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This is ESP. Inside to a Europe's money and Rondo alone without browned and done. Been awhile since we've got to do they rest in podcast and everything's cool and we're ready to go and start doing so regular basis now. Right yeah game goes well hopefully we'll start doing some analysis hopefully. Now off we are recording this on a Saturday afternoon tonight is an XT take or Chicago to go over that. Com we're also gonna go over Debbie Debbie you money in the bank. So let's start where is. On an XT take over and start with. Johnny got Ghana vs Tomas of ciampa. Why am I start with that to stop on the list wanna print out a sole reason why. This feud I like dispute. And I like ciampa pen and I don't like cargo that much so you're not normally guys who roots for the heels you know what I root for a well done he'll. And I think I think he's probably the best fuel David Lee sat in a very long has done some of the things they chant which I don't talk that way we could say it on the podcast I'm not going to on some things they chant when he comes out. He comes up to no music alleyways of the ground. I just love that I love his look I love everything and duke is in shape. I don't use in that kind of shape when he was in India while I was linked. I don't I don't remember him being that shredded yet he's too old now so I think I think that adds to his look and makes him look even more evil and I just think O'Donnell's two as these overdone he does I am. I I really do like this feud alive. I'm excited for this match because I know what they can do and the last match I feel it they had to use the does the stipulation of it. More than the actual like match of it. I'm it Alexander discuss it is going to be more of a technical maps. I have not want to even with a Chicago street volume due to technical match fury here's the thing I'm worried well I mean the thing is like you can make it a technical match with using some. I do I say I agree I agree here's the thing I'm worried about I'm worried that they're going to a certain angle that I'd never liked very much. Which Johnny's wife she hit her head. Pond there have been hand stores it just wouldn't shock me if they did an angle where she left Johnny in and what would top. And I hope they don't do that then it's overplayed the dawn a bunch. It may or may not work. Honestly I don't think Candace is negative wrestler. But she she odds given my I haven't seen Russell. And dash attack. From what I've seen I'm an Indy guy so I I do want to let independent wrestling as she was fantastic on the and he seems I feel like doing something like that would lessen her. A little bit in my eyes on the next eat. I don't think you should do that are go down now wrote. You know may be late however again hit her head and didn't accidentally hit Johnny. That's fine but don't completely turn on them because as is going to be. All the maps well we'll see what. Happens with that and you know. Recently. Takeovers have been better than a lot of the unnamed roster paper views except this one and I think we get. I think it's going to be pretty good all right. Ouster black person ourselves and for the XT championship. Armed. Our solar we've seen what we've seen them both in person and Barcelona's of big dude he he's quick to you you don't realize how big he really is to you see him in person. But I don't think they're gonna take the belt away from ouster black this quick Alastair gonna move month I don't see any other reason why they would do that so. I think Yasser blacks gonna win this flooding is going to be a good match. I think black ones I'm gonna go black its gonna be good Matt's mom I think large is gonna shock a lot of people with how well he can actually wrestle. In the gimme black I think he's he's a better champion right now. Our rights I think so far we've agreed on everything on the way out so far it's kind of scary all right hynix to win this championship chain bays are vs Nicki cross. It doesn't matter who wins this what you know we had discussed why in the world do even if you cross down and NXD. When these are taken arrests of sanity out and you know I thought it was common mistake. But she Baylor needs as a foil there's I don't see anybody or didn't see anybody down there and an XT digger really. Shake things up with her but but crazy messes with a cocky it it does does and it it worked out so well. I'm not so sure that Nicky cross winds this but I'll think it matters. I think I think Jimmy a much and it really close agreed and I think this she's going to who think he's going to be a fun nationalized. Thought that I think this is going to be the fun is match to watch dissonance the standpoint of it. I do activities are winning this match but Nikki cross will get a few two counts in Nassau but I think Paisley is better. You know with lists of missing droplets of and tease him mate Nicky app out. All right undisputed heir vs only look and Denny Burris man do not give this to only American Indian birch and again you talk about me now like in heels unlike in and spewed era. This because. They hearken back to the NWO without being copies I mean actually the music is similar a little bit Samoa but. I think it's like a mix of DN WOO and and DX and Nigeria again this is this an homage to those. To those factions without stealing from them I think and now so I like. I like and speed Europe and it this. Cylinder real loose and I don't won Tucson goals or Newark inundating birch. But I'll former all. Lol at my voice is the undisputed heir I I think dared. You know I think that's faction right now in W divvy. Because each member has her own demeanor their own swagger but when it's coming together it's still works very well. So I sub undisputed heir winning no matter who's. Wrestling form ours in the NASA probably will still Michelle ricochet verses tell the team dream are. I gotta go mob boy because I still I don't like the ideal ricochet coming in and usurping what those teen dream has been building. Still in the spotlight. Nobel a team can't do everything that ricochet can do but he can do some stuff that ricochet can't do and they'll team dreams pretty big dude compared to ricochet I think in the end his power went out and I'm going belting. I'm going away at the ricochet on this one cannot I kind of feel the same way but I don't have the same time. I feel like even if build a teen dream does lose to ricochet. Because Jericho said it when every case tonight tonight he said Knight tell. This the reason we're have a mismatch is it too isn't to have the best technicality match is to raise your star power to raise your draw. And W teen dream is going to get elevated even more the way he has been with matches like Allison black that he had against them and even in the latter match. This is gonna be the best match of the night. I I think this can be the best not to the weekend. It policy about that but it just deathly has potential all right let's get to Debbie Debbie money and the bank which happens Sunday night. Kick off show bludgeoned Brothers vs Carl Anderson Luke gallows is saying to put the blood Brothers together they built a mob. And now there's nobody that makes sense to challenge them. And they put this on the kick off show for a reason. Blood Brothers when the season. I really do like. There are few that they've been having though it's been taken off the social media a little bit more than actual smackdown I do like the feud. I do still think the blood they're Brothers win but I think it might be a little bit closer. All right Bobby glassy vs Sammy Zain this is. You know. Big card undercard stuff and I thought I think undercard stuff should be a little bit funnier and I just it's. Lashley doesn't have enough character to match same username so I think it's it's not. Getting over bomb. Site but I'm gonna go Bobby Lashley to win. I honestly thought bringing him in lastly as a base was a little bit of a mistake. I think the last civil works better as a heel as one of those guys who's just like I'm going to hurt people no one's gonna stop me. And at UID should take him back to that character. Lastly you'll win this match by it is a should be. Kind of a quirky match antiques Cheney is gonna be good enough to Carrey to that court Venus. All right before Enzo Mori got. Fired. They were working on the feud between he and big castle big diverse is a little dive for some reason WW thinks that's entertaining thing is funny. Email I don't think you know what they're doing well big cast. I don't think he's really a singles wrestler I think he would do better. As a tag team. But put him up against Daniel Bryan has also you know Dave Bryant comes back with such fanfare. And the fact that he was out for so many years now is able to wrestle again he's doing matches. That he's never gotten to do before against people he's never Russell before an awesome. And then they put him up against big cast. I just I don't see the appeal love it. I think has wins. I think Brian Lenz I I honestly don't know what they're doing when it big cats at all. I can understand what they're doing Daniel Bryan you know kind of teasing these matches a little bit in given people little bit of interest. Pope would big cast and really don't know why what they're going to it was a goal is going to be. Unless it may be is a in a Condo. Now United States how to opportunity. Even then it's kind of a stretch yeah I I think did a Brian wins this match and I honestly hope they don't add to the drawing board with a cast. All right rob rains vs junior my hall people are getting their wish Roman rains kind of pushed down right now not not do anything championship wise. But I go to get cinema hall at least it's another big guy. Mom and my hall is gotten better. But this is what those were the crowd doesn't know what to do because it if they believe that they have to boo Roman rains but they're already doing mall are they don't cheer mall they're not gonna cheer him did get a low I'd Chicago I Chicago I don't think they're gonna know what to do the things we don't know exactly wooded area Jim Hall you just duties when he net down not no god no I don't a mixed bag as far as the crowd goes. But. They'll be outside their friends to be all kinds of stuff but Rome rains a women's. I I honestly. This is the big cast him Brian Nash for me I don't care. There hasn't been enough for me to care oh he screwed me out of a money in the bank opportunity oh my goodness. I I didn't I genuinely don't care so via. The crowd. Okay I'm a minute I'm gonna pick my hauled the wind because it is going to be a longer viewed and because unfortunately grain census finding no no I think. You give to heal. The supposedly he'll. One the first win if you're Minnesota long feud gives him the first win. It's in Chicago it rains wins is just going to be a Budapest just give it were mauled this one time rains calendar. Are you a match I'm looking forward to Intercontinental championship mastering Seth Rollins and mobile life. Alliance. And yes I do well with the line as it does not timing gets a push I hope this isn't another fake oh this is not another. Really give you a cushion and we're just gonna push you back now I hope that doesn't happen. Armed because here's here's what I think I'm. I believe allies is gonna win this because I think they're gonna put Seth Rollins up to go after the championship the major championship. And not anyone it shows up yeah whenever shows up whenever that is armed. Which who knows may not NB until like next year sometime pomp eventually they're gonna have to be Smart enough to take that away from last hour. But I think realize when I I love the pushed and he's got right now and even at this ends up being a few it's pretty good feud. Now I I honestly hope this is a longer feud the way it is because they're segments on brought together are really really funny actually kinda entertaining. Analyze is so cool it as a heel that the fans can like and then booed the next second he's so good at that. I honestly hope that they give them a good segment you know furs like little mini concerts of that played to Chicago. Mentioned CM Paul get it out the way. That's why did this mess it all purses set the tone for the show but honestly and surely I think Rollins wins but I don't. Think it's gonna hurt Elias I think he's gonna have another opportunity at the IC title may be summer. And I don't know if it's dropped yet but when it doesn't alliances. Music project drops and we get it I just a problem now I'd uninteresting to see what the locals are like and another guitars are going to be excellent all right. Women's money in the bank match Charlotte flair for some documents first is Naomi vs Lana verses. Sasha thanks vs Alexa bliss vs Denver moon. First is Natalia. This could be anybody's match I hope it's entertaining. I think you learn from the mistake last year and I'm is good goal my heart in this summer go Zimmerman. Honestly and silly I was saying that but I'm I go my second option on the go back he wants. I think Becky needs something. To give her the moment some. Charlotte is filed with momentum she can always go back to the title picture Oscars fun cardinals find Darius. Becky is Kyle Lawson a cellphone a lot people forget she was the first smackdown live women's champion. So I feel big giver this give her something to go with and I always seem kind of sort hinting maybe if Carmela keeps it. That she's connect you know just way with her. All right men's money in the bank match bronze Romans ten dollar Bobby rude Kevin Owens the me is Samoa Joseph Bruce says. And a new day member of the new day member I think he's going to be Xavier woods is indeed being OK so what Woolsey about that bomb. No matter who it is I don't think they're gonna win it bombed. I've got it down between Samoa Joseph and bronze stroman and down. The thing is I know Samoa Joseph was so good but he cannot stay healthy I mean he's killer on the my keys everything needs to be armed. But don't go bronze stroman instead I was surprised filming gets it walking a pretty small ladder just to prove how holiest. I'm going different going someone that no one's been expecting kind of have a nice little. Moment. On goal and reset. I think it would be glued I think reset is one of those guys is a great promo maker. And we they knew English and wanna by his side I think it's gonna work out a little bit better if you. Having him do promises of that and rallying to have him kind of keep losing. But it still fun he has a money in the bank contract. I ever seven has. All right roll win the championship match no hijacks vs front row seat this is way too early for this tiger mom. But they didn't have anybody go against and I yet or maybe this is what was promised Iran does that wolf or say you have to earn it in the woods is give it to ya bomb. Bull run is not a win that's I I think night Jack's wins this I don't know how maybe because of interference or something and bomb. I honestly think Rondo may go too far. As in like nine like she has nine A Sony's occasion did you gap I'm thinking Rondo gets herself deep cute. And ire retains about I just hope it's a good match meets him. Because I know I I wanna see Robb rousing succeed and then there's a lot of questions about beside both of these wrestlers. About navy cannot actually maintain a matches of and bee champion for awhile. Org kin brawn actually continue what she did wrestling at 34 and improve on. Exactly now we'll see about that arm alright demo derby champ ship AJ styles vs since kidnap a Mora and our last man standing match. These these matches are open down some moments good some homer not so much mom. You know win when he ends in my double. Not more is gonna win the title I hope not Marlins. And it is not a day get AJ AJ is a fantastic champion but keep it tracts was kind of keep this press have a huge tape and a smack down for a bit. And that way he can win him back at Summers I think that's going to be a good. A match regardless are we would come along but I have a more real do we. What MS Miller is Oscar all its. Which is a good match com I was gonna do some independent time which is still. So Carmelo vs Oscar. I think Carmelo wins and I I did Tim and I liked that this is no royals cases well done he'll odds like Carmelo since she came in to us. I never saw in that in an XT is that it watches to time but since she's comments came right in a win after a bella. And was going after her all the time and and I liked how I like her character. I like her interest music. And I liked. The wave or go with I beat Charlotte flared twice solar flare beat Oscar has done means a better to both them I like that. But I don't know will they let Oscar loose ideally well. Using cell I think you may it's because of interference yes you win straight up is seat she's gonna have helped so probably. Some Australians helper. There is there's a rumor. Going around because he canceled. An independent showing. That mr. notes in themselves James Ellsworth is gonna be returning to Delhi to be really now be interest thank. I mean that makes sense though that he would be the one to interfere its us. And if he doesn't come on the ground of course exactly all right so we both say Carmelo is gonna I kissed title all right so. Bond really quick independence self made stuff and independent circuit I mean we just had dominion about a week ago need to pamper ressam's dominion fan. Pass stakes show. Knew I'd be GP and a con el Ted Ginn. Chris Jericho. Knew I'd be GP heavyweight tag team champions the young bucks they went up from junior heavyweights to heavyweights. And a brand new. I did EGP heavyweight champion and Katie Omega beating O'Connor an F 65 minute two out of three falls match. It is the first time a titlist chains that doesn't do it does change in two years. Over a new age and help Cotter was a defending champion for two solid. Years. That was it was an incredible match no one thought. That Omega was gonna win. It was a really hit display of wrestling. If you get a chance go back to watch a match if you have the 65 minutes to do it. If not completely understand but it is a match that's worth it. Also. We had the golden elites. Verse is the new day Eddie three. Did you do you see that design they played us she fire five. Against each other at the Capcom Booth and it would look it was live streamed and I think somewhere between a 100000 people watched it on you on YouTube. Even the uploaded version has over 500000 views on YouTube right now. Well I will have to love London and check it out myself to it was a it was a good events. Grates kind of heel all letter kind good promo work between the two deal late night. The new day say this in the bingo halls. And Golden League kept saying oh there huddling together so I think. Figured out what their writers were for them. Kind of a nice back and forth between length it needed and inventive lead enter a lot of great stuff coming out into the wrestling scene. And it ready for all Lin was. All right and we'll have time for that we'll be back down next week but the week after within. Inside the ropes fund and so forth packed round Alonso. Thank you until next time I would move but it will be other.