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For Wednesday afternoon the seventeenth of January was Greg McKinney coach Josh Phelps and Alonso 8444773776. Mile join the conversation. The text line is 71307. News skewered ESPN. At the beginning of your text message Twitter at ESPN upstate they just are released the ACC football schedules for this year we knew most of what was going to be owned. The individual teams' schedules and now we know while dates. Certainly not times because of no one else those with the TV right before early games happen but here is Clemson football schedule. This coming year. Tell me what you think's going to be the toughest part of this schedule they opened. At home September 1 Furman. September 8 the tigers will go to Texas say in him Jumbo Fischer. First year. The second week of the season. Will take on. The Clemson Tigers ever played a while Clemson Texas a and M their last game was 2005. In Death Valley and that was a great game 25 to 24 Clemson beat Texas a and M back in 2000 part. Last time they went to Kyle fielding College Station was the year before 2004. And Clemson lost that game 2726. So Texas say enamel on the road will not be easy for the to. Early. Georgia southern at home September 15. Georgia southern is not good right now there was a time when they're pretty good. They were to attend this past year. So when we're too much about that. Then September 22 the tigers go to Atlanta to take on Georgia Tech. And they again have five games in September like they did this year there are some 229 game. Is Syracuse at home. October. Only three games because they have an off week. October 6 at Wake Forest. Off week on the thirteenth. October 20 NC state at home. October 27. Tallahassee a Florida State. So they're undefeated so far rate. But looking pretty solid in. November 3 little evil at home. November 10. At Boston College just Nabil. November 17. Duke back on the schedule at home. November 24 at home South Carolina. So he's couple things first of all Knoll. Thursday is no Friday's. Right moment was an effort no no thirst is a product all Saturday games alike depth. How like that. Well meaning guy can't Friday games just hate them claims sent Friday in Glasgow we're gonna. How many your afternoon. As well enables new games. We all know that idea. How would say fuhrman's going to be a new name and George someone's going to be an iron Damon who knows what else might be an imminent but dom who don't know that until we get. Little closer but was a tough game here at Texas a and now I look South Carolina let me go ahead and I hope this edict. Okay because they have been beating their chest and rant and rave being. About it at Clemson fans need to shut up about strength of schedule now definitely. Any talk strength of schedule comes up between now and this time next year are you have no skin and that game. Well. Guess what your same what did you expect. Oh well come from the fan base won't work and play. We've got a twelve game schedule we're played teams in the top twelve every week. You got no choice on their conference games are non conference games including Texas a and M in South Carolina as at them and. In the rest don't mean a Mims seven win football team. This year sure this coming year it's kind of like. Well we'll use the brand. Because I watched in one token they're gonna hate that. You know SEC but you watch that all the role in being a and M what do you got here. All we're doing is he sees through fair. Field. Vitriol here. And Medina a me constantly hungry. How many times did a double B Florida so we Jim Bowens coach. Once you ask me questions like a dish yeah. I'm in jeopardy if I'm just curious about that because I mean does. Doubt we'll have Jim Bos number I mean if not I mean I don't always know it was a fifty what was it fifty. Spewed a Forte what was underscored Padilla and it was just. I think clubs and want to out of all the teams that that they're playing the at least that's a coach that knows him pretty well. I mean I don't. It does manage to these schedule literally. I think is average. You can't help but that the red. The majority of the ACC teams urges terrible that's not their fault they can't do anything about them but I agree with jobs and the non conference. I mean if somebody Bryant is it going to be anybody ranked that they're gonna play I mean looking and now. You're gonna have to go home. I mean NC state could slip in maybe. Maybe. Florida State if they start Lennon can get back him. A lawyer will be ranked. South Carolina Kabeer. Probably wouldn't they weren't in the years by nine point nine wins unbelievable. But they could be a good time they get till they might be buffer now I wouldn't be shocked if they have no ranked opponents. Selena's murder he wrote don't get me or hold it. But. I mean to visit. Much worse than we just saw will this hurt their national championship hopes on the playoffs and they go undefeated but don't play any ranked opponent or because there were no book has the brand. There they go undefeated they're probably they lose one there in the way he. You can't because of their name. You can't say even though they may not be that much better than Mercer the Texas a and M has a main Ers are. So even though. Again they're not much better than them is the fact that the name is on the schedule. Is gonna get him by same thing with. The gamecocks into end of the year. Yeah embassy that's implying that the committee won't actually look at the records of teams they play their dislike now all they play text saying them doesn't Watsco. Let me get enough what did you trade value traded out Auburn for Texas a and am comparing last year this coming which looked as a Smart move. You also don't play Virginia tonight mr. rush. I know GMAC didn't like it but I mean it's a Smart move and it's pretty soft and fit if you. That's not much left upon a man in the past Louisville Vince drummer who's liberals quarterback I mean there's just too. To rebuilding year for a lot of other TOK it doesn't look there's nothing you can do about your. ACC stuff. I feel closer to your closer failed and doesn't go yeah I'm because you know you're gonna win every single game. So you can do is schedule and your non conference games and make some competitive games at play South Carolina they have no choice it's a state law. So. You lose Auburn you pick up Texas say an ambulance a net plus for Clinton. Right. No question. We have permanent Georgia southern. You know off said and daily if you guys would let me that I would just schedule one of those but does not happen. And I don't mine Foreman because as soon state team that doesn't help coming at them I don't. I'll take nothing away from and the team that sometimes gives these guys trouble Ross I mean it can be competitive you don't well. It. But as schedules go. I mean. We got earlier talked about. Alabama. Earlier. You know Alabama's the other. Favorite this coming year and Alabama's gonna play Arkansas State Louisiana Lafayette to settle. So are you any elect Clinton know. The point of them say and as you can't say anything about any other schools. And their strength of schedule because. Clemson. They could lose one game when the ACC go by the college football play well they literally have. A two game. Cushion. With that schedule. But the part of the fan base a Clinton fan base that's the craziest allow this they all have Clemson in front of their names when they call know some comment tiger yet. I'm sorry light stay green orange guests. So so those guys are gonna crow the entire year about how on us and the team is and how hard to schedule lots of those guys are very unreal it unrealistic. And it's gonna happen. I guess some home because before the schedule came out already picked to go back and play well. Then an Alabama. The other two will see I want so bad to put Ohio State in there but they're making me man. The Buckeyes are aggravate. The why because there underperforming. I had him in the playoffs this past year. And they let me down again. I just dumb wondering what you guys are looking border. What do you want Clemson to do it and that schedule harder. Look ahead toward the teams that we know roomy and top four or five this year where's Georgia. Dan I don't need anymore. You'll play Georgia. Or Georgia man and a mystery. I look like at eleven play Jordan and don't pay schedules slowly Michigan State I mean it and not necessarily the top of the Big Ten but up near the top bring in Wisconsin they said they were there you go play golf schedule. What is dumb but look at what a lot of states doing answered when Alabama's doing when you could make the argument Ohio State's not playing. Three cupcakes two or three tucked cupcakes. Their plan Oregon State this coming year. It's at home in Columbus. Airplay and Rutgers team. TCU they play at TCU this year that's a tough out of conference game for us to tighten. They got Tulane. What else not much. Yeah would you compare to blame. To Georgia southern. You know I argued that while I have a feeling though that Ohio State's gonna be better out there. I think so too Woolsey. You know maybe there will have a quarterback. Eminem illegal immigrant and that he and the other guy who has a tobacco belt this year and their big time receivers coming back so we'll sit. First time duke has been on the clemson's schedule since 2012. And I'm Duke's not what do sometimes is there were seven and six last year. But they'll make you war there that's a real game right. Love the duties. And then of course and ACC championship game can be Miami again. Virginia Tech should be. Tom. They ideas for what it's worth. Again alike that there's it's all Saturdays all Saturdays for Clinton issue. I mean their play in all the other teams of georgians are playing Georgia southern Georgia. I mean the combined score that'll be 200 enough. George Texan academic competitive again you know in Atlanta now. Probably disagree no out of discrete. Zones and there have been times but not lately. Now there's no bombing another one of Florida State they've got to do that. So at Texas say NM at Florida State. To tell Basra gives it absolutely and again I don't blame him for that type of schedule at all. If you wanna be a playoff team that's literally the way you have to schedule. Yes I know GMAC delegates understand. Well they're all donut song you know. And it's not worse than Alabama's most I mean I got beat up this year look where there no in this coming year they did now the only way around that is. If all the power five teams play each other matches yeah which one nick Austin and you know what I'm in favor of that. But I'm also in favor of the fact that. Clemson, South Carolina Alabama when they do play the marshals the farm and the coastal Carolinas. I mean those schools for budgetary times believe that dollar got them. And it's helping those kids under WD one certainly no more than two please don't do three and that's fair. Let's face it if every if all 13330. To whenever. I'm sure will have a fact checker an audience that you know one correctness but that's okay. I'm sure if all the division one playing guys did that. Say they did one. You're covering the FC yes I like that. Because those those guys need that money. Yeah just make sure it's you know it's been a state school teacher in his state school great point. Palm island Alabama and disclaimer sure. No schedule Wofford Alabama. That's an in state school leaders but what that. South Carolina do not scheduled Wofford who write stay away from the guys them. So there it is I'll what you don't have to worry about a Zenyatta Friday game not even any Thursday again I'm also much Mon to Thursday games but they don't have any of those either. Oh we also don't have to worry about Clemson lost ground militants a 444773776. Welcome to a haters. Skull GMAC and a hater. I was like has also banned if you've got to get back when that schedule. And you better roundtable. We'll talk to hear from Brad Brownell coming up also lobbed talked to Steve celery with the WW chaired per hour about the golf courses they're announcing today for this year's event. That's coming up to. Back in a moment and hobble on ESP in upstate. Breaking news North Carolina beat Clemson in Chapel Hill okay. I guess that's happened before 59 times in the song come out tomorrow. Now fifteen content 87 twos 79 most of final important game my constant stomach fifteen at halftime and then they came out in the second half they had a alum. They miss their first shot of the second half and then hit fifteen straight Clemson did. And it still wasn't enough. Heard of fifteen straight that's. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. They don't miss a shot between like the eighteen minute mark in the five and a half minute mark. And a ballgame last. So they got back close but dud. Didn't have enough at the end and they lose at 87. To 79 here is what Brad Brownell coach of the tigers had to say after the loss. I didn't get North Carolina a lot of credit or they play well tonight were. Bill raiders play. Obviously. The way they shoot the ball I think he's one of the better shooting team lose the war and then came jobs nothing's been in remission. A lot of guys who. Charter coveralls. We'll disappoint the way our guys played tonight I don't think we played very well. Just start the game very poorly when turnovers. Can careless ones and then big name free throws. And they shot. Thought we pull challenges. How to move and they saw a ball yes and never really never really defended like it's. Good team and they just business. Well there was some. 61% shooting in the second half but still not enough for the Clemson Tigers. But. They did make a little little run there to make it interesting in the second half marquee read end up with a 21 point shelled Mitchell had 18100. Thomas had sixteen fouled out. It was not Cameron Johnson who got a none for North Carolina he's got it transferred into grad transfer from Pittsburgh. 21 point 63 pointers for North Carolina. So the tigers fall to fifteen and three they're four and two in the ACC don't play Saturday afternoon against Notre Dame and you can hear it here on. ESPN upstate. I ask about the post talked to Harold next Sarah welcome into the huddle I you don't need to. You married I'm doing very well hope you coach general are doing well also also where we are thank you. Our first like to thank coach Troy opening the show all morning indicating no would you commentary able to very poignant and articulate what they think helium from that. You're welcome Carol thank you appreciate that. And I don't let her know I'm I'm got a you know it's conversation right now and I need your help others to. Items I'll wish you could get the most importance. Of three point play in basketball or instant rebuke in Oslo all. The most important. Well as far as the most they're taking so much importantly it's change regained. No. Limit now when coach from his three point play masked ball was. Pretty huge. Yes no it madness talk. It's like apples and oranges I mean on this kind of a different calendars and one's a review mourns the rules changed yet herald I would have. To go with instant replay. Mean because there are plays that have been overturned there have been placed. There have been upheld. That have been the difference in winning and losing. And I'm not saying that the three point shot that affected winning and losing what it's done as it may basketball. More competitive. Across. The lines if you will have brought in the Wichita State's it's brought in you know the smaller level schools that can now. Play with the big boys if you've got one or couple of guys that can hit it from the. Yeah but it's made the NBA a lot less that are less entertaining because there's no more. Johnson moved in and slammed it down there's too much too many teams doing nothing but three pointers. Mean it has transformed that is them perimeter game now. What Google does man which got a slogan it's it it's eliminated the center position I'm really are there any. How dark the days of Shaq and Elijah want an all those guys are amenable where our guys. Don't miss all what's the point to have them when you have three point shot in Indy you don't need them down their guard in the bucket anymore we'll look at Davis. Bidding war and want the most exciting player that's supposed to be the next one amber and hasn't done anything. Every year while Jessie Davis only has a unit brown and that's it. He's there's more to tools. Think he's got really really really what you done. What's he done without Arnold playoffs become champions of the man he's arguably the best. Global player in the league at what point do you stop being up and come in and become never once. Anthony davis' and never once. He's up and coming every year would you god. He's been pretty good in the just doesn't have the teammates disrespect real malignancy. He bounces here at the weather made a memorable moment please of them holding naked with a let's go let's go to the phone membrane in a Steve celery with the BMW charity pro am not. Joining us again we animal last week we'll get some more news today Steve how are you. I did it when with the weather today how he does we're gonna have a news conference I guess it was a good day for the Arab. Now whether it was our friend today for the news conference but you know. We can control the weather I guess you know you're not might not be talking. There you go I supported you announced that one of the things was golf courses for this year's aren't aren't. Right so after a long absence we are proud to go back to the clincher its coast Bally golf course up in travelers rest where this tournament. Originated almost eighteen years ago. And we are thrilled that you know David soared this team. Have worked very closely with our board and and in the tour to make sure that this is going to be a seamless transition I think it's gonna really ground out. Our golf courses which are men and obviously our blade. And that we couldn't be happier about that. As a golf and go golf god tell us about that course close valleys up a tough course or what do you think it offers a ligament. Well I think she played really you know I don't have the numbers in my head on the scores were put on a neighbor. But it's set up well for players of all abilities. I think it nothing else it's a very fair of course. It's it's you know over it's about 23 years old and we are all so. You know attack targeted quite a result but it it would churn out and they keep it spectacular shape right people the director Karl and his team. Everybody but the question is. Really does a great job to keep it in such good shape I think that I think the players those embers the national alike are. Really enjoy it sets up well. And I think it's also a great facility too cute host an event because they're used to doing it and you know we're thrilled we couldn't be happier to be back to clinch. So beautiful setting that's for sure. But it'll get you up to your show on our web Wii which that we can do that a bar and then now was your second announcement as to do with the charities this year. That's right we're thrilled to talk about the Fort Detrick shared in the past week and we will continue to benefit a whole host of charities across the upstate but we decided are or work with a lot of folks to look at what was the best thing for the tournament don't support. We elected to highlight for primary charities and that's the Children's Hospital. A JRJ just the Children's Hospital remove a system. Mobile meals Spartanburg. The upstate chopped art stem collaborative. And then the clips residents outreach and not a programmer clips members. Are involved in a bright future endeavors wherever whether. Back packed meals for for for children. Just in school computer programming. Devices in. I think we're touching you know four major initiatives. But at the same time local on tropical organizations can also earned on. You are arm we have a birdies opt for charity program was vacant. Up pledged dollars for the a certain amount birdied it happened and that money can then go to their charity works. I got you so there's an opportunity for other than those four to lump benefit as well. Most certainly and and you're the only thing that's changing is that we are highlighting. Cheney owning evolving which were highlighting each for primary charity. So the community across the upstate understand where. These dollars this critical dollars in this tournament generates through the generosity of our sponsors patrons all amateurs and and we're pretty good support to turn where. The v.s dollar and going and and I have to believe regardless of what you're on tropic interest star wannabes is going to you I think he's something that that. Somebody else wants support. Now could stop artist tournament Steve has may seventeenth through the twentieth of this year I guess the next big thing will be talking about the celebrities that are coming and when we do that. I will start to announce the celebrities probably code of it is April. You know and we're looking at some we're looking at bringing back a lot of you know people that work here last year always looking at liberty. And it's funny we get a lot of which helped a request from trucks and then you know a grant date don't worker they have to travel for other obligations so. Is that so that's the next big colonel your point we'll have a big now that in April. Good stuff if you wanna get Aaron Rodgers again you gotta get through Danica Patrick this year that's what I hear. I understand that you have so you know that would be coupled to a party to Roger it would becoming hopefully we we love the cap per common. And player to beat here. And I know you've got a comics and lashed your apartment and an amateur can enjoy it as much you do it. The eight and talk about as much as I do apparently but you know I'm not thinking like that in a lot of the they would appreciate it great news there will certainly be talking to you more more as the tournament approach is a command back. Support. And your salary thank you Steve with a BMW charity pro am. So the cliffs valley is back in. I played pure play that course. It was valid no hadn't changed. I played it one time in ninety exact date. There's reason for that okay. The exact date was September 11 2001. Why. Ana played finals while all five holes and heard that something it at the World Trade Center lane and thought it was a small plane and you know not a big deal now. And then found out pretty quickly that that was not the case it was not a small plane and I believe after five holes some. That's my memory of plainclothes valley the one time apple it. Yeah won't forget that maybe they'd figure a way to get us back out there playing and when you do them to be cool get get. Get a better memory. Yeah for sure it's beautiful course lobbed it up there and they'll be back this year so that's good news clips valley. One of the three golf courses for the issues BMW charity pro am where hi we need to get the break we'll come back and more at a moment's 8444773776. He is the number and the huddle on ESP in upstate. Not only has more snow up there was a flooring again I thought this was re over. I think is just wind blowing off the top of the building. About that the swirling flurries. I was shoots one of the three days nonstop and stop it. 844 GS PE SPN's number here in the huddle let's go back and talked to Brian next time Brian welcome meant. The deal in this weather guy. Yeah last night apparently out you got out of enlistment these guys. Sort of decided. The when constant scheduled an hour remember it domino playing pretty good football not. IMAP they pitched a little five or six years ago now. But also the site you know last year necessarily rapidly and got them the object and every week. Last year the committee really liked the fact that crimes and quite so many top forty gains. Led by jet they kept him out for the opera you always you have. You know good solid apology and you get a topic that Lanny you can't always control. What app and whatever by audio only what's happening you've got so. Now normally. A two run operation tissue London a year earlier they announced the ACC football schedules for 2018 about 45 minutes ago on. Clintons is out basically on the nonconference schedule is Furman Texas lay NAM. Georgia southern. And South Carolina those of the non conference games but done and then within the conference they had due back in the week before South Carolina home game for Clemson on November 17. And they do that it's. And it's been everybody else is already on their own. But I need clarification on behalf of Josh and myself we both said they grow an undefeated now as Haiti. You're blaming them for scheduling light. And Josh went off on whining Clemson fans. And do you just say the word Clemson and everybody knows there's a month. Could be defined by something else shall I don't think they're seeing the real questions that that it was. But Gatorade there. Dollar amid us up. Again it's not. Would not call it a tough schedule I'm not saying that I just know how much more they can do here. Except. Only play one. Not at CES but dump. And a candidate but one thing's for sure certain. Killing Bryan's gonna have to play awfully bad to relinquish his job. Com we're glad schedule. And who die. If I can find it now I'm. I must say that tweets came out with a list of bomb the biggest stories. In college football projected for this year. And it was that. Trevor Lawrence will be the starter from the get go for Clemson that was one. Would get ago who said I am him here. But I do of that that I messages to myself. And just added does feel of this stuff when you see something and you wanna say that. This Monday and see what I do is design have a memory of my family text me and then I don't open attacks are got a right here. Amassed I'm masses do it to myself on FaceBook it was the just DN. Curtis. ESPN's boulder college football predictions for 2008 team. Number ten. Lane Kiffin will get a power five job after this year one more year for Lane Kiffin. At Florida Atlantic dense power project. Thanks and I agree that he's that much more than one more here don't know and that's ago when. I don't understand what Kendall bronze left fielder Houston. Other than to go home. On number nine Auburn fans won't like Gus smells on it after week one. That's because they opened up in Atlanta against Washington. And now my guests are saying is you lose them Auburn to lose to Washington in Atlanta. Now and number 8 Central Florida won't go unbeaten. Well they play in the play Florida Atlantic that's topic like Pittsburgh to play North Carolina. And then I played back to back road games in conference against Memphis in South Florida. So you're saying they won't be able to defend their national championship. Yup that's want to. No foreseeable beaten now will be North Carolina but my number seven is Scott frost won't finish unbeaten Nebraska. Probably not well he's got totally wow that's a stretch there then those are things come up when him. Is that the expectation now. God you're a guy takes over a dumpster fire. And is supposed to go the playoffs for the first year reasoning here. If you done us. All. There will be historic in the end you would what a great coach he would be. Let's say they said that a sophomore win the Heisman Trophy and they point to Jake from Georgia to look at Alabama. Yonder ish swift at Georgia and they mentioned Travis ET and at Clemson and JK dobbins at Ohio State sophomore Wenzhou via Heisman. I can happen and we'll meet a shock. Harbaugh will be beat an opponent that matters. That is the most far fetched one until I. Chip Kelly will bring the pac twelve to life. And you select group. And here it is number two freshman Trevor Lawrence will be clemson's starting quarterback. Home to us from ESP and they say this it's just boom Kelly Bryant rising senior will have a difficult time holding off Lawrence an incoming freshman an early enrollees who is ranked the number one pocket passer and number two player overall in the ESP and 300. Large six foot 6209 pounds has been described as a once in a generation kind of player kinda like that last Clemson quarterback from Georgia to Shawn Watson. Even with a freshman quarterback Clemson will join Alabama in the college football playoff. They also project to other teams with first year quarterbacks. Oklahoma. And Ohio State in the fourteen field. You know considering this very tough schedule that Clinton has come enough it would be a good time to. Throw the kid to the wolves. Well they can open up. With Furman yes and then be ready for Texan in him on the road Palmer Josh and their final projections. From ESP and whoever radius paean. The SEC championship will be Alabama Georgia will step out all of maybe. See I disagree that. Hope things can be Georgia connivance and Arkansas learned Knowles a second refueling Georgia's going to the SEC championship now. South Carolina. Maybe. Expect you'll flora if there's no such hits with. The dogs are losing a lot sooner or say Tennessee or I mean the dogs. They possibly could I'm not ready to just handed to him right now I think South Carolina has a very good chance. To win the division. I think the schedule sets up for them to win the division I think their kitchen Georgia at a right time. With all of the turn over that they have them and look I'm not saying that from a program standpoint or on that level I'm just saying for this year. I don't think it's lock stock and barrel that Georgia and am. Because a losses that they've got I mean you're talking about they're gonna replace. 90% of their office. Panel on their defense and almost all of those guys. Exactly right. Back in a moment wrap up our two of the huddle on ESP in upstate stimulus. Shall you really official snow totals. I don't want to bring this farmer him. I'm seeing a report here from my channel four that Inman got three and a half inches of snow. We have we have here like an inch and a half but the station. Well dressed man thought to understand and here. We Ellis into registering. To him maybe too into I'm going to and yeah I think there's always two where would you measure Miguel measurement grounds. That's cheap. Morals are gonna measure paid kid no you can't measure on the pavement and pavement has already melted the importance of the mountain. This started like Korea Bryant missed out. So much that. And now for the most part and ended mean general and in this morning the we have seen a few flurries since then yeah I'm sick of flowers join. That's snow flurries that is not blowing off the roof Josh. I don't know there's some big fat point exit and we're gonna but that's not supposed to last disposed beat pretty much over but now. Temperatures can be anywhere from seventeen to nineteen degrees overnight. Across much of the upstate so. We're going to have bad roads tonight and tomorrow morning. Just the way it is a saw one picture of a snow plow ahead run off interstate 85 in Cherokee county if the snowplows can't go and that's. Could that happen to think isn't lost this past procedural. Stop it here's the thing how much practice to these guys actually get. Driving this coupons but are you just slide and a snowplow and I don't know. And you only those things like strong may be was trying to avoid other traffickers and then I mean did you could have been another. They mic calls the cup. I believe that there are people in Gaffney that we're wrong snowplow often grow so why news is gonna come into something else to give us. Some tweets and texts more than likely community leaders. This is the because his college like roller derby party and now they're going to pay a lot since. Don't. Look be careful because meld those roads are not clear and temperatures are going to be dropping and I'd certainly say by dark and probably before that we're gonna have. Deteriorating road conditions right to get worse. My lol weather gadgets as this 29 right now school canceled more idea. Estimate are in custody. I'm gonna cancel when it doesn't snows in the culture kids can you know holes in nine and especially northern parts of the Greenville Spartanburg. Pickens counties have more snow and now we have enough down here so I don't see now with the temperatures dropping into the teens. I would say that I'm pretty safe bet there's going to be. Calling off school for more but they haven't done yet he'll probably do it usually if I recall correctly they usually do is like five or six corporately the day before. When it's pretty clear sometimes earlier. But I yet they have to do a pretty quick resume school in the morning I am in I don't have to do that. Think we've only morning but they won't do that in this case because we know what we're dealing with here we're not waiting for what are falls out of the sky it's here. It was dom don't. Fairly significant little snow falling real little more than was expected it was more than they point four inches that I projected yes I admit. Bonds as the big winner. Not so fast. I still think minorities in on the race at half an inch it can't be that much more than that and instrument. Yeah it's hazy. It's like to interest notre voice. You guys are taking into account soldiers. With affection. Yeah so my drifting going on out there shore coming up in a final hour of the huddle wanna get into the NFL games this weekend to determine who's going to go. To the Super Bowl business Jacksonville have a chance. Are you saying there's a chance for the jags against the New England Patriots we'll talk about that here from one guy who says no no. And we'll hear from mob Bruce Pearl he says the southeastern conference's pretty strong and basketball this year. We'll tell you what he thinks about that coming up your phone calls to an 8444773776. You can text us. At 71307. Years security ESPN at the beginning of your text message final hour of the huddle just around the corner on ESP in upstate.