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June 14, 2017 - 6:06 pm

“They had to build a super team to beat LeBron!” “This is going to ruin the league!”  “How can you beat a team with four superstars?” This is what is being said after the Golden State Warriors cruised through the playoffs thus becoming champions for the second time in three attempts. You can complain, pray, sacrifice an animal all you want, but you will lose if you don’t play by the Golden Rules.

First off, this is not a “super team.”  This was a well thought out process that dates back to 2009. That was the year the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to pass up on Steph Curry for Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn. Flynn by the way is no longer in the league. The Warriors decided to take advantage of the Timberwolves blunder by selecting Curry at #7.  Two years later they struck gold again by selecting Klay Thompson as the 11th pick in the 2011 draft. The following year they selected Draymond ( 2nd round) as every other team in the NBA decided he wasn’t worth drafting in the first round.   Now they have a team in place, but not the right mind to implicate the style of play that best fits the team.  Phil Jackson had the 1st opportunity at Steve Kerr, but decided Derrick Fisher would make a better candidate for some reason. Maybe it was the special trees Phil loves to keep handy from Montana that told him to make that move. So Golden State again took advantage of another teams blunder and hired head coach Steve Kerr.

Do get me wrong, Mark Jackson should be coaching somewhere.  He was the staple that implemented the way Golden State plays defense today. Even Ker will attest to that, but it was Kerr that made this monster in to a juggernaut! They play a style of offense that is as close to unstoppable that you will ever witness. They take advantage of every defensive mistake the opponent makes. It’ll drive the most elite defender nuts!  You must have non-stop   communication with your teammates in order to not give up an open layup or a three.  That offense made a small point guard from Davison a MVP.  Now how can you improve such an unstoppable weapon? You add more powerful ammunition! Golden State literally created fireworks on the 4th of July around the NBA by signing Kevin Durant.  Many pundits called the move weak, but it was all within the rules. Golden State is the pinnacle of basketball genius. People laughed when the owner of the team stated that his organization was light years above the league. He was 100% correct. You too can have a well- oiled machine if you follow the rules.

  1. Draft Well
  2. Sign a coach with a vision
  3. Stick to discipline that was left by others
  4. Implement a revolutionary offense
  5. If the cap room is available, sign a player that puts you over the top
  6. WIN, WIN, and keep WINNING!

The Golden Rules

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