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While command of the huddle on ESPN upstate on this snowy. Wednesday afternoon seventeenth. Of January which Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and long so yes we all waited and Ol little tricky out there for some people and may get worse so be careful as the temperatures are going to drop and it's going to be. The problem here hasn't been terrible so far today I think guy when the men and one cent. Number we've done on how much snow well we don't have an official tally yet. The year actually use an inch and a half isn't it it's couple inches right. Some like down it's more than depend on where you are. But yeah it's more than not it's more than four tenths I predicted and that whatever sixteenths and it's half the Dutch came up with happened yesterday. I you end up and half minutes. Now we'll look for the GSP. So totally it has stopped snowing now but. Temperature 29 degrees right now and it's not gonna be one up packed it's going to be dropping so. Driving conditions connect bush actually get worse this afternoon so please be careful if you have to be out in the tonight. Laguna below somewhere around 1819 degrees that's going to be a pretty hard freeze with what's left on the road so. Certainly not out of woods for travel by any stretch of the imagination so be careful of schools out that helps. I mean till school events that would have been held tonight. Are off. Page can't have the nighttime event if you don't have school. That's the rule that everybody's rule I think that's probably that's everyone's rule and so on and we need evening activities. Going on there and then you know Lotta stuff has just been. Called off because of this. Brush with winter weather that we're having. But be careful tonight sadly it was a nice. Snowfall was more content and I'm pretty hard for a little while not to all of the Peru alone. And covered the ground and now. I'm sure the kids from Lebanon. So be careful out there try to stay home if you can know a lot of you're doing that and we're getting more cancellations of church and more becoming in about. But the nine tomorrow I would bet that the school's going to be out tomorrow when he gets going because of the characters like. Yes definitely because of icy roads you don't want plus is on the these kind of room right and that is not a melt off until what tomorrow. Afternoon just. From the forties tomorrow which will help but it won't do that for awhile so I would expect while we're on the air this afternoon we'll start ceasing cancellations for. Tomorrow will pass those along as soft as they come in today but we are here we're are ready to talk sports with you we have a lot to talk about the college basketball. From last night we'll get to that starting in just a couple of minutes. The NFL. This weekend. Indeed we did some good NFL games as we figure out who's going to go to the Super Bowl this year. So that's coming up there's some NFL news on coaching tip pass along to you. As well. They have bop updated the college football playoff committee. You know dear red zone rotating off. There's another guy with a Clemson connection is rotating on. We'll tell you about that coming up here in just few minutes. In the huddle. I you can call us at 8444773776. The attacks line 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. And we're on Twitter Eddy SP in upstate. I would love to say I told you so about South Carolina and Kentucky I didn't dump. Suggest that it could be. Pretty good game and at the end of playing did not pick the gamecocks to pull the upset but they did last night and the Clemson Tigers despite. 50% of you on our Twitter poll yesterday saying this is the year they win in Chapel Hill did not get it done. Other tigers lose by eight to North Carolina thanks in large part to a really bad first half down fifteen at half time. Fought my intuit but did not have enough to overcome that deficit so Clemson streak at North Carolina continues. South Carolina was down fourteen at one point in the second half last night to Kentucky. And just roared back dominated at the end the judge to stop scoring. And South Carolina ends up winning it by 876. To 68 last night. Over the wildcats behind 27 points and eight rebounds. For Chris Silva. Frightened Maarten thank coach of the gamecocks pretty happy without effort last night. Obviously. Anytime you're. And second half and figure out a way to come back into its. It's good. The thing I'm proudest is. You know we've had moments like this and in previous games. Pretty much not here. Away from home at Alabama. Temple opens in garden. Clemson. And I we we did not. When I tell you were looking for leadership. Is when things are not going your way somebody give everyone courage. And first time all year questions today three guys crucial west Myers. Frank Walker those three guys. Refuse we were we're trying to let it go we're trying to hang our heads again. But those three guys should know enough tonight and a lot of credit to them for doing that. Yeah those guys out who really did step up especially Selma. So almost playing a really high level right now. Nine for seventeen from the field. Nine for thirteen from mom the free throw line. Eight rebounds had a blocked shot. Didn't foul out only had three personal files in the game he's prone to get the foul trouble but did not do that last night 27. Points for Chris Silva. The lead to gamecocks. And then not you know Myers he mentioned the emigrate shooting night west Myers three for nine from the field but. And made some key plays for the gamecocks. Ended up on nine points and then frank book or off the bench. Eighteen points on five for twelve shooting and six out of seven from the free throw lines and labor leaders. Guys and he found. May be more than one last night is this just dumb. But one time spark for the gamecocks or could this. Mean something for this seasoning get them headed into a new direction that. Might make them. Possible NCAA tournament team this year we think coach. Well one of the things that impressed me last night watching the game. Always that it was a complete team effort all five starters. Off the gamecocks scored. I think Myers ended up with nine points. Among the starters Booker was just spectacular off guard. He contributed eighteen points. Off the bitch which is just extraordinary. And then the other thing that was. Very encouraging was the way. That South Carolina will literally manhandled Kentucky. Sobel was unstoppable. Down on the block born against Kentucky's bigs. He block some shots. He pushed their bigs off the block you made them extend shots. The guards I thought did a nice job especially Myers and Booker with. Handling the press late in the game. South Carolina and down their free throws Kentucky missed. Are a lot of free throws but they also looked. Kentucky also look like. That they were overwhelmed. And I've never seen a Kentucky team. That way it was almost like. The gamecocks punched him in the mouth they had no response and they have no fly. Or kick they got up big in the that was like well okay. Oh will give his W and go home and then and the gamecocks started to make that Roland. I'd give the thing Todd and they got the lead in the it was a three point game. From about seven minutes all the way on the last minute we're the game card's not down their free throws to to make the final. Number what it was but it was like when Kentucky close it was like they had no. Grit they have no toughness they have no. Will that hey you know what we gave of the big lead their banking on the road. Now we've got to scrap this thing out South Carolina. I'll warn that more the I thought they dominated. From a physical quality standpoint. I think I thought they took Kentucky. In the second half. You can tell that coach Martin did a great job. Of challenging his team and I firmly believe that he specifically challenge so well. And you know what it was great to see that the ball went through syllable. You know we thought coming in this game and this year that he was gonna have to lead this team and man he really came into his own because. He just dominated Kentucky on both ends of the court. And then he was birds more when it came to staying out of foul trouble. Whenever you hold Kentucky. In the sixty scoring that is massively impressive and that's exactly what we saw. But the thing that surprised me was how well the gamecocks played team basketball. And just how they physically dominated the wildcats. No doubt there was a point that fourteen point lead for Kentucky came with eleven and a half minutes to go in the game. And from that point on South Carolina outscored the wildcats' 33 to eleven. Just dominated the last eleven minutes of the ball game. And so there were able to pull away from the wildcats at the end and John cal Perry said his team look like freshman for the first time this year. And they did. Just could not answer the game cock. Runs. There also were given some credit what do you think of this. Bring Booker said this. To all Iraqi Felder and Brian Boland being a practice. Nothing going notice has been a practice to there help him practice so they've got there have been better practices because. They brought those guys in. Academic big difference. Absolutely. When you've got guys of that caliber that your practicing against that is pushing you. You know that and I'm sure they're talking smack him in a tell on the guys that are going to be playing need to elevate their game. I mean you're talking about a kid in Felder who helped lead the team the final four last year of course born as one of the top players. In the country he's what they faced. In that Kentucky blue. And it's obvious that they were there was a challenge somewhere. And both players it sounds like him practice really got another real. And pushed him and I think it's going to be withstanding I think when you look at. What South Carolina has done over the last. Couple ball game specifically. On the road rules Georgia. Now at home vs a very talented Kentucky team. I don't think this is a mirage I think this is kind of the way. Offering Martin led team goes especially. With him out of turn over. And I think they're finding themselves that they're realizing. That they're better than what they showed. In the first half of the season. I think that Georgia win gave them a ton of confidence. On the road coming into this particular ballgame and then like you mentioned. Those players pushing him in practice. I can only help so I. I don't think. That this is a mirage I don't think. That this is gonna go away any time soon. And I would expect the game cards to make a run here. In the SEC league I'm not expecting them to win it. But I definitely think. That they found their chemistry they found their stride they found that silver is the way to go from an offensive standpoint. And if we can get him going early on both ends of the glass then. We're going to be a formal formidable team because he opens up. Everything else and we made this point at the beginning of the year even last year. When the gamecocks made their run through the tournament they could've done that without Silva. Down on the blocks specifically gives duke. Had he gotten a foul trouble and gotten out of that game that game was gonna get away from him and hurry but he was. Able to maintain that. Because he opens up everything else along the perimeter and while the ability to drive. Because of the defense you've got to collapse on the guy am I mean if Kentucky kid. Guard him one on one there's nobody in the Southeastern Conference I am so I think that's. Another good thing and another good thing that I saw from so we'll specifically. Was he was kind of lead the bay you know he was a lot more vocal he got guys together. He showed a lot of passion you can see him you know pumping his fist down on the court. And that's something that's kind of out of character for him because he's relatively quiet. So obviously. All the coaching staff has done so in the flip a switch. With him to get him to be more. And that leadership role in the of course like coach Moore mentioned. You know book with a eighteen points off the bench Myers. They just did an exceptional job. In the backcourt for the gamecocks in what can you say about Carolina stifling defense. You know and hold Kentucky. Who loves to get out in transition who loves to get out and porous. Because this is an amateur team either. You know cal Perry can talk all he wants to about. You know oh well what we're young team we played like freshman walk how many of them gamecocks have got experience. What like frank was trot out the most experienced club that he's others though. I thought our hospital I thought the physical and there was no question Frank Martin took account period of school for Michael stamp. I'm. Big win for the gamecocks have Tennessee coming up volume Florida after Baddeley had a game with Texas Tech very good team coming up so start getting any easier but stuff that's not Celeste kinda got the crowd into it to the crowd was great. And offering more and mentioned that after the game that the and if you get that crowd and some of the players did taping of that crowd excited. Big home court advantage in that played in the last night's win. Over Kentucky for Clem son. Same old same old I guess North Carolina. Same old same and they shot all right 48% from the field and 35% from three points but just got down too much. In the first half don't fifteen at half time. If only scored 23 points in the first half clubs not a bad first ever gonna hear from mom. The tigers coach Brad Brownell coming up in the next hour about that bug. Little too much North Carolina for the last night North Carolina have five starters all in double figures last. And they ended up shooting more than 50%. For the game hit their free throws and won it fairly easily 87 to 79. Over the tiger so Clemson now four and two in the conference. And fifteen and three overall and still looking for that elusive first win. At Chapel Hill so the tigers. They play Notre Dame. This weekend they got a game at number two Virginia. Next week so they're stretch ahead as some pretty tough. As well. I don't know it's always gonna take for Clemson Tigers to ever win in Chapel Hill thought this might be the year. But they really warrants because of that first half really were close to doing that it's. No and the thing is they made a nice little second half were on they've gotten gain to 6662. Oh with possession of the ball that he thought OK if they can get a balky year. They can start to really put some pressure. On the North Carolina. Closer to within one with a three or at least cut that in half. Oh with a two. And you really felt that they had the momentum in the North Carolina gets stopped goes down gets a bucket. Clinton goes back down has to turn over North Carolina takes that position goes back gets another bucket and the game was over. So it was like they got that precipice of breaking through. And then offensively they just couldn't get that bucket that they needed. To get over how to get the momentum back in their favor. And then of course when you go down on those two possessions. When it goes from a four point game. And it balloons back up to almost a double digit lead it's like man. We're not ever going to be able to get this accomplished so. You know it was disheartening to see. I don't all of them if the pressure of it played into it you never know going into those things. But I was very very surprised. And how in Clemson looked especially in the first half thought they would make rhyme. In the second half but now watching them I'm going. While this is the same team we've watched. For literally the whole year I mean they really they look like. They were the ones that had all the pressure on them now you know you would think that it would be North Carolina to maintain. That fifty some odd streak all the pressure beyond them but it was the opposite it seemed like Clemson couldn't handle the pressure of trying to get that first win in fifties are. Draws in a shelter Mitchell a guard for the tiger said he felt they got caught up in the moment especially early in the game lot of guys started off cold shooting and that tournament a slump in the hunt the hole was just too deep so they. Could not dig out on and so the tigers go to off fifteen and three forced ownership in the conference at four and two overall for the Clemson Tigers. Up next for the job. The tigers they will play Notre Dame and then Virginia. And then after that it's Georgia Tech North Carolina again and Wake Forest. As they continue on into the month of February here. ID 444773776. Jump on board and let us know what your thoughts are about the games last night too big ones. Ruling couple of the biggest games in college basketball last night involved are South Carolina schools. Text line 71307. Years security has paean. Twitter NB SP and upstate. Back in a moment this is no huddle just underway for Wednesday on ESP in upstate. But again it's the hub Loney ESPN upstate is the snow has moved on Al but the road conditions continue to be a little. Touching go out their drive safely PF to be out this afternoon. 84447737. Summits access the phone number you know Dan replica which is rotating off of the college football playoff committee. The athletic director at Clemson. But there's another guy would Clemson ties that is now coming on. To the college football playoff committee this surge. I guess that the milk. Well. Gen now feel Jana had field. Almost can't even say it Ken Hatfield is on the college football player commitment. So here's my question for here is that is that good or bad for Clemson. Get upfield and leave under the best of circumstances and clips. No. Well that's what he gets from the crew and Stephen Davis. There's no word on when he used for years but are in trouble with you one of those guys that and time after. It's now that I am anti Hatfield. He. He was the same coach. And wrote love in the and. Because when he was the head coach at Arkansas all. He did extraordinary things several southwest conference championships. Several top. Season in the finishes. Beat Miami. I mean so many good players. James Ross Mary Foster goal went on the NFL. He did so many good things. For the University of Arkansas that he comes to Clinton and yes to replace. A legend. And you know to his credit. He won an ACC championship and prior to go. Prior to dabble went in the first few years ago that was the last one Clemson head Warren. Buddy was about the same coach. Because of the bitterness. That he fell. From leaving the University of Arkansas because of the micromanagement style of the late for royals. Which basically in the pushing him now. And him looking for another job above then that and and of itself. You know. Tim never really fit in to what. It takes to beat the colts collapsed I mean. You have to be able to go to some of those cocktail parties you've got to be able to get along with two little boys. And you also have to be able to sell your program and then one of the things that I could not believe. Was the fact that he didn't even visit the even date. How do. So you do it all adds to give back to your original point how do you do that. How did you have the best running back in the country literally less than an hour from your campus and you refusal recruited. It happens. And I always just like when you know what he deserves what he gets. You can stymie and get on a pedestal of better than Al because Kim is a very devout Christian he refuses to be around anything that has to do. Would anything alcoholic. And you gotta respect him for that but at the same time that's not everybody's beliefs and life. And I never understood how. He could be at a place like clubs and and being so cold. To what the tradition was. That Clinton stood for and then not to recruit the best players within this day. I never understood it. So. You know there was a lot of angst at that time it you know between two schools. As well Jimmie Johnson was rumored to have gotten in the in the mix. And then he got those he got the boot but there was a lot they are between. It seems there's always kind of been a connection. Going back to that particular moment because then coach Ford ended up coming. Two Arkansas they hired. Jack Crowe Jack Crowe got beat by the citadel. His tenure lasted two weeks and then coach Ford came on and coach razorbacks Blake. I think old Ted Field as the good guys are good man he stands for the right things. I just don't understand why they made this move. Now because I don't see him in his card capacity. Of sitting down and watching every ball game and keeping track them of who's doing what and why I mean to me I would think you wanna go after somebody will be Yong. 74 years old exactly. This bonus out there may be doesn't have anything else to do maybe it's better to get someone like that because it can devote more time to what they need to be doing as far as watching the game I mean they have these different. Thing they have Vienna have an athletic director from every power five conference on committing. You know they have a media member lamm former player now and then they'll have some guys who have coached. In the past. But for Kim Hatfield for a guy who won his record at Clemson was 32 and thirteen. With one count yet not a bad 71% of his games you know Davos. Winning percentage at Clemson is 77%. So yes that's better but not head and shoulders better. It's amazing how much moral plus they're grits for Davos Clinton. I mean he did not have a martini. And there's an aspect of that. I looked at the view ulterior have to explain to me about all lose them out of a hole things I'd just don't get with us to do with. Coaching football. I can explain it all there I mean those. Do you have to be able. To go to social events. Was a year for a happier refusing to do it yes Ewing go if I know exactly correct while. You can participate. But still go. To represent your university on the during both see any ill and now may be biased or whatever but you're given to me you're saying. The you're equating Clemson with alcohol. Well there's an element of that. OK there's a lot of social events. The day. I mean. Any forms legendary form. But there's a lot of social events and it's not just clips while I you ought to I people's make it's I respect him more because of that because I don't drink I'd never drank and I'll feel comfortable around people would do that's why don't go to parties and in things like that unless I'm forced to but if you're a football coach at Clemson. It's kind of hard to understand right that's that's implying that you know all they do is drink at these functions. I mean is that the truth. The. There's a lot of open bars on the social scene and was that big guy can have built in trouble well Clemson I think what got him in trouble is that he's an incident like him. Well I don't think he ever embraced. The culture and the identity. Of beam that points. I think he still had some bitterness. Left over after the power struggle we have with bright royals. And then he comes to Clemson and Arkansas and Clemson are a little bit different in some ways but I'm very slight a lot of little why. A lot like in other ways. But I don't think he ever. Made an effort. To embrace the fan base you don't dabbled does a lot. With in the course and community within the Clinton circuit to go to booster functions and you know as soon as the season was over he is down Myrtle Beach. At a Clinton fund raiser and you know he makes himself available in an afternoon those have feels more aloof like it was he was more of I'll go to his few of those things as I possibly can I'll stay in my ivory tower. About when it won't matter what exactly did dig that he got he went far legacy resigned but he resigned. Under pressure. After an eight and three season and he left Arkansas after two straight ten and two seasons. Right well and then he's replacing. Daily for who has the most charismatic. Personable. I mean you go to a functioning coach Ford is there he's got a lot of the world. You know he's gonna cover article put his arm around these don't talk to you you know he's he's just a dynamic personality. And that's not Ken Hatfield. At all. He wants to coach ball he wants to get stay in his office kind of he's kind of a close. And that way. M and so is not just about winning a going to matter. And that did intend happened because it wasn't about losing the guy cameos ten until 92 and one he had one bad year five and six but bounced back to being Korean won the beach ball. And the left. Third 3213 wanna clumps of and then left foresees in there. Dino dancer my own question is not gonna matter for Clint to suck on her Clemson because he'll have to recuse himself as a former Clemson coach he won't be voting on Clemson for the playoffs but stuff. It's you know it's just interesting that that is surprises me I didn't not expect Ken Hatfield be named college football playoff can be. A meager I actually like the fact that radical which. Wasn't part of the playoffs. Because I thought it brought more credibility. When you've got down to the playoffs and you've got a coach urged usually is sitting athletic director. That represents. The champion of the ACC. And then they unanimously. Voting and Alabama and Georgia seem to me that lends credence. To the process. Because if anybody would have a bias you would say. It would be him but he did not. And he was still able to see clearly to put the team or the scares me the four best teams. In his school happen to be one album because of the record they had but I thought it showed a lot that he was also able. To vote. Literally from a bipartisan standpoint and I thought it brought a lot of credence imagine if him or no other association. From the ACC was on that board. Imagine the outcry. That there would have been so I liked the fact. That he was there me personally I would have stated before that field. Out of extended it to Terry Don Phillips or somebody. Around that it around that two retired but still think Terry darden's. There's no way he's barely six. Isn't it odd that Clemson and play trades one person for another in this early and other schools that. Continued how someone who's represented them on them on the committee. Religious Clinton I just find it out in them. I don't know it's just I mean look he's got a bunch of places. I don't know if he's looked at as a real Clemson guy we've we looked at him as veteran Arizona Clemson for four years he was other places he was rice for a long time ago. Arkansas as we talked about so I don't know that that nationally that the Clemson tie would be noticed that much here I just think. It's an odd choice for the committee had just. Seems like an odd choice for the committee to me yeah when you when you said he was on the house like plot if Yahoo! I would expect to why in the world. While they go on the same reaction Condoleezza Rice who owns. Picked to yeah accounts check and I yeah I had some light truck we'll watch it. I would got to take a break back immortal moment 8444773776. You only get in in the huddle does is he has been in upstate. Not a lot ESPN. Upstate. GMAC. Coach Josh Phillips Alonso. Todd Haley. OUT. Out as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers must be my birthday. Why is it and you like that yes line. That's been along time gone. His deals up after this season and they're not gonna give them a new contract. Pretty surprised plus the slump clue supposedly when he first. Other here and then they get alone you know I mean how you have an offensive coordinator that your. I mean I understand you can make it war. But I mean they hated each other. After several those calls in the game this past week and I see why. I know how you keep me. It was literally like since day one he's stepped it Pittsburg. Human Roethlisberger butted heads. Rain the Fitch there. Quarterbacks coach expected to be the new offensive coordinator according to Chris mortenson. So that'll be better off. They get alone. It was funny after the game somebody asked a reporter asked. Ben Roethlisberger on the fourth and one play was really more like fourth and a half yard. Why did you change the play. Any set I'm not allowed to have in a win. Really. Well I mean Roethlisberger was good under hailing. Right. Antonio Brown had five straight 100 catch seasons. And he was part of the group that brought NG Jews Smith's Shuster and marte missed Bryant who have worked out pretty well. But the out come CBS and NFL network have been reporting on the tension behind the scenes. And down week fifteen that lost to the patriots. There's one McConnell blew up. Coaching question Josh I mean is it normal disease goes the office coordinator. Does a head coach. To slip the offensive coordinator make a rule that did did it on the head coach duke. Yes he does have final veto power especially if he knows there's friction right yes he does have final veto power. And I'm sure during that play he went. I Hayley what we got here this wasn't a stumble and fall. Well that's why he's fired him because there's a lot of people do that Tomlin fired as it is as one of those. Yes got to fire somebody so it's not me exactly. It's enough. Maybe it is here now I don't maybe yeah I mean but how do you get rid of a coach here's the thing. And I Donald Tomlin fan. But how do you get rid of a guy that literally has averaged double digit wins. His entire career in Pittsburgh aren't as an NFL head coach he's never had a losing record. Ever. In his time as an NFL head coach he's won a couple Super Bowls he's won several divisions. And Pittsburg every year is right there at the top the AFC east. And people want a far right now I understand them making moves on the staff and that's rightfully so. But I'm not on board yet we're it's time to get rid of Mike Tomlin I mean what he's done. Has been remarkable there's a double digit wins the last four years right. That's pretty good and it's unbelievable in the NFL. Where. A coaching pursuit winning percentage. If it's at 55% or higher is considered. Here yeah. Is is like. 66 per night. Always seemed you know winning coach is being fired before because they can't take that next step that he's won Super Bowl a what to Super Bowls and yes to too so I mean. When it's one every six or seven years or something that's a really other than Belichick that's not too bad. Well I think that's. A lot plays into it as well is the success. That New England has and they haven't been able to beat New England. In the regular season or in the playoffs. And that wears people and now the question I have is for anybody out there that's. You know screaming at the top of their lungs with. You know pitch forks and oil let's get rid of the Tomlin would you want that's gonna do any better. Who do you think out there that is as just as good or better that your gonna bring in and suddenly. Beat New England every year. A minute or thirteen and three issue can't far right. So this is mode is where you have to make some moves and this is a pretty big one. But I'm like blondes a La I thought Haley should have been gone. Two years ago and meek is literally after every game was a reporter asked him about some of these psych you out and like to call. Or you're gonna go last coaches. Haley was horrible in Kansas City so when they hired at our house I want. It's. Behaves GMAC with a Haley man all of them would be great as if he gets on Atlanta. Good thanks. Good one more reason to falcons. We need we completely kill two birds one stone. We got back the huddle. ESPN upstate stay with us. We are back it's not all 5 minutes before 2 o'clock here. As we still deal with some hazardous driving out there and temperatures expected to drop for the rest of the afternoon so. Be alert out there because there will be some freezing on the roadways especially as a star she did dark we're just 29 degrees now sorting below. Freezing understand that hit about 28 is where it can really started tricky on roadways. And you know the traffic. Will be decreasing. As not fall arrives and that allows it to freeze opening even more so certainly after dark and into tomorrow morning is going to be. But treacherous on the roadways out there and on any school announcements for tomorrow just yet watching for those I would imagine those will start cumin and before too long here. Because we're still gonna be dealing with a bad roads overnight and in the morning man as a tragic story out of Washington State. Their quarterback. Tyler Polanski found dead yesterday in an apartment in Pullman Washington. Apparently a self inflicted gunshot wound. To the head they found a suicide note next to him. Young man was 21 years old. I did not show up for practice so they sent out officers. To see what was going on in and found him there in his apartment. Mike Leach. Put out a statement said he was an incredible young man. Everyone who had the privilege of knowing Tyler Polanski was better for the entire Washington State community mourns. As thoughts and prayers go out to his family. He was a native of Claremont California. Just wrapped up his redshirt sophomore season for the cougars he started bowl game against Michigan State he was the projected starter for next year. Enrolled in January 2015. Came out of upland high school in Southern California. Junger brother Ryan is a highly regarded quarterback prospect for the class of 2019. Of course don't know what was going on this young man's life but that is. That is tragic really sad for the Washington State community. I Tyler Polanski appeared in eight games in his sophomore year through for 11176. Yards and seven touchdowns. Probably best game was in the Boise State game they were down 21 points in that game. In the fourth quarter came back a one triple overtime. 47 to 44 he came off the bench and threw for 240 yards. And three touchdowns they carried him off the field. After the victory goes to show you that you know I mean discuss celebrated. Seems like he's got everything going form. Going to be the starter probably next year you just don't know what's going on somebody's life so roadside. Yeah and it's really sad for. The people he's left behind his mother and dad and family Brothers and sure. Are trying to grasp. What happened what went wrong. On why didn't we know I mean all those questions. Over something minutes. You wanna use terms senseless because it was self inflicted but obviously the young man have. Awesome things going on within him that nobody knew well and that's what's. Is that he didn't feel or. Are possibly felt comfortable with. You know talking to somebody about having these thoughts. And now he's gone and that is the that is the tragedy 21 years old unreal. I saw Ryan leaf tweeting about this and talked about how you've been crying on line about it really upset about it most man about you know what had happened that nobody's been able to. See this going on and Tyler Arlen skis live from and help him and somewhat. And much of his teammates have been them. Reaching out tweeting on this as well today so anyway that's out. Unfortunately the tragic news that we have to pass along YouTube to you today at a college football out of Washington State is. Tyler Polanski has passed with the age of about 21. Are going into the next hour we're. We're gonna hear from Brad Brownell is a Clemson Tigers lose again in North Carolina. In Chapel Hill to the Tar Heels also they're announcing the golf courses for the BMW charity pro am for this year we'll talk about that. And down much much more still to come. We're going to get into this weekend's NFL games as we figure out who's going to be in the Super Bowl this year all ahead here. The Wednesday huddle on ESPN upstate will drop back.