Lavar Ball embraces his son UCLA Bruins guard Lonzo Ball after the game against the Washington State Cougars at Pauley Pavilion.

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WATCH: Lonzo Ball's Future in the NBA & First Day Sneaker Sales

By: Kyle McCann

May 09, 2017 - 12:06 pm

The head of the Ball family, LaVar Ball, may be a brash, arrogant, attention-seeing marketer who wants everyone to know his family's name, but he probably also has your attention.

Most of the world stated talking about the Ball family over the winter when LaVar sent his son's draft stock soaring during Lonzo Ball's one-and-done season at UCLA. Then recently, he had everyone up in arms when Big Baller Brand debuted Lonzo's ZO2 sneaker for $495 a pair. The steep price tag sparked criticism, including from Shaquille O'Neal who questioned why you'd make a sneaker that kids can't afford. Ball's response:

But has it worked from a business sense? Debatable.

We do know that on day one the brand sold 263 sneakers. That's a tiny, insignificant number compared to Nike, Adidas, or any other big-name brand. However, for a small startup, which Big Baller Brand is despite what LaVar will tell you, bringing in $157,685 on your first day isn't too shabby based on the expectations LaVar likely had. 

As for why the sneakers were priced so high, LaVar called it "symbolic." Ball said during an interview with Undisputed on Fox Sports, that he expected people to react to the price the way they have. And that the intent of the shoe was to have Lonzo be the first NBA player with his own shoe deal before even entering the league. Ball also said the shoes are for the family, and he wasn't concerned about how many they sold.    


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