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Marc Ryan predicts win/loss records for Panthers and Cowboys

NFL Captivates us with Schedule Release

Offsides with Marc Ryan
May 08, 2020 - 2:22 pm


When you stop to realize what's actually happening, it never ceases to amaze. 

Last night, the NFL managed to pause time and captivate America...over a schedule. 


And I know we're in a pandemic, and I know nothing else is going on, but they do this every year. And we fall for it, with smiles on our faces. Hook. Line. Sinker. The NFL's ability to completely comandeer the twelve month calendar is perhaps the most impressive accomplishment of any sports league of all-time. There was a day where baseball's ratings equaled those of the NFL. Those days have long since passed. 

When you consider how the NFL has laid out its schedule, with an attempt to monopolize and dominate the calendar year and the sports calendar with as many events as possible, the fact they've been able to successfully carry out the vision is beyond impressive.

January - Playoffs

February - Super Bowl and NFL Combine

March - Free Agency

April - Draft

May - Schedule Release

July - Training Camp

August - Preseason

September - December - Season


The NFL concedes actually one month all year, and do you want to bet against their ability to figure out something compelling to drop in there? Me either.


Let's get to some schedule predictions:



Faces all twams with losing records until Week 7

Raiders - Win

At Tampa Bay - Loss

At Los Angeles Chargers - Loss

Arizona - Win

At Atlanta - Loss

Chicago - Win

At New Orleans - Loss

Atlanta - Win

At Kansas City - Loss

Tampa Bay - Loss

Detroit - Wins

At Minnesota - Loss

Bye - You must go undefeated against the bye.

Denver - Win

At Green Bay - Loss

At Washington - Win

New Orleans - Loss

Record Prediction: 7-9


Dallas Cowboys

Only two of their first nine opponents made the playoffs last season.

At Los Angeles Rams - Loss

Atlanta - Win

At Seattle - Loss

Cleveland - Win

Giants - Win

Arizona - Win

At Washington - Win

At Philadelphia - Loss

Pittsburgh - Win


At Minnesota - Loss

Washington - Win

At Baltimore - Loss

At Cincinnati - Win

San Francisco - Loss

Philadelphia - Win

New York Giants - Win

Record Prediction: 10-6


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