WATCH: College Kicker Drills 81-yard Field Goal

By: Kyle McCann

May 03, 2017 - 3:48 pm

The longest field goal ever made in an NFL game is 64 yards. Matt Prater hit that as a member of the Denver Broncos in 2013. The longest field goal made in an NCAA game is 67 yards. That has happened four times, most recently by Tom Odlefor of Fort Hays State in 1988. 

Of course, those amazing displays of power took place in a game. Practice, however, is a different story. A lot of kickers in both the NFL and college can bang 50 and 60+ yarders without massive men closing in on them. What you don't see often is guys hitting, or even trying to hit, 70 and 80-yarders. That is, until this:

Yeah, no need to count the yard lines, that's Florida Gators' star sophomore kicker Eddy Pineiro drilling an 81-yard field goal through the uprights during spring practice. That kick trumps the below 80-yarder made by Nick Rose of the University of Texas in 2015.

But back to Pineiro for just a moment. Booming kicks aren't exactly a new thing for this young man. Two years ago, when Eddy was in high school, he posted a video on Twitter breaking his own personal record by hitting a 73-yard field goal. Check it out:

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