Down 0-2, This Year is Different

Straight Up With Sturg
June 05, 2017 - 2:56 pm

Only four times in NBA history has a team trailing 0-2 in the NBA Finals come back to win.  Yes, Cleveland was one of those teams least season against the very same Golden State Warriors.  No, there won’t be a fifth time, at least this season.

Golden State is better than they were last year for a variety of reasons.  The first is the addition of Kevin Durant.  That’s just simply a role that the Cavaliers have yet to match.  The second reason is Stephen Curry.  As you will remember Curry was hobbling around the court last year with an ankle injury, but this year he is dialed in as Golden State has yet to lose a game in these NBA Playoffs.

Game Two was close for a half.  Golden State opened the lead in the 3rd quarter, and then slammed the door shut in the running away to another 4th quarter blowout.  And the Warriors did all of this despite Lebron James being the best player on the court.  Lebron delivered a “Triple Double” in a single quarter, but it still wasn’t close to being enough.

Now the series returns to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday night.  The Cavs still have the ability to hold serve at home, because their role players who failed to show up on the road are likely to be more comfortable at home.  Kyrie Irving is due a big game after being mostly ineffective at Oracle Arena.

However, if Klay Thompson continues to go off as he did last night on 8 of 12 shooting, I don’t think Cleveland has the answer for that in a seven game series.  Yes, I remember the Cavaliers came back from 0-2 and even 1-3 just a season ago, but I maintain, Golden State is better this season, and Cleveland is not.

The Warriors are on a roll.  No team in NBA history has ever won 14 consecutive playoff games, even spread across two seasons.  I don’t expect Golden State to roll to 16 straight wins, but I do expect the Warriors to be celebrating here in a week or so, to me, it’s just a question of how many games?

** Game 3 is Wednesday night in Cleveland at Quick and Loans Arena.

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