Mike Venditti

Mike "Ditti" Venditti broke into the sports talk industry in 2013 in Orlando, Florida. Ditti spent almost 3-years as the executive producer and co-host of Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi's radio program and hosted a variety of shows of his own in his time in the Orlando market. In July, Ditti made his way back to the Upstate where he attended High School and College to join the ESPN Upstate team as an online content provider and guest on The Huddle with Greg McKinney. Find Ditti's blogs on the ESPN Upstate blogs page and his podcasts on the Inside the Mind of Ditti page. Favorite Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, South Carolina Gamecocks, Sacramento Kings, Orlando City Soccer Club (He moved around a lot) Favorite Sports Quote: "Baseball is ninety percent mental, the other half is physical." Yogi Berra Favorite Sports Moment: October 27, 2004. A blue moon, a lunar eclipse AND the Red Sox defeated the Cardinals to win their first World Series in 86-years. Favorite Sports Moment (witnessed in person): ​62,510 people at the Citrus Bowl for Orlando City Soccer Club's inaugural MLS match. Favorite Food: Pizza...and Tacos. Favorite Band(s): Led Zeppelin and The Beatles