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Welcome back into the huddle on the ESPN that upstate with the Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso here rainy. Thursday afternoon drive carefully out there. 8444773776. If you wanna join the conversation text line is 71307. You security is PM. At the beginning of your text message Twitter at ESPN. Upstate. Tweet about the on. South Carolina Gamecocks marine end. Brian Boland from Louisville from Chris Chris says as the gamecocks fan I'll take anyone who is breathing. They can defend and shoot. Salt Lake melanoma. Yeah as far as we know he has. Breathing. And seems to be pretty good at defending in shooting took so market down as a vote in favor of Bowen to South Carolina which was announced yesterday. To the phone as we go it's Tom up next in the huddle I jump. And again at bank banks were finally bought in my number it's been awhile unblocking it that we block your number to. You haven't trying to go on for months and years and he blocked the wind even rain by the way. That's. I don't wanna dispute. You tell you I do Tom we can't do that we don't do that we'll have accountability and trust me we have an archaic phone system it would be impossible. We're not a bad idea that it's not it's not horrible idea of what we can't deal omelets and. We are good because that's where because the wind even rain went out front on it automatically hang up on mute buttons are. Hilarious now what's up. Our eyes and I'd be back. Just responding to judge. Just. I don't know too many on the North Carolina then on the team in North Carolina and you thought that the NBA championship year. We look horrified starters of course were gonna have a bit of a down year results. We don't suck like uphill on a doctor but yeah it is obviously. And a bit of a down year but that doesn't take anything away from wrong and I mean I love the blacks were all the time even though he's been the most successful go to the decade. Because Vietnam compared talk about. But yes no not much more confident note ended down here and here to not want to end on Twitter you know I don't Bieber and I'll. Welcome back to. Joshua Tata I'm still trying after it was pointless. You're Babbitt as you blast. Okay they've got an overrated coach and overrated institution that should be on the death penalty. That has no business. Even playing this year and they're getting their butts handed to almost every week. Lea fourteen league games left and that will be lucky to split and go 500. They're Lusa and other sporting ball games and they got beat Wofford at home. And they were so now north. Carolina fans. Wanna compare their sake this to the gamecocks. That that's what they're doing to make themselves feel better. When North Carolina basketball as compared himself to suffer under a good day today but that's what they're doing the supposedly did. Greatest. Coach. Of this Madera. With our I don't know how important Bob's stars does North Carolina have on their roster. Don't know. All alone. Because that's all they recruit. But this is supposed to be a down year. When they had Joseph Barry to everybody thought was going to the NBA suddenly came back and the best player on their team. Is Luke. Who was a formal walk all a lot that. He's a hustler. He's a rebounder he gets after it but Luke may as the best player on north Carolina's basketball team. Out of it other twelve. The one basketball team Kerry's. A note to end at fifteen players and every single one of them. The four and five star player is that the walk owns. And don't let any of them come now so that they can have practiced bodies. And Tom wants to compare. A down year for North Carolina to the gamecocks. The other does they're not that bad. Sorry. Look up to North Carolina people about it and I try to tell everybody bombing polluted because he was leaving the band. That Roy is the greatest coach in the ACC. Which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever. Wells either your carrier right. Russell and Jim Larranaga. Vastly better use of them for acting with him vastly better. You and I am Alonso won the national title with a team from last year. Quite honestly they should adopt Arkansas. All of a no call. At the end of the game. So they were lucky to even make it out of the green or regional. But last four games this year three album war to top Tony team's top 25 teams and then of course the Wofford lost which. Got everybody's attention wrong but they lost to Virginia lost Florida State they loss to Michigan State period think. And Roy supposed to be this magician. Of an x.s and those guys. And he has one of the deepest rosters in all of college basketball. But North Carolina people think this is a down year. Only Clemson should roll now on Tuesday. They should. If they can get over the middle aspect though. Do you think that this is the best chance in a while for parts of I think there's a little bit of confidence. Not that you could ever be confident having never won there but. A little bit of a spark in the I of Clemson fans about Tuesday's game at north Caroline. So right now North Carolina is night. In the ACC. Right I don't know Eric. Out of North Carolina in the ACC right now. Clemson Georgia Tech Miami. Lawyers bull who is have their teams in prison. And the transfer disaster or transfer in South Carolina. And then of course do. I mean give him glory. People are gonna stop when Roy Williams and his coaching acumen. But that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever. Well they're two into this is due by the way nukes too into in the ACC run right. You know. It's early I give them credit. I'd avoid credit and he's great recruiter. He can go out Islam. And I North Carolina what should I hope you can. Oh lord I hope you can probably pitched well for pop star players at North Carolina. Not in the ACC. Yeah okay but we're four games. That's where we are months from now. There will be lucky to go this fourteen games left they'll be lucky to build settlements. I don't know what the got to go to Notre Dame. Saturday that's not going to be using. Clemson and home Tuesday that's not going to be easy. They get Georgia Tech Virginia Tech NC state enact Clemson. After that. If you're challenging games in there than toward the end of the season of course they play duke. Got to play global got to play Syracuse in Miami. Duke twice. Let's go to bill next. In the hollow eyed bill welcome in. They elderly. All of my comment about North Carolina about. I don't like the target and best current subsite to Turkey mediocre big compared to a year in. Reasoning is like that what is the death ninety to up Bagley. Barbara magna. Deal but he won and in Kentucky dollars and one of the North Carolina player. He is not getting your credit. Like keep turkeys because look like here you had to seniors may in Phoenix and you can't even get on grass it. And to get out the bench Bradley. He played maybe half the game that you don't want is the credit that would have been good Craig house. I agree with this ESPN buying it Uga could equal my mate to crying to me that he was one slowed greatly the glory while I was either bustling here. You know that's ridiculous. That there asylum gates felt pain you know. You know that investigation North Carolina have a lot they would shut -- yeah that he's there. Placed door a year is the NBA seven. In can't go to India they mourn I don't start complaining he'd get a education and a I am definitely important they got big fuss about my freshman year are tired. A lot of these women's side they were would be Easter. This a net twenty years the fact PP Heidi that debt by at body like well how Peter's palace now owner you can't get it or else will try to. United by Jake get up half of the year for whom that you know years of follow up by this date. When was the on that bill I do not listen to what Rashad McCants Estes. Right now. Don't wanna hear thanks for the call got another bill on the line from build a little while the billboards. I you don't. I have a gut. Happy new year have been critical of the great knowledge that we did the proper start column in 2008. Well happy you're you know. Banking. Did nick Sabin Monday night at each saying thanks city when he started tea. That he put pressure on every other cuts in the world yet. Yes it's my first term rewards. That is split that vote and are pressurized situation McCurry. I do agree. Bill but I mean it's kind of already changed you know I mean Clemson held well wait too long on play and to show wants and which was what about an earlier four games the fifth but you know before. Still it was too long zodiac every freshman has cast lineup that's the world we live in. If they say the right 922. And it is people is they looked. There's no I'd put an unbeaten. All of several alternate they're going to be an actor mark I mean how unfair is it. Yeah addictive. Beckett put aside when I put in me and what sort yeah. You gotta keep your head out the door magnetic tape but I really like to order they're bringing it. Day out you know losing a son that's likely they're. Regular people about where they're going to be certainly it will order the sale of the complicated. You know beyond its own union and an idea come back out that and they're very that appears normal life. Two. If performance and they're. There's something like we never saw before given they just didn't play all year very much from a loan cleanup on her and not much at all. All on him it was so cold and this. The government of bear at the game and when an iron to. Serrated sort of the year because there are what killed Ali got. Thank demand and appreciate it bill milieu probably most data and listen to what I've been maze hill has to say about Clemson. Because this is interest and I'm Tom Izzo or is a Ryder forum ESP and some thoughts. On how he has changed his opinion Clemson football. Will get to a coming up next 8444773776. Text line 71307. We'll be right back. In a huddle on ESP in upstate. What do back into the huddle this is ESPN of states I'm Greg McKinney Josh Phillips one so here as well till 4 o'clock tonight. Clemson basketball clemson's NC state 9 o'clock. From morality. And Brad Brownell and the tigers. Keeping going find out tonight here on ESP in upstate right Ivan may zealous college football writer for he has been. And. Here his what he said this week. About Clemson Tigers football. My perspective on Clinton has totally shifted in the last week. From. Look at what Dow closed on New Year's Day to seeing how they were dominated by Alabama last week. That's a step back and Jake and I thought you know what they won one national championship. Because young and had an incredible quarterback. But. But without that incredible quarterback. Very have not but it they were not the same level as an album so is this a deal where it's generous Winston. At Florida State and they dropped off after you. You know. And I agree with the news. See you go about Georgia but when Jerry you know the whole clubs an argument I don't think necessarily. Holds office holds as much orders may be audited ten days ago. I'm amazed. Is Clemson. Florida State. You win it when they endgame as Winston and not winning and a outside. One way they're not Clinton's competing for the ACC championship or winning in every year. The whole Florida State has done since then. But comes ending completely fall apart a quarterback like Florida State did. With the injury. In game one of the season. What you think coach I'm amazed L got to hit a three area. He's the other word. Weekend outlook pick on him because I feel bad for you don't pandas on a couple of years no one half Maryland no. Is some went missing this is like February 2 years ago. And was missing for a long time and they found is finally got things now in some mental issues and may be just. Did himself fan and ended openly and now our member of the search borrow from Denver to skew it and it was yeah a feel bad. What happened to him but. What's the ball from that and say if you can still criticized what he says goblins and if you want you can you can certainly do that. It'll look. It's a fair point to say clubs is not Alabama and a lot of people were saying they wore I think that's a fair point but is not. They are yet. Don't put them on the same play they can be yes. But their recruiting and high enough level outside of quarterback that I don't think it's fair to say there are. Only good when they additional once only. Only capable winning the title when they have additional. Do you remember last year Clinton did dad to Ohio State did anyone say that. Ohio State stuff for an hour in the once a thing about them because they've been there sometimes. How it comes clubs met there. Rio four years if the only other team that's been in the playoff mores and when they've been there all four years but we just started to play right it's only been going for sample size very very small room. And my sole book you know out of the gate quick. Alabama and Clemson and separated themselves that. For right now. You can arguably picked them to make it every year that there's nothing. This is where I disagree with a Ivan. As he's basing it. Off of a singular performance. Any game in which. Even maazel didn't believe they're going to be an end to begin Gwyneth. I mean did Ivan. Predictably go to the playoffs to be predictable when the ACC twice now. Lady say and he was all on board said the Clemson that goes dark Clemson. Up there and Alabama that's what he thought they changed his mind and obviously. And I think it I think taking out a snapshot. To say that they are not at Alabama's level based on one game. In my estimation is wrong now he's. EE he's more than welcome to have his opinion but. To me this is the year that apple needed to get Clemson back. To the college football program to prove. That he is like Alabama meeting took just getting there is enough for you well working and hopefully that when it how did they get there look. Alabama has one. Simon and earned that they've won five out of national championships but look how they built it. They've done it with a different quarterback and literally. Every single year. They haven't gotten life in the bottle with Jamison Winston. To get them there Alabama's done it with a different quarterback. And basically a different scheme almost every year and no great quarterback and no great quarterback other than those things too is going to be that galaxy it. So we'll say. Will close and now as an. Well. They made it two years will hinge on you but they can't live without that quarterback. We saw that this year. We don't know that isn't everything your saying your agreement with the I don't I think he went a little too far but Clemson was an Alabama in when people were saying they wore a sound like you're saying Clemson and Alabama than everybody else I'm say in Alabama and everybody. I think that there is Clemson Alabama and then everybody else because again Clemson got there with a quarterback. That literally the entire world didn't believe was going to be starting the season. But when he had to go up against an elite defense. They scored six points. I Mika now. Here's where I will agree with that thought process is like Clemson get back again. And let Kelly if he doesn't say performance he did a second time at the that else that you know what Kelly was wrong. McCormick's and Trevor Booker. But that's important. For. Somebody monitoring this event and then Clemson will get smashed. Trevor alliance against men because Trevor laws cannot handle that defense yet haven't seen him yet we don't know we can't. To us as freshman. They did and didn't play all year and did it. And of Georgia not Alabama defense. Right nobody is. Nobody is. And it's very difficult. Yet he plays for Alabama he would it come and then he's not gonna look across and go oh my gosh it's. That team because there is no other team compared Alabama right now so why be afraid of anybody who do you blame. Whose true yes. Or no look at what he sees them practices. Well beyond what he sees all owned him. On game day. I agree that it's bad overreact one necklace and had a bad game sure. They had a bag Ohio State had a bad game against Clemson we've seen this Alabama had a bad game against Ohio State exactly this happens every you know playoffs has seen all this. But. I still coming out I have the feeling that Alabama to win it all without a great quarterback musher clones and we know Alabama to. I. Think I think this year. Coming up I think this year was big for babble that they needed to get the college football playoff. To get away from the dish on is our programs which weighs more people believe that Allen ever an issue. Because they got there with a you haven't made an argument to change my mind because that's exactly what I thought that's what this guy who who he just played thinks it's what a lot of people think only because of what happened one day. Selling implants without the show once and what we got a whole season Lenovo went on a game like that you only details we don't have are also games like Syracuse I've played against on I'm sorry there's there are some of the game's great. He never played on the dish on want to watch the rose to the moment. Again nobody is saying Kelly brought it is too shall watts. What I'm saying is. Clinton's program is beyond. Being tied to one player they're not going anywhere and believe that that's our commitment for a two shot Watson played this year at least it was competitive would have been combative and maybe they would be down don't they wouldn't be out I disagree he's he would back a little player well here's the problem below. He would have taken the same yes. Dick Kelley did. This. If this is what kind of gives me a little bit. Is they had massive issues. All over offensively not just don't Kelly wide receivers couldn't get off press coverage the offensive line couldn't block. Three all conference alignment all obsolete unblocked and they got their heads handed tool. Up front. Closer got dominated. All the offensive line Alabama's defensive line manhandled. Clemson offensive line. Manhandled them. Now am I saying Kelly played the best game no there's areas that he could've done more no question about it. Would give him another chance now let's see what they are this time next year and if it comes down Alabama Clemson again and Kelly struggles. Yeah that there's something to. But to show even to Shaw lost his first game very few first year quarterbacks that face a Nick Saban tight defense beats or. Very rural area. Plunged eleven Nick Saban time defense. And Bob for all. Of they're not fall but you're bombing at. Didn't really show in that ball game so much I mean not just I know that the turnover made a big difference and the 24 to six score sure. But Alabama moved the ball like clemson's defense they didn't they didn't harass Jalen Hertz or. 20 sure no league game and that's well to it and play a game but jailers say in her restaurant owners. And then how we expected they might. Right now I'll say this. I know bill is a little concerned about Alabama. Coming up this year. And rightfully so but I think there's still going to be some growing pains due to a as talented as he is. And I expect Alabama to be right back in the mix next year they just I mean they've got 65. Under armour all Americans on their team. Who has. We Clemson Alabama faced there was a 150. Under armour all Americans on the field. That's incredible just off those two teams. Alone so Alabama's not gonna go anywhere. I don't believe Clinton's gonna go anywhere. Especially if Austin Bryant feel imperil those guys come back. Now they've got to straighten out the back and see where I think Alabama separates themselves. From the rest of college football the Ohio State's the club since the teams with really good front sevens. Is not to back in his there's not a drop all the back end is every bit as good as the front. Nothing that's where the disconnect was with a hollow state and Clemson from a defensive standpoint. This year. You could make the argument that Clinton Ohio State's front seven. Every bit as good as Alabama when Alabama was head and shoulders was the make up Fitzpatrick. And the guys on that back again I'm sorry I met van Smith. There's not in the realm of a leak of Fitzpatrick. He's just not right now Ohio State secondary from two years ago with a lot of more commonly and that group. Was every bit as good but they didn't have the fraud. And I think that's were Alabama's that separates themselves with those 62 and 64. Safeties and corners. That you just can't get away from. And if they get any help from their quarterback for get a that's roughly two book is gonna elevate them into another level and then in 2019. Just forget it and Alabama the trophy. Go to the phones doctor Neil Neil welcome him what's up. I want to say this about this as an article as one dying out there's a great way. He can't tell main unit took a quarterback that played very little light here it was for the end to end at six of Alabama had. I think it was crazy. Crazy. He did more. This year than I could ever imagine. Decade ponson were they were ahead. And I had that they are a whole lot of other good players to get to work I get the at this time so that they nickel back. Go to bat they've got a good players they sure governor played. Thank you nailed to perform what we expected. What I expected you have someone in the dying national championship and balls yes but at the but I mean no Lotta people including myself thought Clemson might lose two regular season games and it was into on the regular season. Over perform got to the final four how wasn't sure Clinton would make the final four this year. Based on what they had offensively and it bit them when they got there but it didn't Bynum before they got there. 8444773776. Bright time back and more coming up this is the huddle on ESP announced it. While racquet and a lot of Lonnie SP in upstate. Here's what we're talking about a month by the comments again I'm amazed LE SPN college football writer and how he has changed his opinion. On Clemson football. My perspective on Clemson has totally shifted in the last week. From. Look at what Dow closed on New Year's Day to seeing how they were dominated by Alabama last week. Us a step back and Jake and I thought you know what they won one national chairmanship. Because young and had an incredible quarterback. But. But without that incredible quarterback. Very have denied they they were not the same level as an album so is this a deal where it's generous Winston. At Florida State and they dropped off after you. You know. And I agree with the news. See you go about Georgia but would Jerry you know Bill Clinton's an argument I don't think necessarily. Holds office holds as much orders may be audited ten days ago. Remember what people were saying about Florida and Urban Meyer. One a longer ten years ago. When I won it all in 2006 and and they want all two years later. In 2008. But they keep it. Only one team has. Consistently been. And that's element. Why is it's. I mean I know I know where we live but why is that we assumed Clinton will always mean. Well I think it has to do with. The way that they're recruiting. When you look at the recruiting classes their role in the top fifteen. Most the ones recently here in the top ten. So you're getting a league players. You're developing those players and the results on the field are showing. You know dabble talked about how this senior class. Had over fifty wins which broken ACC record. And again I've been just proved his own self wrong. By a statement because these. Well we didn't think that you get back here without the show on well they did get back here they just didn't win a game. Wanted to just and one at the coach. And you're saying we're competitive and you're saying Clinton's gonna get their because a recruiting he just said top ten what that means there's nine other schools that are recruiting just as well sure although schools are no I mean. They are every other year. One of the bigger name schools will make it there but. Alabama's been the only one that's being consistent and unfortunately. There's one elite team. So I disagree that the numbers don't back down. What numbers. Okay the championship numbers I think degenerative numbers do back then okay their total war and Alabama's want to plunged one war element was five. But what I'm saying is. It in in the whole discussion. Of where Clemson as compared to what Alabama in the last three years in the last three to four years. All right that the college football playoff has been around for four years clubs have been there three times Alabama's been there once. Excuse me now has been their Four Tops. From Wednesday a point there two or three wins all of the joke. Does the separation. With them is so small. And there's a reason because they keep getting there close and is winning championships without dish on. Is championships. And they're getting back to the college football playoff. Without the show also. The argument that Ivins making it's based off of a snapshot shot moment of one ball game that happened in the game. Then you don't even think they would eat. Well though they've already put the clubs in his past the rout of Florida State would you must Winston because they've made it back with a but it didn't win so okay only one does right right Taliban's horse and there's wind brought to rule. Only one team tan. But again this separation. Between the two is so small he now thinks it if the separation with so small it would have been competitive. Game it was a very competitive game what what what it was a very competitive to wait wait wait until it was 106 ball game clinching control defensively. Controlled the ball game took Alabama turning them over. In their own territory and get the Alabama does. Understand this part of the gamer on time understand that this was below. People. Hello I'm not a below who it was opposed to six ball game and while they stopped at halftime and a but they didn't run the whole okay which was what you and I understand and it wasn't a blow. Just what all right I got to know what do you consider applaud when at what point margin is a blow out the U. What point. Not about the points in the sand out of live on the Melinda and now two point margin and up to two turnovers because. Ever happened with the Alabama gets everybody most people believe that a blow on house to do with point total a blow the house to do with. All over and play and Georgia was a blow. And during the regular season that's a blow out and Delaware under Indian clubs and play for it yet Clinton play in Miami was a below. I mean it was a competitive game until those turnovers and I understand that's what Alabama the laws. Yeah and that's the fall of Clemson for subtle about it short and their territory. But don't get twits and Alabama's office did nothing against Clemson defense they had 260 yards. They didn't run the ball uncontrollable. Obama. Made it Allen in next Alan welcome into the tunnel. Right guys. I think the most competitive. Equally competitive saying about that gain. Was calling solves everything else. Well the disaster. Clips. Not only should they had not being. In the national championship play I'll say. Sure is everything chip and pin number one in the country. But assuming you agree that not note number one country loses there she's yeah it's. Serbs stopped uncertainties and they've got to the national championship reimburse them. Auburn got another Allen ladies and now when you know how that's completely well that is completely wrong Alabama where art. Alabama got her legal policy. Okay curve ball but George. All right so the whole premise is completely walls and it's easy does it caught the number one team after the fact. There are twelve and one team that went back of the college football field in one case. You speak charity. That all are so desperate to have at least one more. Bulking in this country that is that is superior to tell a lot of others certainly can't. Hate to say quaint beach and they say it looks like they'll get because they're the closest thing that looks like. Wouldn't reality about the ACC schedule you know and and and I don't necessarily play somebody. It was a disaster. That person out embarrassed form or lack there are so huge problem. Well despite well. Last year I should be a buyer achieve. Thanks Alan got to get a break Tim Gideon next appeal buying armor we added the regularly report back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back up the phones lighten up on this 18444773776. Let's get maximum get a couple and for the top of the hour Kevin you're next in the huddle you don't. How to go aghast at. Here's. One reason why I mean there's no doubt it like. A little bit what Josh has been anybody and then did great eighties did it well before you know. He did it in Oakland some of the Alabama level all the boilerplate no. But here's one reason why there are. Green you have to measure and measured just you know recruiting classes then you know. They Georgia for ten years old and adopting and or Kuerten or networker and though the people. I mean. You have to beat you gotta be at the governor barometer somewhere. Obviously has championships. So you know is kind of a once more of it makes fixed then the other Alabama level. Right. There's just tomatoes only Lincoln and our black Alabama all the public just the patriots. Bennett a solo have a deluge or eight you know with a reasonable argument. It has 2000 I want the patriot like the best team in both army and a vital I mean consistently by just I mean that there's. You know I guess they have what is true. Thank you Kevin. Thank you made my point for me all about the goal maybe. Did to Jimmy next I'd Jimmy. Take I ought to well what's. I don't know obligate our air by. I don't want Taloqan depending on the double the great job so they. That held at a closing and little Lola couple plays here mayor committed completely desperate day. Has the way we'll call list and yes Clemson. It did it shut down by Alabama the but when he forced six barking is not a blow up. Now the other thing that we got. It debris it and valley Clinton not disagree that the in the playoff. It definitely felt that they let that won't. Well I have a thirteen game they want to pay the conference championship. I mean number one adult did you but it number one because delta that make it to the cops championship. Is it Georgia got the all 47 saying it and that date. Warned that it at the beach except that got a lot of injuries Alabama game. Everything and I clicked on the door that they don't. What is it pretty common enemy they've been the playoffs three straight years. I think it's yet to went straight against is that college football team in the last ten years. Lou. I disagree with that sports analyst for whatever you look at about a health Clinton. Our quest thank you man let me and yet I'm sorry Jimmy was there Wes in right before the top Wes got about a minute. What do you think. My humble take a different look at this argument. Doesn't hold walk animal that you lie. It will if segment. Had not split in the freshman quarterback and left general hurt them again and looked lost against. And mean and then that would ban would this guy who wrote an article. Well. It doesn't have a hoops skills your little with an average quarterback. I don't know opus the same thing thanks for the call Wes looks the same thing because Clemson had won the Alabama's won it without quarterbacks. Many times you know all these this that this would happen instances when now from when Clemson hasn't won it without a league quarterback yet yet yet. And I got another one that looks particularly charming so we may go find help for awhile. Anyway I wanna call and comment on Ivan measles. Thoughts changing his mind about duck Clemson. Vs Alabama and them being anywhere close to being on the same plane 8444773776. Is the phone numbers throughout the text you can do that. 71307. Did he's gonna join us in the studio we still have Jay bill ST here from a as well on who was reeling college basketball this year. That's all ahead for the final hour of the tunnel coming up on ESP in upstate.