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Welcome back rainy Friday afternoon edition of the huddle on ESP in upstate I'm Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips Alonso are here final hour of the show today will give back your phone calls says 844477. 3776. In a moment to Texas at any time it's 71307. Years security has piano. At the beginning of your text message. And Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. What do go to the gas line right now and while command Steve celery the new executive director of of the BMW charity pro am presented by cynnex of course great tournament here in the upstate every spring. Steve how are you. Steve are you there. There we lose. We have lost Steve aren't most people call back. And we will lock. Get them all here. I think we have bomb. Found the picture for Twitter account of the Clemson road uniforms or basketball tournament. Josh is making faces at me and I'm not lend ago. Mullen ES salaam if you wanna help us settle this argument on whether this is a good look. You know go to our Twitter account. And ESPN upstate and take a look at the road uniforms for the for the congress last. And see if you wanna be the second person to such Josh decide. Yep like Ella who's gonna stand were Josh if someone out there well hash tag stand with Josh. On the Clemson road uniforms last night Steve celery executive director of the BMW charity pro am Steve we got Jim. Welcome in Steve thanks for coming on today. I'll thanks for having me typically here. Tell me about you taking on of this job first of all your background you were with the Golf Channel for Guatemala right now and we will. Which ones. So I was with the Golf Channel or just got ten years and but I like to consider that the ten years mr. Obama and balk at the start of the network time and did a lot of things and was fortunate we developed it tried chip and putt and getting a quarter to make it playing golf we you'd create a budget a greater sense and helps I think get that network to a position of a success in. As greater opportunity I was Trout are working at 260 to eighty years that such a way that live. And yet it's more the PGA tour experiences and decided to make a change in. In Anthony at the clips made me. The opera could refuse and probably got statement. Two years into that I realized the crips was enough let's. Stop look and in its opposition to the dark now and so I decided struck out. Sports marketing. An entertainment firm to stay in upstate and was very vocal about this event performing at the highest level and an opportunity came to help make that happen I jumped to deal. What so what appeals to you about. Running things for the BMW charity pro am what do you love about it. I think it first person it allowed he used. My experience and and my skill set to I think impact something greater than my self serving the greater community through the charitable giving the retirement com. You know it's it's like any organization here if you're leading organization what a year you know make it. Thank brushes there are selling insurance or banking exists. You gotta love what you do and this kind of a dud I think not only lock for the community but inside the world. Sports entertainment front been for twenty plus years. I I'd seen it says say eight estate market leader in terms of reaching a worldwide audience to television showcase the beauty upstate in the good worker chapter on charity. But also working closely with the group of people that I think share that same vision our board is out art great creation. And mission. And you know that the thing to work dealing to position this tournament. Are crawling to get better each day. I as part of this announcement this week about the leadership of positions for the tournament might McGovern becomes the odd tournament director ot tell us about my. Mike the governor is gonna keep the train and on time. Better than anybody Mike's got a tenured history thirty years it is. Did a lot of great work for the Nicklaus family and the folks here feel with that the memorial has worked everything from the presidents cup to the Toshiba. And Mike was with determined he came in here and a half ago. Did you operations and when we decided to make a change in organization and you know in effect. Make meaty executive director Mike was that a logical pick to be determined director. A lot of parents are going towards this side of you you got somebody is kind of like a CEO at stories CL. Because we are while Europe a Chara endeavor we have to run like a business and make it stable. And in my time in the sport and work in and around golf there's nobody better at it like a government do it would be doubts. I talked to Steve celery the new executive director of the BMW charity pro am presented by cynnex every spring here enough upstate south Carolina at three golf courses. A state things have really gone well all over the years you guys are given a ton of money to charity I think every year out people know more more about it the celebrities that come out really excite people. What can you guys improve on in your mind idea about a planted to change anything. We do end and we're excited to make some big announces next week that will. Are articulated utter got it is that ever announced next Wednesday. Out. Well do we lose and you. Steve are you there I think we dropped him again. And if you get him back almost finished up with a phone lines but can fruit phone lines as what they ended. Steve cell phone has something can improve and it's it just went away that happens sometimes with them. With cell calls but we're talking with Steve celery these new executive director of the BMW charity pro am and Mike McGovern has been named the operation or the tournament director he was the operations director of the tournament. And they haven't announced dumb everything. Just yet as far as. You know our courses. And celebrities that are coming in the dates are set though for this year tournament may fourteenth through the twentieth. And dumb we'll plan to be out there again we've both gone their several years in a row. Had a great time out there last spring and in fact on its forgot to interview Aaron Rodgers which was a thrill so that's pretty cool. And we'll find out what celebrities are going to be. Coming in this year to the BMW charity pro am. But down Stevie get us back. It is up on the number because we don't have yours did Steve call us further yeah. Interview today so that's the announcement would have been going to announce. More abouts this year's tournament next Wednesday. At 230. And then not after that some point they'll announce what celebrities are coming in and so law that should happen pretty soon. As well but come on you. Executive director in Steve celery formerly with the Golf Channel so I would say he knows. A little something about golf and see if we get him back on here but so far. We're still waiting to reconnect. With thumb Steve celery here in the meantime. We're getting more reaction to our. Twitter post of the Clemson road basketball uniforms coach. I'm still looking for your own. For your support here on the east thanks chip access. Clemson fan here but I can't say I'm loving the stripe down the side. However it's far more attractive than any thing with Garnet and black with that chicken on the C. You had to know that was common crying and at some point you have to know that was the direction. Somebody was. Gonna go and a so mom I got you here if you take a look at the Clemson road uniform from last night's basketball game we have just. Got a picture and put it up on our. Twitter account at a ESP in upstate we also. We also have an on our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash. ESPN upstate. You wanna take a look at that they're not is not really trying to pick on anybody but it's just turned out that. A song just the way it turns as the ones I've existing back let's go back to the phone study would luster on the cell phone what you guys to work on to improve a cell phone service. Cellphone service we can we can introduce that anything but the weather but that you're actually right we try to improve on things. If not up fortunate part taken destroy our travel a lot of go to other events and and it's it's great when you have celebrities and people that say they would like he'd do to get into that Greg who like to talk to we have we have a critical and people ought to be and it. We play Xbox. The embers have a great time it's such unique event on our tour. So I think the format is unique in itself I think operationally we're gonna street art bank in next week with a big announcement I think you're you're gonna be real excited in which you here. That's very good with your background with the Golf Channel. You obviously know a lot of golfers do you think that will help UN attracting may be some golf celebrity types to come and. Don't cursor just a brand of Shadley call today we worked at a years. I would want you'd like to comment or they'll be here are the term but the flight because they're the wedding now. But you know yeah I've got books come out of our work. Friends or colleagues are back out in order to ask you know be a part of I think that. That's all you can also make sure that the folks come here you're that the earth and really enjoyed. Being around come back to how far. I thought our truck bring it where last great thing that you look here you are so. It's great to have him. He told me he's coming back in and so we'll work and I hope clear crowd help you not get him back at the apple to. Now I'll of the two by scientists at Allen and last year sells a highlight for us as a sports station have a Aron on and we appreciate you guys. Openness connect or him you guys this tournament has donated. Twelve point seven million dollars tune numerous charities since 2001 so I mean nothing's gonna change about that that your focus and you're you're gonna keep doing narrowing. We are definitely gonna do that in each and we got a great urge that you don't program where. But donate because that that would that a lot of courage. In a tournament. And I think at the end of the day. This is Tyler go meet you this is where we are using EU platform. To keep I don't like it actually yep straight to the world show how sure our status in supporting chair external. I mean it only wanted to event in golf like this that are reached back and and so I think that makes it very special but how great it. Partner in sacks and BMW's are title and and they continue to wanna get involved and their employees are getting. Real you know herculean effort apple a lot like cap. Hi Steve celery executives director of the BMW charity pro am presented by Synnex Corp. are Steve wanted to ask you one golf question before learn how to do that. What's happening with tiger this year is he going to do something that law turn everybody's an hour now. Why boats are looking to recruit for quite far stricter but are they just how does it need to be back toward buying. I think that's great. I have that sweet too many people but I honestly believe that tiger would win another major. All right I act and I think he doesn't want to soak it circle. So that that might expect that you're gonna do it and there are picky hopefully he's got to play great. In 2018 should not be quite simple sketch nobody particularly close on local little I suspect he's gonna play. Because as well he's played a lot to our benefit at all. Yeah I don't have the numbers but I saw a story about how much of the odds when leveled him mourning what major and 28 scene after the way he played recently so that was encouraging right. It isn't any one thing if you just to get the and excitement he played an eight small popular prevented. Obama in December. And think about the excitement everybody got talking about people loved golf and people don't play the like watching. Tournament and the competition now trying to watch. It's stuff we appreciate that Steve we will certainly stay in touch with you we always come around on a show out of your at the foreign blade every year so we look for doing that again as well we appreciate what. What lighting unique thank you for your support wouldn't look for senior. Next week in our press conference and also appear in the end Matt. Thank you Steve. Steve celery the new executive. Director of the BMW charity pro am which is coming up may fourteenth through the twentieth. And more information about the courses and they celebrities and all that still to come as the day out. Roll out their announcements as we get closer and closer to that for 2018. I just like your right we'll be back in a moment you wanna jump onboard 8444773776. Text line 71307. Mac and alone in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Are found some money to back up Josh sort of on Twitter on the Clemson road uniforms. Clemson edits since those Munis are hot I think Josh aside. And it's it's an edits. Receive he works for clubs. Clemson's recruiting football basketball baseball photo editor Imus cyclones and edit and at its worst clubs that might be an employee asked. Sounds like it. Arts and now the challenges if you don't have tiger or Clemson in your Twitter handle and you like those basketball uniforms sentiment. We don't want now we're change in the blue punks. Well. I mean. You got to admit. There's going to be some home cooking on some of these people. Well there is and look I have no problem with people that don't like. Thank you. I can understand why people don't. I'll like it because they are wacky and there are unique and they are outside the noise and like you like me. That's why you like them exactly except for your fashion would not I mean. You just pretty normal so I mean if you are dressing like I could see that allows us FaceBook page well. Well there's. Sure. There's a place to and I don't like to be culled out. Only notable as ones either where as opposed to the fashionable. Not only of that hole between Chirac and those PGA's that they are on I'm on record coming out they looked really comfortable right yeah the only comes out now on the couch and watching ball game movie you. You know set them like that is our rule of the ones these on no one bothers you whose and I can just imagine the phones at 444. 773776. And sibling steer this thing back on the road. Bill you're next and I'll you on bill. What they're very good at what we're doing immensely. On the Heatley keep you that night and blonde yesterday. A little bit about saint summer. Packer hated. Clinton played in and some homers local and so cocky bird. Potential staying at the Indians. In turn is just cute polar ice bags that they sexy yes very good but if they are Clinton Pakistan. This year. That's not a good closer it's not a disappointing year it was a successful here we had a bread and out of this isn't the department picnic there or. I can't wait did you win the national championship and an ally on now you don't give me in this hole on that goes I did not say that took a step back yeah opinions and by the way I didn't say that either we said Bruce. Yeah. I'm sorry baby. And I went to play out. And lost about one aspect gang. That we are headed back debated not it will allow the market imminently. Period millions of the users don't know because I could just cannot give us the definitive number bill. How how big Bob points margin doesn't have to be before you consider it not on and let them enjoy it on the video avoids I don't get it done. I think yes. Our market where it when it comes in play and look when Clinton played Ohio State Oklahoma in the playoff that was a blow. And we're not competitive. They dominated once an innocent more slower pirate film low as 31 again it's that's not tomorrow happens we're going to I was down there it was a tennis ball game until the turnovers at a modeling. The so. It's not the bat. Cricket for the we did not get their act with it in order. Got to come here. I expect the UKP. You. Let them come. Put up next year at me. And erase the degree that it. Let's and so they're super successful. Am great year but I don't think just that India why is that Al let me just say this what I said was. Clemson fans got a little ahead of themselves I know Bill Clinton fans got a little ahead of themselves by saying it's Clemson and Alabama. Period. Asked if it is an Obama. About it Alabama. And little well here are and it does somebody else you want them out early look at the number. The last we look that bill is doing that aren't here to edit records in the city it's setting records. In the end ultimately you can compare what is going to run well don't. That set on what the metal Pamela let me welcome. So wait wait wait until say OK so the only ones who won the national change of the last four years are Clemson and Alabama. I. No you know they'll be were they'll be announced that it there's one more yeah yeah I'll say one the very first one. What there's not a bit and you could. Not quick step in its own steps alassane disability. It what what exactly do we say that was an angle. That's particularly of the current quarter where they're getting. I was actually got to make zealots and and Hitler. It's basically the same sort Betancourt in the dark blue Obama stats are a 130 pounds early. Really miss it opening. Would we get. Were quite good war record are successful worst state. In the year exactly. And at the wrong I'm right with 31 point spent a number of state run a little unsteady in the bigger. OK we're here for me. But that's what ought to send. It is a tip to tip your little bit inside its accustomed they're equipped them with Florida State. Recently. Amarillo and and I got to defend. Long slow and GMAC here bill. It's not like you came in on the in the middle the conversation. What the board that GMAC had grown up was that I demise though. On had and when he played the clip GMAC played the clip in which. My Zell said he changed. His opinion that pumps that Clemson is another Florida State without James without. It yeah it it's an. I'm totally disagree on and. A lot of the but yet not yet there is this your group nobody expect there. Why do you have to cope so well if you didn't take a step back and should be if you if you're right there it should be easy right. You that your significant. And that's just a step and that's what I Obama that. Dylan's mentally by the way here's what I say here's what I say yesterday Alabama. Is so low. Alabama is alone there's nobody but Alabama right now. The second is the question they're there they're not all they did not like a step back. And be that is the police remain. At home or is that it is. Homers and yeah I look I again I don't think Jessica Lynch and took a step back because. Have they were better than expect I thought they would lose a couple of games they ended up losing two games Mo wobble was in the playoffs that's better than expected. Run into the regular season with a one loss and getting to the fourteen playoff is better than expected bill and I don't think doesn't leaving Obama. But the problem. In the complaint is don't be. He don't Internet sort of insipid the failure. It's a bit of a program that lets be real what he. Expect that will all its success is not about some fairly dull international and it's a fair. That so yeah he took the lead. A breakthrough on the state. And then. Yeah tell me when seldom you have. Reported. It yeah as soon as you were there and Greg that very symbolic break up. Thank you bill to the conclusion that we present the call yeah. Look bill let you know I can't handle on this Josh current arsenal goal here is what we need to get our demise though on the phone let me blast him. For creating you will yeah sure well he's yes you know he wouldn't. Who would not come here each and still glad you've done your share how would we aren't the. Make shifts and has all assessment. Made perfect sense. I didn't agree with with his stance on the about a little too much. But I also didn't agree. Well although. Steam rolling. Right down the highway that was happening before that Alabama game. That it's now. Clemson. And Alabama. Clemson is the new Alabama Clemson is Alabama. And don't even hear that. Don't tell me you haven't heard that. Over the last year. You can still hear an echoing down the hallway there right now problem I'll probably see that's the thing I disagree with. And that's okay. That's a very subjective. If somebody disagrees with. I have no problem I mean Alabama's got a new defending your team and everything it doesn't mean your right. Tell my you know I'm not a somewhat Clemson fan today. You're a fan of of a team you're supposed to be that way fans fanatic exposed as doesn't mean that she makes cents. Picture but don't tell me to pump the brakes pump the brakes on. We're the new Alabama. The brakes on that just for a moment. What you got to win in order for the and this is why group what bills that this was doubles this coaching job is double needed to get in this wildwood replied in the new one. I'll vote needed to get this team back to the college football playoff. With out to show on to put that Florida State stuff. Would you miss Winston. Aside don't think it is. He'd he'd go out and got under the plan capital to put that aside. Okay out of there and they are rolled what they did but if they want it it's here's the thing if they go back next year. Which I think they will. I think Alabama and Clemson gonna be right there again. Next year. And they win it next year then they'll be in the realm. Because not one to each. Yeah this is big adjustment and this coastal town that when you do good and that's and that's fair. That's why I don't get upset. If people take you there stats I'm of the opinion I think there in the royal. People don't agree with Alabama rail sure. I mean they want and again but I'm basing it all flow of what both programs. Have accomplished. In the college football playoff there. For more wins and losses from conference champs for a year era Josh Elliott and an error. Well let's just started well yeah but it's a new it's a new format. Yeah it's an informed. GMAC that people not here. But there were clowns upstate sports talk clowns. Saying that Alabama. Would never win a playoff championship because they couldn't conformed. To what a playoff walls and. Number look look down the dial Alabama had no chance in that game. This past weekend yet. It was two weeks ago or don't style against Clemson. Alabama had no chance. In that day I thought it was going to be fuel these. Opposed to be very close the stock to Stephen next I statement. Erica I was circles say Lebanon and eloquent and ban and kind of see where bill talking about however you did say anything that was. By eight Jack to your point but it lane the little one sided love without. Everybody has leaning statement I got them. I'm glad to have got there is that true Clinton bad. But it does do Rupert or nobody and I Muslims than this Josh I'm sure they are you know you're. Job. It's tuition room last week I only of being the Clemson. 844477. And so we it's listed at its portrayed him. Row with a gotta take a break out phones are beaten up again in that we you know that's the phone's always so moving back to back two phones in a moment there's about 25 minutes left in the shows they Willis in the huddle on ESP announced. Ryan tweets us. I don't agree with Josh much but I like the purple. I'm an atomic purple is Clemson wrong or does tiger Iran now in Atlantic we got tigers Clemson tweeting us for a trading on Clemson that's. What Ron just run. Not complain about purpose. There's never about the purple it's the why did tiger stripe on the side of the the way uniform last that's what we're going. To be like at that school do you like down. That's not purple its argument like. Orange and blue here aren't too well it is orange and purple adjustments mostly arch. A 444773776. Going to get in here. Coming back on this Clemson Alabama thing today who did that the caller did that was that was bill thank you and I think you do on purpose and sit back and slap it. That's gold but I'm happy to talk about it but you know. We did that. Apparently according to Guam. It was a nine surely all show yesterday which. Into action I think this is all Josh is doing this to point out that everyone confused right instrument known as people. These people with tiger has his fingers and fast over there on the phone to Bosnia he sticks his buddies and saying well actually he looked devious and so between more so than usual. Let's talk about the NFL action this week and we got it for you here on ESP announced it will be joining the first game tomorrow in progress because we do have Clemson Miami. Basketball here on the clubs and station. While we do that with. Home icon. Over here on Twitter really where the clemson's late stage we also carry Clemson baseball. Is. I think that's funny because it. I'm gonna say weeks then because we're all part of the show. Believe we're the only shows. Except as part straight because it gets a Myanmar's. We were the only show in the country and repeat this. We were the only show in the country. That picked Clemson to go to the ACC championship. Go to college football playoff and told everybody forgot about it Kelly Bryant's going to be just Smart. This show. No other show. Anywhere. So stop it. Hoddle. Milan Biden Obama ourselves. But it was this show tried to warn everybody. Aren't you glad there's a guy said my game between you guys are out ways where you know Morris a mortgage the you would all of that stuff gets on my nerves. A targeted to. Let me dog NFL lead us to Atlanta Philadelphia at 435. Tomorrow afternoon and it's at Lincoln financial. And Philadelphia and Dan Quinn. Coach of the Atlanta Falcons says they are Don our thinking about and talking about last year's Super Bowl loss early. In the year Mike it was still a story you know you kind of go through the off beat you're getting started in. As a coach you're ready to be your team get tested because that you wanna find out you know had yet learned from some of that this target had you know through a law. But then as the evening goes on is really kind of turn that there's just ended this team. And to the 2017. Team all the stuff is import the group. I'm so it's not a rallying cry remorse just like how hard they can fight just for this game and that's really where our focus slide. I like Dan Quinn but. He loses the Philadelphia tomorrow if they lay another playoff and like they did the Super Bowl when they were up what 283. In the third quarter. I'm gonna renamed him renamed him. Dan Quinn medicine woman. Fuzzy universally assumed that it was just walk up in the Phillies win and they need to. No they need to and they show that. Are you think are healthy are you picking on the way and yes. Are you now. Josh Gordon Daugherty verse on go fill yes even with full support of all falcons were the dirty birds there. We'll both teams are just. So folds is going to be the falcons. The Eagles will be. Foale's won't lose a game from Philly. Both you guys think Eagles I'm Goldie. But you know as a haters we are we've we've told you we don't like Atlanta zone that I've made a big factor Villa. Pledged Tommy falcon Greg. I like I said I think you're the best man queen's wedding is going to be Dan Quinn medicine woman if we didn't. When this ball game. Pomona stop believing collecting Quinn but man that's Super Bowl the bad taste I don't see another playoff debacle. For the Atlanta Falcons house field beat Georgia for a period. Pumpkins were balloons. Why am stuff a bad time she choke jobs okay but here's the air pressure. In the air they both play for championship yes they do. It's one the plea for. A second game tomorrow 815 start from Gillette in Foxboro. Salina on this about a 130 points. Tennessee a New England. Should be. That one won't BO. A close what these next two games for the patriots to. Tennessee scare your yes. Yes the patriots cannot stop the ruined yeah are open. That's the running back tenor right there and I hope he gets like the 350 yards and an obsessive patriots but this color not gonna happen. I mean the patriots to. Tom Brady's gonna have to win this game. The offense is gonna have to figure a way. To win this game because I don't think New England stopping. Either. Tennessee. For. Whoever they face in the AFC championship. I'm still Peyton win and win. But it's gonna be closer than one a lot of people think. This Jacksonville Pittsburgh going to be close. First game Sunday one of five at Heinz yup I'm still going with the giants you are going with the Jack's. You know I am too and I'd I think that has the the chance to be the best game of the week and I agree bigger game tiger Pittsburgh I think Philly and Atlanta is going to be great game yeah I agree that that big again. I just don't trust Matt Ryan. What does it done not to be trusted member has been great he's turned the ball over time. Aren't. Falcons have bum good running backs. They got Julio. Analyze macaroni. And the defense won't blow. Rule on the road out sly seductive thing is I don't like don't teams have to go outside and while there I got you there. Going to quarterback the troop. Com and then the final game on Sunday the Jacksonville Pittsburgh games 105 at 440 the saints and Minnesota mean come on baby give me some of that that's a good game to him. I know you can I'm Poland for the New Orleans sank to. I don't know. Tastes keen on me and chase scene on. He slung it around a Houston in college. These other games don't make me nervous this game makes me an arms. Four crew from sold mail us write a manual ones is some. There Roland. You Oscar win at all I mean Drew Brees and Sean Payton and in. I will pick the sites. He goes yeah. I wanna flip my pixel and can stand but I'm not. And it is the vikings. I want to pick the vikings I don't wanna pick. The gates I don't wanna pick the saints but I think the same terminal. Married there you go we got all album for you here again want to join the falcons and Eagles. In the first half after Clemson basketball tomorrow but the one of the rest of that one and all three of the other games for him. Come of this weekend big weekend in the NFL you can hear it all right here on ESPN upstate command and wrap up the huddle for this Friday in a moment stay with us. But oil like Clemson Alabama game which we have been. Debating endlessly here are. Congressman Jeff Duncan south Carol on had a bad with a congressman from congresswoman from Alabama Terri Sewell. On the outcome of that game in the Sugar Bowl. At a course Alabama won 24 to six. And so Jeff doc in the congressman from South Carolina has had to Wear a Bear Bryant hounds tooth hat Fedora. Any had to buy her office the entire office collect the launch. A badge of Duncan rock that. I'm seeing a picture and news now if if if if it's if I thought are had a Josh where around you know time. Well at the Helms to look we'll bring it back. Coming men wandering. Off. I think you already got a name from BP and to sort of seeing names here last double days from you people and some you can't say on the air with with the Chicago would you mind. If that's a. Let's say I got a couple more. Tweets about the uniforms and they're pretty much. Negative. Was released how Olbermann half. Pain and anyway. And then a solo breaking news here and have lost have been Greg Olsen not the football player but the coach. Has been non. Hired. Horror who was at Oakland yup Oakland Oakland is named Greg Olsen the offensive coordinator of the Oakland Raiders so. That's one of Jon Gruden hires. Again not the time and for the Carolina Panthers. Yes 31 years of coaching experience. Is second stint with the raiders he served as their offensive coordinator reckon 2013 2014. I guess ten seasons as offensive coordinators with Detroit. St. Louis Rams Tampa Bay raiders Jacksonville Jaguars. Also was a quarterbacks coach for the rams. And worked with ledger golf so. That's the higher for Jon Gruden as he starts to put his staff. Together. Off the text line at 71307. A texture would like to add to the trouble and I've gotten into there was tons of fans says. Isn't it easier for Clemson win the ACC than it is from most other two when there's the ACC is much weaker. Yeah let's open that Joseph warms with two minutes to go on the ship could actually not only do that on Monday. Yeah that's right you're going to be human. Lets you run the whole of the ball diocese of another texture says Clemson fan here the uniforms are horrible. Tournament basketball road uniforms from west. So a lot of of one stripe. To it's a big stride men's room and really and why that's right now it's a big strike. I thanks for listening today thanks for your calls and your angry texts and tweets. We always enjoy it. Million people tuned to new in the you'd be this odd Alonso and I are off on Monday and Josh you will be here. And you'll be talking about. The NFL games over the weekend I'm sure you will be talking play Austin talk about some college basketball. The weak yen on Monday as the deadline for. Juniors to announce whether there come back this college are going onto the NFL so we'll have to have some decisions by the and so you have that talk about. To planning to loosen joined Josh on Monday here in the huddle. Straight post surge is coming up next thanks for all of your calls and texts and tweets today and most of all. Thank you for listening to ESP in upstate have a great weekend Alonso and Josh Phillips I'm Greg McKinney see you next week and no huddle on ESP in upstate.