A Big What If

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July 22, 2019 - 1:43 pm

With the rate that simple civility in our country, much less the world, has gone down recently; we've always wondered what would be the big "what if" in sports if someone wanted to make a statement and implement a terrorist attack.  Our answer has always been, attack a stadium.

Saturday night at Universal Studios in Orlando, three sets of Mom's and Dad's wondered if that worst fear had been taken to another level.  That was just in our group alone, who knows how many were in the parks that were freaking out, as we saw simply too many.  If you haven't seen the news, Universal Studios in Orlando was shut down for nearly two hours Saturday night.  No one could get out the front.

At first, we hear there has been a bomb threat to Universal Studios.  Our group of eleven had just finished an amazing and long dinner at The Chocolate Emporium in City Walk, and had told our teenage kids they could head back to Cabana Bay and change in to their swim suits as the pool area shuts down at 11 PM.  Again, a long dinner with a long wait, they (16-19 years old) can go ahead and catch the shuttle and we will meet you at the pool.  Or that is what we thought.

After paying our bills, we start making our way to the front of the park, and we see people with children in carriages or elderly adults in wheel chairs scrambling.  We look to the right, and people are running.  We are simply thinking... "Wow, people really want to see those fireworks"!!  We are full, we've had a couple of drinks.  It's six parents simply happy we've made their kids that.

Then the text from Lessie Brooke came in.  It read... "We are at the front of the park, they won't let anyone out, people say it's a bomb threat".  The parents quickly discuss, and Teresa texted her back, "meet us in front of the Italian restaurant ASAP".  Our youngest father in the group took off.  Paul sprinted to that spot, we caught up.  Canada just may have a champion sprinter that is not on dope (Ben Johnson)!!   I was impressed with Paul's moves, he had all the right one's like Tom Cruise with Ampipe High School.

At this point, there are 10,000 or more people trying to get out of the gates and can't.  Then someone reports that the local Orlando TV station says there is a gunmen in the parking deck, and move back.  The parking deck was the direction you head to just exit the park.  Now some Mom's and kids are starting to lose it.

At this point, I'm actually thinking this can't be serious, if it was, they would be giving us directions over the PA system.  Having a day to think about it, that could have created a disaster in itself, as this all turned out to be a non threatening situation.  Thanks to Yvonne, who got online and found out we could get to Sapphire Bay via boat, and walk across the street to our resort, we got out rather innocently.

What if this was real?  So many innocent people and children could have been harmed.  In todays climate, unfortunately every single time you enter a theme park, concert venue, arena, theatre or stadium... you had better be cognizant of what is happening around you.

My greatest fear had always been a football stadium, but the thought of a theme park changed all that.  Most importantly, NEVER give in.  Live your life to the fullest, don't ever let anyone win by being afraid.  If we weren't flying home tomorrow, I'd go back to Universal Studios and wouldn't think twice about it, I just might watch my surroundings a little more carefully.

We are five weeks away from football season, let's start cooking the pigskin as of tomorrow.  Be blessed, be thankful, and just know we appreciate each and every one of you!!

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