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In the brain are fraught afternoon it's the huddle on ESPN upstate with Greg which hitting coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso a 444773776. You wanna get on the bus text line 71307. Twitter ideas. Besides get in his raise named his tenth assistant you know in an attempt the system now college football. And as South Carolina AD is going to be Kyle Krantz. He'll be the special teams assistant. And more coach. The Nickels and the Sam linebacker. Has nine years of coaching experience seven years in the SEC the last two years he's been a defensive analyst for the gamecocks but now he can. Be an on field coach how much champs said he thinks like we do he's Nim would be for the past five years has coordinators mentality. An outstanding young coach so while they'll suspense Timex Kentucky. As a graduate assistant then went to Florida on was a quality control gun there and work with wide receivers in the and I'm came up to South Carolina 2015 he was a defensive analyst longer smells on staff and Auburn. Man of course work with muschamp. They are so that's the new guy of course they made official and introduced. As if they had to introduce him today Marcus Lattimore. As director of player development life skills. And the beyond football program. And LaMarcus was there for that announcement. Announced today and win now smoothly yesterday moves there'd be interest. Again to the game got community so that's the South Carolina football news. South Carolina basketball news right Maarten was made available yesterday to answer questions about. Bringing him Brian Boland from loyal. Who was no but the center of the FBI investigation. For illegal payments from Adidas. In exchange for going to. Louisville. Release and around his father allegedly. Taking money he cannot play until at least the first semester of the end of the first semester next season. And their applying for reinstatement because he has not been reinstated by the NCAA here's a Frank Martin said about the decision to bring in Brian Boland. I I I don't wish I'd trust the people work for here and there before world war here. Day and age where presidential state schools for more than maybe five years we have a president who's gonna rock your for a long time. We got to may be that I don't think there's a more ethical man. On the face of the earth and real tender PS improve and that's all you guys in this community for his time here than you guys have paid attention and I trust him before work. They want to sign up for something that was gonna bring. Something negative to them obviously we all knew that would have to national question you'll these insurance when we were prepared to deal with that we will have done. You know like it was a matter of just communicate. And making sure that. We get mislead the family. And one day they'll get to speak of and that thing is you guys can ask them but I know there were misled by a bunch of school shoes. Since all this started when I was in early November whatever. So. But I'll let them speak I don't should be. Be interesting to see if that Stanley does in fact talk about being misled by a bunch schools since a Bowen left Louisville but. Obviously the friendly trusted frank Maher and he would say too much about how this all came about how the contact happened to get him to South Carolina. Only to say about that is that done he's been around for a while knows a lot of people and I think that's kind of where it is somebody. With. Brian bones camp. Knew about frame Marten again touch and now he got it all approved so. Will see me look tickets take it never set foot. On the court. For south dummies practicing he can practice now on it can be on the bench for home games can't travel and but you know if he gets him. Good enough grade in outlook from the NBA is gold. Coach him and you you can do that he's a year out of high school he can go we didn't have to stay and come back him but hopefully he will we'll see what he can do for the gamecocks good player. Yeah and it's one of those situations where. Somebody's gonna have to take a chance on the kid if you want to go to college right now. All armed on the firm believer that he's gonna be South Carolina next year. Just simply because. If he was good enough to go to the NBA then you don't go through. The whole process of what he's doing. To get the South Carolina you just sit and now. You know he'd tell everybody know I'm gonna turn control. And we'll start working now and focusing on my energies on. The NBA combining getting ready to go that route so obviously think. He's don't Wear a game current uniform for at least one year. And then like you said it somebody was gonna take a chance on the kid I think a lot of people backed away because they did not want to deal with the scrutiny. But when you run a clean program you don't have to worry about the scrutiny and I think the. The message. That Frank Martin was saying is that you know look people are kind of raising their eyebrows because of what the kid went through. But you also have to understand the character that they have in the administration any minute mention. President passed TDs in the of course ray tanner. You better believe they did have done their due diligence. To make sure there was absolutely no issues that would follow this kid to Colombia because no program wants. That type of attention. And so that I think that's another message. You you know that for wanted to get out there so it's like some people backed away. The kid had made it known that he wanted to play college. Ball I'm sure there were some feelers. That were thrown out like you mentioned GMAC. Mean price been coaching ball for almost 35 years so there's not many. People that he doesn't know either only a few circuit recruiting circuit. That doesn't know somebody with them. Literally every recruits are also. Well they were able to get it done and then you know hope alleviate the and they can put it lasted past him gold it is a risk though the F. The guy gets in trouble again and this can be a real bad luck yeah bring him in your telling me look if you're approached. By any body. Agent. MBA representative. If you get a phone call anybody from the industry Nike rep whatever. You better come to us. You've got to come on and a lot of that had to do with the fact that they want to pitino forced it and what it appealed to the money. I mean everybody wants to throw this kid under the bus but look appeal was his dirty as they com. Didn't even need to go right now that I belong to the kids a year they went straight to the head coach. Well his dad allegedly involved in his dad got involved would have to hit your suck your wanted to keep his dad's for a ways you can as far as ways. So our here's our bitch you have your scene right there. Encourages during the games goblins. They don't want meant anything to do with them. What the program so you do keep him an arm's length as mr. camp I so he's upcoming M but we don't you know we'll wait to see a thumb. If he is reinstated by the NCAA and again we don't any reasonably that he won't leave but they got to go through a process on man and ask just getting under way that's step number ones get a reinstated and then. And then decide when he can get out on the court for the gamecocks what are your thoughts ask meg Connolly this if you're Zion on the Williamson. What having Brian ball and another five star 67 guy your height. In another difference dollop climbing. But went skinny guys ion is not different. Stiles may be different size physically. Players but but make you more or less likely to come South Carolina having. But one coming in. Perhaps at the same time you get. Well I think it definitely helps our I mean he has. Made it known through the media that he wants to go. Where there's at least one other only player. Now that may not be the final determining factor. Because there's a lot of factors that go into it come from building with a coach the system the university where you feel like. On that your place is gonna be your role within the system. And all of those things. But it definitely doesn't hurt the game parched. Have a kid. The stature of boy and there. That says hey you know what we can attract. The elite of the lead. Look at those guys love to play with the joke they understand. What each other doing and they understand how to distribute the basketball and in most of them have. Very very a league players are only physically but most of them. Very high basketball IQ's. And that says a lot about the players that are surrounded news though. You know it definitely doesn't hurt. That the gamecocks have gotten him out. To me I think at this point in the process. You know the young man who said that he's already got an announcement date of January the twentieth. He already knows where he's two innings as wide open it's not like no it's not here already knows where he's going and he's gonna make that announcement unless something just at the last minute. Possibly does it feel ride or or nags at him or something like that. The more likely whoever he's favoring as of today. It's who he's gonna favor on January 20. He had 31 points last night this first game back from that foot injury November 21. This farmer days school. One last night. 21 predictions and the 24/7 sports crystal ball. And this is Justin in a bunch of guys same where they think he's gonna go. Clemson 76%. Favorite to land I'm going to. And toward foursome sport and followed by Kentucky at 10%. 76% to 10%. North Carolina and Kansas each of 5% South Carolina not in their. Not in their on the voting by the twenty lift when he fortune and sports got. And a quote from design on last night we just talked to on Matt. Connolly about this the quote was I'm going to be honest with the all I don't know who released the six schools. Which are believed to be. Kentucky Clemson, South Carolina Kansas duke and North Carolina. But he said the last time I checked my recruitment was still wide open I'm still considering everybody. Just listening to their final messages. What they have to tell me. They also said that getting hurt was a blessing in disguise. It showed him how coaches looked at him outside of basketball. Not really sure remains there but. No did anybody I guess. Back off at all with an injury or get concerned about an injured. January 20 is the on Decision Day. Resign and Williamson did not change that that's a week from tomorrow on the moral note. What his plans are for. His career and college basketball. War a year probably but will sick. 8444773776. Via text line is 71307. Here. In the huddle on ESPN upstate. Rant of the day coming up also we all are going to be your chance to win tickets to the South Carolina international auto show vacation need to pick him up today it's this weekend. And you gotta get about 530 so we do that be sure you can get them by 530 today we'll be your chance to win they're coming up. Stay what does this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. My have to cancel Stephen Hayes ran on the day angle won in my own here. The huddle welcome back and ESP announcing. You Stillman agreement and make the playoffs Green Bay. Now. No I'm not you thought assure me that they have the best coaching staff in the NFL so I believe I'm counting on picture. Mixtures of the year now let's see on Twitter. And get back to my Twitter. So many little windows open model. Shirley says to me she's calling me out. Given surely personally at Greg in CK 56 that's me on Twitter if you don't follow viewing yell at me on Twitter. So she did you come at you on the ES no end to directly to you yet. That's personal Charlie says goodness how many things can you guys find criticized Clinton for this week yesterday the show devoted. Two and ESPN guys opinion about Clinton. Today it is the Clemson basketball uniforms. I thought your show was to be all was supposed to be all of well S Carolina. Mom fallen near there shouldn't. All about the gamecocks is a. Anderson is she saying this is South Carolina show and you should mention Clinton at all. How's that gonna work out forty I don't know I don't know if I'm filling the show was challenged. Me to find more negative things about Clinton not really think we can. Not a daily value of South Carolina. Trotted out and these basketball uniforms. All the sweet oh my god will be up the signs to them as well that would go on like that their user wouldn't be. We'll have to be. An all black uniform. Ty it somehow. Or possibly. All Garnett with me. Why in blind black stripe. It looks sweet amateur only wanted to the search Clemson basketball uniforms and every comment that I found was. Negative. Number listen. And she did not defend surely did not defend the uniforms. You just criticize me for criticizing you for additional point and you can't defend that publisher Josh. We need clarification surely. These uniforms purple. Purple Jersey. Purple pants. Orange tiger paw on the front. And a body length. Foot wide. Tiger pattern strike down both sides loan. It's them. The worst thing ever seen on a basketball flaw. Surely you can't be serious. You threatening surely there. Thank you Leslie Nielsen. It. Mean it they look like something by Guerrero animals or something like that you know no gray animals and kid's clothing even type thing. They knew look like sleep where. To me. Dawn Josh had looks like pajamas. Now I could see the ones you load but I'm okay but the ones you look I don't ones. With the saudis and everything one. Razorbacks on how to find what doesn't fit right so I can't find them that Federer oh perfect that's going to be a big Lindsay man. It is you get hot kicks in but. Political do you Wear a big ol' floppy capped when you learn and oh number you just sit still got to keep the dome warmer us. Does that to them that it. Charlie I'm sorry I'm calling electricity and and is not a Clemson playing when me. If you're Alonso you can accuse him of that money missed tiger Greg on the show we determine who else we did there's actually a problem that talks about them you know. These guns on the glasses. But you know and usually Alec Clinton's decor select their uniforms for the most part. Our FaceBook page and look at this basketball uniform and tell me it's okay. I'm waiting for somebody besides Josh. The tell me that that's a connect and she I'm sure the show that comes on after us and come and old stop you know they are such trauma that they well. So I'm not denying the leaders won't get colorblind. Are literally took control. They would take a look at adding Cawley 8444773776. Got a FaceBook and look at the young Clemson road uniforms. And last night's game at NC state. Let's get to a different rants. Rant of the day is up next in the huddle to make some audio man with Stephen A here. Stephen A Smith talking about the NBA in the rant of the day Annie is talking about the Washington Wizards. One picture where those are calling you out so sick of these people did it. All that. Could do what John Wall had done it by about eleven last night. I'm telling you don't win a little bit and you talk dad without rooting Goldman. This physically backed element. What the Washington within the racquet is our dance club 500 feet. I did stuff public there. They play Cleveland topic what a lot of these eavesdrop they got a better and a bobbled directed against Brenda but then bobbled these smacked a lot of had to reckon that they. Have a gets up bobbled deeds because you play up to get competition you play down to give competent if you don't get me back. Think you have a lot. What's that a way that dime that they have a lot let that I would than Atlanta to see them. Love for the brother are. Put them up in the athletic conference bottom Latvia all of ultimately it's up if you don't like now looking like sprite Bobbitt Brad what the hell would bet. Late last night swept up with god that we got that well thought out quickly added that we needed to show how did that the two don't let jump shot some good. To get blocked and basically rolled into him stumped. That happens Bradley deal by the way. The god I walked up to Atlanta cannot get all of well alt alt dot don't want the next few days that someone my picture reminds me pat. PA collapse took the liberty of thought reserves department. Yeah and then Libya. Real clutch stats. Two point eight points. What do you ninth in the league Mack's. Point 2% shooting it up quite what that point Brady got out. What a threat okay at 67 and. Let us up to 67% and the Belmont we tell you something it can't read John Wall a big time. College player like you. Mike Capps. I won't vote the Washington Wizards are five games over 500 imagine there really bad they're 23 and maintain there in fifth place in the east. They should be better in that Iran yes Scott Brooks is ridiculously. They should not be behind the Miami Heat no right. No. There's only one team should be behind. One door Boston's chances. Today behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. Don't know if he's seeing Cleveland they would ship in the last two games. Is that I was hoping that would be brought up at all I tried to watch the entire game yesterday I can make it to there is no effort there's an I don't know what's Illinois and how would you know go on not bailing I don't understand adult that. They can't make a light up I don't give it did it's like they're not motivated or something and I think in my be coaching. I think I think it might be time for Thai looting go and get some body and there was some fire. And on that would jump ball and these guys and tell me. You should be winning these games because they did this horrible it's not an Isiah Thomas probably was two for fifty while he was back on it was so that. And innocent lives sooner you start to miss the store owners have with what were brought mild though but. They played defense they couldn't getting rebounds and is cannot make a gimme shot. We would have shot the three of us collectively better than all of them combined well maybe me and it. They don't you carry in us like you normally do what we will be you can use them as you anyway wholeheartedly he's bad. I would be remiss every shot I took it fell down like someone if did you get well she might work if. I would be remiss. If Stephen Stephen shakeup in no mood. With call about the wizards and I'm gonna call a few people at this juncture of the NBA season. One talk Butler. And ditty. Because I can remember wearing those two knuckle heads. At the beginning of the year talked about how my beloved Boston Celtics got fleeced by the Cleveland Cavaliers. And now look whether it. On today that it. By the way I just want to point out again. Born or just about halfway through the season and wolf find out what happened at the end Boston led peace last year and got beat so we'll show you now it's different this year as well no no listen you ties may be very well well Greg maybe right amounts and Josh is right. Yeah. You will. You will before it's all. Mostly of Jason Taylor in his rookie of the year hand it to win it's gone it's over. If I try to tell everybody in the summer coming into that they were not gonna lose. Any of their defensiveness. Ought to appear in is all now of Tyree and Gordon and these other acquisitions Boston was gonna come solved. And not be as defensive as they were last year and they're even better defensively this year because of their. The Celtics win the east don't believe the earth this 13. In the east can LeBron only for LA before the seasons and probably he might have already done that. But he leave after last night it looked over nonsense no I went away well it did some of the blame LeBron to implant a great class and only then he did he look like you board that's the biggest I don't get it. I mean they went two for drifting snow was bad. Again. As we've been saying he was going to see. He is leaving Cleveland. And then that's it he's got a good run. In the end we're just talking about a bunch of losers because as we all know Golden State's gonna win the whole thing in Senegal and our first loser so thanks. It gives them to carry out regular season means absolutely not but it the last two. Undefeated and scheme that when when they get from that. 30. They've proven they can count completely welcome. You know you gotta get to them before you can compete better with the allies and I haven't been able to do that and here's the scary thing. The Celtics don't that's what Gordon port. Think about that Jalen brown who try to tell everybody was the most underrated player on this roster. And Connery who got blasted by Alonso on public call logs on the court he's not a team player he's a baby was this that the other. He has never played better team ball in his career. Well I stand while my comments that I made about Connery and policies in that job so I mean you may deal with a look through yet and I don't care. I don't care he believes the world is flat birds of that area all I care about is that he has tripled doubled each night. After all Josh believes this Clemson uniforms lagoon and I hope. Yeah that's the same world is flat those are good looking uniforms buttons and that's that's very apt comparison with different level of cookies with Alex mines. In the room of the world but. It's gonna come down to draw to one Boston. And then the Celtics are gonna go and play. The warriors and we'll see what happens. You know the sound is tone this went down all the excitement so he knows they're gonna lose against them to wash his hands although they may not win the war. What may only somebody else I would now Houston's looking fantastic bodily. I'm giving you credit for your point you're right because I think Houston is gonna challenge. And the fact that KD's hurt and then staffers hurt make you trade and injuries or are they really hurt maybe there's just resting it did you. That's a legitimate point the only concern I have about Boston and a seven game series. With the warriors. Is that's where you need depth and that's where I think mr. Hayward will come but the bottom if he was healthy and he was on this roster. I would have no problem taking the Celtics to win. But without him. I mean he you're talking about a 68 guy. I can get out on the court to Finn and it's too much to ask him as much as I love Taylor. You know I got to keep references to win my man over here Greg GMAC put me over the kid. And at first I was like man that and the more I watched him play the morals likable and any draft is cute. I'm so glad Josh Jackson didn't show what. That work out the items bald men yes he has. Hitting rookie of the year wrong and he is the rookie of the year. It be up there. We all play a second half of the season for. If you don't mind. Yeah you're handing rookie of the year and you know film some money to which it because the G deserved years and after all after the victory hooked in the cast of the goals. Which I don't inquiry by the way he did to him again he he he won the league rushing title I don't and I asked her well I don't blame him for that. Blame Andy Reid coaching staff that. Playing nag me. Well he's in Chicago. Yup he's nagging Chicago and 8444773776. If you wanna get on board would come back we'll give a chance to win the South Carolina international auto show tickets. In get all the text line 71307. And you get us on Twitter Eddie ESPN upstate. Rain is picking up. Nasty day out there be careful back in a moment and how Gilani has been announced that. What the Mac it's the hot holes on the ESPN upstate. The memo is out on the Herbert dancing only here today thank you president dropped. Is a combination tunes one more or two words from the spirit of he's got a 24. If it's Chicago. Wouldn't he do real spirit corporate. I even though. Our own good of him back and I'll do is. Ultimately impact a lot of luck that's where television right out of the Asian solar I knew and while there I know there's inside information that I can't talk about that makes me think that there was a possibility that you well anyway. And he's around cronies as people lever against. But even at 5 o'clock it's worse than the other thing is he lets on at 3 o'clock and it now. We're down more on the floor that you beat on by the time we it's. Not because I'll leave here I had our towards Woodruff. And they don't 385 to go home and it literally takes me almost forty minutes to go for more parking lot. It can be bands to end the ban in Friday's seems to you worsened when it rains it gets worse took ever get your ticket. Lehman now there are you just make it loads of houses are winners and oil. We will tell you that is here in just a minute and ask you this coach I have not been on board will add or draw on an elegy. As you know. What what's he why he explained to me what what what is it that you don't like mobile. They got hired him because of the way talks. You and Edward Norton and I just because it sounds like LSU doesn't mean that just proved that. I mean look is already did that all of us right. That was not good right. No not good. And I think he's. Didn't mean more. Evidence to be concerned because he couldn't get along when Matt Canada. As offensive coordinator you like Madd Canada right I do yes. I mean you bring you man. To Canada modernize and step up and bring some use the new blood to this offense and Daniel only gently Malone let him go play as you gotta you gotta metal. You got a medal so Canada's out. And now they have Bob brought in Steve. And sinker. Do you like that no no hell of Mexican and certain itself so what part of him not being sold do you not understand. Because this is is gone back to the old school stuff here with Steve. Right. I mean. It seems that the style that got less miles fired at LSU as what they're. Seem to be headed back toward. Well it seems that. And I don't know why. Coach O would meddle with Matt Kemp I mean look at polling was never going to become. What people want him to become I mean it was a miracle. They want non ball games. But I mean he was a walk on Purdue. I mean think about them. So I don't understand I think sometimes head coaches and especially. First year head coaches although Ed is that this isn't his first rodeo buddy this is first rodeo and L issue. And a lot of times they don't know when to back all. And realize. That hey yeah the pressure's great you know that we took the job. But at the same time everybody on the planet knew that LA issue was a nine to eight win team that when it quarterback. Now supposedly they've gotten that fixed because they've got like the number three number four rate. Quarterback in the country come and Al issue now. That was just he just played in the now US army all American games and are cease yes. So you think that would have fixed that. But when it comes to the point it really makes you wonder what was going on because that is a that is an extreme situation. Because it was. Or draw on that brought Canada to issue. So we had to have. A pretty good feeling about what he was that what it was doing and how he's gonna call the plays and this sounds like there was there a difference in personality. And you know what I'd add one really really bad and I don't blame map for for this one reason. When the offense go south who'd they always blame. And we will we ever heard a head coach what was coach or Obama. Step up and say hey you know what. You know in this circumstance on the one that told Matt called this play. And it didn't work out and that's on me know he's gonna do. Well what I understand it from the stuff I've read. It was source Jauron who really got involved way to Detroit game. And look how that Arab network Al and after that debacle. He let Canada kind of do his thing and they were little less streak yes won some games. But then. He's gone wrong with the into the here you know in the blood and blood so it's and then you're just trying to survive the season there. I'm not optimistic. Well. When you run off guys of that cat guys of that caliber not gonna stay and have. I had coached do the stuff why would you. I mean it's a no win situation you're gonna get blamed and you're you're not even to blame for your own stuff somebody else's. Meddling and. Well now it's all on him that because. Derrius Geist has gone. At least gone. Arne key is gone. So we're gonna find out what public coach and I'll like him I think he's a guy. A lot of the kids like it would play four. But you might be on the something in the fact that he may not be cut out to be head coach Wright he may be just a recruiting guy and the deal line guy and you know what there's nothing wrong with. I know why is lovable like yet I mean like iron. Do interviews too because but how about as a head coach was thought to Jason about that forwarded to bring hey Jason welcome meant. Got a picture in my car easily compare that to ought or coach goes down or battle that Benedict mentioned. Or the recently rejectionist or coach or coordinator Shia party was sent. Don't want shaking our gas that smarter or are about to be hit by district vegetation. How are grown and took. Help. After program all over the top deal record here on course shed that and each go about things that. The interim coordinator I think he's. Probably got a co chair in the duck and its future. And I noticed they copy late tomorrow only led to coach. Don't chemistry had this problem years ago little org slash you're probably did they allow senate that kind of medal event. What led ill Mario culture. According wanted to do and they've all pretty Asia Asia our cultural and what he's done it Q we think what kind of touched down at. Of course great man like horses don't even know artery can import guy here are your. Get that played a match go you know. You know just. Coach did dish dish. Grady brewer boring game gosh what would you how are showing him how little Coke chief Obama. I do know what you may not think down you know I can't believe that he blew it with Matt can't name one year met him as a good coach. Meg Canada's got a job count down the road. I. Got harder and went innovate which don't show up you know what I eat. English spectacularly want to gangster or is that intramural battle. Thank you really know Warren. You know little warning gained huge pierce post went anyway I'm ordering huge etched there their ear. I don't know he's sent immediately following. It below me emotional current commercial bus that's you know that's that's kinda. Different I am not Paco. And Jason appreciate it let's get the break a mega wrap up our number two if you wanna jump onboard 8444773776. Phone lines are open in the huddle on ESP announced that. America's subtle on ESPN upstate here Friday afternoon edition with GMAC the coach just Phillips. And Alonso a 444773776. If you wanna get in in the final hour here coming up. Text line is 71307. And Twitter. And ESP in upstate did you keep that person's name who won the other hand you're not if you don't that's where we had a winner on our contest for the yeah. International auto show tickets I didn't it's Barbara Bradley Barbara. And what Barbara said about Clinton you'd hoped that he thought they were too. He sees ignored he's just trying to pretend like he doesn't normally and you'll sense of style here's a couple tweets tanner says. I'm a huge Clemson fan I can tell you those uniforms were all full I would love to meet the designer and ask him how hard they hit their head for the design. Much she'd boast says the Clinton jerseys reminded me of this circa 2002 I did these in this assay. North Carolina tar heel basketball uniform that. I mean I is not as of as upon someone. But it looks like it has some panel. Zipper belt loop on the belts what's weird on this North Carolina when does it classic uniform compared to the clubs and down is not nearly as bad as the yeah. Tiger racing stripes downside. Now. Hate real here. I in so again. It's 14 and about 35 against so far in. On the clubs in Rhode basketball uniforms from last month he used to be in an island no wanted to be number one social only known. You can own your own a man like the way you own things. Eight. Alike you know what's gonna happen is close fans hate these obviously and so they're just gonna kind of ignore them and hope they go. Right now and a what you do because you really don't put pressure on schools are huge discounts are common and skilling nor that these even exist and maybe they'll see the light here pretty soon. They love it when the football team owners or. Don't Wear the tiger stripes. Not the purple tiger stripes just that one thing down the side. Yes. So. This the strike zone I'm purple. Purples cool color purple and awesome color has known do purple and and I look for myself I mean for moments ago we were deplorable Bruins. It was some torque and so the purple Berlin's. The winners. OK glad cause what was the better purpose doesn't mean you know meetings coming college players of using the colors are purple angry. Now you're talking about hideous looking up the field that we play zone that has terribly gory strikes worse than this turf turf. And Boise. Yes. Back on the other side a 444773776. We're gonna meet the new executive director of the BMW charity pro am angering both coming up. Also Dan Quinn falcons. Football coach law and ended the weekend NFL action all ahead in the huddle on ESP in upstate.