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Welcome into ESPN are staying inside the ropes mind. Alonso. A long way as Patrick Brown. Pentagon soon we will be joined by a professional wrestler whose disease wrestling that's the reason why he's known podcast this week. Colin this Hugh podcast we're gonna talk a little bit Russell kingdom and we're gonna talk about. Next he's farmer will start right there by the way. In next few Spartanburg last week my first in XT experienced Patrick he. As 121 before rights to two okay semen and I did know one other NXT Spartanburg but yet. So this was on. Last week I don't know when you listen to this was I don't know who's. The 1 January it was for jail is very jittery for gas for January Friday night pretty cold night. Got there and first let's say and I'm not being mean about this but one of us pay for parking one of us denies. Sorry. But again you don't know the area that much you know yeah and then there there's a huge parking lot behind. The Spartanburg memorial auditorium and you know how if you go to parks someplace there's always those guys off their flags and signs ten dollars here that kind of stuff. Those guys were out there even though you didn't have to pay for parking GAAP. And I was a cold night you know and maybe. You wanted to pay so you have to walk us for. Well I -- descent now be added to be audacity else fine with the radical weather did not bother me at all as I was pull it up I saw those and I'm like wait a minute they don't charge to park here that I recall let me go back here and look if there are no free spaces. Then I'll come back album tank and go out there and how the parking lot and he. So. So it sucks for you but how well Bible lesson next time. Something like that happens there or if you're listening to this podcast in your wondering do they charge there. And under the charge for parking her before. Doesn't mean they don't do that but I don't recall them ever doing that and class has some sort offense is man sees type thing that we don't know about so anyway. Get into the arena the setup wasn't that is very intimate. We paid for the cheap seats which was sitting in the bleachers and I had heard that they're pulls in the way and there wasn't there would there are some polls up there have. But it's not so bad because the entrance for the wrestlers. Are like what. Twelve feet or someplace I mean who is not very and a Scioscia losing for a second. And so. Tom pretty good seat. Near the aisle so we can get in and out goods or restroom go to. But it concerns stand all that kind of stuff. And the crowd that was pretty full the biggest reform Joe's pretty full lol it's it's a really weren't taken up work on a foresees a little bit. This people realize they pay twenty dollars to sit up. In the balcony or you pay 75 to sit ringside and getting quite honestly I think the tornado played what what we did was beset the bleachers we are much better. The view of things you kind of saw everything. Definitely it's not like being asked well does this in the basement Spartanburg memorial auditorium I've been there before season and met MMA events. And done it doesn't see as many but is still I don't know. What 500 maybe that I'm now and one yeah I'm just. Mean they've filled a bleachers that's easily 500 you know they tell both subtle bleachers. Probably. So so. The thing started out denounced come out a lot of energy and now wondering who we would see I I went there of hoping to see. A couple Russ is a one C amber moon who is my favorite in XT wrestler I wanted to see ouster black and a one C velvet teen dream. Got CL for the so I mean it was worth it for now for me bomb. Did not destroy did they started out to show no way Jose. And great to see him back gap because he has been hurt and now a guy. Energy crowd gets into woody is awesome to see lie just natural charisma I mean when every comes out always a smile. Any gates not only be kids smiling but also the adults smiling as well there are almost. That's a pretty big guy before I mean similar Camby but he's pretty pretty big guy in any wonder. Will he get a push in the future. Connecticut I keep people down it in XT for awhile before they move market in some people that they've moved up to the main rosters they don't do anything with. Well eight it's one of those things where and it sees more of the hardcore fan base of wrestling where is the main rosters may be the more casual. Because this team on T a lot more. That the the entrances and calls us up kind has worn down a little bit. So would no way Jose is kind of nice because. I mean he's only in a knicks see so yours is injures many will once or twice a month. And then for the paper he's he does all the big. So it's it's one of those things where. Yeah they Cuban down there Columbus is because it works better. So. Then we got to see. A bunch of different wrestlers that that I like men next T but a special lease I wouldn't see all sanity. Plus the sandy was in Florida but police who gets in if you girls yeah end. Using she's crazy when you watch her on the network live this is stunning complete Psycho and it's also generally yes. On and you're wrestling a local wrestler from South Carolina. Who was in beyond anyone's classic and when she came out choose some cheers and stopped and then Nicky came on Mel I was pretty much gone similar one really allowed due to the right of us. It was like in a group of two Adori just like we're gonna root for the 01 that everyone else is operating forum relate. I knew were hit we obviously know Mickey will probably win this match. So I'm I just root for me because I knew her more. Well I'll root for anyway if she added there's a size difference and just do something about a Psycho girl wrestler you don't see you know for those I think I think it's rare. On some canals. That guy usually loud he thought it was Chris Jericho and if you're listening sir you're not Chris Jericho. It's one point that out ask ask my ass. It would still horrible impersonation totally drill hole my dad and something else and this is the minor complaint and I give it to two sweeping every time Neil Warren to squeak after allowing kids in the morning may well not only that the people of frivolous. Joseph the goal and every single time. Dick I think they were a little happy before they got there apostle though no doubt about that but it's like they way like the referee went to new account with a wine. Sue. And then right before the now lady referee would give the signal for the two they would already be sweet by Gary C suite in a might. Did you got a pretty big get upset because they they couldn't get it right it's like fit in in my church grown up than those sounds mean. But in my church god there's a guy at a hearing aid so you never could clap in time. And do everybody else off because you would hear it you know just half a second later than everybody else it. That's what they were doing some of the other way. A little bit too early now did you ever got to ride the entire night in and that's horrible I mean. Again it's big it's annoying after a while first couple times wasn't so bad but those guys. But do any bit of money they had a good time the way exactly it wasn't like they ruin the experience or anything it's good looking around this crowd and seeing who's Ambon in and Nolan. Yeah I'm fit and look like everybody was. What Matt just enough for you. Lars vs Roger strong large that they do well not only that but how physical it was for how show. Mike Roderick strong we all know it was a great wrestler he got a great ovation large got a pretty good ovation too. And it. The the match wasn't. Was a fantastic match they'll Z arm Blake before the intermission match. You know normally I root root for the faces bled. I think sometimes. They're sold about Gloria you're like yeah I like him he has an old school look concealed to I mean that. Back in the old WC don't do a Saturday mole on her version of interest and Martina yet he just looks like yeah this. Someone you definitely don't want him I saw that matches greats. Out on black vs O'Reilly in fish was really gets it. And those are really really good technical match big Dow was he Amish before the intermission Jesse nowlin they had like about that is I don't quite seem ouster black in his blood connect. I mean he was used get whipped pretty good. Well the thing is I think they wanna kind of build towards. Henan coal whenever they go out go out and at. Philadelphia pretty take over and they're just gonna go. Beating each other up my so there didn't used to seeing that calls and get some offense and on black. I think Kohl's and the next big thing in an exe well also marquee sold really well but more and odds are just not used to seen him get beat up like that you know every Rouse was whose dislike Oscar's gonna get beat up the gasoline as it does kind of stuff is going out and bombs I also. While I definitely liked. The ember moon thing it was tag team but Cheney bays or when she came out that was a big deal and all reacted yeah very big to dal one. And mom watching next tee this week they're really pushing her as the big time deal which you shoot there's I mean. Could she ever be a face I don't know I think I think some wrestlers come out and I have to look where you're just like there's no way they can never be it they can never be a good guy. I didn't he made an issue between her but that's about it. Employees and it's one of those it is she's going up against someone equally as he'll issue. Yet she might root for her it's like it it's like a Samoa Joseph gets crossed by another he'll like. He's not really a faith I would like Simone Joseph verses. Someone from Canada. Cahill. Modes Samoa Joseph Burris is Kevin Allen is can balance yeah my that's the only way sojo would be considered a face and that match. All right so I like death match and I was waiting waiting waiting and there are some other good matches we need to move on bomb. But the final match. We know the team's dream came out now is great fantastic match auto act that was that was a really good match. That didn't end the great thing about those teen dream is that his entrance is always the same. But he does a little bit different each time you should know law stuff. I understand why you are yes but it but he should lost and I I think it's great because I know were lean towards a program between. Guard Danielle and the dream so one I get some. Experience between them right now I still think you know on. Just it just speculating here I think the next big move from NXT. Two main roster needs to be velvet teen dream because I love given the royal rumble there's no one like him on either smackdown overall. And how character wise and plus duke does a great athlete and he's a lot bigger than people think to commit do we see in in the royal rumble. Possibly begin to cool. And we will do they know other podcast right before royal rumble which is in two weeks I think it. Two weeks from this recording all right so we knew we had a blast to see that we come back I definitely will go again are right. You've been watching new Japan and wrestling a bunch I tell I taped it on access for allow and I never lost some guys turned it off and then. Jericho went over there and I'm like OK I mean I need to check this out and I kept telling need to dig. Have some interest and it has an interest in any Jericho going over there is like. Now I can't I don't really have an excuse by auto long until about two matches then you can finish up what you wanna finish out so we can finish this thing up bombs. First of all. Cody Rhodes which I realized he was there to authorities still and are lately she probably still is our way to new Japan had a deal look back all right so that was a pretty good match I didn't know Cody was married. Yeah yeah I'd ads again I don't watch anything else pretty much none of and I need to expand my horizons but. I has many different hats in many different things that I have to La Canada especially on the mean for the news Erica Erica. Bomb so now does very good match but also questions about new Japan rustling that I didn't know it up. On the twenty cal. For one thing yes I did I didn't know anything about that. They have like 101000 referees. Yes and which I think is pretty funny mom. And any other thing is. All right. JR and and Josh Barnett or are doing the bill Plymouth plant color on this they're not there now they do this later. Very confused. On yeah broadcast. On because become. Lewis move on into alpha verses a male would scale mega vs Jericho which is a great match. On figured it would turn out the way it did before I've heard the boys' club most surprising. Jumpin. In the match. Walnut and I was there at the beginning but dated then they left he had whoa that's. That's a whole different part of the bullet club that's the elite basically the young bucks. And Omega are the oldest members of bullet club. Who are not from Japan. Basically I also think it's funny that Adobe is now one dollar club. Is that to combat. Now that that I was always in the works. I mean dollar club has been a shirt. For a while yet but 2015 doesn't see as like whether they are do settle debts owed some back to the alpha and Omega match. One thing that that I notice is it's a little more brutal. And oh yeah. And it does like to cut. Our mom because Omega. At one point. Jericho. Is rammed his head into a chair and the in the break and that's tied up in a ring. And you can tell he was upset that he wasn't bleeding because he's supposed to be bleeding. And then the more they show the referee he's had the refereed I could swear the referee handle themselves and its use leave the wrestler hands the referee some than. I know WW they don't like to cut. They they normally don't. Cut. They they they normally I don't know you cannot make himself bleed no exact and I think goes very obvious gap and the thing was like. Earlier in the in the works for that match Omega didn't leads that we're gonna use as like a thing yes hello I'm you know the he has leading up to letting saucy new was possibility suppose we are tissue and all I so. They normally don't do that but for like occasions like this they do normally in it and if people do believe it's because something happened in that match I am. Criticisms were referred for JR and don't like to do this very often and you tell you and Justin no listen and I don't know this and maybe you do know. I'll Winston no DQ match. How calm. Bring ropes and count ballots are in there and and you could tell they were confused. We talked about this I was I was if he's voted yeah on that. Going into this JR and Josh they don't know the outcome so they can call cleaned his act but apparently don't know the rules either maybe no one understands the rules in Japan. We'll know Dallas sustain that. And this was highlighted in Jericho as podcast with the Omega the other gadgets was to let go listen to it. But I'll give you some this tidbits. He was saying that during the masterly everyone knows or nobody Q match so automated grab the rope at the bottom he kept looking at red choose who is the referee at the time. And saying what are you doing it's a noting Q match and I was wondering did they censor that out in that. Did did you hear now geragos and do her in in the actual Ly footage of it. You hear Jericho say it's a no BQ mats stop saying that. It's a no DQ mats stopping when he was playing and like. Yelling at the wrath the whole time in the announcers played it up beautifully is like Omega is governor wrote but the ref can't do anything about it a direct can say that he's doing is only about a vote. So it's one of those things where though the rules do apply. But in a noting Q mats they're not going to. Well who is very confusing coming out none are Jews should be no DQ and an idea I don't get that and RE a master but the other stuff now one more question on the mind to ask you about this may be no the answer may be when we get our wrestler on. Next time we can ask him to that is strong style what does that mean. Strong style is basically wrestling in this is in a nutshell wrestling that really hurts. And you know howl we talk about you know WDE how you can kind of tell oath and I really hitting tellers of 90% of the things that you see new Japan are landing. Like it it's actually. Going toe to tell those knee strikes that Omega was doing our hit it. Might their hitting full force huge Erica. So strong style is a wrestling that look is real so when. We Jericho beat up red shoes and and has signed. That was real Jack. Tell us funny Jay Horrow is like being up Fred choose the new beat up the sun informal counselor and yet classic JR all right. Musicians podcast and about the other stuff too when it tell me about knives over is O'Connor. Great match if you if you had a time to go watch it go watch it. The story takes a little bit more time to explain so get time go review the story as well. Fantastic match the young bucks win their seventh Ida BGP junior attacking tennis championships other world. And that is seen most all time in tag team history. So I mean they're obviously when the best tag teams. In new Japan history is not the world. Also the junior heavyweight championship match. And I can't remember everyone who's in there. But honestly go watch that match from beginning to end. It is a masterpiece of a match what juniors could do. And I kinda wish WB would look at and say that's what cruise rates can do let's try to do this with them. Has there that's basically did junior division is cruiser weights. And that match could just stole the show. It's Omega in Jericho didn't do so well or cod and night Oden did so well like it was that high up you know. I think I may have I think he has access may have recorded that separately there's less than Nelson and so on May go check we need to finish of this podcast. Thanks to everyone who's listened checking him out. We. A week or two weeks to talk about royal rumble a lot of cool things going on with guts and well Patrick I'm morons who thing. Chickened out PS in upstate. Inside the ropes.