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Instant Reaction: Auburn vs. SC and Clemson vs. GT

Instant Reaction: Auburn vs. SC and Clemson vs. GT

Offsides with Marc Ryan
October 17, 2020 - 4:54 pm


South Carolina 30, Auburn 22


Ladies and gentlemen, Will Muschamp did it. In a game where his back was against the wall, in a game Offsides with Marc Ryan defined as D-day, in a reputation enhancing effort, the Gamecocks came through. It's the kind of performance that changes a team's self image. 

Muschamp was 2-23 in his last 25 games against top 25 opposition. No longer.

"Just wait. South Carolina will beat themselves." No longer.

The Gamecocks were 1-10-1 against Auburn. No longer. 

South Carolina will play not to lose. No longer.

Bad luck will find the Gamecocks. No longer. 

South Carolina can't man up against one of the SEC's blue bloods. No longer.


And Amen to that. But id didn't start out that way.

After a first half in which Auburn outgained South Carolina 253-119, it appeared the Gamecocks were only in the game because Tigers quarterback Bo Nix wanted to keep them in it. Then, the second half. South Carolina put its foot on Auburn's throat. They controlled the line of scrimmage. They pressured Bo Nix. They imposed their will on Auburn. They pounded the rock. 

Kevin Harris. How about that kid? Don't let anyone tell you he isn't one of the best backs in the country. 

Why was Auburn's gameplan to throw at Jaycee Horn all day?

South Carolina did something they've needed to do but that we haven't yet seen in Muschamp's tenure. They established an identity. They were physical. In my opinion, South Carolina has won the line of scrimmage in all four games they've played this season. This is a team that wants to beat you up, and when they're on their game, they do just that. 

And suddenly, this daunting schedule doesn't seem too intimidating now, does it?


Texas A&M

@Ole Miss




How many of those games are unwinnable? One? You know, I picked the Gamecocks to beat LSU this season before the year began. And we said on the show SC's ceiling is 7-3 with this schedule. I've seen nothing that changes my mind.


Congratulations, Gamecocks. You've earned it. Enjoy this one. It's a new day.


Clemson 73, Georgia Tech 7

Would you like the good news or the bad new first?

Ok, ok. Let's get it out of the way. Trevor Lawrence came thirteen passes short of breaking Russell Wilson's conference streak of 379 consecutive ACC passes without an interception. In the first half, Trevor Lawrence overshot his receiver, when, under pressure he threw off of his back foot. 

Awful news, right? Oh, not really? Well,. that's about all that went wrong for Clemson on this fine day.

You couldn't beat Georgia Tech worse than 73-7 in NCAA Football the video game. Even with Clemson. Even junior varsity mode. 

And was this host here ever more wrong? Ya see, what had happened was, on Thursday's show, I said I thought Georgia Tech could be Clemson's bugaboo game of this season. It had all of the characteristics; a noon kickoff to promote a flat effort, no one was talking about this game, an improved opponent, and playing on the road. In year's past, Clemson would have scuffled around with this team. 

That was then. This is now.

Please name one NFL team that would have beaten Georgia Tech worse than 73-7 today. I'll wait. This is a program that, perhaps, no longer has that one, unexpected, blood pressure raising contest against an infereior opponent each season. At least not on Trevor Lawrence's watch.

The defense contributed five sacks, holding Georgia Tech to 84 yards passing and 204 yards of total offense. 

Amari Rodgers is developing into a legit #1 wide receiver, hauling in six catches for 161 yards and two scores. 

Trevor Lawrence three for 391 yards.Impressive, right?  How about in the first half? 

Clemson had six rushers in double figures for 171 yards on the ground.


And they showed that no one in their conference is going to threaten them this season. Not Notre Dame. Not anybody. See you in 2021, Clemson. See you in the College Football Playoff. 


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