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Wednesday battle underway a welcome man on ESPN. Upstate with Greg McKinney coach Josh Phillips and Alonso. Graduate this this afternoon on quite a sunny and beautiful as yesterday distill some warm temperatures to enjoy here we're here till 4 o'clock this afternoon to. To talk sports with view coming up on the show today we'll hear from frank Martin's South Carolina basketball coach. Not too good lesson for the game Cox's they lost. To Alabama wasn't particularly close frank Martin's comments on back game. Coming up we're going to hear on the show today from Greg McIlroy of the IE SPN's talk about the quarterback situation going forward at. Alabama was to his big night night before last in the national championship game. So we'll look forward to hearing those comments we may. Have Connor shot today and working to get him on trying to. Get that schedule and so far we Campbell get him on today if not today hopefully tomorrow of course news came yesterday that. The former game got quarterback is joining the staff at Furman as the tight ends coach. And down. Turning the page so to speak on his career. Going from player to coach well told Connor hopefully about why he made the decision that he made and but he looks forward to doing a Furman as a tight ends coach there. We have bought tickets giveaway to the auto show we have your chance to qualify for a trip to Minneapolis for the night before. With other Dave Matthews Band that's coming up on the show today. As well and your calls. Your tweets. And your checks 8444773776. Is always is our number text line is 71307. Searcher message with ESPN. And Twitter at ESPN upstate. Where one moron announcement out of Clemson. About a player leaving early today. It is Dion Cain. The tigers wide receiver. He will take off for the NFL making that official today. Forgoing his senior season and it entering the NBA draft MBA NFL draft. The unseen led the team with 734 yards receiving. 58 catches this year. He finishes up his career act Clemson with a 130 catches a little over 2000 yards receiving twenty touchdowns in his three seasons. Tech Clemson. And that's. 24 to six loss to Alabama. In the Sugar Bowl. Couple weeks back. Had that drop early in the game but then ended up catching six passes for 75 yards so. Not a bad day for on the McCain in this final. Game with that tiger's native of Florida was the number soon receiver in that one is shifting class. Remember that class Calvin Ridley. Was the number one receiver that your. And Jane was. Right behind him so. According to bomb experts draft wire which is a USA today. Operation. Says they project Dion came to go in the second round. Walter football dot com says somewhere between rounds three and round five. Pretty acting. Ray ray McCloud has already said he's coming out for the NFL draft. And of course. We know that Vance Smith the safety is leaving and Taylor Hearn offensive linemen guard left guard. He is coming out early we're waiting to see on some other guys. Particularly those defensive lineman Chris to Milken's Cleveland Ferrell and Austin Bryant but with. All three of those guys projected as first grand daughters. The chances that Clemson. Would be hang in on to them. Which seemed to the what habits Lambeau Woolsey maybe someone makes a surprising decisions and offensive tackle Mitch higher ups what will he do. Remains to be seen and how about Kindle Joes of the linebacker. Starting graduated. Of a small for an NFL linebacker six feet 225. He may come back. Or another year moderate froze our city's comeback so they have him. Returning so coach at Clemson his receivers well the gut tells a different guys with chain and ray arrayed on. I after this year but they do have guys. They've got T Higgins. They've got to Maury Rodgers. Got Cornell Powell. Solid yet Kendrick coming in from south point freshman who's. Highly touted. They'll just be some different faces but do you expect Clemson to take any kind of a step back at receiver the skimming it. No honestly they may take a step forward. The that just simply because. It you know beyond. What was sewing consistent. Owners performances now. There's some people think that he didn't get the ball enough for didn't get targeted not often but there are some towns where he did and he didn't perform quite honestly. So that's something. That I think the coaching staff. Feels like with the younger group of receivers. They're a little bit more consistent. If they can keep them healthy. Ray ray had a penchant for putting the ball on the day. And that that something that. Unit cost Clemson a couple of times. During the season and that's something they're gonna try to emphasize and I think it's interesting that these receivers. It doesn't seem like receivers close and stay for years anymore. No matter what point. They are in their development on. Honestly think ray ray. Is probably going to be a fourth round pick. More than likely. I think beyond probably going to be somewhere in the third to fifth round. Depending on now. Things fall because in the first round. If you're going to be a first round wide receiver. You have to be one of the elite because what's your fighting. Traditionally in the first round NFL draft is going to be fairly heavy. With back in defensive personnel linebackers and DB's. Because those guys are hard to fun. It's going to be loaded with elite defensive linemen that have got to get going early because they're hard to find our offensive tackles. And they quarterbacks. So then that leaves the Y. Receiver group. Very very constricted. In the first 32 picks. And you have to be if you're gonna go in the first round you have to be. Almost an all American I mean you've got to be one of the top four players. At that position in the country. In order to go in the first round so I think both ray ray and deal of them how hard sledding when it comes and then the other thing is. You know Dion had some questionable. Character issues that we're going with him off the field. That they had to get straightened out in believe they did so. You know it's fascinating that you know these guys as a warning to jump ship because both of them could. Definitely. Help their game tremendously by coming back. Same thing with Taylor her until her arms and ready to Vienna fail. He's probably going slide somewhere around fifth to 66 round. So old it would be. Move him that that tells me there's something else. Going along with that young man either he doesn't like school he's not doing well in class. That there's something going on. That he feels like he needs to get out of there. You don't think yet I mean I all these guys. Have pine pitch opinions of their own ability or your and that's natural right sure you want to have that option right but not doesn't know all along come. Exaggerate their own worst going to the NFL for the most part. Oh yeah because they feel like. Here's the funny thing every player. That goes to college or plays college football scholarship. Even and it's a fascinating thing even at the small levels. They feel like they're gonna go to the NFL. It is really kind of boggles the mind now and a lot of coaches that I know. At the division one level says it's even worse. At their level because they feel like well the one person is talking about them. Because only 1%. Of high school players go to division one schools. I thought an even bigger issue. Dealing with a. The FF BS schools so. A look at and now you're talking about top five team. But these guys feel like well I started clubs which is defending national champion. And we did this against Alabama and we did that against Alabama so that qualifies me to go the other fail. Been on the national stage up probably doesn't help no and convincing these guys that they need to come back and they've been in the limelight for sure right in that's a big. That's the big judgment but they're gonna find out. This team they're not just competing with the guys. On the collegiate level. They're competing with guys that the NFL level. Because when an NFL executive. Drastic kid it's because they believe they're gonna make another millionaire center. Now and that's a very very difficult thing to do. Now I am of the belief that a team tells you they're worth if they draft you in the first four rounds. The chances of you staying on the team. Are exponentially higher if you get drafted. In the first four rounds meaning you're gonna last more than one or two years and the announcement. If you go in the fifth of the seventh round. You'll be lucky to make one year as much as we love to tell the Tom Brady's story it's really rare all it is is it's it doesn't happen. I mean it doesn't happen I mean look what it took. But that story to play itself out. I mean Joseph Montana as great as he was Notre Dame. Didn't go into the third round. So you don't count kickers in and what you're talking about don't know two just check it just come a real football it yet just. But if we can't just you are likely put. Agree. You know not partners not kicker now those guys actually play the game. So. Yeah I mean I think it's very very difficult. For what these guys are getting ready to face. Now again I will say this in greater India owns the threats. This is probably a good drafted go. Because it's not a very deep wide receiver calling him. In Xanadu and give you got three or four guys they're gonna do it on in the first when he picks and that's a free for open. You know slow. But they would do themselves or was all three of them ray ray B and are especially. Would do himself if they came back but they're going to use. All of our points of view on this we tingle when we hear about these announcements on my youth and I think most of us tend to look at my old kind of year as they have the they have up break out great year. That would vault them into the NFL we look at the attendance and while now. And I look at rare McLouth tonight honoring. Yes and seemed really though that only has to deal with boom in the first down. Because what's gonna happen is we think day in a benefit from another year but exactly the way they are looking at now they're looking at it as. Okay here I am in college and even if I go in the fifth round in a team signs me I'm only two million book. This makes some money now. Right. And who knows what you know family issues they have financial isn't that may be real good reasons to go ahead and do it. I mean the McCain has the size. Has the third army 61 but but he's fast he's you know he has the body to play in the in the Orion. Anything that's what your. Does have to listen. Because peoples okay we're Josh why are you saying it would serve him well comeback. He may have a tough. Family background what they've made it three years. Okay so twelve more months. Is going to be hard. But when you look at. The islands potential. That if he came back he focused on his craft. And he focused on being in the best receiver that he could run and routes catching balls being a teammate. All of those things he can go from being in the third or fourth round pick. To the bottom of the first round now you're talking a significant amount of ten million books. Yeah but some of these guys they're in school to get to the NFL and they don't really care about school that much to me wanna get down there sues they can't sure. It's not helping clips and quite honestly. Right now a receiver corps. Is nuclear Mark James Bryant. Having made it big are well not only that they're telling those guys to get out there as fast you can. Because quite honestly both marte was Brian nuke Hopkins eclipse there. So any time anybody and they're good friends. Deal on re hearing all that I mean they're good friends with those guys. So. But I think that's where you've got out of you have to really do a good job. Of listening to the NFL advisory board finding out where they because there it's not a 100%. Because they give him a look at our view a team. May not get a particular player they want and then they're reaching. And they may you may catch lightning in a bomb but that's not the in the because these teams literally do their homework. A year out from the previous spring like right now. Division one college argued it right to start spring practice. I know people who don't know what he meanwhile there and take about three weeks golf and that about the first. As soon as the second signing day is over. A lot of colleges start of spring practice routine. So. That's when the college scalp to start preparing for next year's draft are always a year. So. You know that's where you've got to do a really good job of listening to what are the pros telling you. What. All the mayonnaise telling me enough. What cousin who's telling you now what the deal on T Rachel is telling you. And not necessarily what your college coaches are telling you wanted to come back to the always want them. Noble what the guys that deal with this only yearly basis. On a daily basis what is the information that they're giving you. OK and we you've got a solid. Mid third early fourth round grade okay well that means you got a decision. If you feel like you're a talented enough to given the first right did you need to come back. If you just if you're just talking with OK what does that mean from a signing bonus standpoint. Although aides are gonna give you three million dollar signing bonus is that good enough for you believe. They give up potential. Ten to fifteen million dollar signing bonus. And so that that's where you have to be shrewd and listening to what you're going now. If you had an exponentially good year. But you may not be. A top round pick but you've had a great year and the perception is you're gonna go in the first round yeah you jumped ship and go. You don't have that mentality. Of well let me come back and win a championship right you don't forget that. No that's like say these. They're first rounder if you go right yeah I'm much better can you get from where there and this year. I mean if I was told sweetie or Brent venables and that any of those guys. I mean they're all all three of them are gonna get a first round grade from anywhere of the thirties all the way from the top to man. OK I cannot look at a player. Directly in this space. And tell him you're getting ready to go in the first round of the draft where. Don't get paid. Would you need to come to college on. Especially playing defensive line right. A bomb the deadline for making this decision is Monday the fifteenth and we have a bunch people for four Clemson Tigers underclassmen have already said. They are coming out early. It can be you know eight or nine guys when it's over so we have a much decisions still to come in and we won't. Certainly be watching for that I would expect to get some more before this week is out not pushing in into the weekend so watch and see if any more announcements come down but the news today is that. The Fontaine headed out to the NFL the Clemson wide receiver has made it official. That he will leave Clemson. Early in test the waters in the NFL that announcement confirmed this morning. 8444773776. Text line 71307. Back in a moment this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Again the huddle on ESPN upstate here it's the Wednesday edition GMAC coach Josh Phillips. And Alonso we expect to be joined live by Connor Shaw the new tight ends coach at their Furman university in about 205 this afternoon so we look forward. Catching up with Connor Shaw about his a career change coming up hopefully right after the 2 o'clock break this afternoon. Here in the huddle not good for the South Carolina being cocked basketball team last night 7662. Loss. At Alabama coming off that win against Vanderbilt. But gave up 59%. Shooting. To Alabama while South Carolina shot 36%. You don't win that way here's a game cockroach. Frank Martin now after last night's game. Disappointed in and are our inability to to stop the bleeding in the second half we don't want stretch of the game it's been our downfall year. As we just let teams going these crazy runs and part of that is an experience part of that is lack of leadership. And then obviously. Another part of goes on my shoulders. We've we've got to fix that problem or she can't win on the road in league play. Were you overplaying sexton trying to really be aggressive or famine and how did that lead to their inside guys opinions as proficient news and world. Aren't. We've we've we've ignored we wouldn't offend anybody today. You know we we put some rule change and for sexton. According to today's game defensively and from that standpoint I thought we were halfway decent. What. Our our rotations were bad everyone else in west fought sexton. Halfway decent as far as. To guard him. But you know everyone else just didn't guard the ball we we did do just. We're very good defensively. And give up a team there were shoot like 62%. From the field who have a Foreman has the players so. And then Avery release floating down the juicy clarkin at the when he got that here. Different each and and his team in my team right now which is on Avery junior he's a leader he's a fighter. He gets those guys don't play the way that you're asking them to play. Natural were searching for you know we're searching for that and our team you know Avery junior. The question was just a west white like you get more shots. Avery didn't let. There is rang Marten yeah they did a good job long Colin stacks Saxton who's the leading scorer in a conference via here's to pray for five points last night but. Nice balance by Alabama you heard him mention Avery Johnson junior he came off the bench with ten points. Petty had fifteen they had four guys in double figures. And South Carolina again very cold shooting 36%. From the field 33% from three points Chris Silva after that good night. Against Vanderbilt over the weekend was two for 849. Points in big game last night and up. So South Carolina is ten and six coach Pam worship there one in three in the SEC the struggles continue here in it's not looking much better. Just yet for South Carolina. You know you you heard from frank oh what we've been saying about this team. In what the question was that we had about this team coming into the season. And that's leadership that's the ability to. Run the floor be an extension. Coach Moore and his staff on the floor and that's exactly what. It you know he just mentioned that they're missing and I don't think that's something they. You can get fixed. This year you can't force. Leadership. That's something that. You can either comes from your player either come from your culture comes from you. And last year they had it because they had an older club and they had an older guard run the club is missing at the board well. As good of players he was in and he was a fantastic player. But he also was a senior. And he commanded the respect. Of the rest the ballclub and they keep count well that that's what they're searching for is are searching for that guy. That's gonna put the team on their back and step up and say our guys let's go let's let's get this thing go. You know and even made reference to. Avery sullen Avery junior. That the you know you gotta be vocal you've got to also back it up with your play. He can't be a leader in the escrow. There's a disconnect there. So you know it's one of those things that maybe he needs to have a talk with. So book about Sobel possibly beat him up a little bit more although he's not that kind of kid I'm. You know so and it fell out again and I found out trouble Fella like seven minutes ago so. Yeah. Mean usually comes from your guards or possibly a small forward. On your basketball team but it has to be your best player. On in order for to maintain the respect that it deserves and right now they just don't have it. And he they're gonna have to figure out a way to just get through this season to grow some of these kids up. To be in that role there might be one but there maybe they just maybe you know. And they don't feel like they can say anything. But you've got to have that guy in until they get things done than that they're gonna keep stroking. In Georgia is next you know the good seeing their eleven and three and it's a road game against some tough one on a Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock at Stedman coliseum. In Athens for the gamecocks 1 o'clock tip SEC network we'll have that one. South Carolina and Georgia next month yup gamecocks won in three conference tenant six overall after losing to. Alabama 76 to 62. Last night in Tuscaloosa. ID 444773776. We'll check out the out text line now much more coming up. Time for a break we will be back this is the huddle on ESP in upstate. Coming up tomorrow about 130 about this time tomorrow in the huddle we're gonna talk live with Paul being Carty. ESPN national recruiting director of for basketball. A because Paul is going to be calling ESPN's coverage on Saturday night at 8 o'clock. Bob Chino Hills chino and China right Chino Hills. A California school. Against Barbara days in the hoop hall classic up in Massachusetts. Significant because of Zion and Williams and we think he will play he has not played yet since this injury. But. About time for become back and I would think that if he can at all possibly get out on the court and nationally as peeing game would be the time to do it so hopefully. Zahn now more playable thought Paul being Carty about. His broadcast coming up on Saturday night tomorrow 130 here in the huddle look forward to bat and of course. Now we're just want a week or so away from. Like ten days away from time Williams and schedule old college. Announcement. And it could be some really good news for. Clemson. Maybe maybe not but. Hearing good things about Clinton's. Position with Zion on Williams and right now we'll see where that gets. ID 444773776. Is the number here. In the huddle now let's college football season has ended with Monday night's national championship game SEC country. Has come out where they were ranking of the SEC quarterbacks. This season. Quiz time for you guys. Where's Jay Bentley. They might not just you know forging school forcing quarterbacks not just starters but everybody either ranked like 33 quarterbacks. In the SEC guys that played any meaningful time basically for any SEC school. You think he's trying to trick us Millie does this all the time making this thing that he's real low on the list them all could be he could behind. The look at the smile on this thing hang time. Late game currently no worries so are you watched him play is solid and a season he had you know that it was. Good at times not so good at times. You know yup fourteen schools right in the SEC. So Tommy's going to be somewhere in the top fourteen right the F fourteen starters. I mean I need to take into account what. Tiger I'll vote Lola did. For Alabama and Jalen hurts I can tell you that both of those guys made pretty high scores on the list so element against who spots up. Near the top on the guy and guess six. Cynics for Jake Mannelly. Josh. In the SEC as ranked by SEC country song you know whether they know nothing but. Where you think they put. Eight. Twelve. While the twelve who won't who has worsened them. Much of people but. Not a budget starters Alston now and maybe fourteen. Austin Alan a sixteen. Because Ellis sixteen in your other guy called Kelly is eighteen. So when your Arkansas guys here's a list. Number one Jalen arts again this this poll season. And he Goodyear. Just got benched in the beginning. Body at a Goodyear Jalen hurts. And Alabama. Was relieved. Body of work for the fall season was was pretty good remembering was good against Clemson. He was good against Mississippi State. It was good that Florida State game to kick off the year. Solid games there he's number one according to SEC country it would this is it core black or ranking yes poisoning as a quarterback. Maybe not throwing going he'd I would say he plays the position. He's a quarterback officially I know what you're saying. Number two are being number two in the in the SEC for the year after Jalen hurts wrong. I'm from California. No chaired stem from all. They these. Days they're dumber than salary down south mindset street. Oh. My goodness. Jerry Stiller and had a good year. Nobody is now the second best quarterback in the league. While. He was good against Georgia in week eleven remember Auburn won that game. He was good against Alabama and remember all the won that game. Pay had a good week against a Texas say in them this year. Al from is third object promised her personal get too upset and number afford to attack go below up. The new star for the Alabama Crimson Tide so Alabama gets one and four on this list. And that's basically based on one game one half one half football malts to look to number four on this list but it was a big net gain you much bigger. And number five Mick FitzGerald Mississippi State. Nationally ranked number 29. Season ended urgent early in the egg bowl leg injury. Drew up get Missouri is number six on this list. A slug it around this year he had a hot stretch of the season. Not so good in the post season and that. Texas game. Jordan taboo as eyes of announces nine. Ole miss and number seven. And number eight easily does that are better than Jack meddling according to SEC country and great Danny at rolling at LSU. While a number nine Kyle charmer at Vanderbilt. The number Chan shape Paterson enormous. Headed to Michigan. Shared time this year at Ole miss. And number eleven knicks dark old Texas say in them. Those are the guys rated higher than Jake mentally this year. While. Yes 500 yards in the double game to Wake Forest they lost three of them are back ups the F. Or were at least two Arizona backed him anymore. And Bentley a number twelfth. One number twelve. Some of the guys after that killer mind at Texas a and M at thirteen Stephen Johnson of Kentucky a fourteen. Thompson for Mississippi State at fifteen Austin Alan sixteen fully pay francs from Florida at seventeen. Paul Kelly an eighteen to Tennessee quarterbacks Garin Tonto in dorm idiot nineteen and twenty. And on Ellis we go to a bunch of back ups will listen Auburn in the league Zaire Lou Del Rio. Some of those guys. Last guy on the list. Remember Bryce Ramsey at Georgia. The new show up in that championship game what does he do our mercy and I'm thinking helmet kit is that what Adam thanks so. Price transient 33 on this list. I look look at it this way. Number twelve and SEC country's final ranking of quarterbacks. In the conference this year. I don't. I you know. I'm gonna argue that. How might put him ahead of a couple of those guys beat Kim moved way up that list I mean just can't. Based on the year that he did you just can't. Couple spots okay. Let's open the end of next year it's. Well better than that he put him on number twelve in the South Carolina Gamecocks finish second in the east and when nine games. That's not bad after that. Kind of performance in a year in which they blame the offensive coordinator. Are to rise. Fired him. We'll see what the near regime does to help Jake mentally. Going for next year. I your chance to win and beyond the night before contest trip to Minneapolis is coming up at about eleven minutes here standby for the code word time for a break back with more coming up this is the huddle you're listening to ESP in upstate. So some are mixed news for Alabama as far as guys coming out early today. Calvin Ridley is leaving he'll forego his senior season declare for the NFL draft the wide receiver. But Damian Harris has come back. The running back. He's at a thousand yards rushing each of the last two years and he's gonna come back for a senior season surprised by that you get 2000 yards years in your running back and we all know we talk about how short their careers are. They mean here's commandment might be a little surprising in. May think or they made it talk to them couple the other ones are leaving. Running backs possibly. I don't know mum. Text your says all the takes on a 71307. Because we have no commodity on chain announcing today that he is leaving Clemson early to go to the NFL. He says they wanna get paid can't say I blame them with that minimum salary. Yeah the minimum our first your salary right now in the NFL as 465000. Dollars. Not bad. And then goes to 540 year two and then 615 in the 69. And if you get assigned to a contract he had a four year deal if you're drafted if you're undrafted. When you sign a contractor eligible for a three year deal. All right but I and I know that sounds like a lot of money DUMB 465 but given what's on the table in the NFL if you go mountain improve your. Draft status and the killer first rounder that's not a lot of money as. No no I don't think so. Not if one year of seasoning back at the collegiate level. Get you but a lot of it when whoever you guys are saying four or 65000. Dollars a year is not a lot of money right. To a kid who's making zero dollars does not a lot of money compared to what he can make. By improving his draft status I'd. Items don't you say am I completely disagree if you if you pour in UC committee now much that's a lot. Well that's the shortsighted as that's what I'm concerned about are they just looking at bat number and say hey that's enough for me. Because I know is that Smart. Well. Again they've made it. Could have met on yourself as well you're doing what you are but you're also. And this is what I would advisors. All three of these players alone. Especially where they were in Deion OK look you've made it. This long. And yeah that's been a struggle. Okay. But once you saw that four year deal saying they both go in the fifth round and they saw that four year deal. They're stuck at that no matter how well they do. In those four years. OK. So far more the stuff at clubs and I'll tell India and beyond well. The advisory boards tell when you're gonna go on the fourth the fifth round yeah I know to struggle home right now which we've made it this far. Another twelve months in gonna Killian. And we can work your well we can get to the point. If you do these certain things. That then. When you come back next year you're gonna go on the top two rounds and that 450000. Has got to be five to twenty million. So a nineteen year old Josh Phillips who has the chance to go to the NFL or stay in school you're staying in school. Do you remember do you remember your way of thinking when you were nineteen the only one just released juniors or not nineteen elect also torn island there's one. And also this. If there was the potential meaning if I had people alive that I trusted. That said okay look. Right now you're not to that point but with a another year of working on it because they're not gonna get any worse. See when it mattered to me if I thought I was ready I would now. Because again my again you all these people saying no no you can't do you can't do it you blaming yourself you're gonna go. The point I'm saying is though you gotta be Smart about it. Because the NFL is gonna use you know that's where you're wrong you should be Smart about it you don't have to be Smart about it. Well we're trying to encourage that disappointment. Because here's what these guys got a thing. I have to maximize my because what the the life expectancy in the FO is three and a half to four and a half years. OK so you have a very small window. And look most of these guys go the NFL do what set themselves up for life. When they don't have to get out get a job when their career is done in the NFL. Now I'm of the opinion that no matter how hard he works right or the clouds never going to go in the first two. So yeah I might advise him to get run now. Dion came as different matter because potentially. He could be a first round. If you worked on his part craft and came back and tightened up some details. Came out of high school right behind count greatly and Ridley is going to be a first if there really is going to be a first round.