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Well commando Thursday hoddle ESPN. Upstate. Cooler drizzly day here. And temperatures in rented a drop again. Now we enjoyed it while it lasted Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso here until 4 o'clock this afternoon this is supposed to be. A lot going on to get into. Today we will dive into all of that coming up into school and tell you that we have Bob. Paul B and Carty coming on at about 130. He is ESP is national recruiting director. And will be calling the basketball game on Saturday night's. That involves I am Williamson in Spartanburg day school's so bored talking to while Paul the former coach Wright State. And has been the recruiting director for several years for a ESPN follows high school basketball in a big way we'll get his thoughts on time Williamson. Going forward so that's at 130 this afternoon might be and it becomes then. At 304 this afternoon so we can beat him up well Central Florida some more. A talk about a few other things. So that is 3 o'clock hour today we're gonna hear from my. Kind of hard to figure out who's really good. At the top college basketball get his thoughts. On that Ivan makes it all works for ESPN has some interesting comments. On Clemson football. And we will have the news. For you imagine Munster of Clemson fans too we connect dominant in the at 2 o'clock hour. We're going to give you a chance to win tickets to the night before the Dave Matthews Band right before 2 o'clock we're gonna give you a chance to win tickets to the South Carolina international auto show. Coming up this weekend. In Greenville TD convention center and so that's all ahead to you can jump on board with a possibly 444773776. The text line 71307. Twitter at ESPN upstate. Coach I was texting review yesterday afternoon after we got off the year because of who gave me a heart attack LO breaking news not too long after our show ended. Yesterday in the just told you would have summit talk about today good deal. Is that Edmund Audrey your Costco who live in housing and it was how well you get yeah Wal-Mart Costco and just kind of get lost job and falcon around them. My phone storage buzz in the outlook and it's from greens is. Well tomorrow we got a lot of talk about them like what I want one apple. So where you just go around to all the free sample through. Is that what you're doing no harm although although I did have a cracker and cheese which was pretty good I got an eye roll early in the show so good from the Alonso has changed the subject again. To something. Just off the track. Just to get asked why not actually go to G Angelos gaga and the odd yeah well I won't do it again former lawyer oval recruit Brian Boland. Who was one of the key figures and the FBI probe into college basketball guys that meant the yen for Rick Pitino. Probably they players that got Rick Pitino in the most. Is coming to self care and play for the gamecocks remember that old. TV show ball's called. The three million dollar man. There was six six million dollars yeah six and a half price version and how is that not a go pound beat runner. I've hurt his feelings now is this gonna solve the rest of the day. It went down opposite. If not what we can call him a 100000 dollar and. Denny you might be another story this willows I Cam Newton situations. Where daddy's the. The catalyst. At least based on what we've seen turned out pretty different camps of bars and yeah. He has been admitted to school itself care a lot of he said I'm really excited to get an opportunity like this with a terrific coach like Frank Martin in a program like South Carolina. He was suspended or able to win elected I couldn't play him after all the stuff broke right before the start of the season they were gonna let him play so. He has not been reinstated by the NCAA that would be priority one for the gamecocks could not go there much good you don't get a reinstated. You gotta get him in obviously they feel like they can do that. And obviously. Not destroying Martan but ray tanner and Harrisburg Steve he's the president and others are signing off on this. For the gamecocks. The suspension happened after news broke of the investigation into an alleged payment involving a deed us. Louisville. And then the father of Brian Boland to steer him to the cardinals. The school declined to seek reinstatement with the NCAA they just said. You know we'll move on. He told outside the lines. He had no knowledge of the payment alleged payment his words were I do not know anything about it. Is that possible that bag to be known that without Kidman. It's possible yeah. It's possible. I agree. He arrived in Colombia over the weekend he was admitted to school on Monday. Yes funny some people knew this was coming like some of those fan based web sites because they had their graphics red is clinical. Of Brian Bowen as a game got they were ready to go there when the news broke. Yesterday so the school's gonna seek reinstatement for Brian bone. They hope he can play next season. There's any debts at two semesters I don't know. Is that this one and the fall. In the nick played January possibly. Matter. That's usually the way ahead. So there's no chance she can play this year. Days he will not be play an issue. And you go alone offering Mars. It's like to know if he's got all the leverage in the world. With the administration. Especially after what happened. In the Alabama game. He's like okay look. You'll see this on the court. Oh yeah I mean they desperately desperately need help and this guy he's a five star player 67. Coming one of the best recruits in the country going into little. So what do you think what's your gut feeling about this secure gamecocks ran. Bring him on or O brother. He's only going to either one year anyway. Bring most likely. Don't have any issue now America's place second chances. In Fullerton for. And how remains were willing to give him playing really well. Well here's the other thing about this and we're gonna talk again as we said to Paul being carting with the ESPN at 130 but. Starting to see some. Heinous condemn. This can be a positive for the gamecocks in the recruitment of time. Here's I'm wigs a you want anything to do with his team right now right there or commuter languish on that team. That they're put on the floor right now it'll be interesting because according to. Clemson folks he's lock stock and barrel gone to clips and well it's been good for one's a done deal. McNabb wanted to be telling you that that it looks really good for Clemson but. Does this change anything. You know here's another mother both like 67. Owens' success and bombings iron about six. In two. Top. Forwards on the court at the same time continue to change Tama two players. Absolutely Dan yes you can. Maybe change and if one year but. Well the other thing too is. It may work out for the game cart because is. And I have to check the dates. But the NBA is going to change the one and done rule. It may be the two and done but they're gonna change. And if it happens within the next eight months. Then. That's something that Frank Martin could build around and you gotta to yours and you got it for two years we can establish something with that. Yeah I like that on honestly unlike the C at least two years you agree. When you're simply why bother huge mistake when it. Much parliament. So game got plans we wanna know what you think. Are you onboard. With Ryan bowling coming from Louisville to South Carolina. Surprised by it like it paid it. We would like to hear your thoughts on then we have more news from South Carolina today and that is Marcus Lattimore has returned. Marcus Lattimore. Will be part of will must jam staff. Andy is going to be director of player development. He spent one year he was hauling Columbia. Director of player development for life skills as the name of the job. Educating South Carolina players during their offseason beyond football program. Focusing on career development addiction financial responsibility. And dating relationships. Marcus is gonna coach Heath. You know every teacher classroom it I don't of the class but itself. Advisory. Position. He was interviewed by fox 57 in Columbia. Said it's pretty full circle moment to be able to go back to my university and help them I'm really excited about it because I know the trajectory we are all on the as porous the football program goes. I guess they want on our trauma this before the show started. Anything is a surprise is that in Marcus always told us we've interviewed several times at appear in the studio wasn't familiar. Norman committed studio. And he's always said man I wanna go to school football and he did it for one year and he's. Now approaching college ball more in moving on and he just said he loved the high school level thank you didn't love the high school level what's he got there. Or this just to god opportunity and just most of. Yeah I think it's just a great opportunity. You know any any time he can anytime you get your foot in the door to better yourself. And the message that you have and he's got a great message and what an ambassador for the university yes it's true I mean that that's got the guy you want out. Fraud represented the school so. That's right and from the sound of the titles he's going to be and they heavy mentor ship. With the players on the team. That the coaches can't. Possibly reach meaning. Players are gonna. They're much more apt to open up. About what's going on in their personal life off the field. With a guy like Marcus. Then they will coach because it's an authority figure. And he's a very non threatening. Non authoritative figure. That can help them with. You know what's going on and if you're you're attracting the right type of people in and crowd and are you hanging out in the right places and in doing the right things that your supposed to be doing because look if you play a powerful out of school. You for a ma would say a minor celebrity and if yours if your starter and a star. Then you Rory bonafide celebrity and that can be overwhelming. And he handled it I mean there was so much put on him coming out of Barnes number one running back in the country goes the gamecocks. You go leads the victory over Georgia's freshman and then. You know as they say the rest is history so he's been down that path of literally having to experience all that comes with. What you have to deal. And so I think gets a very shrewd move home owned coach must chips. Part to figure out a way to bring him home board and to stop doing the camps that was the problem last November oh yeah he can still do this foundation but he's not going to be able somebody else is gonna have to be. At the K since. He physically can't be there. Because the NCAA which is. Stupid. On my own the NCAA is power says that it's an unfair. Recruiting advantage. They won't allow him to. Go and help. Kids from ages seven all the way up to sixteen. But it's okay for. Michigan Howell holed a practice in high school. In front of the whole team give your glory. Well if we got to this I'm only using question about them yet. Great ambassador for the school in still a young man he can relate to college age kids venture very well and they know who he is that'll be applied so. All in all very positive thing here with Marcus Lattimore returning response to announce this or introduce him. I think are having a press conference tomorrow I don't know he's going to be yet that press conference or not but there's press conference in Columbia. Tomorrow to talk about all the developments with them. South Carolina athletics right now like going on the 8444773776. Stuck in Dublin before we go to the break delta and what I meant. Let it bombard yeah 'cause it has to end. Would sit courtesy and courage and although I didn't because incredibly particularly Vizio will hopefully you know don't let them do what you believe the midst of don't stick and a little less. Yes to be reinstated that's right but what I mean. Why would you not reinstated nobody apply laudable and apply for reinstatement so they're on obviously with. And olive garden and home bit older posted 21 home. You know don't be mostly kind of honesty and a little less. Access Delmon but I mean the FBI cleared him when you say in NCAA could still. Drove roadblock. But I don't think. As saying you know. I'm you know you don't. I'm just get it done me right he has to be reinstated I don't know why. They would stop this kid from coming back him. Playing basketball after it was clear by the FBI I don't know what it would do them both. Now felt a will be coming back you must fall right Felder is yet next year yeah Paul. That's a heck of a back court. If Felder can stay out of five points. From. Well but 167 forward right yet it is the opponent was elected to the view forward graphics. I'm may be simply to I don't know but he's he's 67 and of them much. So I would expect him to play for. At South Carolina where they can always use a lot of help me look it's gonna help the team immediately discuss five star player I mean this is really the biggest recruit. They add that South Carolina over ever. I don't know anybody that would be bigger and reform will turn out to be a great player but. He developed a one run that big a deal coming out of Lancaster was. I'm thinking through you know. This a big one. And we will see how quickly. He can contribute wink and get into school when can he play all those are questions that are open. Fort mayor right now with the NCAA I'll just take our first break. Come back in a moment at about 13010 minutes away we'll be joined by Paul being party ESPN national recruiting director for. Basketball talk about. The big event up in Massachusetts this weekend that will feature Spartanburg day school and Zion on the Williamson from Spartanburg. That's coming up stay with us in the huddle on ESP in upstate. Welcome back to the huddle it's ESPN. Upstate with GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso. Paul being Carty ESPN national recruiting director spoke to join us just few minutes here while we wait for him. Get some news out of Clemson yesterday and that is that. Mitch giants coming back big time left tackle. Returning for his senior season on Davos Sweeney was in Houston last night for that them. Awards ceremony and he said that's the best recruit you can get. When Yemen experienced veteran player fully committed and one of the best leaders on your team that you know you're gonna have for another year. Hyatt said in his announcement he had unfinished business on the field and he wants to get his degree. Davos said that Mitch got a solid draft grade but not where he wanted to be. Not what his potential list. So that's part of the reason for him. Coming back you'd like to be a first round picky when going to be a first round pick this year now the time so. And we're still waiting on the east defensive guys and we're here more more of that their draft grades may now be what they want them to be at least. Wilkens. Austin Bryant. So I don't know I'm again decide by Monday but. Don't be surprised if some or all those guys come back and be big for. Absolutely yeah wouldn't I'll be interested to see if all three of them come back. What the reasoning is. Kazaa I just have a hard time believing that. The draft advisory board will list them as. All. Mid to late round picks. Or outside the first round anyone exactly and all those guys of the potential for round on the absolutely especially Ferrell in Wilkens and. I mean. Tell me another defend Iran paying. I don't think he's better Christian Wilkens. I can understand may tie it. Because of what happened if you know in the Alabama game and yet he does need to get stronger because he. They seemed to struggle with. Stronger. Defensive end so that makes this thing or her needs to follow that lead is already decided you clearly don't have he has nothing change in his mind. And mail well we'll watch and I did some news today or tomorrow but does certainly by Monday on the three defense and Lyman from Clemson and whether. They will lock come back for another year amid China offensive lineman is coming back and that's big news for the tigers offense and you can. Understand whenever it's when he's pretty excited about that news which I'm broke yesterday. Fine let's go to the phones doubly we have our guest here Paul being Carty ESPN national recruiting director Paul how are you. Thanks for coming on the day we appreciate it. Paula we've been the recruiting director Prius being. My tent here all right see you bomb. You've been at this for awhile and you coached at Wright State ranked. Yet the head coach Wright State did you cross pass what Brad brown element. I he followed me whenever that day he came in and took over the king Mary good his Clemson teams playing very well right now being just keep up with a. Yeah I do like I watches games whenever I cannot call the pew and it gains. A just an excellent teacher of the game a really good coach. And I just love the way he operates his program. Now made us. Wasn't going all that well until this year but man they have a going today right now would just one lost. Well we avenue old ball because you're going to be calling the young Spartanburg day school's game out at Springfield in the off tournament going on this weekend up in Massachusetts have Blake arena. It's Chino Hills they're playing as a right. Yep yep Chino Hills in California. And I and I must deal signed Williams and we know we will play or we're not sure. He's scheduled to play I would get at the beach ball classic. After Christmas. Feinberg Dave was there you can play his spoke with an Abu. He's recovering from knee bone bruise. That he had oh I think may be at the end of November. And and bone bruises can last a long time and you can aggravate them. If you come back too quickly. So he has kept up its you know foot and he is gonna supposedly played tonight they have a game tonight he's gonna try and play analyst practiced. And that he would get to the place Saturday night the game at 8 o'clock on ESPN. Very good well give us your thoughts on Zion Williams and obviously. You're impressed as we all are about all what's what's so good about his game. Well I think he's he's a polarizing prospect in many ways I mean when you look at it took immediate pages Iraq the TARP. Is in the granite Twitter. And that's yet the the dynamic that he's he's played himself into but he's way more than a highlight or a social media. Personality he's an unbelievable basketball player. He can't it's 66. And he's got a six foot ten inch wingspan. Is a dynamic Powell athlete. He creates mismatches all over the war. He's a very intelligent basketball player with good skills. The part of his game that he really needs to sure up in and polished up it is outside jump shot. And the reason for that when you look at is that while he could score anywhere he wanted it to pay. Know that he goes there he does that and he continued that process you know game that game that game. Lot of high school players that. Can get to the basket whether it's on the drive in the post up on the glass. Sometimes they don't work on their outside shot and not because they don't eat it. When he starts to jump up in levels when he absolutely gonna need an outside shot and he can shoot the ball he just hasn't done it. I mean he's a while back a guy in every game they play. Yeah all the highlights we see your dunks right with the. Yeah did that but you get a look at did you know. Mobility for his size like right now he is it is waited a little up there because he'd been an active. About when he lean and mean he he's down to the you know 250 mark. He he's everything that now but it mobility is coordination. His hand eye coordination. Is just so advanced. And it's been that way prologue that he's one of the few prospect that I seem. Campbell basketball and thrown Alley oop pass to teammate. In on the flip side of that be able to catch you know he passed and finish it most guys can only do you know what happened that. Catch he's supposed to make his college choice on the twentieth I believe which is what about a week away. You have any opinion on that any thoughts about what he might do. Well I mean you look at this school than Indy got four blue blood with North Carolina duke Kansas and Kentucky. And then get to the local schools. So. He is it that. Kind of a crazy combination someway because if he's gonna pay an army at two choices and if you want to lead this state. He's got or the absolute best programs in America. So the question is gonna come down and his mind whether or not he wants to stay at home and be that big star at a local program. Or does he wanna go to one of the blue bloods and become you know part of what they do and then at 45 and timely and Diane Williams and tight. And I think that the question that you have to sort out his mind. If I had to get. Early on while I was gonna say it would have been one of the bigger programs are watching him interact. At the beach ball classic and South Carolina Myrtle Beach with the fans. Knew it was a line he didn't even play. In the with a line of hundreds of people want your autograph after the game. He stayed inside every single last autograph with a smile. It took pictures with everyone and he did this for three consecutive night. Which kind of tells me that he loves the people you know in this state trust some of those people were from out of town but. I think he loves the state of South Carolina think he looked as. Is home town. I'm I'm now starting to think that he made it at all. You low I've heard a story that broke yesterday about Brian Boland I guess going from a lowly golden South Carolina. Would that improve the chances for South Carolina to get a guy like design and heaven another guy who's five star great player and cumin and. Well it could it one way that the fact at a five star player is committing to Frank Martin speaks volumes about frank you're the coach. The ability of trucked in which your game and I think that opened the eyes of other Faisal players. But in reality Brian ball and it's probably. Gonna try to put his name into the NBA draft and probably try to go into the draft. Now the NBA doesn't want him and he doesn't get good reports and obviously he'll go back to school. But I think Brian Boland I thought processes to try to play. For the one year and happy that he has been entered the NBA draft so I don't think it is signed goes to South Carolina. I'm not sure they don't play would Bowen but the fact at a five star prospect. Is going to put them Frank Martin I think opens the eyes of Zion Williamson. And other fired their product prospects because. Tracking code of five stars you can go to support our city makes the street the heart better. I don't know what you guys did late last night I was watching the clippers. And second period on well in the progress that he made at South Carolina from freshman to senior year. I mean just unbelievable and trying to market what he's done. Then a question. All right so Paul you've got this broadcast coming up on knob Saturday night are you going to be broadcasting and any other games from the current tournament. Yes we have what we have a game tonight if you wanna be the number one player in the country the guy who are trying to market. In front exile in the Arctic Barrett. 530 tonight ESPN two. Mumford academy against Orlando Christian prep. What that means for all the viewers is argued Barrett the number one player in the country because that the duke there's very little top fifteen player in the class. He's headed to North Carolina to great matchup looked out and I. Very gets. Just wanted to ask you about interest in high school basketball and now what you're seeing there you're here in a unique position to kind of judged that is a growing every year. That the game is extremely popular I mean it's a plane at 1012 months. Out of the year the summertime basketball has exploded. Of the individual work out part of the game has exploded. And you know high school game remains the tremendously strong in my mind. The one area of the titans game I really think change is we need a national shock rock what are universal time. I don't know about you but I go to way too many games where she told the basketball wait too long the possessions that can change. It's not fun for the players it's not fun for the fans. So I'd like to see that national federation implement a national shock but the high school game that is the strongest it's ever been. Where would you set that shock clock at the high school. I would started it I would started 352. Person was the college game right now that birdied the NBA game obviously Renault 24 and injured so everybody knows is listening. What the it's it's Europe or Asia I kicked into high school level in most countries. Play what a shock clock so they can do it we can do it if they can afford it we can afford it. We have eight states right now in the United States and have a shot clock. We just got to get the other forty Tuesday on board. Gotcha certainly agree with that by the one and done rule out. Paul what what would you do that. Moving along I'd let it come right out of high school I mean I'm an old school guy. By by heart and that by doing this for the last nine years I'm directly been more progressive than might thanking. You know when I was at Ohio State I had a chance to watch LeBron James play pin high school we recruited him when I was at Ohio State. And entering his junior season. At that time you can go right from the college game to the NBA. When I started go to work out there more NBA scouts and college coaches so I knew at that time that he was gonna take off to the NBA. I think but that select group of guys that wanna do it. I think they should be able to go right to the NBA draft and put their name and and whether they end up in the NBA and achieve the that you know. That's to be determined but given the kid is the choice to do that high school. I think would be good for them. And then the college guys who come into the college game. I'd love to see the state to two years or at least two years so we have them you know back after the first year and let them develop a little bit more. Not for themselves for their team and to their future. Good stuff Paul Paul being Carty ESPN national recruiting director you can watch amok calling the Spartanburg day school game. On Saturday night at 8 o'clock or pick them up boy you said ESPN two at 530 today for the game featuring the number one player right. Correct arcade Barrett the number one player in the country headed to do. 530 the night ES PNC. All we appreciate immigrate to talk to you. Thank you got all right Paul being Carty ESPN national recruiting director knows is a former coach at Wright State. Like Brad Brownell was a Wright State for a while I 8444773776. Were late for the Greg let's get it back in a moment in the huddle on ESP in upstate. I Bakken hoddle on ESPN I'll states interesting stuff there from Paul being Carty dia. National recruiting director for ESPN you watch him on ESPN 24. That broadcast this afternoon at 530. Featuring the number one player in high school basketball than. A more interest around here on Saturday night 8 o'clock. For Zion Williamson and Spartanburg day school listening plate Chino Hills, California. Prime time high school basketball about it. It's. The time a year when you know you can that some stuff like that him with college football having. Come to an end so I like it but it's also like the high school football broadcasts that put on some times. In August. The of clinical before college football starts you can see a national high school. Game in a lot of those kids low exposures. It's exciting for them Scott frost. Is the Bear Bryant coach of the year. From his year at UCF yet they had a pretty good you. Thirteen you know. A win over Auburn in the chick filet peach bowl and Scott frost is now at Nebraska. But he got the Bear Bryant coach of the year award his fifth major national coach of the year award they were Olin twelve the year before his arrival. And thirteen I know this year number six ranking in the finally people. He also got national coach of the year honors from AP the American football coaches association. Home Depot. And the football writers association. And so congratulations certainly no questioning the kind of season that Scott frost had their and Michigan saw the billboard. That has been put up and now in Tuscaloosa or. You know I know the Central Florida people are feeling their oats. And rightfully so. But I believe a team. The world. Nice little winning streak called out the kind. And then subsequently got smashed. That's but that's not a school that you want to call corporate. The billboard in Tuscaloosa says congratulations Alabama. How about a home and home series with UCF. I look they're doing. I think they're doing the right thing not criticized UCF firm. Jumping up and down there really doing is. Taken advantage of publicity exit they know they're not going to be considered for the national champ chip not serious about that bullet is a publicity. What do you do other publicity. Will Willie get more guys come implying there I mean so they can recruiting tool recruiting. Enrollment let's go to this delusional place where they think that they won the national championship why not. They can also use it. To recruit a better athlete. Where they can go out and sell the fact that you don't have to go little power five conference. To compete in the on the league level you just a few minutes to swell that they can say hey look. Yeah you know we can go in the hole with a team that's with a guy that's being recruited off Florida Florida State Miami. And we can turn on the film and say look we just did all of. What and you know being quiet about things is not the way you do at these days I mean you know this more and more people are aware of the county year UCF have because lawless right. Amendment. Then the other thing they can do in this what you're gonna have to do and Danny white JB knows this is they've got a schedule to a three. Power five schools now they have Georgia Tech scheduled him at the beginning of the year which was canceled because the hurricane. But they've got to have they have to do what he Houston laid the blooper. From a couple years ago what's gonna take four Jeep Bob's school. To make the playoffs and lost and then they lost at the end of the year to Memphis. Well it can't be relevant but. They did beat who will they be could be avoidable. Who have the Rainey who led the eventual Heisman champion. And then there's another school and they Oklahoma. They beat Oklahoma to start the year. That's two wins. That vaulted that they go undefeated with those two wins they would have made the play well. But they didn't look at that they lost of course in league play. But if your G 5 school like Central Florida. You need to try to schedule Oklahoma you need to try to schedule Florida that you need to try to schedule Miami floor Tuesday and there have to go on the road play a they're not good Oklahoma home with you know he's got to be okay with a. Right and the beating Memphis twice as nice but that's not what we're talking about exactly any better than it just. Mean you know there on the range top 25 to they were number twenty I guess when they beat him in December. Gotta be named pre born. Back on the other side to wrap up our number one of the huddle your chance to win the on night before tickets see the day Matthew's man coming up to stay with us in the huddle on the SP in upstate. Plus a basketball tonight Clemson at NC state that say on 9 o'clock game. And down. We go into the air ride at 9 o'clock here on ESPN up stick it's it's. Right after the women's game so there's no pregame show for the men's game right and on a clock by just in time for tip off. Or Clemson and night NC state tonight I'm starting beaten NC state wants can only be symbolic sixteen points at home. But. This is up there an NC State's. Getting better in fact NC state just beat duke. I beat him by eleven points coach so NC state on the road to nine not the easiest of games. For Brad Brownell and the Clemson Tigers tonight them you know really of one loss on the year but they'll. In NC state tonight in the mayhem Miami another good team on Saturday and those are really close K thanks to Thursday night to Saturday afternoon. Brooklyn since element of the chipped. Yeah and I get a kick out of mind. Phone feed. The bracket apology keeps getting updated. Whoever came up with that idea that it comes out this early. There's sanity to be courses I don't care that. You know look at this team lose within this team jumps up. Into the black apology I want to hear about rocket technology. To march. Because teams are losing teams are gonna win and you know you're gonna find out where everybody falls. Until after the conference tournaments anyway. Dockery were that. You know. Got to play the little game merely started way too early and that's I don't really look at the bracket college either but I do look at trends of how teams are par going and and NC state got blown out by Notre Dame by thirty points and they came back and beat duke. So kudos to you big schizophrenic team like three days apart and those two games thirty point loss to Notre Dame eleven point win over duke. Yeah NC state is the ACC version. Of my Holmes. Who got whipped violent issue. Last night. They beat Oklahoma who's doing very well. And then they'll lose to a team like L issues they'll beat Tennessee who beat Kentucky and then they'll lose to all of our. It's fascinating the way that these teams. Ebb and flow. All I expect Clemson to win this ball game. But you never know and that's one thing that the tigers have avoided. Is that ebb and flow they've stayed fairly consistent. Throughout this entire what I call the pre season. Before league play Starks and now there in the middle of it. Dale washing your halfway through the season or fifteen games in now but they have a stretch coming up they'll tell tale for the tigers NC state. In Raleigh tonight Miami at home on Saturday next week north Carolina at Chapel Hill. Good to speedier. Could this be the and then Notre Dame we just told you how they blew out NC state and editing comes to Little John a week from Saturday on the twentieth. And then Virginia and Georgia Tech the week after that that's a stretch of games that will log. Be difficult for Brad Brownell on the Clemson Tigers and he'll probably evolved. Pretty much run the table with the exception of that one loss back in November to temple. They're gonna lose some conference games let's see now they come out of this stretch a pretty tough conference games over the next couple weeks.