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Good afternoon welcome and install huddle for Friday on ESPN. Upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and loans or another. Cloudy rainy day here and then after this turns cold les is not cold today. Muddy it is drizzly so warm at the deal would that and then the cold weather coming up here. In the next few days back to some winter weather here we have a lot to talk about today here in the huddle we'll get to Clemson basketball and just a moment they did not win last night. 125 when we're joined by Matt Connelly with the state newspaper Matt. Sauls ion Williams and come back last night after his injury first game back. And of course he plays on night ESPN. Tomorrow night. So we'll call the man about them Zion has some things to say about his recruitment. After the game last night so we'll check human map on that coming up. Other Panthers finally hired Norv Turner they just talked about it for a week and then they aren't. So that's official who talk a little bit about that Frank Martin met with the media yesterday the game cut basketball coach. And defended the decision to bring in Brian Boland from the we've also what you hear what. Coach Morten had to say on that have a rant of the day from Stephen A Smith. About the Washington Wizards. That coming up gonna meet the new executive director of the BMW charity pro am Steve celery won't join us. At 304 today he was the marketing director for the Golf Channel before this so. He knows a thing or two about golf. So that's coming up and we will preview this weekend's NFL action and hear from Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons some good games on tap this week and run through those today. All of that push your phone calls your checks and your tweets 8444773776. Is our phone number. The takes line 71307. Use the keyword ESPN. At the beginning of your text message and Twitter Eddy SP in upstate. While North Carolina State tried to let Clinton back in the game last night. But. The wolf pack. Hell on a 178 to 77 up in Raleigh breaking that I was at ten game winning streak for the tigers. So that's streak comes to an end of the first conference loss of the year for the Clemson Tigers. It was basically NC state all the way until the last minute and a half. And at that point. In a final ninety seconds. The NC state made a bunch of bad decisions. And it came down to Gabe at Devoe missing. The third of three free throws that could have forced overtime he hit two and then missed the last one otherwise they would have gone to overtime. One point two seconds left when that happened first volley fouled the three point shooter you don't wanna do that up by three. And out. But John inbound the ball with that one point two seconds laughter I guess couple seconds more than that and bounced it off the baseline. Not good NC state so they turned it over gave Clinton attended just did a bunch of things wrong and the last couple minutes of the game. But because gave to go home did miss the third free throw. The wolfpack was able to hold on and win Brad Brownell after the game talking about what he told his team. During that final time out as gay was going up to shoot two free throws. One gave makes it make sure we get downing of two guys in front of your seven so that they don't throw crazy football unearned 21 and there's. Yes there was a factor certainly. You know we're gonna sit through a couple. To see if he can keep it up but he certainly can keep up. Yet those are big big shots. You know we're trying to put the ball screen one way and one of the things you're gonna give up shots from him it. You know in the second half we couldn't do it as well because he knows he just was making so we had to change we knew bitten. And announces a huge factor not just threes with and he was he was great on I mean as a as a pro it's unbelievable downer skill level. Points finish both and make threes. Premium player. The or you're seven might elect that main jerk 729. Points in the game. The senator for NC state class like four rebounds and four blocked shots at Clemson didn't really have. And answer for him but. They did not get all three free throws so the tigers now are fourteen and two. And three and one in the Atlantic Coast Conference we thought about this yesterday guys that your clubs got. This game plus a gonna come right back in play Miami. At home not tomorrow afternoon and felt like they might lose one of these games hopefully now they don't lose both welcomed the drop to close one month. And the way that they came back he just felt that. They released him try to force overtime didn't quite make it. It in on them like you said they've got Miami. Coming up which is going to be a difficult. Our task and of itself on. Miami has one of the better back courts deny a lot of people talk about. On with their gorge there they're experienced. Upperclassmen so. On clemson's New York as as is typical when you play in the league like the Atlantic Coast Conference. That these small game I should say it's not a small game but these games. That are decided by a point or less. You got to figure out a way to win them because they're not gonna get any easier. Clinton shop pretty well last night 53% from the field about 37 and a half from three points in 68% from the young. Free throw line last night. As far as leaving scores for the tigers they had four guys in double figures grant them had sixteen Devoe at twelve Reid had seventeen and Donald had thirteen off the bench they get some bench scoring in the game. Last night but just came up far older short but close instilling great shape your 31 conference record is certainly take that comic you know when you get that close. At the end. You'd love to kind of sneak one out but they were not able to do that the other thing. Coach if you say he's. And just showed on the other. I don't know if this is the every day road uniform for clips of abuse in this. I did see weakness. Love him are you serious at all admirable that strong arm. Are you sorry hello Ali look really I love it let him real value of that alone. Love it. It's purple. With the orange tiger paw on the front the orange numbers on the back but. Beat you know standout thing about this is down the side yeah this is sides right loaded it's like a foot wide. Tiger stripe. I gotta say in the last two days I've come to believe that possibly we've had a tiger in our midst this hiding. It and in the last two days I think he's. Come out. Love the uniforms. Okay. We'll certainly what what. What do you like about that the only thing I don't. Is the pole for the on the front what bothers you about that it looks that looks like wrestling uniform. With aplomb expect him to have your books. But. Not constitute a political. Figure that year OK thank you. Does not strike the strike you lighten our load the rest of that'll probable that strike bring it home to be man. I don't think I'll wish they would have done is worn orange socks with purple and orange shoes. Who put the see they didn't complete its. Clearly had the same and in basketball players illness like MC one with like issues on in this picture Naylor has lectures were aware of the single or you're. Everybody has their own deal like this and choose if there. I mean I gotta put this on FaceBook I'm put up here when you guys tell me if Josh is right about this. I'm receiving like yeah are the teams to lament is that a near like. Who's their uniforms Nike is that a new thing for basketball uniforms as you yeah. Curious to see if the if the true Clemson fans can give passer phantom and there by you know how ugly these things are alone. You have got sick organs beautiful basketball uniforms. Multi like either of their football uniforms are they different every day there wasn't a couple years ago organ played Baylor in the NCAA tournament. And you could have turned the lights off and still sold players and. For both feet slide I think you turn the lights off here and see tiger striped thing out the side that's. I don't get it. No you know I was just gonna look and it's a story on how closest game got a then also missing just reached up slapped me in the face. That. You know it's not a us fan strife it's it's it's a wide strike all the way to the subtle bodies from the Jersey down to the short sweet and all the way down. And who see I don't consider myself a prude on that kind of fashion. Because unlike. Obviously wild stuff but does does that just doesn't I would say on the old man in the room Milan's as McNamee appear. You know I am menu scenes on the stump spyware so I mean I don't know right. I'd anyway and the tigers fall 78 to 77. Two NC state last night. Things outside of that no that's you know there are some places where you can get away with bright. Like. Alabama Penn State's children can now you can't. You gotta be traditional at those schools Texas. Mean yeah basketball you gotta hatred and yet you can't get away from. From the beat their simplicity that makes them unique. I mean they are what they are now but other schools. You know they wanna branch out there I mean. And I don't want to complain about colors and all that I like football I never complain about it unless it's some. You know color rushed thing that's just ridiculous. Michael bright yellow or topic I. Got in trouble with the gamecocks fans because what was a few years ago before Spurrier. Exited stage right now they came out of the white helmet. Whiff the fire from others. Did you see have the Bob. Feathers loved you loved I loved it means. A load. Loved it Monday homeless man. Not an analyst from the put on FaceBook he doesn't snow otherwise in basketball last night which tossed a number five rolled over east Carolina. Now Oregon beat Arizona State lumps at their hitters on the states. Third loss of the year 7672. Guns that a big over Portland. And Arizona. No problem with Oregon State 62 to 53 last night and top 25. Basketball action South Carolina and Georgia tomorrow and Clemson hosting Miami tomorrow let's what's coming up on the weekend an area. College basketball for the big schools around our area a 444773776. Text line 71307. And Twitter at ESPN upstate will break and come back we're gonna talk in just few minutes when Matt Connelly with a state newspaper about some. Clemson things and also about design down Williamson so stand by for that it's not baloney SP in upstate will be right back. Welcome back it is the huddle it is ESPN. Upstate. With Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips. And Alonzo you wanna get onboard 8444773776. The text line is 71307. And Twitter at ESPN. Upstate we'll get him with them. Matt Connelly from the state newspaper in just a couple of minutes here whom baseball news today. Third baseman Josh Donaldson and the Toronto Blue Jays today have broken the record for the highest salary. Among players eligible for arbitration. One year 23. Million dollars. The previous record for an arbitration eligible player was set by nationals outfielder Bryce Harper in May. He got a one year 21 point six. Million dollar deal so the money just. Keeps going up the Don Josh Donaldson is a three time all star and certainly. Worth a ton of money you might one argue whether he's worth 23 million dollars for the 2000. Eighteenth season but the money just keeps going up she just you know never gets surprised by totals Thursday. Continue to Juan increase speak in a big box relatively big box. What must champs got his new deal his extension force South Carolina. Six year 28 point two million dollar contract for what must champ. After the nine win season board trustees proved that today. It might four point two million dollars next ball. So must champ four point two we decided that Bo is on average six and three quarters. Through August that. Seems more or less. In line his salary will go up 200 grand a reach year of the agreement and it peeks at five point two million dollars in 2000. 23. That's after nine win season the assistants all got their new deals done as well. At South Carolina defensive coordinator Tarvaris Robinson will make one point two million dollars. Per year for the next three years. And Bryan McClendon news just named offensive coordinator 650000. Dollars for the next two years so. The defensive coordinator twice as much as the office of corners often does that surprise you at all. No not given the inexperience. That coach McClendon. Has right now I mean he just he's only called one game. Any just got his first promotion now. If the gamecocks at the world on fire there in the top fifteen. In offenses that in the next year. And I'm sure that'll billable Primeau but he robs been doing it won't. And with what South Carolina. The perception anyway. That senator or his defense wouldn't quite be as good and yet they wore. This past year long and that's kind of the going rate. One point two million right now yes he got Britain animals make him. More than and a half a mile march 1 and a half and a should I think below. I think Dave and bill issues make him too now. For cry now and snow on these these coordinator. Sponsor or getting up there. Quite high. Debt well when you have us on nine and four year and very few people expected that out of south carolinian mop them up and they've. They've done that we'll go over some of the other assistants on numbers that came out today from board of trustees approval. And a bit of a score and bring in on Matt Connelly with the state newspaper was on the line with us hello Matt. Figuring out the door it is Longwell how're you doing. I'm doing very is one half life from animals you know all the tough period. It's right around there in I would be surprised at all and Hillary out of that policy and would go with what some of these guys are vacant now. Yeah I outlined you can't really arguing what they're doing with the must champ finance staff after time went right. And it doesn't get deserved double are home and they got aperture and now I think credible trolley deserves a ball with what he's done that's Lilly none of these Carty. One of the past eight that it into the country he beat port that retaining a tropical or the outlook express the thought these other very there's a few week. Death would neither arm. As while world football let's talk about Clemson here problem we don't know anything about these defensive lineman yet right Clinton Ferrell. I'm Bryant and Wilkens. Don't think it's just so over there is that we didn't seem over the past couple days. They can note that those guys are gonna. Bag. Not being. Most people as soon as the seat of it is decision did they were all going to move on in the village is going to be pretty quick process. You know I think the longer gonna drawn out the more likely is it. They come back our. And I would be surprised at all at this point default period Olympics. This is definitely kind of how surprised are not what people irrespective of that struggle on and gets it right now. Do you think that means they have heard thereof. Their grades for the NFL or not first round. Think it may be a mix of public people saying our home I think maybe. It's like you get their great that you wanted to they were openers there expect you to that they're obsolete. Really close to the unit and so. Noticed they ought to ride out of at a lower rate that you're expecting this strategy what article about. That there really close potential arson as well they'd be Ellis particularly. One more year and go back to try to win a national title and then I'll or are pro together all. I think that be part of it then content obviously done a good job in the past you or vector. To date Spiller in got a call back and it's been resolved their careers quality. They're victory in that kind of stone I think they're probably several factors that are all car or any Chile that they hope of course without. I'm not surprised image giant has already announced he's coming back front. Though than in you know he shadow was a sure fire pressure topic actors freshman year people are saying that are perched. Operate ticket in a list actors freshman year and that steady Kana. Are they were then able to instead I'm not gonna say that in a big step back because you detain the best say he got a armed with a the issue here but I do tell like. He does something and you also work all revealed that get better comedy he's not where you'll be. As a prospect on the you know if you cannot this year at all that you are choppy. Probably just what some of that the struggle to be handling the year let me think yet the potential because back at it a you'd next year. I'll be surprised at all in the order of our show. What do you think of the decision by. NFL. Yeah both pretty early own at the Austrian that you probably the year all the he well that was obviously really really explode at the it was prepared to be even a depression and arm Mineta rid itself we years back to the Mike what do you think quite the book expectations. This year or people expect a problem insert little with consistency. But he's still got it. That's quake. Run run pretty good routes and has a bright future that I did it sell at all. It probably won't be a first round but I would be surprised at all. That'll be rioted at the top spot at peace you know second or third round. Great great. Was a little bit of a surprise to quote I don't think he's going to be quite as beyond it and he said that. Give it decree was really important to our. That debate on the data caddick. About special teams in the NFL if it can probably contribute right away there. Now think later that around for you know but he goes out whether really that I'll buy it certainly promoted stock over the world. Are there some other guys are waiting for decisions on my Monday. Nick Kindle Kindle justice com is probably the other. They weren't he's got his degree graduated. The Richard junior. It had a really nice here a lot that it would probably be it middle rounds to any the regulate this you were those three Egypt on the correct attitude or your you know Pete that got the local Becky really get print and those guys they may. On the side that they're gonna go back together. Mark Phillips early on that. It's got to talked about maybe turn pro that he got a Compaq already. The main which are still wait all right now. Now I feel like we've seen enough from mark fields now playing captain there. For him to be going on yardages and feel that way to me about you. Well I yeah I mean he you know he hit the target counties really really unit that you spate belt for most of the year are. Need to talk little but what is certain holy city still under percent. You're gonna try to go out there playing security saw it. That it would still look at all the way back where it be. That they. That vehicle back Evan at a dollar need to see it it started. Edgar electronic orders that equipment that quarterback he's got a bright feature element and. Talk to do Matt Connelly. The state newspaper here in the hollow mass all you re tweet this I guess it was a graphic. By Kelly Bryant you know and it is his passer rating on deep throws a perception on Kelly Bryant is the had a bad year throwing the and a suburb of this stat was that he had the best year in the ACC throwing deep what does that project. Yet that's surprised you solve all. And out there that got it at a particularly prize. As a patent throughout the year but at that it surprised me called the eat it. You know there are pretty cute quarterback this year armed and they beat the you know in the NC state offered it at Wake Forest so to be. It is that the top passing out or check the speaker that the top. The passing quarterback epic is is that pretty big Goddard on the Internet. Look at of their statistics that break it all down it's not just an opinion that. Factual matters it is because they had. Not being. So quote that fans are so excited about artistic product. Overlooking Kelly got a ready to move on from Caylee all in and I know he had control especially in the middle yearly got a stroke that actors be it. Toward the end of the year. Particularly that you you can be sure and get by AB did a really good it. Was really accurate. In eighty pretty different dynamic a belt as his running ability and I think they'll underrated at the pastor's. It's certainly going to be a quarterback competition not think the beer really get loaded in general are out there that they bright future at all. That they Kelly maybe yet of a look a little bit what he did this year stolen. Glover to the league go to the to the playoffs and an abort the. Yeah I mean on our breakdown Trevor Lawrence has been how high with all of he has that it would shock me if if Kelly Brian doesn't start the season as they starting quarterback and you. Yeah how they shot called do you think that there and it that your a bit of good coaches that have a choice I'll. But a plan on his guard down its. Probably it'd be any quarterback content. He didn't even a lot. Bullet that the idea I think it would be a little surprise or meet this would it be it first occurred. Go to to get this a year the people forget about underdog that you need to he had a really cute year. Pat in the ball and limit opportunities these guys got a lot more calls for with a playbook as the beat. Let alone he's another former baht Starker as well. I think all three of those guys have missed two when the job on the articulate probably. The favorite followed by her all about honor but I think all three able patent realistic shot. Did a mission does Eric Cooper what's so what's his future was clumps and he's like. Yes that's that scored Beatrice. I know there are some report that that the news circle that bag but what apple on the jeweler. He said he is gonna pray about it and whatever at its oil was going to be you know it decision or already stated corpse of resolve. I would be surprised. It's after the strength over east. Well down the depth chart it is. To move on that this is speculation. At this point. They either got it you know he didn't have a great year thrown the ball back out got beat out honored to look into the year. But concert fans a lot of close as well or to the last year that you orthopedic guy is going to be the starter. Because that if our music either child runner. He's kind of an open now passed the ball but a beat Vicki. Decided that he's ready to move on these now and get it down. IMAP for let's go let's talk a little basketball you all went sees I'm Williamson last night right. But did you know first game that since no members. Hewitt you looked a lot like on it several oppressed adult brought up against. COPEL. Six sixteen. We're mashal Christians they did it in a really impressive in. Now and did not look like he was bothered by the. No not you know the situation they've really wanted to make sure you. You know whatever stand before they arrest of back com. Yeah I mean this is the guy has potentially billions of millions of dollars trotting out its future all that well. It's they didn't moderate it at all I respect all the maybe communicate back. Probably suitor but they've really waited and wanted to make sure you percent. No but it may be be it a little more tired than normal and not quite be the best policy that technical will want all on the east certainly looked. Also under burst into under percent that week. So I understand after the game they was quoted as saying his recruitment as wide open does that right. Yet not. Serve bomb completely buy that but he did say you know come. What will argue that it he would make a decision yet he's there will. You know I don't really wanted to that would steal it UH 48 solvent in Haiti when it SA and oh yeah I don't know. You know they gave me Bernard said I'm only down the city's schools well. Ups the lot open at this point oh home. Because he'd had an afterthought until April. So like. He wouldn't have come out analyses go to go ahead make your decision. What she had a pretty good idea what he's going to solve. Seattle I think he's probably at the end of the society gate count the two were preschools and he's kind of as a finalist but I think he's either. Made a decision merger that really close to that decision right now. And what are your thoughts what what if you had a better right now would you say is on 200. Like get that question alone put up I think South Carolina north to honor it is well on home. Not I think people kind of counted. It's safe schools out early alone or at least some national people did enough people got to come around. Is to think eclipse is probably the favorite and I agree that I think eclipse is probably the favorite right now but it some optimism. All the stuff on its side as well that there are still it'd. An and I know that he really liked or who lives in North Carolina in the fact that they're not on probation. After that academics stokes. I think you know divided lows and I think those are probably the top three. They. At the top three bout against China our clips to suck on an north Carolina at some mortar problem with quotes and at the paper. How do you think VI arrival of Brian Boland from the little South Carolina effects design on positively negatively or not at all. Think it's safe zone may be a little bit positively arm but not a sign in but I'd be. Knew both personally you see any prior relationship with the authority says that he really dull. I know two years obviously you know these great player. But he does it as far as being afraid to realize that I like bridge there are. So that NATO stopped a lot of so around the fact that. That you know either he's a former pop star recruit obviously Ali great prostate. Fumble that this battle that's going to be the deciding factors that. Made all the sudden useless except on an aside that's rewards go to this got a couple. I'm we're on we're gonna hear from offering mourn yet cannot defend that decision I guess yesterday when he met with the media about stuff. Any thoughts on that from you before I let you go where you surprise surprise Marmol bring him rhyme moan. Look public things are taught thing that it says the duct about it not really worried about what. Any thing would it be a case as far as it would concern to you know I don't think it's. They felt that the NCAA with critical down hard on bogus seriously looking at down. That had their mitts in an additional report. I don't think that they would have. Downside though it they're worried about that at all on and in in my opinion kind of low risk high reward. You know I don't think there's really going to lose. Bring remote at this since signing on you know he doesn't in the play. And that he does and don't be in a major contributor and obviously the big boost for the program but they killed. And see it though. They're playing in never played any game that go pro or does it cleared for credit Yale topic that big walks. You know partly biggest probably. It's moved it's like a bit low risk high reward. Very good Matt Connelly the state newspaper Matt at the state if you wanna follow him on Twitter Matt's always a pleasure thanks for coming on. All right all right Matt Connelly there late for the break we'll be back in a moment this is the huddle on ESP announced it. Over under on mellowing Norv Turner is the Carolina Panthers. Offensive coordinator Ellis said it at. We'll set it at three years. Over and over. More than three years. Loans of C this'll hard. Us and answer because we don't know who DL we're going to be I think that would factor in. So the good transitional year this year because no owners in place he had on the over 01 three years. But how does the again 65. Is not so much the age as it is the history. It doesn't work for more claims that he's not work for. If as well tweeted earlier and not quite but it he's closing in on having war for half the teams in the NFL does that mean you're going under the island. Here's what Norv Turner has done. Recently sat out last year accorsi air by surprise when he walked away from the Minnesota job. A year ago. He was with the vikings from 2014. To 2016 so that's three years. Before that he was with Cleveland for one year. He was heads coached San Diego fourth I guess a B 62720126. Seasons. Sampras Cisco offensive coordinator one year Oakland Raiders head coach two years. Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator two years San Diego Chargers offense coordinator one year. Head coach of the Redskins from nine to 42000. Some seven season so there's not a stretch. Three years as the offensive coordinator for Josh as Dallas cowboy. And six years as the wide receivers coach for the LA rams. After coming out of our southern cal so out all those. Jobs you just listed them the the only time he was with a winning team was. Was Dallas winning that morning was there Josh Josh was Dallas winning and 1991 to 93 yeah couples who certain time for social and that would be the only time he was with a winning team I'm a because San Diego isn't wasn't that bad but they this. The San Diego union and they say when he Davis and he. As he coached the chargers. Now obviously going on record here we got. Chargers 1158 Nate thirteen and three. Nine and 78 Nate seven and nine. Williams started off successful. One the AFC west first three years and Lyndon when an anymore. In a Washington. Three and thirteen six in 109 and 787 and 16 in 1010. And 67. And six. All 49 and 59 overall in Washington. 56 and forty at San Diego. 923. In Oakland. Bingo well Oakland. 511 and four and twelve feet voicing his better years were when he was just offensive coordinator. Mean I guess. I guess it just down. He doesn't have the burden of being the head coach and you can just concentrate on you know the offense. I'm seeing these stories can Norv Turner fix Cam Newton. If he could teach him to not let the ball go astray on occasion. I mean that's the only thing can be tolerate. I don't know what does cam need to learn really. Consistency. Cannot be taught. To usher coach cannot be taught confused consistency. Yeah depending what the system. Is asking him. You know there are some systems that we want the ball out quick. Like the West Coast office you know they they want the ball out in a rhythm timing. Get the ball out of the quarterback's hands and less than two seconds. So he doesn't it on. Take as many hits. Get all five receivers. In the routes which include blacks. Also there's in them and you've got the vertical passing game where. You know you've got seven step drops were there basically throwing three vertical and open for bust. And that's that's applause via there so then you've got to move Iran to meet immediate ones. All in between so. Think nor. The thing that I think that nor was gonna help him win is simplifying the position. And if you look at norms. Coaching tree if you will quarterbacks. Troy Aikman who who's in the hall of fame Drew Brees his rookie year. Doug Flutie. I mean the list goes on in the home of guys. Bridgewater was pretty good then again her Bridgewater was pretty good too he got hurt. Exactly so. From a for me purely offensive standpoint now norm is not a head coach. That's not his. He spent like fifteen years ago could. You always feel that you know we are coordinator you always wore. You know it's like among us you know you're always looking for war. The ability to advance into another role that has more responsibility. So. You know that's part of it but morals. Mitch. It will play caller and quarterback developer and I think cam is gonna benefit exponentially as a unit OK amber unless. No no say here's where you can run and we years we need throwaway. Back in a moment no huddle your chance to win the not before contest took two on Minneapolis. See the Dave Matthews man that's coming up in just few minutes stay Woodson huddle on ESP in upstate. It's up posted on FaceBook a picture of the Clemson routed basketball uniforms lease from last night met the NC state game purple uniforms with the orange tiger pattern. Like a Amin looks like it's about a foot thick down the sides. And ask for opinions on that. It's not going wealthy Josh. Alley says. These constant basketball uniforms of the dumbest things I've ever seen and that's saying something since I watched the 2018 peach bowl. Well the thing for the Auburn numb Central Florida uniforms like on a member of the band and the people. Think I mean. Central Florida's black and gold and Auburn color blue and orange. You know only Colin says Tony point when I'm probably change my mind but these Clemson basketball uniforms Tareq. Mathis says Naomi uniforms because of the stripes on the sides. Bryant says today. On the uniforms. If you haven't seen them I had no idea there were doing this and look I'm just old guy that doesn't like change that you should be. But if you wanna sing yet. Look at ESP in upstate on FaceBook and we've got a picture there. It's. It looks like. You might as well just extended down in defeat on the bottom. Honestly gonna might as well you don't do it for us criticized but I'm I'm glad that some Clemson fans here are getting on there and say in what they feel about it because it's. It's hard to put your fan on the side until he sees some light list has pretty bad I bum and wait until mother's for an hour and we have one person defending uniforms and as Josh. About aren't usually the case. But hey it may we can find more go to FaceBook. Look at BSP in upstate the last thing we posted is a story about last night's game. And there is a picture there of the Clemson basketball road uniform with the racing tiger stripes now on the side.