Rivera: “We’re going to shock the NFL”

Training camp underway

July 25, 2019 - 6:28 pm

The Panthers are being severely underestimated.

That’s according to Coach Ron Rivera, speaking on ESPN Upstate on Thursday as the team’s training camp kicks off.

Despite going 6 and 2 when they had Cam Newton last year, despite making significant improvements on the defensive side of the ball, the over/under for the Panthers is just seven and a half wins.

Rivera is taking it in stride, though, and doesn’t worry about the team being slept on.

“The only way you can prove it is by going out and playing well and winning football games,” Rivera said, speaking with ESPN Upstate’s Marc Ryan at training camp. “That’s what our intent is. Everything we’re doing right now is to improve, to get better as a football team, and go forward.”

Rivera said he’s already pleased by what he’s seen from the team so far.

“We’re very happy with our guys during spring, during the mini camps,” he said. “We’re really happy with the decisions we made during the draft, free agency, and quite honestly, I’m happy with the progress of our quarterback.”

Rivera stressed that the performance of Newton has been proof positive that this season is slated for good things.

“We’ll see today,” Rivera added. “We’ll get an opportunity to watch him. We’ve mapped out how we’ll handle him, how we’ll go through training camp, the types of throws he’ll make – a lot of things we’re doing today are tied in with our installations of offense and our defense. So he’ll get quality work, the work where he needs it. And we’re going to be very smart and diligent with it.”

Listen to the full interview here:

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