There's No "I" In Team

Straight Up With Sturg
July 08, 2019 - 3:04 pm

This is an opinion piece, as I’m entitled to mine just as anyone else is entitled to theirs.  You will find various sports sayings intertwined throughout.


The US Women’s Soccer Team captured a fourth World Cup title today by “not holding anything back”.  Congrats to the ladies, as they “left nothing on the field”.  In all honesty, they dominated the tournament in France winning seven consecutive games.  And the US beat most of their main competition in doing so. Yes, you can call the US Women’s Soccer team a juggernaut at the least.


It was a fun event; everyone loves to support a winner.  There were many places that opened early on a Sunday morning in Greenville, SC so people could gather, and cheer together, and ultimately celebrate together as well.  Most everyone enjoys pulling for your country to succeed.


You could hear chants of “USA, USA, USA”.  There were chants of “Red, White and Blue”.  Much like we hope for the Olympics, there shouldn’t be politics involved in sports.  Unfortunately, some countries choose not to abide by this.


“There is no I in team”, but to be honest, there is in Megan Rapino.  In my opinion, there would be no greater honor in life but to represent my country in some fashion.  To have USA on my shirt in red, white and blue; how powerful would that be?  I’d be representing everyone in my country.


Unfortunately, one of our national team players in Megan Rapino doesn’t believe that.  The extremely talented soccer star decided it was her time to create a political controversy.  She declared on her own before the “knockout stage” she was going to let it be known that she wouldn’t be attending the White House if the team won and was invited.  And Megan was much nastier in the way she stated it.


She should have been reprimanded at that point, and that’s MY opinion.  I don’t care one bit what your political beliefs are, as Megan Rapino, I’m sure you don’t care about mine.  You were representing our country, all of us, not just persons you happen to agree with.  Yes, even though you are supremely talented on the soccer pitch, you were playing for the USA, and that means every single one of us, including the President who resides in the White House, whether we like him or not.


Megan, if you were going to make this about you because you are unhappy about things, then maybe you should have thought better about playing for the national team if you couldn’t represent us all.  I don’t like that when it comes to someone representing my country in sport.  If you want to protest and do all this while representing your employer if they are okay with it, then fine by me.


Not when representing our country.  Megan played well, and got her just rewards in awards and wins, she just didn’t make everyone happy.  And I can assure I’m not the only one that feels this way. 


The ultimate right we have is freedom of speech, and I get that, and exercise that right every day.  But if I’m representing my country, I’d like to believe I’d be representing every single one of you, even though I may disagree with some.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.


What a run by the United States in France, not the first time that has happened!!

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