eSports Are Taking Over

Patrick Brown
July 12, 2019 - 3:42 pm

There is a whole subculture of sports fans that have been mocked and ridiculed for years, but they remain loyal even to this day. There are people who want to deny what these athletes do isn't athletic in anyway possible, but they would be wrong. However, there are some people who believe it isn't at all possible to be profitable doing this sport, but they would be wrong.

So you are probably reading this right now thinking "What the heck is the guy talking about?" To answer your question, I am talking about the wonderful landscape of eSports.

So what are eSports and why should we care? Allow me to answer the first question for you. eSports are multilayer games that can be played in front of an audience, usually played by pro players. eSports originally started in the arcades, when people would gather to watch some of the best of the best compete for title of being the best gamer. Now it's a much bigger deal.

There are multiple games that are on the forefront of eSports, but the spectrum that ranges with the sport are massive. Obviously games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter Strike, and Call of Duty are still very much the heavy hitters of the sport. Then you get into games like Super Smash Brothers, Hearthstone, and Dota 2 which are still popular but maybe not to the level of the other games.

So now we are on the point of why you should care and take notice, and the answer is simple, in a few years it will draw more viewers than the NFL. Go ahead and take that in for a second, imagine video games winning a rating war against the NFL. Don't believe that this is going to happen, fine let me throw some numbers your way. Last year, the League of Legends World Final had around 100 million unique viewers watching. The 2018 Super Bowl had 98 million unique viewers tuning into the game.

There are multiple reasons for this change, and to be fair a lot of networks are noticing what is happening and changing their way of doing things. First, all of this content is online only. There might be replays of these games on TV everyonce in a while, but for people to watch it live, all they need is a device with some internet connection. Second, most of the popular eSports games are free to play. That means that anyone, at anytime, can go in to play the same games they are watching and try to do what their favorite player just tried in the game. We have all wanted to do the catch in the endzone like OBJ, but some just want hit that sweet snipe in Fortnite with the squad.

I mean on Friday's, there is an event called Friday Fortnite where teams of two compete for 10,000 dollars. They have some of the biggest names playing the event including Ninja, Dr. Lupo, Myth, and more. On average, they will pull around 2 million unique viewers to watch this event over every participant's live stream. On a Friday night, that to me is insane!

So are eSports going to take over the airwaves of sports talk here, most likely not. However, I wanted to bring it up because I feel like people should know about this before it gets to be to the point where you can't look away. We are kind of close to that right now, with the likes of Ninja, Faker, and Scump being some household names in the gaming community. eSports are very much on their way to becoming one of the biggest things in the world, and it is time for people to take it seriously.

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