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Should The World Be Worried About Lonzo Ball?

November 09, 2017 - 8:31 pm

Author: Brandon Golden


As Lonzo Ball continues to adjust in the NBA, he has also managed to put himself under the spotlight as one of the worst shooters in the NBA. As the former UCLA guard warms up to the challeges of competing in the NBA, his jumpshot has suffered. Ball is currenlty shooting 29.5 percent from the field while shooting 23.1 percent from the three-point line.  

While Ball maintains that his shooting slump is 'all in his head', anxious Laker fans are waiting patiently for things to turn around. There has been speculations about whether or not Ball's form is playing a part in his shooting slump and whether not or not he should consider changing his form. 

Some NBA fans may be wondering why Lonzo Ball is such a hot topic right now and if he has what it takes to compete in this league. To all of the fans who are worried about Ball's abilities I have a bit of advice: take a deep breath and have some patience. Lonzo Ball was put on a very high pedastal by his father, LaVar Ball, who made many guarantees about his son's abilities that you may or may not have believed in. 

Ball is 20 years old and enjoying playing the game of basketball. A game he has played his entire life. He is under more pressure now than he has ever been (thanks to expectations set by his father) and now he has to deliver. While Ball has gotten off to a rough start, this is only the beginning of his career and his game has many changes to go through as he evolves into an NBA calibur player.


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