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August 23, 2017 - 9:15 am

The NBA continues to add intriguing story lines from one of the most epic off seasons ever!  NBA superstar Kyrie Irving shocked the world when he requested to be traded from the Cavs. Why was this demand shocking?  

It was shocking since the Cavs were coming off their 3rd straight Finals appearance.  Who request for a trade after that amount of success, and having an opportunity to play with the best in the game?  The Cavs and Celtics answered that question today.

Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics for Isiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and a 1st round pick from the Brooklyn Nets.  He will not get a chance to “be the man” as he dreamed about.  

A Brad Stevens team is predicated around team ball.  Everyone touches the ball and move without it. It’s going to be interesting to see how this new Boston Celtic team looks. They just traded away a man who epitomized what the city of Boston was all about.  IT was an in your face underdog that the city grew to love. He was an undersized guard that was bigger than you can image to Beantown.

The team already traded away the other bulldog in Avery Bradley. They only had one guy who can match physically with LeBron, and now Jae Crowder will only defend the king in practice. You can make a case that the Celtics became a little softer this offseason. They absolutely will be better offensively with the addition of Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving, and Jayson Tatum. 

Did Danny boy finally do enough to dethrone the king?


This trade only made the Cavs stronger in a weak Eastern conference.  Let’s think about this logically. Cleveland will add D Wade once the Bulls buy out his contract. They added the best 4th quarter scorer in the game.

I know Isiah is recovering from a hip injury, but he’s a handful when healthy.  They add an additional wing defender and shooter in Jae Crowder. Now LeBron won’t be forced to play the best offensive player, thus allowing him to roam like he use to do in Miami. I’m sure you all remember how dangerous Lebron was in that defensive scheme.

They can also put a line up on the floor that features Shumpert, LeBron, Crowder, and Thompson. That may be one of the best on the ball defensive lineups in the NBA!  Don’t forget you now have a Derrick Rose coming off the bench! Ante Zizic was a highly touted European prospect. His strength is the ability to rebound the basketball, but his value will be on the trade market.

I believe they will package him and the 1st round pick for a Carmelo Anthony or Boogie Cousins. That pick could also become very valuable if LeBron decided to leave as well.  

There is no way possible that you can convince me that the Celtics won this trade. To me they didn’t improve, but they didn’t take a step back either.  Gang Green will have the firepower to score at will, but who on the court can stop anyone?

The Cavs on the other hand has a chance to be a very solid team this year. They subtracted Kyrie, buy added a guy who averaged more points per game. Kyrie was a decent defender, but they added an even better one in Crowder.  Kyrie would have left anyway after LeBron decides to take his talent to another city. Now the Cavs have a lottery pick in the back pocket that could potentially be a top overall pick to build around for the future.

The C’s stayed stagnant in my opinion, but the Cavs added for now and the future.  

Oh, yeah……… the 1st game of the season is Celtics/Cavs!!!!!

Tyler Butler   Twitter: @Tyler7772

Straight Up With Sturg

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