their defense I think more than anything of Tom Brady's hand is just jacked up man it's it's over the Mets. That tends loses jumpers today ironic that the hurdle yesterday and here's a practice well but they're gonna do today and and off again he had an idea here that I just having to put it up again they also announced that the yes that the sports in the top of the hour. City there hide them. And there hide them out of trouble and not too. Through the concern needs a night to get the swelling to go downs and I does a news conference everything a little fun yes absolutely that there's a cut may be. Riser cut on his art I've heard there's a cut of others swelling hampered ruined because we're probably loves his players love him. Cold out there I'm right into England rye on the sole you do not give the jags much of the chain. I mean as everybody has a chance in the NFL especially if you're this good to get to this level you have some slight chance at least Stephen punters chance if you will. In a game like this because you're good enough to go on the road win in Heinz Field you're good enough to get through the first round and fight from the wild card round all the way to the conference championship be higher seed. So there's something there at least you can think yeah of course there's always that chance. You just always have to also look at history and history shows that when the patriots get the play this game at home. There's not much of a chance of them lose it. You know so it's just one of those things if it was a different search situation if if things had flipped and the jags. You know had had to play the patriots last week maybe maybe it's a little different to arrive but the bigger stage the AFC championship game. The patriots looking for number six and in the Jack's coming into that stage for the first time ever in a very hostile environment in Gillette Stadium. And it's really just hard to see their offense being able to do enough to keep up with whatever Tom Brady's able to do. The I mean Pittsburgh Libyan rebels via Maria Antonio Brown marketplace Bryant I mean is some pretty good skill Geisel is not like they stopped but did you outscored them Pittsburgh in my opinion also as a coach who completely under achieves that has been doing for eight years Steelers fans are willing to look at that yet they don't wanna talk about him and a hot seat. You know probably should when you have that Steward of our franchise not getting it done for so long I think it's just still totally different because you have to have the Belichick. Angle on it where he's gonna be ready for this team he's not gonna come out. On prepared and have to fight back in play from behind like the Steelers had to do last week and he saw this vaunted defense of the jaguars give up 42 points to. It's not like they stopped the eighth Steelers throughout the whole game when that placed out rockets he saw a lot more. Of openings over in the backfield of defense the secondary for Ben Roethlisberger to pick apart so PC that happen again this week. Mean you have to assume that Tom Brady can do the same. But it the law website and on Twitter on Diddy says fire Mike Tomlin now I says that I say that he should definitely be on the hot seat and I do not understand why nobody is questioning his job. I don't get the injury. When's the last time noticeable on nine and they've watched the patriots catch up to their six almost a really far everybody does won a Super Bowl now do they fear the Steelers. This is the Steelers Augustus is the vaunted the legendary these storied franchise that. I mean they come out of my weeks on prepared all the time they can't beat the patriots when it matters. That's not things that keep your job usually in this kind of that you get to a certain stand up point. And you have to want more than that point if this was the Miami dolphins' rebuilding what in thirteen games it was in the patriots again or something okay. But this is the Steelers who easily could've won two or three more wring the last 67 years ever seen a thing like that the vikings in the last week. Now hole I mean is there anything other than the kicks X may be and I didn't see the car stuff. I heard the call it was a great radio call. I thought now on but travel to a bar to watch Carolina Clemson and it backfired on added a leopard on overtime or go watch the as a backfired again nothing else is really I can think that compares to I was you know what one maybe not even one when Flutie happened. The miracle Flutie against Miami united see any of these big big ones I don't remember portal Stewart wasn't as big again that's not so playoff game and a bit in the in the post season of the NFL which puts you one step away from hosting a Super Bowl basically itself. It's just insane and I feel bad for the Wayne's kid but it is what you don't. Yeah try not to interfere. Interfere interfere interfere will take it both their chances of fifteen yards is better than a touchdown and point the column game this weekend Minnesota and silly silly idea but Minnesota's labor. Yeah and I see why and I still I think Minnesota can win this game I think they should because they have in my opinion a much much better defense and and if they can get a lead like they did this week they're not gonna have to stop Drew Brees from coming back they're gonna have to stop foals from coming back and I think that's much easier task. The man had to do this week against the saints. I'm on the road as roughest of rough place to play that and they throw batteries at Santa and everything there are so. It could be a little tough for Keenan this might be the biggest test them and guys passed every test all season long he's been really good defense is to get where he is. And I just if you lay back on that Minnesota defense my god they're deep and they're really really good. All I am no doubt I don't wanna see him hosting a Super Bowl I know I think that's weird is it like and I would we had around them but that's a gap. That's seems to me like you know place where it could be headed this year. We're having a discussion before he came in don't know if you were tuned in about Clinton's quarterback situation. And the question is. Trevor Lawrence vs Kelly Brian and and my contention Josh and I disagree wholeheartedly and I think clones of joining on. Josh on the swung that if that's if it's close going into game one against Furman. September 1. At home for the tigers. If it's close. I start Trevor Lawrence and I do that for potential because he's already caught Kelly Brian for the season starts what's the upside for the twelve games in the regular season going forward. But these guys are from a ridiculing that notion. And saying that you go with Kelly Brian because he's the experience got. Life. I think that you got this kid for reason. If if he's close if you go through spring ball and Trevor wants is right there you go through camps in the end of the summer travel launches right there you're playing firm and to start before you have to go on the road against an SEC team. That's a game to fluff up and get him ready. So why not you know it's not it's not like if your starting at Auburn again if you're starting at Texas and now and yeah after may be dealt with the experience got to start. But it somewhere down the line this season when you have a team that is expected right now even special looking at their schedule. To run the table most likely. You don't wanna take the chance of having Kelly Bryant not working out in the making it change in the middle of the season if he's right there and there's a chance he's gonna play next season. Put an out there against fermented to get out there boost his confidence. Put up some numbers against them before taking some tough ones against. You know and I'm George -- line better going to be a George Bush you mean by dead all these teams that line that you have much tougher things that not necessarily super tough if you look at the schedules second to second half of the season is tougher than yeah I don't have to and then that's you get a map playing experience to get him out there is the best recruit coming down he's he's the freedom beast of a man out of high school already. So why not get him up put him on the field I mean ice. Was so hard against it with Bentley and I was wrong this gets much more capable I think of getting out there right away. Damn and look dumb it what goes into this decision I understand that may be Trevor Lawrence. Doesn't grasp of the playbook and yet by the end that's part of being better yeah I mean you got to consider that if these if he doesn't have a playbook you get started. You can't start or if he does if he's that good ended and he's. On top of a new trust him to be out there. In that situation. I put him out there. Yeah and I think just the upside is just tremendous that you can't ignore enemy dabble in the coaching staff are gonna have that view of things that we don't get in it's going to be how that he you know get that camaraderie with his receivers with the running backs Wear the offensive line and if he seems to be clicking with them. I mean you got to go to guy that's work and why why why weights and take the chance like a set of having to make a change at that position in a season what you should be the favorites to go to the national average where's the tough game on the schedule at Texas say and then ailments jumbos first year out they weren't very good this past year so Amin and that we 100000 people there is a tough place to play and you have a guy with experienced against you where you don't have that usually if they have to go play in the SEC others against Carolina they're not have played guys that coaches that know them but. Jim both had to play them every single you're so he knows them you never know. They don't get horrible. Workers there you know even though they haven't been phenomenal last ample years. They still get really good recruits they could maybe put something together because kimbo but I mean it's got to be sat thinking fourth state gets healthy and bounce back a little bit. That's on the road a joke on him and then you know low bullet is still gonna have the caliber of athletes after some of these guys leave and those like really those three on the quarterback as of the three games and and I mean don't falsely against Syracuse again that's that's always been. Well at Boston College I mean Agassi no that's. Kind of a tough placed net because they're pretty good defense with Josh. Wake up Carolinas almost have a question or artist. But I'm including you hear you coming Caroline or by sleeping on the Internet what they don't murder fourth artist game Josh Fogg told you're going into this year. That Clemson is going to lose one game here's the schedule. Which game did I lose. The good little as one regular season game which one would you pick. And yes after the team will lose one game and then if you don't have wondered. One c'mon I'm I'm calling your handy year I'm fortunate to make a call here they lose one game was. On the road at Boston College that's what some people say and I would say that if there's. I would say that would make the most sense. On the role at Boston College late in the season out right after you've played NC state Florida State law evil. Then you've got do the next week so that's that's a potential. Look at not that I think they're gonna have a problem look at them the only clubs don't have a very very experienced football team. Well general Lawrence is certainly be the quarterback about him. In battle gets fired a geometric. But that's what I. Yeah he'll be starting against Parma may not put all three or four days go by Boston College. He'll that'll be a big. So I would say look at the schedule. A team that jumps out at me and balls and got. All right I would say Carolina but it's on the road if it was a Williams Brice in my view him change so what you're really saying is none bigger between Lebanon and other gonna go to if they're not that there's a problem. What with the amount of talent here right knowledge into the bad they lost to Syracuse last year and I lost appeared the year before that now. This to this team coming back. Is gonna be twice as good as this year's team that we just watched twice is your wife is a now the trouble that well because they think about it now you're gonna have. T Higgins. A solid year under his belt. That as a free commit major Margaret Rogers off another god they got and his receivers. Horrible and throws coming by and I think. For me that area that Clemson has to solidify. In their office quite honestly is at running back. I think that three headed monster of rotating guys they have got to isolate I am I firmly think that the TN. ETA and needs to start spring practice he needs to be the Shea Stadium for Easter to the car they must say kick under the collar but they need to make your choice on. To get a guy in there that they can develop. As a catcher out of the backfield and as I pass protect can't they better developed this year and last year and that's we're joined by accident that weight room. Is gonna come in big for these young kids. To. Have under their belt so. Unless somebody comes off the radar that that they get. Out of the recruiting class which I didn't see one from running back position bullet. Wide receiver they are going to be absolutely loaded they got the kid. What's his name MacKenzie out of south point. Oh daring Kendrick Deng Kendra thank you are coming out so wide receiver was they're going to be loaded. They might have a little bit of a question mark. Tidy and I think they need to find somebody came down to catch the football and a block. But to me the biggest issue they're gonna have to resolve in spring practices that running back spot. I did from south got a basketball nice win over Kentucky what does that mean I mean it gives you some confidence going. Deeper into that SEC's scheduling Georgia and Kentucky back to back it got to get these games going. Is that star wasn't that great this year in have a phenomenal start got to win these games really make a statement. To get back in the mix of things. And that's your first step in doing so. Hopefully also that brings some students back to. The arena and and gets that the crowds growing a little bit for the home against they're great flag game but we've seen some problems with that throughout the season. And I it is tough when you know there and they're not playing great teams now you have some rivals coming in with fielded it in in conference and division rivals. So there might be some more students some more hype with the big win the might be some more hype so. Huge win for now but you'd have to keep it going it's all about the momentum right now and and because of the start they had you have to keep things rolling forward only so there's really not much room. For any of those missteps down the stretch and they feel better about those thoughts on a couple of weeks ago passel because they ground game out they were down big men against some really really good really athletic team and they they really got defensive really locked him down and made them grind them and they came out and got that win in butchers hustled to do that game was insane yeah as a kid was absolutely an animal so it's great science. For Frank Martin going forward and I mean isn't this a rebuilding year for them to see them be able to knock off Kentucky and other not a number one Kentucky yeah. The pretty good look you know when you're trying to re recruit some of these huge names may be at a Spartanburg. To get a big win against a team like Kentucky's not so bad time Williamson he'll go to crumbling. Again I still say if he's if he's me if I'm him I'm gonna Kentucky or duke but. I could still hear climbs a lot in a lot of talk about Clemson but you know what Bo Bo and a bow and texted him. Bo and now going to get five circuit Texan Tom come down there some some the hype coming off Kentucky and Georgia wins. Good crowd sale a good crowd at home again chanting we want Zion at the end of the game on national television a guy could hear them so. Who knows maybe they'll maybe we'll get lucky down in Columbia about it. A lot of signs are still kind of seeming to point Anderson. Alex English who we have on two days ago here before the Kentucky game the Bangkok in Denver nugget great said it Zion and you come to South Carolina because frank Martin Wolf teach him how to play defense troop. And that will help them in the game. Mean that's good and will it work. I'm one point quick baseball question there are discussing this on nine now. Hall of fame bonds and Clemens and vigilant and yes both mom and quite I would tip. I widget to maybe. To me if your so so good like Barry Bonds Roger Clemens. Back and overcome the. Yet the PD stuff. And I think there's just differences to win when it's. It is what it is because we don't know what guys in there and actually our PD guys I mean let's be honest about what Rickey Henderson's arms looked like in the late eighties. The front some of these guys are in the hall of fame are are glorified and were obvious users we had a green era of the sixties and seventies where they're using amphetamines. There's been doping all the way back to the beginning so it's really tough to say that all we gotta keep the ball clean. These guys were hall of famers they were unquestionably hall of famers and you can see that kind of changed from being. The made just regular hall of Famer to being the ridiculous dominant in their older years hall of Famer that's probably on something. Whereas you have other guys and in my opinion Sammy Sosa might be on that list where you saw a very quick rise. In a very quick disappearance him. So you can I think you should judge by that and I think it's kind of penny still for these older baseball writers to come out and say it's sullying the hall of fame and the reputation when you're seeing like I said. I can point at 56 guys that made it NN from the eighties that there's no way. That they were on the same stuff you know but we always try to pretend it all started in 2000 with Barry Bonds. And it was never happening before then let's go you gotta let the minute they McGwire on the list U that need to get him yeah. Yankee Barry Bonds Roger Clemens if they do they put rules and totally different. Knew he rose had a chance he lied again. It the books came out here's a news news bulletin he just lied again it's just now on the I'm just getting to. I got heroes question for you an anomaly and that to you again neither but it. Didn't we appreciate it if they are the website ESPN dot upstate dot com and see your stuff there hopefully new stuffs it. I appreciate it meant and good afternoon 8444773776. Here back in a moment in the huddle on ESPN upstate. Well the sun has warned us up to 42 degrees of that helps. And some more melting on the road to there but dumb and had to be careful again tonight because kick it down into the low twenties. Campbell gets re freezing of wet spots going on tonight not as bad last night we're down into the teens and then after that. Should be a smooth sailing tomorrow going to be in. The low fifties. A 57 on Saturday 62 on Sunday are you kidding me. Going to be nice new world golf course. Go form. Enjoyed the year we watch a football on Sunday. Gore. Or early and get back or in the works first game in store to Marie Bryant putting and a 44477377. Sixes the phone number your text 171307. I was looking at some of the observations on this ACC schedule that was announced yesterday. This year's ACC football schedule has not like we didn't know who the team's word that everybody would be playing but we found out who's got the Thursday's who's got the Fridays and you know what weeks each game is happening and David Hale the ESPN. Some of his comments on his observations about. What's happening with the ACC schedule this year a first ball in the ACC. SEC rivalries will be happening early we had some of that last year last year did not go well. Last year the ACC play four games against the SEC in the first two weeks. And Clemson beat Auburn and I was in the other three were losses number South Carolina beat NC state. Tennessee beat Georgia Tech. And then of course Alabama. Took care Florida State and that. Game of the century opener. But we will this year have avoidable vs Alabama. We won. A little. And while Miami vs LSU. So those are two pretty I'll watch more games against I don't know that Alabama was able and a being watchable and Miami LSU game could be a decent game. And we talked a woman by yesterday. And were drawn kind of a big year for him. He's had some trouble with coordinators. Let's see if Fiat and get something going here and and as Mark Richt really on. Bounced back from a weak finish. To the 2017. Season for Miami after a great start. Neither Florida State or Clemson will have a short week neither will play. A Friday or Thursday game. Now off our state has opened on Monday night but other that they play Saturday games and we said yesterday all clinching games are Saturday games. This year but Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech gets ACC does this every year I play more. Thursday Friday games and any conference. And this year was north Georgia Tech yesterday. I am a Friday game on the road at low level. And they have a Thursday game on the road at Virginia Tech. Not very good Virginia Tech global Virginia Wake Forest Miami and Boston College all have more than one. Week nine game. All of those schools. I'll wanna do that but they do. Com. Florida State coming off they're tough tough year. And this schedule. Is not going to be much better Notre Dame comes back on to the Florida State's schedule. And they've got their cross divisional games with a coastal. And their two games. Miami and Virginia Tech. Oh man the two toughest teams in the coastal Florida State test has to play. They've got to stretch we'll go have a road game against global a road game against Miami a road game against. NC state and Notre Dame within six weeks. And then of course they have Clemson in there as well Clinton's home game. I don't know how much how much to Florida State bounced back from this past season with a account schedule. In the first year Willie Taggart Florida State fans are you feeling about that. Daunting road schedule for Florida State. In not 2018. The toughest part of the clemson's schedule as we went over. We bye week yesterday. Probably has to be late October early November. They host and C state. They go to Florida State and they host Lou level three straight weeks. Ending a Boston College right after that two. North Carolina. They will be on the road a lot. Carolina lost to get a California seems like. They're gonna play cal at cal this year and they're gonna play at east Carolina and that doesn't always work out for a North Carolina when he ordered agreeable. To play east Carolina. How much will North Carolina be able to bounce back from. Last year when they had all those injuries. And they get to eight or nine wins this year. How about NC state. The wolfpack have five of their first six games at home. They play West Virginia early out of conference not an easy game. But it's a home they get Florida State and Wake Forest at home early. They've door on morning. Chip shot field goal away from winning in Death Valley two years ago really only four wins Francies. Mean they have the ones that when he told us coming in this year. This is Dave dorms shot. This is his best to me and all signs pointed NC state. Plot until maybe. Hateful. You just have 40 you mean this year this year and are gonna get a foray. Outage if that was his best team. He's ever gonna put together. He talked to give back to bail. About Virginia Bronco Mendenhall big year from the camps in east have a big eared and. Did hear from them. Good times on the road against Boise. Enough so much on some home games. They didn't exactly get aggressive where they're non conference schedule this year they got Richmond. Ohio. And liberty and an eagle on those are all at home and then they go on the road to. Indiana. That's their nonconference at. I mean if you're close and you've got to feel like you won't lottery though. Seven home games. Seven home games. Must not unusual for Clinton. Wu. They have bomb. Miami. And Louisville at home so couple of the toughest Virginia games are at home. You know north they can beat him to. And I gonna win the coastal division known hypocrite and now beginning to come in second. Whoever does win it between Miami and bomb attack. The only ailment comes in second. Then. They can upset. May be. Seen Miami social schizophrenic. But you think they're gonna get into the recruiting classes phenomenal. Have to take a look at my optics. That you would think they would have the advantage over the Hokies morsel and they played them at home. I got my ticket home. Bond tent. It Miami and live a little Nazi in about look ups who were in the play and often. Don't want. He had to figure for bronco he needs take a step peer people don't start. Wondering about that higher so. These went separate game trying. To go to follows doctor Billy next in the hollow Billy welcome man aria. Yeah and who knew well it's up today. Very good looks and talk about remark a series did you sit there and I'm not all American Jane M a RNC and I know it started poorly yet. Org. I mean how much or find out why do you think you're going to be like JP understand the premise normally I would agree with you. May not be too little on going knowledge console not to watch and that it does put a lot more and does not. Critics typically stayed there you know he's been illegal immigrant automatic and a lot of people from all eat a lot of things beach here. Apart from the political notoriety and then ten and one match up. Well what I'm saying Billy is that if he's even with Kelly Bryant that's who I would start let's start the younger. Allied with and plus a how would agree original went up and tell you can't even. Doing. This sort of equipment schedules he thought I'll just I think make a prediction only compliment this is. They'll say greatly zero prediction gonna go into eleven and more confident in Paul Clark caught. Com playoff last week also going to want to operate were so obviously we know other that worked out there. Because we can get in Minnesota from golf ever again Minnesota but there slot they were on the record. Luckily that's going to be an ugly game of making the equivalent of a double digits early. Fueling when not I'm not ever. Nobody I think a lot of places were the betting public place we don't Jacksonville Italy and took a specialty obviously are great to be. Usually when I actually update it. Ingredients are there projection digital still talking about Corey. Against. Boss's name or. Thanks a lot just yet moral Odyssey that culture Obama wants Saudi. Mostly you know that the recipe goes to declare certain about the bullets which they do. The veto to control the clock on all that's what's missing and luckily I was portal and yet there. Two indoor plants continue outs which we can do that. Claimed moral good kind of a couple content going to be the difference locally anyway I am I think about I'm Rick Williams and I don't want nobody even popped on such as plumbing convenient. In the sequential won't the last couple games must go into the basketball program. And it is a pop star. Let's say halt all go to. Took a while it would be now Powell for openers and that. Maybe everybody could be an iPod except gonna get a chance built public and in the content are always gonna vote. The message not you kind of political operation and can justly make a prediction about such a model and also political ideological. Their record time repression solitaire on record Josh regular season. Non three. Total losses of Georgia Clemson and duke. King. Re not more time noon imaging year choices that matter here. Missouri. No at home takes a and M and home Tennessee at home I had Ole miss them Miami tough. Florida at Florida that money to. Which one of those are analysts here your drink in Georgia and I'll say anything. Baylor stay in and at home. Also a and M I'm leaning more towards ten and two but I think lose one of the scheduling too bad. 93 in the regular season would not be shocked. Would not be shocked if the gamecocks went into. The dig debt. And to take the nine and 38444773776. Mac at the moment in the huddle mrs. Zia's B announced it. So Auburn as their new athletic directors Allan green. He is forty years old he has been the AD at the university of buffalo. Since 2015. Board of trustees has to approve this he would replace Jay Jacobs who is stepping down. I agree more that the University of Mississippi before buffalo. He was a three year starter for the Notre Dame baseball team draft by the Yankees in the ninth round. Played three seasons in the minor league. System toward de L dot com he'll be the third African American athletic director in SEC history. But that the thing about him though is that he's not an Alabama guy. And down. In fact you have to go back to the 1940s. Cents Auburn has had an athletic director that was. Not connected to the state Alabama. Ash is not what they have done in the past. But that's what they're doing here with them and lingering. So long we'll see now that one works out. Also. But the Jacksonville Jaguars talked about you know bombing Billy just brought up. There is a formula for them to beat the patriots. Have to do is. Read this little booklet that they have been given. By some first graders in Jacksonville. Admiral brought a Jewish press conference today it's a folder filled with the notes messages and encouragement from first grade a bowl school. In Jacksonville. How to beat DO patriots. There's a says only cover your jags want to beat the patriots here's how advice from your number one fans. In bulls' first grade. Now this does not. They don't open up the book force on what the advice is a done wrong says he'll be reading a book. Maybe it has the answer he's looking for. To beat the patriots because the jaguars are one and hit an all time against New England oh and seven and fox. And I'm around sizzle take all the advice. They can yet. I like it. Do not eat green eggs and ham. In being down. When you can do them. If you lose. Quicker maybe the devices. Hold that Tom Brady's hand injury is really serious. His canceled another. Press conference today now you do it tomorrow. That sound like he's getting jammed phone. Actively yacht significant cannot. It is. It sounds like he was throwing the ball and practice a defender got too close. In his hand foam hit the helmet. Of a defender and if that's the case I mean that's legitimate injury. If you're trying to tamp down speculation about the injury. Canceling two straight press conference is not the way do it in the I mean it doesn't mean more more speculation bill people see Yemen these talks about what is thumbs feeling like. I don't know. It's hard to imagine and it's. Going to be something going to be that bad for Brady but dumb two straight days is not come out to meet the media practice and was gloves on both plans. So we'll see what he says tomorrow now is not gonna say it today bottom critical American rap and appear and hollow next on ESP in upstate. Quarterback in the huddle final couple minutes of the show here for Thursday afternoon with the GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso and don't forget if you wanna see a basketball game locally tonight Foreman is at home against these East Tennessee State. And that one he is taking place tonight. So you can go over there for that 730 start Furman 7UP a very good year they're thirteen and five. Four and one in the conference. So long as a big one for the palace tonight seat taking keeping going wofford's on the road tonight they play. At the same for so long. CO those two teams do we'll talk about the results of those tomorrow we were talking about the quarterback situation a little bull with. Lamar Jackson finally gone on to the NFL. And at the candidates coming back. And little to start at quarterback. Include JaJuan pass and Malik Cunningham passes they rising third year sophomore. He was back up last year for Jackson got into some action 23 of 33 passing 238. Yards that's all he did. He told reporters that Lamar Jackson gave him the keys to the program. I didn't realize that the Lamar Jackson. Owned the keys to the program but. Apparently that's who he thinks should be the starting quarterback when they'll Hooper Roland I don't know. Good question. Don't allow Cunningham only Cunningham. Good athlete. Really good running skills. They're not real sure about how he's going to throw the football so that your quarterback battle there. Another place is going to be a pretty good quarterback battle will probably be LSU they've got three guys they're. Miles Brennan lol nor cease and Justin McMillan. And of course with. Steve and senior as the offensive coordinator replacing Matt Canada ever by all eyes are going to be on this offense for LSU this year so this quarterback. Position will be key for that. Brandon Myles Brand was ESPN's number four pocket passer in the Torre seventeen class. So he might be the leader button. Nor cease was the number five dual threat quarterback in that pat and that class. And McMillan is also a mobile quarterback it is said that ad or drawn all likes all three of those guys. And wants a true quarterback competition and will try to shape the offense to fit the guy who well wins the battle. So that's a big deal coming out of the spring. And LA issue. And what about Michigan saw them in the bowl game belongs to South Carolina is a just. We don't know shape Paterson to play yet we're waiting on a rolling right. From the NCAA. About his transfer. Coming in from Ole miss basically his attitude is I'm coming from a place that's. On probation I'd like to be able to play Iran away I don't know that the NCAA is gonna do that. If it's not shape Paterson. That it could be Brennan Peters or Dylan McCaffery. And Michigan. McCaffrey an exciting prospect but he's not very big and he's young. And you know Peters. Add some good games and had some bad games and a lot of Michigan fans there aren't real excited about Brandon Peters. Being the future quarterback. So Jim Harbaugh with a big decision his staff will have to find somebody they can. Be confident and because this will be hard balls fourth season. And we said it before. China needs to have a good one not really making a lot of progress. At Michigan so far. So those are few the quarterback battles to be watching. I straight able Sturgis coming up next we are back for the Friday showed tomorrow here lover a last thoughts about the AFC and NFC championship games talk about the Furman and Wofford basketball games. Previews South Carolina and Clinton's weekend action glimpse at Notre Dame in South Carolina Tennessee. All coming up tomorrow for Josh Phillips Alonso I'm Greg McKinney thanks for listening to bottle. Drive safely still some icy spots out there we'll see you tomorrow.