The Untold Stories For This Years Stanley Cup

Patrick Brown
May 25, 2018 - 12:08 pm

So besides Bryce Harper and a few grandmothers, not a lot of people had the Capitals vs the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Final; however, I am so happy that this is our final. Not just because the Capitals finally made it to a final, so don’t tweet me about being a homer, but because of the stories that we are getting out of this one matchup. I am not talking about the stories that everyone already knows about but the stories that are so important that no one is talking about. So with that said, let us get into a few stories that no one is talking about.

So, is no one going to talk about a three peat happening? There is one player who is going for three straight Stanley Cup titles. Marc Andre Fleury was the backup goaltender for the Penguins when they won the past two titles but he still got the rings. Don’t even sit here and tell me that Fleury hasn’t been the main reason that the Golden Knights are in this situation. He has been the most dependable player in the Western Conference playoffs. Four shutouts, .947 save percentage, and only letting up 1.68 goals on average throughout the playoffs. Look at those stats and tell me if that sounds like a backup goaltenders stats. Fleury has a very weird opportunity on being added to the three consecutive Stanley Cup club, by himself.

Look the story of Ovechkin finally in the Stanley Cup Finals after 14 years of trying has been everywhere and everyone is talking about it. However, no one is talking about what he has had to go through to get here. Yes, he had to beat the Penguins and the Lightning to get here but there is an aspect he has done that no one is talking about. For the longest time, everyone thought that the Penguins were the Kryptonite for the Capitals but mostly for Ovi. Not only has he beaten the Penguins but he has beaten Chris Kunitz, who played for the Penguins last season, from getting a third straight Stanley Cup. He has beaten most of the members from the Penguins’ team from last season. There is one person he has yet to beat and his name is Marc Andre Fleury. Fleury represents his last test and his most important one. Ovechkin has never beaten a team with Marc Andre Fleury on their roster. Granted he played every season before the Golden Knights with the Penguins but that stat still remains. Will Ovi finally break through his curse or will he get so close just to lose to Fleury again?

This one isn’t really a big story that has any real value to the game but what are we going to see during the pregame when the games are played at Vegas? I am wondering who is going to represent the Capitals against the Golden Knight. They have made the pregame activities more of a must-see attraction that only Vegas can do. So what better way for people to get interested in hockey for the first time than to have them watch the show before the game then watch the main attraction of a Stanley Cup Final.

There are countless other stories that are in this matchup, include Nate Schmidt playing his old team in a place where neither of them have been before but that will be for a different blog going down the road. Get ready for what I believe to be one of the most competitive Stanley Cup Finals we have seen in recent years. Sit back and get ready to enjoy the fireworks.

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