The JumpOff: Can you sense it, NBA season preview

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October 17, 2017 - 8:22 pm

Can you hear that?  That sound you hear is the beautiful noise of Spaulding leather bouncing off some freshly waxed oak flooring.  Did you just see that? That was newly acquired Kyrie Irving throwing an alley off the glass to Gordon Haywood sporting that Boston green.  Could you feel that?  That was the agony of all the fans whose organization decided to trade away its star player to rebuild for the future.  The NBA is back, and I’m here to give you a little taste of what to expect from this upcoming season!

This off season dominated the summer like no other. You had more story lines than the WWE heading into a pay per view.  I know last season may have lost the casual fan, but this season is going to make up for the epic fail from last year. Teams were resting players. Other teams were tanking. You had some teams that were just there so they “…won’t get fined.” like Marshawn Lynch.  That’s not going to be the case this season.  Adam Silver put policies in place that should prevent more teams from tanking and resting players. This is where the NBA separates itself from other professional sports. They adjusted areas that don’t benefit the league or the fans.  I can guarantee one thing for certain this year for the NBA fans, they’re in for a treat this Halloween and it’s not a king-sized Snickers bar from the rich people neighborhoods.

The MVP of the NBA now has some help! The Thunder decided to electrify its offense by adding Melo and PG-13. The Houston Rockets decided to add some more fuel to the fire by trading for CP3.  Boston has the entire east green with envy by adding Kyrie Irving and Gordon. The Cavs are looking like a BEAST by pulling a Rose from Madison Square Garden. They might seem out of sync for a while, but I heard they have a pretty good I.T guy coming in January.  Even the Timberwolves decided to add a new leader of the pack with Jimmy Butler. Wall is going to have to pull off some Harry Potter Wizardry to come out the East this year.  Ahh……the sweet smell of the NBA is back! I can smell the burning of LeBron jersey in the air, but there’s a certain aroma that seems to be tickling my nostril. What is that smell? It’s Chef Curry and that other guy they called a “Cupcake” just cooking up the league again.

Tyler Butler

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