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July 19, 2017 - 3:19 pm

Today marks the glorious day of rookie mini camps to begin. It means you can taste football in the air! Every team has the same record at this time, and all are focused on the same goal.  Most teams coming off a 13-3 season should be focusing on how to implement their rookies into a winning environment this week. Veterans may even be seen at the facilities working out or providing a positive influence on the rookies trying to make the 53 man roster.   The Dallas Cowboys unfortunately are a little different.  History shows they always have been a little different, but when will the bad decision making stop?

The Cowboys are coming off one of their most surprising seasons in a long time with all type of hope for the future. The star QB went down in the pre-season and the back-up QB was lost during last year’s training camp.  No one expected two rookies to have such a big impact their first year. Both Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot made the Pro Bowl in their rookie season which was the first time in franchise history! You would think coming into camp that would be the story line, but the Dallas Cowboys had other plans as always.

Prescott was accused of using a signature machine to print his signature on merchandise that was supposed to be hand signed. He of course has denied ever using such a printing device, but it still creates a black cloud coming into camp. Zeke on the other hand has had numerous hiccups so far in his young career.  The NFL is still looking to suspend Zeke for an incident that happened at Ohio State. It also didn’t help that he was spotted at a marijuana store (which was a legal store) or raising a woman’s shirt at a St. Patrick’s Day parade. He has been involved in two car accidents since being drafted, and was recently reported driving 100 miles per hour on the highway. Unfortunately, Zeke is not the Cowboy that has raised some eyebrows. Here is a list of the suspensions and possible suspensions:

Nolan Carroll: DUI                              Damien Wilson: Aggravated Assault

David Irving: PED                                Shaq Evans (Waived): PED

Zeke Elliot: Numerous incidents      Jourdan Lewis: Domestic Violence        Randal Gregory: Drug Test

This is nothing new for Dallas.  Long live the names of Michael Irving and Nate Newton. Dez has had his share of off the field issues as well.  Please don’t forget Dallas signed Pac-Man Jones and Greg Hardy. I also don’t want you to forget that owner Jerry Jones had a stripper issue a few years back as well. The public should be use to this type of behavior because off the field issues and Cowboys go together like pasta and sauce. Just know the bad boys in black in blue will always be connected to the bad boys in silver and blue. I’m curious to know how the defense will look with half of them leaving in free agency and the other half suspended. I just hope the season doesn’t turn out as bad as the off season has thus far.

Tyler Butler / Straight Up With Sturg

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