The JumpOff NBA Update: Playoffs or Playtime?

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May 24, 2017 - 9:18 pm

I really feel like Jim Mora when it comes to this year’s playoffs. Honestly, who thought that the NBA Finals would not feature the Warriors vs. Cavs?  We all knew that was inevitable as soon as KD put the ink to paper on July 4th and ignited fireworks across the free agency spectrum.  Now were here witnessing another matchup   between the two juggernauts, but was this good for the NBA fan?  Was this good for the NBA playoffs?  How can you get excited about a movie when you already know how the movie is going to end?  Despite knowing the outcome, there were some good scenes in this year’s playoffs. 

            The growth of the IT Department was something to watch! Isaiah Thomas provided some light despite playing through one of the darkest time. Most mortals would not have the strength to wake up after such as tragic loss. This man went out and played a game! His team used that situation as fuel to help eliminate the Chicago Bulls. Believe it or not, that was not his most impressive performance. IT went out and dropped 50 on the Washington Wizards the day of his sister’s funeral.  You also saw John Wall solidify himself as one of the best point guards in the league. One could argue that he is defiantly in the conversation of best point guard in the Eastern Conference.  The Milwaukee Bucks proved that they are one of the best young teams in the NBA. The “Greek Freak” showed the world that he’s going to be in future MVP conversations.   

            The Western Conference also had a few good moments as well. Mike Conley finally proved he may be worth part of that ridiculous contract he was rewarded this offseason. The Houston Rockets looked out of this world against the Thunder, but came crashing back down to earth when they faced the Spurs.   Kawhi Leonard may be the best two way player in the game. He proved his worth by putting the clamps on this year’s MVP candidate James Harden. He started to so the same on KD until he was sidelined the rest of the series with an ankle injury.

            What would the playoffs have been without key players going down with an injury? Would it have been a lot more interesting?  Think about it!  The Bulls lost Rondo after being up 2-0.  The Clippers lost Blake Griffin. The Spurs lost Kawhi after being up 20 points on the Warriors.  How would you like Boston’s chances of making this a series with a healthy It?  Sturgis has a saying about the word if, but I don’t think I can type it without getting this blog removed.

            Everyone has been begging to see some actual competitive basketball played.  I promise you we will in the Finals. It’s been nothing for playtime and the playground for the Cavs and Warriors thus far.  Neither team has faced equal level competition.  Watching the Warriors is similar to watching a gamer play NBA 2k on rookie level.  Teams in the East rather play for LeBron than play against him. All of that is over now! No more being the big bully at the playground. No further breezing through teams like its playtime.  Let’s get it on! 
It’s the Finals!


Tyler Butler

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