Things Looking Up for The Swamp Rabbits

Patrick Brown
July 19, 2019 - 4:17 pm

Alright, my last blog post was something that I thought was just going to be fun and different, and for the most part people seemed to enjoy it. However, it is time to go back to my bread and butter, hockey. There was some news that I haven't brought up and it could mean some big things for a local team. So, let's dive in on what to look forward to next season for the Greenville Swamp Rabbits.

Look, I will be the first to admit that last season wasn't the best season for the Swamp Rabbits. There were some highs in the season; however, the lows outweighed the highs. They finished last in the south division and had a multitude of problems closing out the season. Once the season ended, fans everywhere were waiting to see what moves they were going to make.

Some big names resigned from the team which shows me that this season is going to move upwards. Resigning Michael Pelech and Johno May were huge for this team moving forward. Pelech owned a share of almost 34 percent of the team's scoring, which was an ECHL high mark, and was a cornerstone for the team on the powerplays. Johno May had probably one of the best rookie seasons in team history. He had 20 goals and 22 assists in 51 games last season before going down with an injury. 

Fan favorites Travis Howe, J.C. Brassard, Luke Ripley, Kamerin Nault, and Adam Larkin will all rejoin the Rabbits for the 2019-2020 season. All these signings mean that the core of the Swamp Rabbits from last season will be back. With the core team back, the foundation of the team is set for year two of coach Kevin Kerr. 

The other announcement that has come out is about the new affiliate. The jerks from the state above join the Swamp Rabbits. The Carolina Hurricanes will join the Swamp Rabbits as their NHL affiliate for the upcoming season. This is a major thing for the team because of the possibilities that come from not only the Hurricanes but also the Charlotte Checkers, the AHL team for the Hurricanes. 

What does this all mean in the grand scheme of things? Quite simply, this means more structure for the team. Players from the Checkers or even the Hurricanes could be brought down to the Swamp Rabbits for conditioning or to redemption to move back up the NHL. Not only that but when players move up to the AHL, they will go to a system that is the same structure as the Swamp Rabbits. 

What does next season bring for the Swamp Rabbits? It brings a lot more structure to the Swamp Rabbits and it also brings some help from a team that made it to the Eastern Conference Final. Year two of coach Kevin Kerr will bring more action and excitement for the fans.

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