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Welcome back the huddle on ESPN I'll stay with hammering McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso. 8444773776. A real band of snow that's yet passed through which some. This was extending down for a over toward Clemson and Kalla and they are sports going any further south. And that should be ending pretty soon and we should be actually done with. Snowfall so humans do seal abortion so this afternoon before the skits on out here but again. As temperatures drop roads will get worse so please be careful because thing to do today used to going to Holman. Stay there. That probably Ben best idea. So so you get. The forty problematic. Yeah on just you know don't we drop around the night trying to 55 million notably Tim McClellan missed a program with time is a trip back at the crown and a rough raw. Do of the Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance on snowballs chance crazy. In Foxboro against the New England Patriots this Sunday here is what Dan Shaughnessy. With the Boston Globe. Says about that. And the patriots don't suitable. I suppose they could lose I came might be to put them dig deeper on that but. The notion of them losing this weekend is preposterous no team Quebec I've played portals gonna commute beat Bill Belichick Tom Britt or aided its structure if not gonna happen. So he's not saying there's chance and you got Celek you agree with the seat no no I doesn't Josh does not actually I disagree with him as well. Quite honestly I'm a team quarterback by Blake mortal just wanna Pittsburgh exactly market they went and doing that they most certainly can't. On the patriots turned the ball over. They're not prepared to play which you how many times can you say that it has happened. The patriots on same attitude is this guy knows yet they're gonna lose. They're not gonna have that I mean Brady and Belichick won't let them have it but the thing that I look at in this is that. Jacksonville is a very physical team they can run the football they don't need him they don't need Blake morals. To go to Gillette and beat Tom Brady they need to Jacksonville Jaguars to go to Gillette MB armory. And if they are on their appeasing queues they will have a chance I've firmly believe this is going to be a close ball game. I will be shocked if it's not now Jalen Ramsey has not helped the cause a run his mouth and guarantee and a Super Bowl victory. For the jags. And I understand he was called in the moment right after beating Pittsburgh if he was addressing. Some fans but still. I expect this to be very very close ball game. Dot com source the running game goes the patriots trying to run the ball more than you. They got Dion Lewis. They have Rex Burkhead who spoke to be back to but Lewis probably get the job. The bulk of the carries. And and Jacksonville has letter format you want. Well from rushing standpoint and take and I just see how Fort Worth Cornell looked like last week died and over to Tom on the look good really good he's a good all year. Yeah but it seemed the thing though is New England uses the running game is a curveball. It's not what they need. It's Alec will do it if you present and we got an opportunity to do it we can catch you off guard. If they can get the 6070 yards rushing that's about what they consider. Success anything beyond that mean look at our rental gear blah. So I think. The bigger issue for me is. Obviously Tom Brady and that offense is gonna have success. The question I have is can new England's front seven. Contain the running game if they can then knowing who's gonna win this game relatively easy. If they can. And for Mets able to get a 10010 yards like he did against Pittsburgh. And then the other thing is special teams gusts Belsky has not played well. This year he used to be mr. automatic. And I wouldn't say that they have the edge now with him although he's kicked better. The last couple weeks. But you never know on the circumstances. So. I definitely think the jags have a very legitimate chance. Do I think they're going to know. But we've seen stranger things over the last two weeks. So yeah I think is a jags offense as much as it is or defense or defense which is a strong point if they can. Give pressure on Tom Brady and find a way to you can't shut dropped down completely but. If you can limit his catches I think they got a really good shot those other receivers don't scarier for knowing my branding coach and him what you thought he would be right. What people thought he might be. His real scare me. Hogan Hogan scary. Noble about the Tommy forget about him. He's going past you for a set of your home. They may put you know join element pale play a role in this game they'd roll along were grant. They're doing a lot of two tight stuff yeah. And it helps the running game. They do well in this direction with the running game and insulted us I think Jacksonville how to learn from last week don't they. If it's a close game do not leave any time 1 o'clock uses much clock as you possibly can't. Did the hope that's true the other thing is is Jacksonville ready for the moment. They're young does guys Amelio had two ways are they ready because they haven't been in this situation. Or that they are not scared because they haven't been in the situation well you're not intimidated. That's true too but the X-Factor here's why I'm nervous about this game for the patriots. Tom Coughlin involved. And whenever Tom Coughlin team. Plays the patriots. It seems she has the heat it seems he is bill Belichick's Kryptonite. The craziest things happen plays happen that you never would have thought would happen. And they see though the jags are winnable game. I don't know what it is about Coughlin that Coughlin and Specter. Anybody believe he's telling Doug moral look this is what they're good as well enough. Is what role vs Bill Belichick in the fair fight. So the defense. Pounds Brady and portals ends up with a higher quarterback rating in Jacksonville wins this game doses Super Bowl. Are people still in a pickle morals yes. Eli has got to Super Bowl rings and people still pick on him. That's a great point. Yeah. I you know even if fob a format. Can't go all the way and our tickets banged up or they just wanna Reston TJ yelled and has been good to see hands so they're deep they're running back. Yes he had a left to play a role in this game. Close game I think. Close game this is that Jackson does the kind of team that can give New England trouble. Great defense. They keep it simple offensively. Com what can Brady do against this Jacksonville defense that's the story of the enemy. Yeah I'm so glad Jackson will be beaten Pittsburgh. Can sometimes see New England walked the ball on the Steelers. Down bossier area. At least there's some intrigue. With this match. How many teams are left in the NFL there haven't been to Super Bowl. Don't know Leon's go to Jacksonville's one level. So would it be awesome to see them get together yeah yeah for right. Well actually hasn't well all those Minnesota and then the Super Bowl in. Thirty years yeah I grant you but they've been Jacksonville hasn't been period. How about the game two on Sunday vikings and Eagles sinks forty kick off both are thirteen and three on the season. Com Minnesota favored into the games in Philly. Is that right should that be a way it is Minnesota's play better against. In this league game case keep them skiers. In a good lawyer met my yeah. But it could blow up you're in a bad way we have more confidence in that folds than you do can scan us. Now why don't hate all holes. Quietly here. Why yes. Because he's not Carson wins them okay well nobody's Carson winds. That's gonna happen case keep them as Teddy Broadway but he got in there. Rich cornerstone of clear I mean he's like the back of balance he has put holes is better which I'll give him credit for. Isn't seeing them. No early. He he's a manageable I don't think case genome. If this game comes down to. And on them selling such an idiot because of his last game. And when to hail Mary snow wasn't there hail Mary that was a precise pass is always our special us. I don't I do I think contrary to what we just all. I do not the case genome with a less than two minutes left in you've got to drive ninety yards. To get a score under pressure. Is gonna be able to get it. Evident there's eight seconds. I cat I can't believe you haven't sent that after what we saw last night as well more pressure that you've ever seen a quarterback than what there was no yeah that was law lets just. How about luck it was law. Doesn't anything Keenan did a pretty civil trial sideline round and then. Marlins keep it was horribly really journeyman who's been a back up forever had the police to know pass in time hardly any time left. The roots and his receivers playmaker do the work is not Miami twenty touchdowns seven interceptions is not like aegis. Limped into the postseason. He's been pretty good. I think Keenan does a great job of getting the ball was play makers. And that's what quarterback's supposed to do he's again a manager. Where I think holes that if if the game was on the line and he had to drop a team I think he's got that capability. Again I'm not saying he's anything great. But he's better than what. People think. Now my money's OK bottom line well I'll put my money on Minnesota's defense. I don't think as long as case Keenan does it hurt. Minnesota. But for wanna pick six or fumble on this map or doing something crazy. Sig rig this game you know stuff like that he doesn't really do that you have put this to go to the Super Bowl. And these guys have never been in this position under this pressure. And that does things that people if he stays within the framework of what's ever asked them to do. Then that should be good enough because I don't think nick holes and that offense can block that brought them. He Minnesota's front seven is destroying Lee nasty. I mean they wreck Havoc for. Who was also a linebacker for. Played UCLA. Is an absolute stud McKinsey. Excuse me McKay injuries. But kids these poor. Got like twelve Doug McKenzie he's like a beard all in the sponge blow us that it's good that the. Harrison Smith at safety I mean Minnesota it is. Nasty senior say to you say you all this but we've seen it. The Minnesota defense breakdown last week dale almost lost Carolina field and drew Maria. Carolina beetle and they can be beat they can look like an average defense. And an average though. Not on balance. Yes but going to guess that falls will make you look extraordinarily. Good possible. That's possible how well both those games for you on Sunday here on ESPN upstate to keep it right here for the yeah. NFL coverage and of course Super Bowl. We will have for him as well. 8444773776. If you wanna denim with us text line is 71307. One down below further into the ACC football schedules for 28 team released today we'll do that we come back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Back there in Howell snowy Wednesday afternoon edition on ESPN upstate. Phone lines opening 444773776. Go to Jimmy next on the line hi Jimmy. Yeah the old school well Jimmy how are you. Yeah. Like any basketball game last night. They're very important votes are there any. That it pork bill golfer and better than that first half now they get literate or not. They get there or back half. Yeah. They. Got there truly gain. Oh and won that game and at the height pull back our current. Little. Play for art. I mean yeah you tell these players. But it into the game when they are energy. To look. At video bomb in great part Google app didn't. Does it. Now and I would do he finally sell some of those guys step up and show some leadership and what he said it was courage mend and nothing like that a lot last. The chemistry. It's no big guy derelict little block it out trouble. It got to get split. A double. B 8 o'clock I think and say look what they've looked up cult cult. They know little about him. Right. Jimmy they need I need some shooting from outside. Still lacking that. But. They've proven they can win without it. That's what they did last night Bruce Pearl coach at Auburn they're off to a good start Auburn. 16 am one. Right now for no. In the SEC. And Bruce Pearl is starting to sing the praises of the conference trying to build up the SEC this year in college basketball. Bottom to top not just top to bottom bottom to top. It's the best that ever see Italy. And it's it it it may be the team that finishes up top might not be the most child team but the best chief. But the team that simply grind it out and and I'm just telling you nobody is out of respect how we've done it. We just taken what we've had. For the first time since I've been a coach over I had seven players returning. Five of them were eligible. In those guys learn from. Winning eighteen games last year doctor ordered to a torrid streak. Not finishing position preloaded not getting back in transition because of bad shots. You know not pity she plays or games free throw shooting. In that group just came back to get a particular what we're gonna fix what they want us. And at its open Rick though don't returning players. Have just been all bought in and and playing really good basketball again. I disagree with a one thing he said nobody's out of it Vanderbilt out of anyone is almost down. Well Vanderbilt six and twelve Indiana AM event here both one and five in the conference but but they and m.'s twelve and six mineral six and twelve overall. Offender registry that. But everybody else you know pretty competitive. Pretty competitive in South Carolina knowing now what they're in the middle of the pack they're three and three in the conference now after the win over Kentucky last night they're twelve and six overall. A long long way to go. We're just now to mid January. But you can kind of see that scenario where South Carolina could find their way in the postseason and the NCAA tournament and look looked at a couple weeks ago. No not now with the way they were playing him. You you know obviously the additions. That they've made with a folder and bowl and are helping them prepare for these games and that's. You know that's where you wanna be this time a year. I was just. Make Kentucky look bad. In stretches certainly at the end of the game they just stop scoring they just couldn't score. I want to keep plays one named miss that adult member and employee Milken slammed off the back and they aren't and and South Carolina and I'm scorn on the other and the calming. This is not your best Kentucky team but the number eighteen in the country. And they had you on the ropes ahead by fourteen in the second half. And South Carolina found a way back him. Found a way back in its it was South Carolina does. Now going forward up next as Tennessee. That game is. Coming up. Saturday. And that is me. Home game for the gamecocks Tennessee's 121 in the country so that would be a nice win and they could be Rick Barnes. My start to turn some heads I got to Florida next week. They have on nonconference game against Texas Tech and Texas tech's numbering in the country they're good. And then Mississippi State Texas say and am Arkansas after that so. Again not getting any easier for the gamecocks but. Two straight wins now three and three in the conference after meeting Kentucky's 76 to 68 last night no doubt a big win for South Carolina. We'll see what duck they're able to do going for NBA in some big news today Kline Leonard. A wild under for the spurs. Is out indefinitely. Trying to recover from a quad injury that sidelined him earlier this season. This first general manager said he's made significant progress and continues to move forward in his rehab. And then he said this is the best approach for the next steps in his return to play that he not come back. Too soon he missed 47 games to start the season. Two time and NBA defensive player of the year has just appeared in nine games this season they've been trying to manage his playing time others can hold amount. Playing 23 minutes a game. Averaging sixteen points in just 23 minutes. I'll also has a partial tear in his left shoulder. I don't know how long coli Leonard is going to be out guys but without a while under this perjury in trouble right. Were they ever and it this year anyway. Yeah I mean I gave them punctures chance they're sick and 13. In the west portions list right now third you know third behind Golden State used to. There are seven games back right now. They've been really good at home in nineteen into little. You know but that's and that's with lender blamed part time they managed to hang around seven games back certainly a playoff team unless they collapsed. But you know if Leonard is out for a long period of time. Can't see that go well. And it does not look out like he's going to be back any time soon. James Harden is supposed to play tomorrow. For the rockets against the timberwolves. Had a hamstring. And if there's not he said Max your practice today. They expect he will play tomorrow James Harden enough for seven games. He's listed as questionable. For the game tomorrow at home. You think quad Leonard is hurting his. Legacy bus stayed in San Antonio. Flowers and air. Well I'm sure he chose to. Obviously you would give them super Max contract. But some place that people would feature him better. Indiana coach same. Where he did. Not play under tough of the two systems right. Because honestly believe that he he's. There's LeBron and then in the group. Below blow LeBron. To meet quad letters at the top deadly danger if they're. Obviously think he's the second best player well it's a third best player output LeBron KG in the inquiry. The Jirga system if in the WNBA yes. I would definitely puts cock. Male there's only so many places you can go there would be better than San Antonio or how many. Not necessarily blower website turns where yeah someplace where. You know he's not getting 1920 game he's getting. 3040 game and. Because I am looking at its most shark. It's no shot I should say. It's safe and Tony on he likes winning and they're definitely doing that. You know but I just wonder what it he should mean more in the MVP discussion. Then what he is and I think a lot of it has to do. Because of the system he plays Batman. That's a fair point. These made no noise like them that it would only brought. Things to be pretty happy right now just got to get healthy. That's the next step. For why letter. That the breaker wanna come back in a double further into the ACC football schedule for this upcoming season just announced about an hour and a half ago. And tell you about some of the match ups when we return here in the huddle on ESP in upstate. ACC football schedules announced this afternoon around 2 o'clock we've talked at length about the clemson's schedule essentially. They are replacing. Auburn with Texas say in them into compared to the issue of schedule. And replacing in Virginia Tech with duke. In conference. This pretty much the same thing their two loss smaller schools are player Furman and now Georgia southern instead of what was Kent State and seduce your. Florida State. How does their schedule look at looks a little tougher. During Clinton's. A Florida State is gonna opened with Virginia Tech on Monday. SS Labor Day September 3. Com. And they're also born to play Notre Dame on the road. And they have a Virginia Tech. And same for to open the season they go to Syracuse again northern Illinois at home there at Louisville at Miami. Wake Forest at home again Clemson and home this year at NC state at Notre Dame. Boston college at home and Florida. So yes a little bit tougher for teams trying to bounce back from the tough fear that's like the exact opposite of clemson's schedule. It's the opposite from the difficulty. Standpoint yes. Usually and at the composite ACC schedule looking for anything interesting. On the air and again at Virginia Tech Florida State game is on Monday September 3 it's kind of it for staying. I'll Miami is going to play LSU in Arlington at Jerry world on Sunday September 2 Miami oh issue can be an interest in and the first Thursday night game is Wake Forest at two lane. Arms. Missy go Thursday night game Boston college at Wake Forest on September 13. Another Thursday game weeks 5 September 27 is north Carolina at Miami there was a time when that might have been interest in. Georgia Tech at Louisville what happened on a Friday night October 5. Technical level. Thursday game Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech. On October 25 in the Friday game Miami at Boston College October 26. You also get hit at Virginia on a Friday night November 2. You get Wake Forest NC state Thursday November 8 mobile at Syracuse Friday November 9. I think Plavsic could tell lump. Move a little something about going to Syracuse on Friday night. In my wanna ask. And get Virginia at Virginia Tech on Friday November 23. ACC championship game in Charlotte this Saturday December 1. I did Clemson has no Thursday's no Friday's all their games are on Saturday this year. So you don't have to worry about that one. Think the other interesting thing is they don't get back to back home games until the end of the season with duke in South Carolina. No more back to back. Home and changed throughout the season. For the Clemson Tigers. So that's first weekend. As far as interest in games. More double plays Alabama. At Camping World stadium on Saturday September 1. Outs no wonder our Lamar Jackson temp oral B Demorrio editing. Now. That's a tough on. Mentioned Miami LSU in Arlington on Sunday September 2 so those are probably your better games of the jump. We Kwan involving ACC thinks Miami being. A relative big. 35 nothing big. Amounts above that. I think your boy is not long for that job model or Sharon yet I don't like or draw and LSU and blue blues big to Miami in Arlington. I think he made a massive mistake in how he handled the offense them. And this clown he brought him massive mistake. Now the highlights of week two in the ACC Clemson at Texas I unanimous got to be one problem. Georgia Tech goes to South Florida that will be easy and we tell him. Penn State used to pit they play early. To pit we'll have that tough game. About week three big games it and don't see much there. Central Florida and North Carolina they'll come and there via Malta. Yeah. And North Carolina in Chapel Hill the other problem. I your best week for games well Clemson goes to Georgia Tech. That are Lingus to Wake Forest. That'll be an interesting ballgame Def that's not bad. Matta for that we'd wait five. Florida State at low level you. That's a pillow fight. Or say hello wolf. The other civil should win that game they should come as a big game for them and up and goes to Central Florida that week. That the Florida and another chance to. Dean of healing power five went. Do you get a feeling after issue is and the is staring down the barrel of. Co ops. Well let's say. An all four year this year. Back and see where you it's evident that when you're saying. Well there lose and all of their better players defensively this year. Offensively they're not anything to write home about now. This just feels like. And I know Willie Taggart can be just a scapegoat. For this but this seems like. Florida State's headed for like a four and 73 and nine year. And that would not be good. After the year they had this year. Whether we will attack urged first year or so would be kind of a transition here anyway. Right but the thing is almost no amount of run him. Could you imagine Florida State to none in the water and two years in a world. Policy. Week seven duke and Georgia Tech Miami and Virginia Pitt and Notre Dame. Think this is a big year for Virginia. Broncos got to make some Malia drew them. It's time the NC state clinching game is we get eight. At Clemson that's October 20 I hope they win bomb. Clinton yes and you also get Wake Forest at Florida State that we. Mom we nine hit Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech on a Thursday. You Clemson Florida State on Saturday October 27 maybe that's a big deal we'll see where they are you know it's possible by the end we're. Yeah Florida State's schedule but. Not marina you bring it up we'll do one more time. Virginia Tech at home loss but I labored named Sanford at home when. At Syracuse loss come on. Here he's going to be in. Northern Illinois at home. To push Odyssey win. At local. When. At Miami. Loss girl's Wake Forest at home loss Clemson at home loss at NC state loss at Notre Dame loss. Boston college at home loss. Off to college and all Muslims. Are they ran out of Chestnut Hill a brick of marked. And I don't know the Florida home loss while does that play. That's trouble how many wins wasn't there one minute. Three victory at the most OK if they're looking. Best. Five and say at best. I don't know some of those games are winnable games that your calling loss. I'll give people who are able to win it little they can win that. And I'll give you flawed did they stand for filed wins Max. And they're gonna get blown out at least three times. Clinton's global bottled water Miami's little blown out of the war. Boston College might blown out the water again urgings to Virginia tech's grumble about the water. I mean they've got some wood shed gains common. Not me and along here. Might be. Sizzling in that we Sandner highlight games look like Clemson maybe duke and Miami maybe. I'm gonna say formed soon. Florida State NC state as we tend as well week eleven. Those are real good and there for a state and Notre Dame that's not a reason. And then we twelve. That's when Clinton plays duke. At home NC state goes to little. Syracuse and Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium while none of them and we twellman Saturday. And we thirteen the last week course. Clemson, South Carolina will be at Clemson Florida State Florida will be in Tallahassee. George tech Georgia will be in Athens. Who that's going to be and how how's it feel to be Georgia Tech knowing. That literally. For the next decade. You're going to get beat tool poll. They're used to do. George out there you bud George in there used to. And NC state North Carolina will be in Chapel Hill this year when we thirteen. Incidentally his other than. Miami's are going where Clinton's not going anywhere. The only two that I could think that could be a surprise. Is either Virginia or politics that's it. And if. I mean I don't see anybody coming out of the ACC that's gonna shock. Anybody or scare anybody. No it's not looking scary content and dominate the ACC yet but. Especially those. A final break and we'll come back and wrapping up here in the huddle in a moment on ESPN upstate. So we just have three games left in the NFL season and that we can talk about free agency. For the NFL teams and one of the Big Three agent decisions to be made one of those for the Carolina Panthers. Will be Andrew nor well the left guard. Course of vital in protecting Cam Newton franchise quarterback. But also keep an eye on what's gonna happen to defensive tackle starlet to allay. If they can't re sign him they do have to you on short back and they have their 20161 round pick Vernon Butler to help with the interior line. Allah to allay as asking for top money for defensive tackle so that might be something to keep denial I don't know if he's yet but you get that to a to a lack would you pay him. No probably not either. A bit. I would trading quite honestly gentlemen when the pushed. I don't have Woolsey nor well look to allay probably too big Panthers free agency decision. You would trade him yes and. You know if they didn't have other guys that are. Diner are just as thousands maybe in the money but that they do that's my point. You got other guy I mean he's a scenario player. Goal line short yardage. And he's not an every down player. Most BK that like. Don't they all for the falcons in the NFC south. You got Don Terry poll he took a one year eight million dollar contract after he left Kansas City and he was good. He was good will they give poll a long term deal. In Atlanta he shouldn't. I hope he decides that he made a mistake and comes back home up. And then act to Kyle Brady Jarrett of course at Clemson is headed into the final year of his rookie deal. So going well into a Zambian national four years 31. Sosa with a gun doing grating and pay him because he's. He's volleying get paid somewhere. Probably so otherwise in the NFC south course the saints have a quarterback deal to do with Drew Brees. Their best player averaged 39 years old he has that clause we talked about earlier this week in his contract says he cannot be franchised. But he is saying he does not wanna play anywhere else so that takes a little the drama out of that Drew Brees probably going to be back. To finish up his career in New Orleans. And then the other team in the NFC south Tampa Bay they're freeagent. Decision to make of no. Probably cornerback Brent Grimes. He's been told by the coach or cutter that he would like to have him back. Grimes says he's not gonna hold out long keeping them waiting for an answer these men their best corner in the past two years 34 years old. And he's been banged up at a shoulder injury this past year and but when he was an end there Tampa Bay was in trouble in the secondary. So they got to think about what they're gonna do their long term but remaining to pay him just kind of keep that from fallen Parnell. The woman I mean don't call him he'd gone to next year mother still running quarterbacks through whoever's there in Tampa Bay and they were certainly disappointing this year some things to keep denial. Wraps it up for today be careful temperature still dropping out there still some snow flurries flying around but I saw on the roads especially. After dark tonight and early tomorrow morning. Can be a big issue that you're safe if you have to be out we will be back tomorrow for. The Thursday hobble at 1 o'clock here on ESPN. Upstate straight up with Sturgis is coming up next for Alonso and Josh. Greg McKinney will see you then the huddle on ESP in upstate.