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As the sun melts the snow slowly but surely this afternoon is the huddle on ESP in upstate and drive carefully still could see some icy spots on bridges and in the areas on secondary roads especially in the shade. Or let in the off all continued this afternoon so please be care for fear around about 844477. 3776. Takes on 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate here second hour of the huddle under way with Greg McKinney coach Josh for what's. And Alonso was still on the phones next and talked to Mike and the huddle hi Mike. You don't know if we do. Got to put some weight quit I can't can't the most ready to use the opposite get an Alabama did it feel that the title. For the bad content that expanded medical like UP. Vikings for me man album was more surprising to me Biden's hands doesn't really vikings yes half I mean that was just. That was just more unexpected. Yes that was a great throw that that to a made in the Alabama game given that but the that was more in a more kind of typical just a great play the vikings on the last play of the game are you kidding me. What do you think Mike. But are still delegates it because I don't at all in spite of the they've but it wins big guy. Column but he did get to like about the not a budget it each running like oh what is the light part of. That's pretty Smart I am yeah I think he probably was told to get out of bounds and they're kicker was so good that probably what I want and even if he had gotten out of as I was saying the replay you know wondering how much time was left and there was blowing it time for him to get out of balance if he wanted to do that but. He made the right decision. Quite right about the stigma that would would say. Yeah yeah which of the imperfect. But if you can thank you Mike what if your tackled what if you say a little run for the who's got it and you could see this guy coming from the far side of the field a safety. And he knocks you out of bounds on the four yard and you know it's so instinctual when you're out there we don't give us now months on I don't think. 'til afterwards and can slam but he's a hero now so who cares about the one that's what do you think about it in Minnesota the emotion of coming off that unexpected last play victory. Is that a plus or minus going into law conference championship game this one. Coming yet to put that behind him his or any issue put them behind. It goes on the college writes I would say yeah that's an issue. But at that level I mean those guys are soul. Like literally the next day they were in the office preparing for their next game. I mean they're just so driven. And I must say and it can't be some lingering there are only human. You sit there that facial expressions whenever they couldn't believe it. See when you personally be thinking I know I'll be thinking you know there's nothing we can overcome there's not that we actually write the songs we stayed poised even to the last sector. That's a play that makes you think that with. It. With a Super Bowl being in Minnesota. Minnesota winning and fashion. That you think it's their time destiny yes. It is you just feel like. With a player like that. Everything is going in their corner and you just feel like you know what it's meant to be an. Now. I don't know how people feel about meant to be some people agree that somebody some people don't. But there's obviously something crazy because. You know like cats like that a player like that just doesn't. Mean it's never happened it's not all of those that we soul twenty years ago thirty years ago it's never happened. Mean how would say. Mean it would be hard because of the nostalgia at least for me personally. It would be hard for me to put it in the category of the immaculate can reception. But it's close. Did you see the tweet from coastal Carolina baseball. They did a split screen of Stephon knicks. You know when he scored the touchdown they pick itself off and slung across the hands of right Alex Cunningham from coastal Carolina. When they. Won the college World Series and he was on the mound. Did the same thing I was this hat and he was hat. Not his glove Bryant these east's longest hat. Across the field after he got the final out. And he put them side by side nose is the problem is Washingtonian who threw his glove like like stepped Dix through is Helmut. It's pretty close to put themselves with a and it's split screen tweet coastal based buys critical. Political. An hour ago that the bigger shock was and so I have ever seen in like that. Never seeming like unbelievable. To the NBA. Jalen Rose. I'll give him credit. Has some guts. Decent on a set. With a bunch of guys. On night ESPN MBA on ESPN. In what those guys is Paul Pierce. Former Boston Celtics. Ten time all star. And you know Paul Pierce does not want to share his Jersey retirement night. With Isaiah Thomas are gonna have a tribute. For their former guard Isaiah Thomas now with Cleveland. And so on NBA countdown on ESPN. Last night with Paul Pierce sitting just two seats away from him. It would Jalen Rose said. I gotta say a word for you ma'am. I must pay. Her going through all Paul Pierce are and what. Bought this car because to me. They're going to be all types of announcements that happened a 48. Minutes during a game OK Paul Potts. Okay including celebrating Isiah Thomas could be one of them would that does not take away from your situation like Colby's happened during the game because they're doing your arm. Post game. This petty golf and add that up was Michelle beat. Two gambling says. Call him out I like it. Ally in the Paul Pierce tweeted it. Some remote geez after that happened he's got like they're scratching the Chandler Emo heat and energy the sunglasses him OG. And the crying. I guess is laughing so much her crying. Emerging. I mean look. You don't have to have your own complete night do you. Can you allow them just dole short tribute to Isaiah Thomas on your Jersey retirement. Cost I don't have prom. What tributes. When the player no longer is playing I'd I'd distilled the I think it's dome. When a player leaves go somewhere else comes back and it's a tribute videos is that stupid. Well it's a different issues but you know I mean having it on Paul Pierce's night's big it is pretty patio thing I think he's absolutely right for. Using it should be all about you judge yes all night start to finish. Does they'll win a championship. Now the horse to banner and the legendary rafters of the Boston Garden. Know. Now. They wouldn't do it alone anybody else's. Date would they know remain they would do it on anybody deals with that. I mean this. Did our own Kobe's day did they have somebody else there listen assist Paul Pierce's like news. Kevin Garnett and I can't call nurse Comoros is Paul peer he's a hall of Famer. It's pretty tall. Now he's not being patio like I couldn't disagree more. Judy wade and defend himself. Just stepped up. Should come across a table and gotten Jalen only problem postponed from. Beatle was between a mile an appointment may was he said. It's not only your birthday. When you have a birthday is not just your birthday. Other people having birthdays don't care about other people. Clearly. And they shouldn't happen. In the thing if he shouldn't have been put in the position for it to happen. Because there should even be a stupid I think those tribute. Videos you'd trade a player bring them back and then you put up. What they did that that's just ridiculous and some good things for Boston I don't care if it was so good he would still be there. He's gone. Deal with next mean Joseph Montana left the 49ers to should not tribute. Joseph Montana and they did on his day they brought him back east and into. Proverbial ten day contract. Maybe the truth will retire his Jersey its patents and they didn't show. All. I just like the I just like the uncomfortable nature of the call out on TV yeah solid that is them. Electorate. Know what a chance to celebrate team. By saying it's okay to have his day two but instead. He just points out when an individual game that the NBA yes it's all about Maine well one guy guy he just look at me. I was wasn't even a part of that team. Ball Isiah. I'm guessing neither one of them really how to say how's Paul Pierce have a say in this. Isn't this done by the people who have the Celtics people are obviously they did something because guess what they canceled the tribute. Which one they cancel. I'd lose it and do it. Now while there they're not a good till the next how to do I write to the next hole I LA Atlanta and heading Paul got his life that they're not gonna do it. The day they honor Paul Pierce. When I got to do when. Isiah slayer right. Yeah he's going to be they're playing its estimate go to the same day Isiah will be there. Okay well he saw on programs. That I hope they boo Paul Pierce of illness they won't but I did you know they'll be great. I think it can take that time legal cap. He means that more than tribute video was a chiropractor help you have. I don't know. Just fine I'm just. If the medals at a toy maybe they'll police don't want them stretches things to making 69 instant bomb. We just think about the two game suspension for Gerald Green and Trevor Ariza for the locker room incident. Two games. It's. About right. Now what he needs stimulus or more will depend upon broke now well and more. I honestly think they should be suspended all. We're going into the locker room got unhappy with a again that they have to set precedence at the saying you can't do this and they're asked to be some consequences. It can't be a slap on the wrist or some other guys are gonna do this and if housing and be out of that much suited something better. You'll find a 100000. There was there no fine. Just to suspension thing justice potentially lose a game money. You know losing an. Not sure how that works exactly two game suspension both those guys but how much and says okay animal farm and you don't agree and each. And organ donated to Boys and Girls Club does Austin rivers deserve all the hate he's been. Yes he's appalled but see I disagree with you Josh the end zone poppy out of not about that I disagree with you about. About the the fine in the suspension the suspension should happen. This needs to hurt your team. But the other thing this hurts you when your pocketbook embroidered if I would even notice a 100000 you need I heard your team. So the rest your teammates can go I Mandel do that again you're hurting us. Whole fortune on that that's that's that's why don't have a problem with a two game it'll come in the locker room by the moment. I'm good with the. Austin rivers enough Trevor Ariza spoke for 35 minutes this week trying to hash out their differences. After that confrontation. Monday some of it on the court some of it in the locker room a rivers told ESPN. Meehan Trevor had no problems. He called me reached out to me we talked and hashed everything out he was. Little while being the bigger guy and calling me. Maybe we'll head downtown Miami on their two days off that they Hogan out there. You know mega million you know alike. Could grieve his daddy was my coach and William B and the MBA. You think yeah he's awful. But I'd rather have long it'll ball touch back at the let's say a lot for you exactly one's Owen his daddy and Paul that ID 444. 773776. Text line 71307. Hear about the hockey game in the Charlotte the checkers. Uninteresting we'll tell you why coming up here is the huddle on ESPN upstate. Welcome back again this is the huddle you're listening to ESPN. Upstate Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso here on this Thursday afternoon web college basketball game on for you up tonight Saint Mary's and Gonzaga. That is an 845. Game. Airtime tonight. And that claims of women will play Boston College that starts at 645 to hear that on thirteen 30 AM next time the comes men playing. Saturday afternoon 330 year time as they take on the Notre Dame some big moon for Brad Brownell coming off that lost 21 North Carolina night before last. And then we will have Florida and Kentucky pretty big a SEC game on Saturday night at 8 o'clock. On Sunday AFC championship game the patriots in the jags 2 o'clock their time. And then about 615 airtime more of the NFC game vikings. And of the Eagles deepening Tom Brady watch going and understand he's wearing gloves on both science. And one of these funds. Seems to be pretty big and if you look at they resumed then so people and then yeah they just they just released. His hand X ray to the public just tweeted. Well what does. Can go to my Twitter at Josh he has been you know we do a radio show here. Echo in the future Twitter page where you know the holes that quality overstep bounds a scholarly and is so you know. A resident and OC lab a look at. Itself. It's a middle finger from Tom. That's the extra. Good thank you for that thank you for that aren't breaking didn't they just released it. But. AD job. Charlotte checkers there hockey team in Charlotte they play at the bow jingles coliseum. And I had a game yesterday against the Bridgeport. Sound in the AEA HL. And job here is the way it sounded a at the Bo jungles coliseum during that game. Yesterday. Pretty exciting new. Is why it. Now let's of their regular boys. It was empty. They did not even let fans in because they played in an empty. Boat jingles coliseum. Because of the weather in Charlotte. That's kind of unusual. You know look at ad they posted on the story we have on our FaceBook page from off the SP up. I mean they still have place up you look at Tuesday's crowd pretty full. And Wednesday. Nobody didn't let people and so the question if you if you are doing a game like this and it's not televised and there's no one in there. Do you need referees. I. The new winner for the dumbest question showed history then I did I completely disagree what's the point let's appoint a rules the rules are in there until I mean you'll need rules. You know that makes me remember you know also brings up a great point. I would disagree that well. Think about it. You know I think. Your credit all herald herald calls the show all the time out right now heralded calls the shoals on Monday. Any brings up a great point like Alonso just did it. In the match and the Minnesota Vikings say this game right. If it's a domed stadium why are there flags on the goal post. That makes more sense. I get that there should be no breeze. Well there wasn't. Right. But I mean you would need officials to La. And legal game even up into the game there was no breeze. No group. C until like I've been challenged me you know that her my phone's a little bit blog over at that that was dumbest question on the grass now. Now I'm going out and rich. No he lives and running with the dumbest thing what he did this he said that he did. Well did you say that you know. Just ask the dumbest guy hear him say well I didn't hear the downpour yeah he did. So now I feel like that I need to work hard to come up with Nicklaus and there's no question yeah we'll you can do it well if you players appreciate the confidence on all work on that and they're they're they're probably mean it was an important game. They needed to play the games there and erase for a whatever they race for. And yet shift of officials. Why are game that counts. Jessica what the coaches officiate. They have mascot there. What's now the good old what's what's the point of how many Iranians who want to have a game I think you said it's important they can't rescheduled to when you can have fans and there. What do what does this at the point. But you're not making. The team any money you're not do anything is as far as that goes it's not get the playoff game has its not a playoff game. So when we scheduled for another day well maybe they have trouble with travel these guys are from Bridgeport. Connecticut right again just rundown here one night. They had to play the game they were party here. That's what they played the game. And the officials were already here. And yes they need officials one's own. Mean be sure to tweet ESPN upstate and tell bring McKinney why he's wrong Philip the tax line tellem was wrong. This is what I work with someone three zeros on a daily basis. Only Monday through Friday but that's not daily. The hornets. They opened their doors to fans on the same day they played the wizards. The checkers doesn't they knew nobody was DiMaggio millions of fans. It's just is not the way it is and what they they would have had fans this hockey game look at this picture here's a picture of the crowd on Tuesday. Looks fold to me. And and wisdom and let the fans and they would have people there. But the checker said it's too dangerous the on North Carolina governor Roy Cooper. Said there was up to six inches of snow in Charlotte did they get them much. And so roads were treacherous. And so they did not open to fans. Maybe they were just trying to keep people warm. They had no fans. There. For the Charlotte checkers game against Bridgeport Charlotte won 43. Where the officials. And Eli have on. Professional League contests without official. Among those answering phones so. It can't really address the no need for official they had done and this look. Why do you have a mascot there are no fans. And missiles on the official gave us not a practice not grow image the Geneva official ball game right. And telephones we go and a 444773776. Jason welcome into the huddle I you don't. Banks have been great only. Came much help though it what's really begged not allowed so watch which in Charlotte checkers hockey in Charlotte street broker. Now dark well of college or talk about you know that the media go Richard about creek. Our government Peco post didn't actually inside a battle to wage but it shorter amount I don't know hole. Pelletreau and send it back to equal of course you share the metric a year ago. And somehow pretty Bernie it just magically outgrow it or correction or go to him and ultimately by the Washington. Fortunate cart into the I'll try to get operate you know just keep going don't go. And they're actually anti oh are correct made a dent. Early or you can generate enough breeze artificially to affect baseball. I initial little bit I'll take you know I don't know if you could just been very action. I guess choke down on the whole. I don't know I don't know that. Aid shipment OEMs to leave it trickle back in history as our order or taped earlier chain bridge like they want our. Thirty gave the world their thirtieth two or or British. Don't think and a big count all go to ultimate band and I'm not mad about us up while Ari. Yeah I got chipped it. Yeah our but I'll I'll accept that why do you need. Flags on double goal post and Wednesday. Great question. Why you need to. Nobody has agreed that. It. In the old RCA dome it would make sense. To just pressured eyes pressurized air. And every now and then you would give only Woodward light breeze air millions around him. But in that one else. Herald question in the year so they're young. A 444773776. Other high Gilani has been announced they were up I guess the break we'll come back with more in just a moment stay with a right here. It's not welcome back Dan ESPN upstate GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And lawns are only 444773776. Is our number Bryant is next on the phone Brian welcome in. Outside the Blue Line. Wanted to talk about the that quarterback situation calmed them and ask you got out of the question and note. Rich Phillips. Do you feel like jelly bribes you know should be the starter no question. I'm. Yeah I only a lot of banking on the album and see what you got caught about it. I mean if you're if you're lucky it the end of the day is to play for a national championship or win a national championship. Then you probably have to go through Alabama at some point it might not work like that but but chances are you're probably gonna have to go through their. And me. Course Kelly I could beat Alabama if Alabama had a day like three turnover day and constant play pretty clean game. Me even before that game. That was pretty apparent that if these quickly game. That I can stack the box which has just like not enough corporate down field which is exactly what happened so my question has. If you're the coaching staff I constant. And you're supposed to playful when the national championship but don't you think inspiring you should. Look at the surgical action you know a lot. Given twelve games to fire. They're probable probably a better alternative. They tally by actually beating Alabama because they lose a legitimate acting Britain as well you know scrambling threat because. They're not due back Arabic and can run around a little bit. I mean now I don't think and so I was of the impression. Provided. Got it done that march when you as you know made up to speed that these should be the starter. You know just because he's got a better shot to beat at Kmart I am it's got a map. I run corporation is mentioning to quarterback actually talking about. Lawrence and under Johnson give both look the dome there you'll look in the spring there's no question about that Trevor Lewis navigating coming in early tonight and look right. I think there's one name you gotta maintenance Cole style. Too cold stout have been starting there's a loyalty factor in here and dabble is. Loyal to Bryant Bryant compliant well maybe you learned something from 2014. Well. You're talking apples and oranges and that because there was a massive. Talent differential between. Poll and shown massive. And there's not meddling Kelly Brian and Trevor long noble characters and their different type of quarterbacks. Let me correct me if I'm wrong but Trevor large scale break for five and forty. I don't know why. All of a sudden now. And historically. An athletic quarterback is the Achilles heel. To Alabama that now all of a sudden the savior of Clemson is a drop back quarterback. Okay that doesn't make sense. It wouldn't have mattered. If Trevor largely starting for Clemson Tom Brady was started it and it would of mattered who was starting for Clinton against Alabama this past year. Kelly couldn't get his running game going because it was on his back. And I don't understand why. People can't grasp the fact that. He can't throw the football on the field when he's run for his life when he does throw the football down the field the game drops the football. You are saying none of the Alabama game on Kelly Brian. Don't say ma I'm sure look at the tape the young man to the course of the game made some mistakes. But I think it is completely. Ridiculous to play. That happened somebody else back there would have automatically fixed. The walls along the offensive line the truth of the matter is Clinton got manhandled on the offensive line. Manhandled. Their offensive line got ripped to shreds. I don't know what they had. I believe Clinton had minus seven yards rushing. Back path. OK so when your offensive line is that an out. It doesn't matter what the show on could have been back there and we would have the same result. There would not have been the difference. There is little difference well on us and a little and ended the game would have been maybe a little bit closer. But Clinton was gonna beat out by Republicans the edge Droid. Clinton's office of why he got absolutely destroyed. At the point of attack on a scrimmage was the biggest thing about the game yeah. And and now I mean you've got two guys. That or think about going pro one album made the start Smart decision and that's. Who was the conference's. Offensive lineman of the year he said you know what I'm not ready for the NFL I mean come back get stronger and work on technique he's exactly right. Do you got Taylor harm lot of what that kids thinking. Has to rob pay he must be having nightmares about Iran today. Because I don't understand why an obvious that he feels he's dribbled the draft when literally that offensive line was Selena. Now again I'm not saying that Kelly is absent of any fault. In the ball game there are certain decisions and throws. But again that's Alabama and starting. Another quarterback he hears something that people have to understand. When you face Alabama. Your previous twelve ball games and your experience in the previous twelve ball games mean nothing. Absolutely. Nothing. Because nobody else on your schedule. Is going to run the complexity. Or this pain that there's a Cali. That Alabama's rural their defense that asked Jake Browning. Hey Jake routing before you played Alabama two years ago was regarded as. One of the top five quarterbacks in the draft. He played Alabama and guess what. They got ripped to shreds he was so confused even know where to throw the ball. So you're much better off facing an Alabama team. And I know Jay from had some success that they were able to run the ball which took pressure. Awful what from Kaduna and they got the ball out of his hands that eighty yard touchdown. Was a fifteen yard pass that there wide receiver made somebody else and it took the rest of the way. Again it was the same play that the RK dropped. And that's something that people got to grab their head around. And again I'm not saying that Trevor laws is not going to be an elite quarterback. At all the kid is ultra talented. He he is hands down one of the top three players in the entire country. But it's foolhardy to think that you're gonna take an eighteen year old freshman. Straight from high school throw him into the mix of it's like oh you're gonna go beat Alabama. Not many quarterbacks have had success doing that only one and gave them problems and he's playing for the Houston Texans. Mike can happen. But Shawn Watson is they want us policy wants a lifetime but he's a once. In a coaching career. Buckled quarterback. You know here though is people say that the Lawrence is ahead onward to show was imminent now. I'm. I mean I don't know the kid I mean how far now when he gets to Clinton during the spring game and he starts. Lot in the offensive line up against blitz protection. That's what I'm Dashon was above where he should be. Isn't that Georgia game on the drive where he led Clemson down to school war. He was literally yelling up and down the line of scrimmage change and protections and pointing out dramatics but the deep the Georgia defense Ronnie. When I feature larceny and I'll say you know what he's beyond his freshman year. But the hardest part for quarterback make an edge from high school to. That is a difficult thing to master. I don't know if the kid can do that yet. He might cancel Earl now don't rule will find out. Right I mean he's in there now be there'll spring he'll get the work. All spring. And now by the way as we talked about yesterday. Clemson's schedule just announced is not murderer's row ball wouldn't be a bad place for young got to learn if we know. Everything has felt there trotted out there against a busted Texas a and MT men. Yeah you know whoever makes a Williams permanent delegates short disarmament exactly right mostly were a little big numbers him. Okay we're not gonna find out anything literally until the ACC championship. When more than likely Clemson has to play either Miami or bought my. I'm thinking it's probably going to be Miami. But we'll see Moftec might slip in there but when I go find out about how good quarterbacks are. With this schedule that they trotted out there I mean they rolled the ball out there and went eleven now. I would say this though I would think that this coaching staff which is staying the same staff that was there in 24 team and Jones freshman. Might be a little. More apt to make an early change at quarterback than they were back to capture the loyalty factor may be a little less now. Then it was back then because they were loyal to cold spell. For God's sick. Which. You know again the shelves in the same situation. Where he came in as a freshman. In January. Participated throughout the summer and I'm thinking to myself there's no way. That it took them eight months to figure out who's the better he Sauna passing through in the opener against George oh yeah that would have been enough for day that I'm with him. I saw that thrown around like. This thing's over. But now. It took a few more games. And then made the switch. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Year break time back with more coming up this is not a lot of ESP in upstate. We're back in the huddle ESPN up state 8444773776. You wanna join the commerce Asian. This text line. Is 71307. If you would like to well. Get in that oil. Texture says Josh cardinal Jones dissected bam a pretty good. Problems now. OK let me ask you this proposal while violent. Did Ohio State's offensive line get torn to shreds and game. Ohio State's offensive line get torn to shreds and Alabama are if I if memory serves correct. All the wrong and Ezekiel Elliott had 280 yards rushing. Against Alabama's front nine game along with cardinal throwing the ball. So. Nice try. Yeah say this about this quarterback situation clumps. If we get to. August and we're going to the game to open the season September 1 at home against Furman. And Kelly Bryant and Trevor Lawrence. Are pretty even. I go Trevor Lawrence. C. Here's the problem. Travel art can't come in and just be good. You're talking about he has to command. For doubled to make this witness like that now at T here's the other thing that's the difference between Kohl's down Shawn Watson. Cold style didn't break the record for most wins by first year quarterback in Clemson history. Leave the team the entire year. To the number one overall ranking is gonna be on everybody's Heisman watch list coming into the season. Kelly brining win in the Heisman Trophy joked well he might what the schedule. As a group porn company that he heads the office and I think coach and got ahead of literally. Out of the twelve. Team regular season. They're gonna have twelve teams outmanned before the ball being kicked all I got that. I got deadly here's my point on if it's even I go Trevor largely upside he's gonna get a lot better how much better Kelly Brian gonna get that your. He's going to be a senior we don't know we'll find out well how much improvement as a senior manic. Well it was his first year starting right so you would think he's gonna get better like eject Jake's first year he was better this year. Some he would say he. Yeah I'll be one of them ill I would I would say he regrets but I wouldn't say it was better I would say he was bright coral for Cain again he wisely does not as much better as. Many of us including myself expected he. So Kelly he's gonna have. Right now this entire team. Believes in him. Because making that change and not just make it change at quarterback. You're making a change in the leadership of your football team autos glancing guys when they finally flipped it to show wants and after the Florida State game and 2014. I don't more quickly. DW Ford they got a more quickly did not calls they locker room rift. Wright made that switch because you can tell again. There was a massive. Talent differential that with one you're gonna be a non and three team with the other one you probably gonna win the ACC. We can't say that yet while they're gonna they're going to be. Eleven and 112 and oh either way can agree with the schedule lay Ari the riots. That's why I'm thrilled I'm trying to to Oakland some people. They are much better all. Following the pattern that Florida State follow when they had eat it's almost an identical situation. When they had EJ Manuel. Who was the senior. And they had Jamison Winston. Who is the five star number one quarterback in the country do everything quarterback the future of our program. Florida State brought a man EJ Manuel led Florida State. To an ACC championship they won the Orange Bowl. Had an outstanding season got to redshirt. And that he's got a whole year under his belt going against that defense. You literature Craig quarterbacks anymore them. I think those days ago if you can get away with it and this year Clinton can get away with it. I don't recall ever hearing this much hype about the quarterback come the Clemson. What does this guy blocks. Well that's the other part of it trot him out there he throws Koppel I'm being what he has been here all the all the expectations all the stuff that's going everywhere and can't wait till he gets there. And how do you fill you Kelly Brian and her own style and none of which can't worry about that. Now you've got to go out compete. Because right now. It's Kelly's job to lose. And it's like they say in boxing. You've got to knock the champ Trevor have to go there if he can't just be good. He's got a big head and shoulders better than telling Brian secure a sale I completely agree with you Josh I mean if there even. You could go to guy with a more experience now the area with a young guy who has the upside. To get a lot better if he plays he's not gonna get better and Ambilight. You gotta play that guy he's already as good as Kelly Bryant you gotta blame. What would let me ask you this. You think the gamecocks are saying they say the same thing about the carry on jewel and yes. If all things even now the eight that much better I don't know must champs and Clinton's attitude about this kind of think of him seeing them go through before share button. Don't give me the old loyalty argument for these guys I must say of loyalty I'm saying you put the guy that's gonna give you the best chance to win. Out there I just don't of the joint ownership throwing like mentally can throw its I don't know if that's going to be. Right because they're different quarterbacks. It's the same thing with Kelly and Trevor Trevor is a classic prototypical step drop back quarterback. Kelly is more an athlete you put him in the race. It's not even cool all right. 844. 4773776. Before to get in on the saw commerce nation that we have undertaken here around announcing quarterback situation. Text line 71307. Diddy will join us in studio who gave his opinion on this and yell at them about it. Coming up next here in the huddle. On ESP in upstate stay with a sour three around the corner.