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Thursday, January 11th

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And a lot of fond times to talk about today in the hoddle final hour has reached us quickly thanks roll calls so far. At Clemson fans riled up tonight. 8444773776. Text line 71307. And Twitter at ESPN of states didian studio where this Mike and video blogger and podcaster from ESP in upstate dot com and sometimes. Show host in here sometimes I liked talking about baseball when you can limit the Sears the biggest story in baseball is that an agent was filming his clients in the shower. Mike the college now what is going on this wants right now gap that's real that's a story. Yeah it's crazy because we we came into December and the whole conversation was once John Carlo is traded. Once as soon as sent off once. This what was the third person names idea that Asian. Up like I owed tuna or. Gosh what was the name forget it out Connie. Once he's signed it's an all just fall in place Domino's. A thousand different signings and trades it's going to be so exciting and nothing we've seen absolutely nothing and as the Red Sox fan it's very frustrating because you know. You've been waiting for something after the Yankees have done so much so it is just kind of boring it's been one of the worst off seasons ever could distill Hedo. You would expect because there's still some really big names are free agents JD Martinez doesn't have a team so like something's gonna happen and their stocks of Machado still with both the Yankees and the Red Sox and other teams have talked to JD with the budget teams Greinke could be traded. All of these like could be you sound interesting but until something happens it's really bored it's really been an awful offseason. Moved from early get a couple headlines from ESP down now they say they 2018 Astros could be perhaps one piece away from being the best team ever. And 101 games last year. Whaling. Adding Gary Cole is huge as well I'm just bolstering that rotation I mean they're they're studs they've built this team from the ground up they're all fair. They've got a lot of these guys walked in for a while and you saw them completely dominate baseball a year ago so why not expect from the dominated for awhile as long as oral sticking together there used. All right that's enough baseball goes there's nothing happening there will watch some things start happening in baseball bring you right here and talk about that our discussion of the past. Let's have been like thirty minutes at least give it how was the comment of Ivan may sell obvious paean. It basically said that this Alabama game with Clinton has changed his perspective. Completely. Aung Clinton that he was thinking. Of Clemson as being right there with Alabama before that game. And now it's changed his mind that Clemson is only great when they have a great quarterback. And they were not great this year without the show once. Well I mean as an every team only great when they have a great offense. Not Alabama you have slimy you saw the score points at their offices and decrepit or bad or is it is. Q I never have an issue of losing that many people in Alabama that that high caliber and having some kind of a step back and quality of talent because they're always gonna have five stars basically ever on the field. 'cause they're Alabama it's I don't think that's kind of very fair statement to be honest as they fought with them twice to the blast second one won lost one in the championship game. Bam a guy out of in this game the Amazon or out of the last second at the last second but I mean if everybody before this season all of us included cyclones it was losing three games to war theory at least not three not even going to be in the playoffs so. When year you're looking at a team rebuilding to get that point still. Compete with Alabama they lose in the bat game you know I'll see you can say that it completely changes what happened for the two seasons before. Especially when you see what's coming down the pipe for Clemson right now what's going to be there in the future. He Clemson win at all with Kelly brine mixture. Is Kelly Bryant. Yes he's going to be quarterback he's gonna start the season quarterback is Tony Woolsey you can't start the year with Trevor Lawrence is he going to be at spring. Trevor RCA's are there. Trevor largely primaries starting data before it's going to quarterback makes is to start game one because as our man Ivan said that in have a quarterback now they do he's there he's asked. Bryant is bad but he's he's compare them to Florida State James once. Yet but I don't think it's that fair because Janus Winston left the Florida State can make the playoffs. And a influences the clintons better top to bottom yet. What you if you're looking at it as a team thing their defense was battered this year and you're getting more weapons next year and it's just gonna look I think they're gonna be right back there I'll see how that changes. It changes what this year obviously this game industry's game was terrible horrible for him and very bored. Yeah it was awful. But the defense was great until they ran up against Alabama they weren't great against that would do are horrible are horrible but I mean every horrible not to be championship caliber oddity but I mean how much that does Alabama just average point two point six points a game because if Al if Clinton or anybody had an offense that was scoreboard at. If they beat him. I mean albums never been a high scoring no offense that's just not locking down and take over now so your. Aren't here's my. And I think we have to do split in here but correct me if I'm wrong I think Alonso and I think this almost before arms of you love it when I do that they got the thumbs up at your favorite thing for me today I thought. Clemson here I'll say this if you agree or disagree Paula. Clemson is closer to Georgia and Ohio State and the art element. They're not. Knock in on Alabama seals. Our state George is doing great they looked really good this year Ohio State will be back. Clinton's right there those teams and those are the three to come to mine on and who knows you put Unix here's where our agendas are are. A step back from Alabama all the more. I think all of the other team that you named are I think that Clemson might be the bridge gap in between. Cruelest leaders second spot a Little League and I think that clowns has gone to this point of being in that playoff ranking every single Europe it not the Four Tops top four top six. Every year of it and done it without having that brand power of Ohio State Alabama the big name that you know this whole thing is all about. But the brand name that's gonna get that vote over a smaller name. So they don't have that and they've been able to be in it every year in the mix and go to three straight playoffs win a championship lose a championship to the last second with Alabama. Who's stepped up to Alabama that much other than Georgia but what other season has Georgia been. I disagree with you Bob brand name on ESPN's went out of their way to build Clinton not into a brand name. Clinton and everywhere herb street the biggest fan they played her they are not when they heard that name they are not just automatically. Pigeon hole into brand name power like a. Ohio State they they eat the throat slashed Oklahoma. And then they blistered Ohio still it wasn't like they just over a nice at all we're gonna normally. Close to this level it's the same seed that's the same argument that I have. With people. Don't wanna hate all on the playoff structure and and I don't wanna get off on that rabbit but there's a reason. They got there. Clinton earned the right. To be there they got to only four teams can make the playoff Clinton's been there three out of the four years. If you if you wanna take Ivins comments to an almost say OK fine Clinton is not necessarily equal. To Alabama there a step back from Alabama because of what we saw the other day wall then what we saw the last two years puts them a step ahead. Of Oklahoma and Ohio State Nicholas better Georgia run. Yeah I think there are at least as good and I think they could beat him Josh wants Clinton better than George Curran. Are we comparing programs are we competed and wants juicy. Why is Clinton shattered in Syracuse right now with. Stop it listens on you don't wanna go down there Iowa that an awful that's. I pay miles they've not really news comes next or no clue as well I'm just sick and since Obama I mean is that what Clinton don't get blown out of home Josh Georgia's going to be there's not a one year deal for George you don't think that no adult but I think Georgia has the right coach now and they're gonna get things on that got instant. Then again. Do you really think they're gonna be that dominant throughout the season every year to get to this point when you're gonna see teams in the SEC east somehow. They're not all stern is he's he's gonna make it you lose a debit united do you think Florida's gonna stay that for ever. No tennis he's not gonna finally may be at least bounce back half way to be decent enough people is all right now we come back in the Atlantic right now the S disease has been garbage the last. Then and so it's like yeah they're great and I think there are phenomenal football team and Alabama they're right there with them to the end. Why it's you know a completely bad performance by the eminent first after. What do you think that there's. A gap between Georgia and the rest of the east or whether it's gonna take at least two to three years. For. Florida four to Tennessee may not mean we don't know what Pruitt going to be. As a head coach and what type he's we assume because Dan Mullen. One at Mississippi State he's going to be able to do that in spades at Florida with the resources that the gas. And I agree with that but it's gonna take two to three years. Georgia is not going anywhere right an Alabama is not going anywhere and Clinton's not going anywhere but the problem that Georgia's two and a half. Is that they're gonna face Alabama and the SEC championship it was literally by I'm anomaly. That it didn't happen this year. Now averages say. That they are the two best teams in the Southeastern Conference. And moving forward to Georgia Georgia just prove they can do an absolute. Is it part of this this step like this team's about this team was above this team also the continued success I mean this is the first year. Georgia's they're they've lost it to last two seasons they've been second to Florida and Mack going to got fired. I'm in Yuxi. So tired about programs so much because I'm a Georgia doesn't have a history and Mark Richt didn't get them there. I got them but where they are now on they're not Bologna where I'm talking about now forward. Now till I just there and I think Clinton's at least a step if not too ahead of Georgia I grew that can step ahead of Ohio State is a master with what's coming. And I'll say this. George whose rise. Has put an enormous amount of pressure on the pac twelve the big tree and out of those two specifically. The big twelve not so much because Oklahoma is the class of the league I don't think there's a psychic analyst government does something with Texas. But the rise of Georgia. Is literally gotta make it that in the pac twelve in the big kid you'd better go undefeated. It's just too seriously injured and mentos winning the Big Ten James who doesn't mean welcoming the actual championship run. Into them. I neutral field Georgia and Clemson run on you guzzle lots of would take some lines don't see any what are you seeing him make you do that. What did you see in the post season it's that you see against of the same opponent a week apart in Alabama that makes you think that. Alabama had a month to prepare constantly to prepare for Georgia for one but it's the same exact transit of property that the committee uses the say that who USC played wasn't as good as to Ohio State played who wasn't as good as well and applied. Right. I don't know I think it would be welcome again. I followed him dutrow yeah Clemson a Clemson played better. Threw that schedule with only one loss Georgia didn't play as good teams in the AFC east so transit of property just like committee uses George also played Notre Dame Ambien. Yeah but did but then notre Dame's not a good enough win for other teams. So like you can't here's where we quantify where these teams stack up as with a chip I'm just want to name ended up running to right now yeah so did Memphis but that doesn't. There's a 28. If we're successful. We're and you get to go to Central Florida so where was I think USC should have been in the playoffs seriously can't discredit USC. He's Notre Dame later neutral field right now Georgia beats Clinton telling you. That made it half field run now but first let you at UCF play Alabama but. Angle and I Annie and I looked. My shirt to come on time. You're under pressure or Central Florida sugar brown truck didn't show before I came back and watch very does that mean. He got the publicity on this do we lead again seventeen point five million dollars of revenue days. They aren't they were doing and all of a school where is that revenue go into the program into the school. Tuitions at an altar applications or alt for school as 66 yards to absolutely Google 100000 and a blowout Arizona State as the biggest and you can completely tribute. To this a lot of it boosted after this. Now not to mention it's nine days after the people to live by talk about Central Florida for nine days that I didn't call and ESPN's still talking about it air prevails doing a story on the billboard that was an Alabama yesterday and things that notre trying to decide to go to school becomes someone decides to call themselves champions. I'm just becoming aware of the school to human not a thought about on the Adams who who thought our Central Florida before this year. Obviously 66000. Kids well okay the definitely candidate. You'd be in the ACC they should be in the big twelve was also is an idiot was solutions doesn't know there's nobody element right now. That that's the problem the problem is that nobody a lot of it if this solution is either you go to the bigger format you'd drop these conferences and conference championships is they don't matter at all. Make these teams play only power five teams are only. At least FBS teams know what CS teams knows no division to and how about so you have to schedule somebody like Memphis Houston UCF Utah BYU these schools that you tell. Are good enough to compete with you because they don't play anybody good. And if you make that happen maybe you'll see these teams and I think the best option would be for bulls beat wake up at four teams come back to the moral but the rest of the power five conferences and you get two teams that combine for the biggest television market. Next LA I think in the country when you put Tampa and Orlando to gather and you pigeon holes the recruiting for the big twelve in the Florida which is never had before. You make him take a group of five to get a you make that you write that in. Am I not at least one at large the best group of five teams that you give the best group of five team a mere six bowl with a peach bowl give that team won playoff game advocate Christ they get crossed and everyone can tell C we don't. And Alabama still gets in with your other. Wildcard this year with there one off. Why don't you think. A powerful conference would let Central Florida I think there's a lot of problems. And I think it goes deeper than just the big twelve not wanting to split money out which is a lot of people point to I think Florida Florida State Miami don't wanna. There's audience big recruiting hotbed of Florida there's three major universities and the state and they still having to compete against Alabama against Georgia against Georgia Tech against Carolina Clemson were all going down there trying to steal recruits they don't wanna add two more power five schools right there for. When you have a bunch of great talent coming out of both Orlando and Tampa that might stay home instead of going to Florida State Florida and UN. So I think there's a lot of drama blow. That those three universities do not CDs schools grow. I did yum you're OK with Brian Rolle bow and being taken by the gamecocks yeah I mean he's the kid that has we all gave him knew that it. As if at some of us that some of their. Isaac was actually butt is that different but that was different as we had to lose to them and as his rivals I'll Matt. But that was a fan thing it's you know don't make the kid's life and because of stupid decisions of adults to. Yeah he probably should have been involved and if he was. But and the anyone's there's grown ups that are doing all of this Rick Pitino was involved in all of this the kid is just following the star struck guys and and in sure somebody and you're 100 dollar and shake. 600000. Your you're walking away with saying give it to him and he was clear by the FBI as a good enough for you that's fine by me. That's supposed to be what it means is that you know my body recently. With little sleep but hopefully that brings more good talent because they're not looking. Time Williamson's on TV Saturday night. Yeah and we're here in bad rumors as far as in game got them. Well we are but but some are suggesting that the Boeing company and helps the chances to get. Some suggest that hurt to get better in some reason to do little wrong and analysts. I hate to upset the Clemson Carolina fan base has right now I'd still but it. It is hit me I'm sorry but I zip it. If basketball manner like football and either of these two schools but I go to basketball there and better and blue blood football a man in basketball you might as well I'd take that stuff. I'd thank you did the look for your stuff on the website he has been in upstate dot com it's my been dating back in a moment we'll get back to the phone's not lobbyist in constant. I trying and now all of us in the huddle on ESPN upstate here Thursday afternoon edition with. GMAC which Phillips. Alonso 8444773776. Hey Greg can ask your question it's a technical question you may you know how to remove yourself from aids Twitter thread. Where you've been you know copied into it in now you can all replies all is the lone man I don't wanna see anymore than it says thirty way to get it get out offer this threat I don't know that you can do that does not like a group Texas. A Twitter group that does not really in a group everybody's tag and you everytime. I re tweet it helped that Josh has reached we've never see one of them. I think they'll prove that they're wrong I mean we we give our opinion we stick by and they just you know. The moment multiple tweets doesn't make you right back to the phones and Billy is next in the huddle I really. You won't. Odds on to college and not say the polls wrong last week about my Georgia prediction that. Yeah just nobody would go to Egypt and Elwood and and these are always local and regional and well I'll call me and will say this side he's still like that and they're not gonna quarterback change at time and really believed it would blow opportunity Jordan scored watch morning was going to 27 or not and cannot agree with your assessment about Clinton and George is not needing care on a man. I dispute between one out single year and utility couldn't throw the ball and cannot Soriano just gonna disagree with deputy would not anchored on the dog to creep toward democracy Jordan would have done the same thing that were doing the Turks. And to the united jointly concluded that went on the ball that opens up running and passing you on the subplot that that would probably won't they didn't award is counted a big court it's still leaning toward Clinton roster. Quarterback position is huge. Think Clinton doesn't have to on the bench. The bring him. Wonder. Well what I think why why. You know everybody talks about messaging just so it India's if he's such a genius while he got that guy. In her mean technically. Am wanting to play and to save is always really been kind of I want I got it takes care of the football or mud dungeon and threw one pick all year. So we didn't put the ball up for grabs and and you count on the rest of this team to whatever that may change now maybe you learned also. What Greg did do you want to know more or are coached many bit they would block legally insane and I had to appoint all your I don't. Now. Now I think. When would Alabama have one outs. When they lost to Auburn with to a playing our guess is the question. Yeah video I had. Exactly. The point it hurts couldn't open cup he couldn't but the ball and it's yeah. See here's the problem though he you take a sample size of about half. And and it. He threw an interception and a half built in an and he didn't know killer just down but he did go one interception what do feed those multiple interceptions and again. I mean you get a bag. I don't aren't aren't but there's nothing about that. That we've already seen hole two years apart they're roster was better than everybody passed the repealed it a little studio and into it irks. I you can you can make a whole lot of two to mention certain reporters such and happy hour period only it would probably still protect. TC incredible Hulk much that even are throwing and and everybody got their safety. Patenting a lot easier to get hit hard brutally directory to look and attitude he would've hate. 202 good teams were deteriorating. I opened up don't stop the run so much too when you gotta gotta as a threatening never had that downfield threat with Jalen hurts what do. And some reason why did you hear edged Greg desperate tomorrow I'll bet that the quantity of the beaten Georgia because. Weekly wanhatten of the Alabama game I'll take that out to Jordan to get at Alabama on defense but good enough to where there. Going to be able to Hawaii and then look at what happened was what can be going to be able to beaten a top I don't think so I don't. You. Bill to help you somewhat so articulate and it doesn't sound that would favor which the top spot beat. I'm not a an argument Wednesday it probably took her pretty big. It gets ready to listen or I just played Jacksonville. Columns and walls and Alabama and probably been our quarterback back in Georgia this urgent situation. Aren't really appreciate the call thank you for the predictions for the weekend we haven't talked about NFL that we have time to do that tomorrow. And we will go to Brian next in the huddle hi Brian. Got our today. A comment. Comments are caught in the first thing you really can never tell the one game that everybody has a little bit of a bad game consulate or Morgan Turkey's. Pamela told William Alford. So first of all if I fight again it's still wouldn't necessarily look exactly the kind. Having having said that wall I wanted to make another point that out Vegas said it can't would have been a two point favorite on neutral field against Georgia the record but. Haven't shut that. Our conscience and they don't worry about all this army and no one compares to the roster that Alabama has. They're the number 012 or three recruiting class every single year. Nobody even comes close to comparing it to the usual Oscars. The fact of the matter is 78 years ago we were hiding that questioning ordered and now they're. Were being mentioned and I pray that Alabama I'm not couldn't be more happy of the Clemson fan and everybody can Kyle I'll let greatly look you know we did very well on the L game sometimes that happens had a we're doubt in my eyes so I want him just. By our doors. Like Brian I don't get me wrong here. Clemson has done. Marvelously. The past few years I don't know why you ask for more. Than what Clemson has done the past you're. All this is about is. Clemson and Alabama. Are way ahead everybody else that's the only thing that I'm debating media. Clemson and Alabama. Our way header medical's I dolce and Alabama's way ahead everybody else. Clemson is right there in a second group I think there's a group. I put Georgia in and now I'd still put Ohio State and only by a sub burden they bio she does wanna add to the challengers right now. You could possibly put Oklahoma in the Oklahoma feel like a leadership hour now. They're right Oklahoma ahead. At a really good here. They got to you know for from. You know when something that would help save this. Georgia probably did Alabama favor. Because I'm not too sure. That had Oklahoma total and won that game. That it would have been alone. 43 nothing game at the half and it wouldn't have mattered. Had Alabama played Oklahoma. Oklahoma what about fort and nothing. The way they were scoring and the way the you know historically Saban does not defend. Big twelve defense is very well. He struggled mightily. On with a no matter how good they've been. Now that that's a circumstance that. You know we'll never know the answer to that. But that offense that offensive line. I mean it took some crazy things. Happen for Georgia. To win a ball game. I got that bombing house Oklahoma gonna score forty element that Alabama defense. When they scored forty orange or. Tortoise not looked at. Half Alabama both. And here's the other thing about Oklahoma what are they after baker may feel it's that's that's agree on hourly exactly. We're gonna find them. Exactly 8444773776. Break time back with Morgan here from gigolo song not. Oh he likes this year in college basketball is there. Any team that's for real right now because their budgets of the Tom loses. That's coming up this is the huddle we'll give you some auto show tickets to chance when those coming up he has been upstate. May go Fitzpatrick leaving Alabama has done put a fork and. Who's next on the conveyor. Harrison's leaving two dead bears only good there was a bunch. Much underclassmen stewing on the clemson's defense sublime in the make their decision the giants coming back that announcement. Coming out but. Still waiting for Cleveland Ferrell and mr. Milken's and Austin Bryant to make their decision for Clemson. And that will be big for the tigers going forward we will see what they do have to make the decision by Monday. The fifteenth. College basketball Clemson plays NC state tonight sun 9 o'clock to appear on ESP in upstate Clemson fourteen and one. And NC state is eleven and five. Who is good this year. And college basketball world Villanova number one they they took care of number ten Xavier last night easily and 89 to 65. Number four Michigan State held off Rutgers and over time. Rutgers took Michigan State over top. 76 to 72. Duke all over Pittsburgh but 25 points TCU lost to Texas in two overtimes. And a mobile beat Florida State. In the ACC 73 to 69. Jacob Ellis with the ESPN. The audio like right now based on what you seen so far in college basketball. Duke's the most talented team in the country they start five NBA pros for refreshment. But they're not good defensively and they are given up a ton of points there one and two in the ACC right now they're given up 93 points a game and ACC play. Michigan State is I think I think it's Michigan State Villanova as a two best teams but I'm not alone as his team's second whenever there's. I think they're the most mature they've got they've got star power like Villanova got jailing Bronson and Miguel bridges both those guys are first team all American good. They do in front of the best point guard in America. And then Michigan State has the best depth. They don't take a dip when they go to their bench they got ten guys that complains I agree to armor sophomores that are there in the top five in offensive efficiency and defense of sufficient to the only team in the country that this ranked that way. Can do make a deep run without defense they have oil better defense opened at some point. Play some defense. And the good. Duke is thirteen into right now number seven in the country. Look at you like Villanova he says no level Michigan State. Jada us. For the national championship just does the better team right now from what we've seen. So far there's still early. She played in the top ten in the home. They're all just dudes. Rock nobody stands nobody really stands out. West Virginia Domingo and yes they've had their moments. That's why I think. Another. Let's ask that question in about two weeks it's gonna three weeks. Until ocelot yeah let him get in the conference play and let you in Elkins a lot of these teams. In our respect the fact that Notre Dame and you ill some of these teams played tough. On a conference schedules. What amount we played that pollute it with tournament. There. So I think. I think the media separation come here about the first second week in February North Carolina money in two weeks. The timing was impeccable on them. Then Notre Dame fixed that what tomorrow night. Saturday ailing yeah analysts say the mum. Yeah. Saturday at 6 o'clock. So far early I've been impressed so there's almost a but they can't sustain Alabama. Has really impressed me. All burn. I mean what Bruce pearl's doing this is just remarkable people thought they were just collapsed just exactly controversy. And he held it together really well. But you know to me the most impressive one has been what Bobby Hurley he's done an Arizona State. That's been. There was some discussion about Arizona State in the pre season but for them to back it up on the court. They've they've really done well. And what they're doing. Thirteen into at this point. Is Arizona State and no sleep all Wichita State. No there are a victim of play for the national title so. They got to keep going again the other key. What state they should run in their league schedule because there's just. There's just nobody in their league dance that's at their level. Dan they lost to Notre Dame. By a point. And then they lost Oklahoma by eight points as her own losses. Of the year that are anything coming up a play east Carolina and also and SMU. In south. We learned too much about them and I got Cincinnati down the road that's pretty good team. But and again play them twice. We'll see on that clemson's NC state tonight's a big one for the tigers they beat NC state handily at home this one's on the road in Raleigh. And it's a 9 o'clock tip tonight on ESP in upstate ending Clemson plays Miami another good team at home on a Saturday so a couple of big ones coming up over the next couple of days. For the tigers in the thing is there on the road tonight for a late game 9 o'clock game in the negative Saturday afternoon game that's quick turnarounds. To help Brad brown nosed team does with that and then Tuesday night at North Carolina I'm telling you. The street tunes. May be. You're earlier trash in North Carolina you got to believe what's close and got to do to convince you. Beat north Caroline are coming so formally been. Gregory improves and unions may have shot here and finally in that thing on Tuesday night from surely your mom if they don't. 8444773776. Welcome back in now give you those. That opportunity when there was a car show tickets international auto show tickets. Before we get out of here in the huddle on ESP in upstate stimulus. I guess the final segment of the huddle on ESPN. Not upstate with the GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso. Appreciate all the calls and texts and tweets today had a spirited discussion about. Clemson football. And down to give you an update on nom. On the newest game cock. And that is primer on Boeing coming in from global sales through about. A story about his strengths and weaknesses of our coach we are opened the show today with the news that five star recruit Brian Boland is transferring out of lower evil and coming to South Carolina to be a game cock I don't know how many people saw that coming I hadn't heard any real buzz about that we do know that ball was going somewhere. But South Carolina minerals yes frank Martin's got him or him. And got him he is coming in. It'll be apparently two semesters before he can actually play for South Carolina and they have to you know get approval from the NCAA to get his eligibility. Reinstated which was taken away during that investigation. At two Louisville but what will Brian Boe one. Bring to the game Cox state newspaper has a story today. Analyzing his strengths and weaknesses. And here's what they say coming out of high school just about averaged out an analyst raved about his combination of length and agility he is six foot seven. He has a 69 wing span. Compares favorably favorably and now wingspan links to the post players for South Carolina right now but he has the speed to match up with the guards they have right now. So we talked about it where were they put him he looks like he's going to be a four bodies fast enough to be a gardening can handle ball. Projected as a wing player. But according to draft express he could be a shooting guard with his play making ability. Or he could be a stretch for in smaller lineups that's the versatility that Ryan Bowen hands. ESPN draft express and 24 sevenths sports all say that Bowen has a lot of potential and upside high basketball IQ natural instincts. A very good shooter. According to Jerry Meyer 24 sevenths sports analyst. They can make the tough shots has improved his ability to score off the dribble. Fantastic catch and shoot guy gotten gradually and progressively better in other areas of the game. A Bleacher Report and NBA draft dot net call bowl and an elite shooter. With smooth mechanics the range to score from three and to finish at the ram all without needing to have the ball in his hands. At all times 24 sevenths sports says that he has burst of scoring attack allows him to score by driving the ball from the wing make jump shots even score some from the block. About his weaknesses. Scouts love ball once linked dazzling player but they think he has some work to do and adding bulk he's panel Anke. Think they list in the middle 1967. And that's channel linking. So he needs to be able to withstand physical play at the college level. And I just down on his F let us citizen needs to improve strength 24 sevenths force says he has a long way to go as far as getting stronger and being physical. An average frame they say he's a bit hunched up top you don't wanna be hunched up top. Struggles to play through physics heavily on both ends of the floor according to draft express so maybe not the most physical guy cumin and most analysts think he lacks it lead explosiveness. On the level of most NBA wings and guards. Bleacher Report and draft express. Describe that element of his game as average. Not poor enough to hold them back in college. Have finally Wallach has scored from just about anywhere on the floor he did struggle a bit in high school with streaky shooting especially long range shooting can be streaky there. 24 sevenths force says at this point he is long range shot is not consistent he was eleven for 53 from three points. In his final summer on the Nike circuit. Eleven for 53 so obviously. Did not lighted up from three there they say sometimes struggles were shot selection take some bad shots. He has the ability to make difficult attempts and scalp spiel but he sometimes. Settles. For those shots instead of working to get a better shot. Frank Martin of course known for his defense and Boeing has all the tools to be a good defender according to scouting reports. Good in stakes tracking the ball has going to get into people's spaces but size is an issue and about a 190 pounds as far as defense is concerned. But they'll put him in the gym Balkan multiple bent. Pouring Holden. Added weight of South Carolina they're pretty good at doing that with the weight program and on the so while. We'll see how that goes so sells pretty good all oh look five star player South Carolina we don't see those so you take it. Does he shoot. Better than 42% from the free throw line. I'm hoping so does that does he shoot better than 31%. From the floor. I am hoping so but not from three at least in the Nike circuit. Was a parachute. And he'll be the number one pick in the draft. OK if he can shoot better than 42% from the free throw line in 31% from the free throw line here. Until the number two overall pick shot. Well we'll find out when he's gonna get to play again again and he's in school with a got to get him eligible. The play for the gamecocks and then now we'll go from there but it's a big yet born frank Martin's game Cox. Brian Boland from renewable. Coming into play for South Carolina. Our thanks for listening today. Appreciate all the calls the texts and tweets we will be back at it tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock here in the huddle don't forget Clemson North Carolina State basketball tonight. At 9 o'clock that is tip off time and so we're going right at tip off time with a broadcast tonight from the Clinton network. Thanks Alonso thank you Josh I'm Greg McKinney thank you for listening credible Sturges next and we'll see you tomorrow in the huddle on ESP in upstate.