The Curious Case of Tiger Woods

Straight Up With Sturg
June 01, 2017 - 9:04 am

I’ve been a long time Tiger Woods fan.  And I’ve even been a Tiger Woods apologist.  But not tonight.  Not after witnessing the video and audio of Woods weekend arrest of DUI in Jupiter, Florida.  I understand his Blood Alcohol Level was 0.0.  Tiger was loaded, and this time it’s not about him.

Tiger was reckless, and he was a danger to everyone on the road.  If you want to be careless with your own life, that’s fine by me.  When you got in the car and decided to drive, it became about the public.  Falling asleep at a stoplight while under the influence brings safety questions to the general public.  Not to mention two flat tires and some damage to boot.

I’m not the least bit worried about “Tiger Woods the Golfer” because I honestly don’t care if he ever plays again.  Tiger has to find the motivation to get up every day and be part of this world as someone other than “Tiger Woods the Golfer”.  Someone with so much talent should have much more to give to this world than what he does on the course.  Whether he realizes it or not, Woods will now be defined as much by what he does off the course.

I agree with something Josh Phillips said on air Tuesday.  Tiger Woods life hasn’t really been the same since the passing of his father.  Earl Woods seemed to play a role no one has been able to fill.  How can such an accomplished man have no one around to tell him “no”.  “No, you can’t get behind that wheel tonight Tiger”.  Or how about… “No Mr. Woods, we can’t allow you to leave this property in this condition”.

Seriously, is Tiger Woods living in such a vacuum that there is literally not a single person on his estate that could have said “No”?  If he didn’t listen, then what can you do?  But I’m somewhat shocked there was no one around at all.

Now I feel like I’m heading back in to the role of Tiger apologist, and this time I just can’t do that.  Tiger Woods, you could have killed yourself.  But most important to me, you could have killed a completely innocent person.  And that’s unacceptable.

Each and every one of us has been impacted by such an accident.  And we don’t need someone who should never be in this position to do the same.  If I’ve been smart enough to call an Uber, well Tiger, I know you graduated from Stanford.

Tiger Woods has many issues to deal with in the near future, and none of it should be centered on when he is going to play again.  It’s time to get healthy Tiger, in more ways than one.

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