Sturg: Just Spot The Ball!

Straight Up With Sturg
December 17, 2018 - 2:19 pm

Things I've heard in the last week as Clemson makes their fourth consecutive appearance in the College Football Playoff....  "Clemson wouldn't win nine games in a real conference like the SEC";  "Notre Dame is too big for a conference and therefor too big for Clemson";  "if they played a real schedule...".


All that is nonsense, it's just fodder to make someone feel better about their shortcomings of their very own teams.  Remind you, I'm a Bama man through and through, but I'm not going to play the SEC card here.  The Tigers have played my Tide three consecutive years and won once, and pushed Bama to the brink the year before.  The only thing I'm worried about is Alabama putting more points on the board than Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl against the Heisman Trophy winner.  I want my defense to keep hearing those words over and over again and play with a chip on their shoulder.


Clemson has nothing to apologize to anyone about.  Coach Swinney has built a model of consistency, and I think we can all admit as parents that it can be tough to motivate our teenager on a daily basis, much less 85 on scholarship.  That's why Dabo was smart to worry about playing as many players as possible earlier in the season instead of worrying about how impressive you look.  Making sure players get playing time is the quickest way to get a player to buy in and remain focused.  His number may be called next.


It's smart, and it worked.  No one can doubt the success, unless nothing will impress you.  Just five years ago, many still mocked Dabo and his program.  The past four season have provided a 53-4 record, four consecutive ACC Championships, and four consecutive trips to the College Football Playoff.  During that span, the Tigers have wins over Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Auburn, Texas A&M, and even their upcoming opponent... Notre Dame.


Clemson, you have nothing to apologize for.  Anyone that wants to end this run should just meet you at kickoff and play the game.  Oh, did I mention... Just Spot the Damn Ball!!!


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