Leave It Better Than You Found It

Straight Up With Sturg
June 26, 2019 - 9:26 am

I had the privilege of attending and being the lunch sponsor for ESPN Upstate on Monday for the George Rogers Golf Tournament in Columbia.  Yeah, that's right, even for some of you that think I am simply the "Clemson Apologist" on ESPN Upstate, even though I went to Alabama.  I know many of you realize that the majority of my family has graduated from Clemson, and I'm cool with that, and I simply can't nor will apologize for it either.

On Sunday night for the "Gala" in Columbia, my boss (Mark Hendrix), and his lovely wife Sue joined me at the My Carolina Alumni Center on Senate Street.  We had a blast.  We bid on items in the Silent Auction, enjoyed a great band, ate some food, and had a beverage.  Friends like Rod Lorick joined us at our table, as well as Gisella (The Haute Dog Lady who provided our lunch on Monday), and the stories simply flowed.

I was able to introduce Hendrix to George, Mark Maye, Stanley Morgan of Tennessee and a host of former players.  Others like Eddie George were late to get in due to delayed flights out of Atlanta.  But we forged ahead, because we were gathered to raise money for The George Rogers Foundation of the Carolinas, which provides scholarship money for first time students in a family that are going off to college.  That first family member can provide a lasting legacy.

I think I most enjoyed introducing Hendrix to Ray Williams (former Clemson Wide Receiver), Keith Williams (former Clemson Linebacker), Michael Dean Perry (former Clemson All American) and a couple of others.  Not because some may think that I'm the "Clemson Apologist" for ESPN Upstate, but just the simple fact that these players, once considered rivals, were there to support George Rogers.

My friend Ray Williams was simply the best.  Despite losing a leg a couple of years ago due to Diabetes, and in his wheel chair, Ray wasn't going to sit to shake Mark Hendrix hand.  He looked Hendrix in the eye, and said... "I won't sit to shake the hand of Sturg's boss, I love this guy".  I will admit, I teared up.  But that was the theme of the night.  We were there to celebrate, and support.

If you will, "let's leave this place better than we found it".  When it came to supporting The George Rogers Foundation of the Carolinas, we all came together.  No one asked what political party you were affiliated with, who was your favorite team, but simply "who you may be" and "why you might be there".  Those are always questions I'm willing to answer, and so was everyone else.

We made a difference on Sunday and Monday with a Gala and Golf Tournament in honor of George Rogers.  We had a fantastic time to raise scholarship money for first time family members to go to college.  There were absolutely no negatives involved.  But I guarantee you, someone is going to complain to me or my company that this article was simply a rich, elitist blog, and I should be fired or censored.

I say forget that, like the Army Football team says when exiting an away teams locker room..." Leave it better than you found it".

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