Lonzo and Patrick break down the next NXT Takeover and talk indys.

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ESPN posting inside the ropes and. Been a little while season. News every time we say we're going to be consistent will be back next week but you know it will be back next week. Because today we're going to love breakdown in sixty takeover Brooklyn Brooklyn whatever number it is for your numbers work for is for the guy. And next week we'll be back on talk and some some slim we also bring down some indie stuff today. But first we'll let's talk about NXT take over. Couple matches this first match is supposed to be a triple threat between two Mossad ciampa. Johnny Giordano and Alastair blocked them before we start the podcast you gave me some news and I didn't know. Yeah it was report yesterday curb the ninth of August that als or black as had surgery on his growing will not be able to compete. At an exe take over broke on his side deal recovery is. A few weeks after Brooklyn. Does not like he's gonna be away for a lot of us sounds convenient as did sounds like a work so he didn't seizing as a legitimate diligently W growing thing you don't just bounce back from that happens to see if it's surgery I guess. While I mean that the reason we say it's legitimate it's 'cause it happened at an exe how show. And whatever it happened at the rats and everyone was kind of worried. So that's how we kind of know it is legitimate. But yet it's now a last man standing match between Tomas a Tampa and joining our camp. Let's face it they have had some some amazing matches together. And to Mossad temple right now is the best he'll in the entire company may be in all of wrestling in my opinion I am. I'm cheer for his I mean what it I don't know this happened by accident or by design. Or maybe you just came up with it on the fly but man. His characters really really working right now. Any better or not and I'm so concerned. It's gonna give this to to Johnny but to gonna give the belt to him give him a victory over child by midday this should not happen. I agree should not happen. I I think top but then I think the reason he's worked so well. Is the same way the double team dreams were really well because the person believes in his character the person goes poll bourse was his character. That's why it's working so well I think champ vote wins this match. And it because it pays perfectly in his wheel house the last man standing no rules no regulations into whatever he wants. Well I tell you why I'm gonna go with my heart and now my hands my head tells me that the company wants. Oregon on the when I I agree with that but I'll go jumping to Laura and I love Tom but yet made to sell your march. Wanna buy shares took awhile before though the team got a shirt but I got one knows why don't noted. Jump up basically says he's never selling trilogy is never in the soldier. I guess it goes all Decatur death makes sense all right so the next match in sixteen North American championship between. Adam Cole bad diet and ricochet man I cannot stand ricochet ricochet is sold its. He uses a stink in circus acrobat plane off as a wrestler DP came in he stole mob boys fell under. When he went up against LA TI can't I can't forgive him for that I cannot say get Rio verde who dies odds. Listen I love. I'm coal. I love his faction. I think they're great. I think we need good factions. In all of wrestling and you know that I'm going with ricochet because they're gonna give them title and it's horrible. But I am cold should be greeted Shang. I think our goal will be Turkish boat you're I think because. It's Brooklyn. They're gonna kinda go with the snort your crowd. And I think eight for right now I'm gonna go with pretty much mostly heals I'm gonna go out of coal because he did debut. Last year app Brooklyn those kind of like a one year anniversary is in and got with a bank well I. As someone recently. Up in New Jersey New York area. You're right there's some mean people out there assume they're probably going to be more on the heels Sayyaf. But since when is what the crowd thinks have anything to do with who wins the match but her. I hope you're right I hope Adam Cole wins but I think they're gonna do with the ricochet all right NXD women's championship. Saying they deserve verses could carry saying. You know is a problem with this. They can keep working people his days alert and then they go with somebody else. The Mickey cross thing is something they're really kind of built on and and I think that's a then submitted trilogy a matches I don't like the fact that. And Nicky is not involved in this because that was a great match and her smiling at the end when she went under. And now is great yet what why are we moving on to somebody else because Nicky has been. Doing some of smackdown live shows. Not like I did notice or on stage when they when they announced do what Paul when newspaper via an. So I think I think they're kind of prepping her for. A and main roster run maybe after summer slam debut. Okay mom. But I think higher re saying. Is the perfect person to go against Bay's. Because she did during the may young classic and exactly which is going on right now it the second one yeah and I don't want to know he probably knows no I I don't I don't know result I do know one thing no one of the oppressors they get injured during the match but that's the only thing now. Is when I when I first got the network has won the first things is that I started watching when that happened so I I like watching that as its. Shown now does it out and. And Renee young's on broadcasts. It may I classic but I I was very cool parent has touched. Are associated ms. or vs congress saying so in the first made on classic net congress same bead chain of his alert to win many young classic. Are saying is not going to be ten amazing. I'm gonna say that days or wins. But this is gonna be a really good match that you big that this is going to be a match set and a lot of people aren't gonna. Are gonna CNET as the marquee match up but it actually will be really good to watch. I feel they were held back a little bit during their may young classic encounter I think this one they're gonna say go full force since I know what you're saying but I don't think chain they lure was. Ready to do. What she can do now I think she's really grown as a Russell was great so now this should make a match better. But again and we'll days or. I'm getting obeys clear I do think Carrie does put up a fight and I think I think she escapes seen as submission at least one time. Which should be kind of a cool feature is we have a CNET yet. And but bays are went. All right sixty tag team championship between the undisputed era and mustache Melton. Deserve no other tag team out there to go up against and skewed there one more war machine millions and we will I think warmest years in real good the next. Kind of encounter but they haven't been building up war machine. I the reason. The reason must ask now NASA and allied war machine I know they had a big following an Indy is not comes out there and really get necessarily really newsroom motorcycle gang. But they're really gonna there are. OK they're not as good as undisputed there. That's your opinion that is what I've done that that is right unfamiliar to a slower given right now that Palin on. I am truly like moustache now has don't. A chilling process not got thrown in here because the NXT UK. Now com Rick which which is a shame because there's so much better than us I do like mustache mound. But I do think the undisputed heir wins this match. Because I'm gonna suspect Bobby fish. Is going to play a role in this match. Who is the fourth member who you know went away with and into right the. The only thing the other thing that I can think what happened would be that maybe another tag team comes out and interrupts it somehow hey you war machine he had and it doesn't finish so they can get dot push us talking about okay. Our final match for an exe takeover Brooklyn and sell the team during our fourth. Vs EC three putt I mean I kind of like what they're doing with a little vignettes and that type of thing you don't like does. Oh no they don't know if I'd say it kick the can we just give. Props because of all the teen dream an easy three works so well together video and you know if the problem would be pretty good tag team to. I would I would watch it yeah same here so this. This potentially could be match of the night although not so nice volume leader John Allen and chop again just because they've worked so well drummer I'm gonna say. That's the night right now gonna put my money on it coal and Rick checked OK so the other team dream vs DC three. You'll have both team win anymore it seems like seems like he has great matches and he loses at the end. But I think to go on a more and that's what. I'm trying term I think the last time he wine. On NXT takeover. Was Brooklyn. But EC three has never won a report on Idenix teacher. On exceed paper. So we don't know what to yet I mean you know so you don't let. Can I take growth. Because Alibaba you do your time gamma ticket draw like both of almighty count now at the end god now I'm gonna go amateur ghosting during. But this is gonna be fought under is excited. For what bill would teen dream is gonna come out in. Yeah same here I had I mean can you never know he's been doing a paper views he's gonna have. Extra people extra props on icons has I'm kind of wondering if he's gonna highlight. Easy threes TNA Iran. Candlelight go with some outfits from there because that would be really fun to see this arsenic I would enjoy that but. Everything W injuring does is amazing so net never count out the dream well my guess an ongoing dream discuss. That's my guy all right Indonesia gets in the new units yet allfirst all judge you on classic so going on in Egypt and if you have it. Watch any of that I recommend go watch DC block with Kenny Omega and there are a lot of good matches. That happened in those but. As you know we I I told you about all in which is the self. Ryan show by Cody Rhodes in the young bucks sold out this year senator in thirty minutes. Olds now being reported. That they're going to potentially sell out Madison Square Garden. For ring of honor and you Japan's. G went up super card which happens the ninth before wrestle mania. Now just so tell you how many people that's gonna hold. The saint anywhere from eighteen to sixty. Thousand people. Which is impressive because this will be do you largest show. In America. Run by a promotion. Are wrestling promotion not named it's a man not named a really. This will have the highest gate out of anybody. Does not done wrestle me. And what does that mean I mean it's going for them but doesn't doesn't really haven't guessed wrong meaning meaning teasing Dell means that they can compete with the big guys I don't think. And and this is a thing that I love listening to delve Dave Meltzer about. He says there's no one that can compete we WWE on a weekly basis. Debbie did he is too big of a machine to compete on a weekly basis however. They can steal some thunder and make it better for the wrestlers. Because it wrestler is now are getting paid a lot more as they wanna go to W a B if it means messing up ring of honor new Japan or anybody else. So it's good for the for the wrestler and is good for business as well. Because rests it just shows that wrestling is so popular right now that legitimately. Everyone wants to be a part of it. That is cool I can't wait to see what happens with that okay as we finish up. As of this taping smackdown coming to this area Tuesday I have the opportunity. Two. Two interviews showed flare so hopefully I'll be able to get. Some of that oil next week's podcast. And until then thank you for joining us. Here on ESPN inside who troops troops troops troops. Poor Patrick I am one of those things. Yeah I guess.