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Inside the ropes my name is one tool along with Patrick Brown. We do on this your podcast you're gonna talk so rosling. Well do you point out that normally we would have our good friend Zack Allen with us but he has. He didn't mention some who don't. Have you in his version greener pastures. Well Zach has been with the for a very long time we wish him well in his future endeavors. That's what they usually write down but not just at its elegant Demi heavy statement today that lives it's a management statement trust me I've received those humans many times but you know we hope to have that back oftentimes time. He's is really busy. And he was only really helping out on Saturdays. On this podcast and on another show on our sister station so. Anyway so it was Zack well. The bad part about as were missing though a lot of wrestling knowledge with him gone but we're gonna make up for that. Starting next week. On a similar permanent date basis may be on permanent bases we have a another co host joining us. Who had a lot of inside on what's going on in the rest of business because he actually does any wrestler and a lot of the big names. That are hidden in WW and elsewhere he has wrestled. Before so. Deathly gets an inside with him I'll tell you we is next week. But right now let's talk about what happened this week in the Debbie dubbed the starting out on raw. Brawl started out to shield going that small edge goes is Arlen shameless. I wonder how long Seamus is going to be able to Russell. Yeah I was connected with the next and be he's got he's got a neck saying the same thing that retires stone cold Steve Austin and edge. So and he doesn't he doesn't look like he slowing down now. And that can be a scary thing when you have that I mean but again. We have an injury a lot of times people they compensate so much that they hurt themselves somewhere else so maybe he's going about the right way. I I like the the feud between these three specifically if you between Samoa Joseph and oh run rains because I think they clash pretty well. I don't like the idea that the shield does and how the tag team titles right now but I think they're gonna get him back what do you think. I think they'll get a matte back of the world rumble but I think Roman loses his inner Connell titled grow so. It's kind of like a rules are tightening. This little those things that bothers me because it and I kinda get what they're going to make in that title. Good title for wrong assumes the universal title with two should be because they have distinctive part timer who's you know only the size of Russell every. Three months or so or once a month and it. It devalues a universal title and does that though it does to me. I don't think it does. 'cause I didn't this might be the most unpopular opinion on this but think about it whenever Brock is on TV we watts. Because we don't know what he's dealing. And makes that title whenever he appears on TV because he's not on TV so much and makes that title Marcy. I I understand your point of view. Disagree with that I think the title should be defended you know a lot more often and I think the title holder should be around what deal like scene are not at least he was around when he had the title. Some of these other guys who had titled they were around when they had it. UNC Ric Flair of showing up once every three months to Russell just wouldn't do that. It's a different age and time I did. You know and and I understand that Deb Brock. Is somewhat transcendent of of the business so you wanna keep him. At the pinnacle but the same time there's some other guys can elevate I'd love to see bronze stroman has championed I'd love to see Samoa Joseph is champion. 'cause those guys are there. All the time Melissa hold them off TV and I ain't been Ballard they aren't even I'd love to see fin back again but he just doesn't have to push lately. All right you know why that is why is that they were gonna have Lesnar vs Ballard royal rumble. But. Did stinks said Ballard is it over enough. You know with the crowd so ever since then you see on his Twitter that he always you know mentions the word over. You know and an. It's completely stupid we want to raw last time. I went there because I wanted to be able to stand up and do whatever that thing as you do when the dollar walks at. I just because they're not easy don't participate that kind of thing you don't but I wanted to do that yet and this teacher sales are through the rupees so then he's over now I I don't get it are a couple of things happen on raw. Peja Mandy rose defeated daily Mickey James I do you like gas solution and hopefully it's not another faction to bring in and and do nothing left. And meets him sometimes a writing can be you know really get at the beginning and then it just. Kinda Peters out the word dude is big do nothing with it yet. Awoken Matt hardy Embree Wyeth saying what a fantastic. Thing say. Here's the thing I've I've read some things about us and I and don't know where I am exactly on this I think some people. Don't like. How silly it is how silly. That that Matt hardy is. With what he's doing until you see the entire thing right now assist head shots of him and his weird laugh and you know. I solve the deletion or whatever that was because Zach showed it to me and I thought that was really cool but I would have fallen at the time. And these two are the two that should match up for this whole thing yet. I'm just worried that they're gonna ruin. What I'm worried is that they're gonna still do these like little video things. Weights which is fine. But I have like Wyatt like. You know back home in the compound you now and just talking and have a Mac guy talk around it like hit. In just make sure that you see his whole. Man your resumes and everything like that Danny can introduce all the old characters back into it is one of those things you have to. Repackaged. Woken map authority. And make sure that people don't get bored with the so quickly because they're doing the same thing that they always do. It showed the vignettes show the vignettes and the most time happens where like. What's the point. Yeah too much buildup and not enough facts and hopefully it won't happen a lot quicker than it looks like is going to all right Seth Rollins defeats. I Seamus I was pretty good match. Enlisted some bumps on the inactive he did which had which every time I seen and I get worried. You know same here four way match up with a for the crews are way tacky careless about I wish that I cared I I kinda care now. Was that just because a jury pool. I do I do like did you feel like we've begun to collect the thing I do whenever he was it whenever you each candidate Greenville whenever they came. I was very entertained the gulag discuss the way he carried himself he doesn't have first time I had ever seen him before I was like what the heck is this the no fly zone who mrs. guy I think a lot of people were like that has a child remember the reaction LT got much of one cause. People had no clue who unions act gave them one it was just like kind of dead in the the Internet guys will game reaction. And what's going on with an. I hate what they're what they're doing with my hijack a lot of doing it. Why is to keep her away from ams solution. Estimate nine is still looks strong inmate. Damn that's solutions acrylic on. Until. One point braking points in Athens in an attack well. I wish it would happen goods are still things he should be champion OK they're in a con L championship match from rains defeats is Zorro which is really good match yeah. Gases are the market go out in this to have a good match for anybody. That's not a problem. Roman performed really well in this match. Very very good dinner and matched all right continue must finish abroad I solutions tax Oscar. He knew where I was gonna go first you know through a joint size or anything like that and and that's really good is always see page vs Alaska who see that. I aide I don't want it now. I kind of want. Kind of what the build up for wrestle mania exactly kind of what the teases and build up maybe have Oscar won the title page when the time no one of them has to have its final exactly. Ice Milledge show pristine Ambrose which is pretty good match configure Samoa Joseph one Nat and valley bronze stroman. Verses Cain and it is double count out could not careless and yeah same here. They're misusing Cain two to put stroman over a little bit more. To push towards. The but here's you know it's going to be triple threat yet that's what they're talking about and a lot of people are saying Matt Cain as the tide Dillinger of this. When Ty Dillinger was in the triple threat match for the United States not overstating Corbin. Dillinger to depend. So I think canes into the pin here selling stroman doesn't look weak. Or rock while we won't deathly break it down when that before that triple threat match happens and I'm thinking stroman takes the title. I by beating came Brock went. We will see you we get there right on smackdown. Jim normal on seeing Brothers. And attacked AJ styles. I don't know. At the same thing was actually pretty funny gas. AJ AJ put out really well and I was very happy with that. I don't know what they're doing gender anymore. I think he's a good mid card guys but not a top guy anymore agreed. All right Charlotte defeats ruby riot by disqualification now is pretty good to only see what really ride and and some of those girls are gonna do against. Some of these the bigger talent on smackdown so they're finally started and do some matches namely returned. She did that a guy who can ever I was like. You're gone yeah I didn't Oceana I remembered an attacker. But in Eleanor OK don't ziglar defeats Barry Corbin bide his golf cases obvious qualifications on smackdown. We talked about before ziglar probably on his way out yeah I I just I can't get entirely behind her incorporate into account is there. Once he does that I may actually reform a little bit this week he'll lose so much hair than assists string me up there. And and look at in my head because as I've not reached the stringing this point. Yet today naive you've got to give you gaga float on if if I get to that point it's gone yeah. No matter how big my head is other middle click Kurt angle and now I'm OK with that but. But Corbin needs he needs to cut that stuff off alright. Lucy bludgeoned Brothers defeated. Colin Delaney and Joseph Monroe who overhead there beat the book called Billy Lee wasn't going to be a long time ago it's in position to have a job there. But the thing was that holds our match was funny just because one on the and it was rowand. Whenever he picked him up to power bomb on the other guy. He may lead as girlie scream yell again Oscar race analysts are less that ours is like OK that's one way to kind of entertain them restless sykora graves that was his lap and as NASDAQ and it was great the other kid. I would lose it you know trying to be serious as an announcer now how often you use can help it. And I wonder does planned but again I just decided he's gonna do that I I think you decide to do that because let's be honest he's got a legitimately bit afraid it's yeah civility will now he's like an Internet favorite is because the L on love the guy actually got to get that ivy Dennis and sounder for the show. And I'll look for that later. All right on recess and aiding the English. Defeat views of those other on Russa day long and love it you know have used that day. And I'm happier announced attacking division smackdown so strong. It's not the same shield vs the bar anymore 88 Leggett is on raw. It could be legitimately the new days do. Loose those grew seven inhalation. Gable in Benjamin nickel in the title we really don't know. I like that. Yeah I wanna talk about that in just a few minutes when breakdown class champions all right NX team. And John ACL and almost that they can get better at it. Defeated Fabian Geithner and and hiker man he's a specimen those those of decent match. Ever moon defeats patent Royce. And remove my favorite wrestler right now favorite female wrestler can't wait to see. It's moved up but it probably still be awhile GAAP. On the offers of paying also known as the authors of pain as that offers. The offer of a pain defeated. Only Lorie Kane and Danny bird to basically look like the same dude in my eyes will be. Wins for him from they look like there. And so I'm show after. You know Armageddon or or some sort of apocalypse has happened VA and there are now left over human beings yet. And and the final match was in Rhode gymnast tween ouster black and Adam Cole and I didn't notice but they said dad out of lax undefeated now was not aware of that. It's been one of those days that no one's talked about big yet he is undefeated and sixty it's kind of like a natural thing that Oscar had where. You know until they got a big built above impressive when Sri no one's really talked about it. But also doesn't percent and exe was on USA network yes and pulled in about 800000 viewers which for. A limited promotion tapes show for one hour non primetime as Bob bat well not bad at all. And I watched it. On values are what's on network but I Watson knows us pretty please with I was wondering. If they're gonna upgrade production value and stuff that they didn't it's it's the same as what it normally is not that it's bad. But you can tell it's in the smaller venues so that makes things. Seem a little more intimate arm the eight tickets yet. For snow I don't neither we need to talk about that as we knew that we need to coordinate because we definitely wanted to go to that. An obvious to see what would the atmosphere is like there and how many people show up in that kind of stuff. All right let's continue class champions real quick before we finish up the podcast. This paper uses not cite me at all. It does there's just as there's a few matches on there that really did sign as a final paper view for a year I just think it should be a little bit more. All right Mo Joseph Riley vs Zack Ryder and kick off show. I got Ryder. You know. I'm going on go mode there's probably will be Modell but I I just like writer and a writer is a better Russell is a seasoned veteran I mean. I think all right the blood Brothers first resound well I don't know why is it gonna defeat him resign go to the boys and Brothers. Because of the hole that's about thing in a TV. Yeah I like him Brothers. Blood approach when this match. I I don't know what to do would breeze on anymore but it they need to fix it will result though at least compete in this yes he has to think so yeah. I say Tyler breezes is completely obliterated. I mean he of course he's going to be a smaller guy in there with those guys and then goes and he's not exactly little but compared to the woods Brothers evil yeah. Dinky but. And a I just don't. Some reason I think there's going to be some sort of running or something an alibi the since in the end by sensitive because this expressing even their best friends and I would like to see the ascension of verses bludgeoned Brothers if they would let. Build the ascension up because potentials there and you told me that they were pretty good and an exterior I really get in and as and they've done they've been nothing McConnell released since they moved up so. That's what I think's gonna happen and it wouldn't shock me. If somehow result go wins that because of a run in from the center and our women's. Championship Charlotte flare vs Natalia and a lumberjack match. I've looked at predictions. I god this particular thing I think from CBS sports. Listen whether you are into wrestling or not CBS ESPN all those guys they have produced predictions about what they think he's gonna happen. And I agree that Charlotte's gonna win. A lot of people are thinking that this the time when. Cashed it. Because you know was expecting it now as a lumberjack match you know things could happen after the match but just week in Charlotte in Carmel as they're depend. I mean is age sets up perfect. For you know a good send off for the final out every the locker. I got to believe that the riot squads and have something to do was it. Some sort of deep down. That's gonna leave Charlotte vulnerable and that's when yes she's gonna cash and our tag team championship this problem we will be the best match of the night no doubt on this those. Vs Shelton Benjamin and gable. And the new day and Russa S and English. Every time. That the do so is a new day or against each other in the paper view like the last. Two or three times it's stole the show down may have been so good. And sometimes like. Almighty god I can't believe they're doing that kind of stuff the beet down what was it was it was held in the cell I can't remember what it was again on yet it. No freedom now is hard to watch yes. Because. All man. They beat the mess out of each other arm I think. That's going to be a surprise. And I think one of the other two tag teams are gonna win either Dave Baum Benjamin. I hope English and reset went I think that's just an it culminate perfectly so now that Russo now says. I have to prove every day is a ruse that day. Because whenever he unveiled his shirt he got a huge ovation just from the shirt. I almost. Would virus that nature because you will guys are getting me closer to that you will. Are you nice to issue of should bear in Corbin vs Bobby reverses dull ziglar. Why because. There's just not enough star power sorry I know you guys are really into Bob rude but bruised pretty old. Parties so what I thought about Corbin ziglar probably on his way out zig was biggest star in this matched to me mom. I think cormorant tanked former retains idols that but ziglar is gonna eat that then. And let's see just couple more matches and we'll finish up the the podcast AJ styles Christian Amal. Styles keeps the belt spousal keep the belt not a question on now. And finally Kevin Jones is Jamie's name vs Randy your mentions game Nakamura with two special guest referees. And the rumors are one of homes good return. I wonder which one is it going to be Daniel Bryan. Is it going to be Shane McMahon and one of them are gonna now be. He'll. And I've read both I mean beyond this would be shamed. And and everyone's all though this is day of Bryan's gonna turn. I don't know that they'll work. No the reason they're gonna say that Bryant turn teel is because you know people and Santa Bryan's gonna return to wrestling yet this is this is the latest one I heard. But Brian turning heel. Will eventually lower his stock in Indy market. Because people would just be ticked off what. But I don't think you can do that and I don't think Bryant can be heal anymore. Because he's already a lovable baby. Here's what I think happened value one concerns I think I think this is another where were riding. Messed thereby thereby thinks they know what's gonna happen yeah and it's just doesn't happen that's that's what I think I don't know. Are in shock me if it's just to fly out clean match which would just surprised just about everybody. I think it will be a clean Macs but I think there's going to be east shenanigans happening between the rats not not. The people not the teams unit I got you okay so. As we finish up any big time news in Indy you've you've had of heard what happened in Japan. I'm Jericho showing Jericho showing up. But that this is posted to our FaceBook page by yes yes but the reason this was such a big deal but no one's really talked about yes he beat of a mate that's fine and it happened. He beat up guy joke. Who is the the runner. Of new Japan who used to be Jericho is tag team partner in new Japan which no one ever touches him. That was a big deal plus TDs storied red shoes some. Young boys and somewhat he basically tore through new Japan. In a way that no one's ever seen before so got a lot more interest in it. And in the press conference the next day Omega branded on Jericho this press conference and beat him up. So now there's a lot more interest not only outside Japan but inside Japan for the match. To what end. I mean is this a feud it's gonna happen for a while ours is going to schools and they've won masses didn't culminate at wrestle kingdom. And what Imus when I'm assuming is that Jericho is kind of like the lending hand. To connect new Japan in Delhi Debian someway. To kind of maybe potentially have Omega comment for one match. Well we will have to keep an island that then something else you'll keep an island as the clock and the clock and got us we need to finish up the podcast. Don't forget next week we will have our special guest who. If he doesn't. That's something special happened to be on the horizon will be open. I guess posts for awhile thank you for joining us for ESPN obtained inside the ropes. We'll pass from behind Alonso. You next time and tried to.