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How the Initial CFP Rankings Should Look

Will the CFP Committee Get it Right?

Offsides with Marc Ryan
November 24, 2020 - 10:00 am


The initial College Football Playoff Rankings will be revealed tonight after the conclusion of Offsides with Marc Ryan on ESPN. If the committee crosses their T's and dots their I's appropriately, here's what the top ten will look like. But since the committee is known for its unpredictability, here's how the top ten SHOULD appear. 

1. Alabama - Wasn't this supposed to be a rebuilding year? Oh that's right. Saban doesn't have those. Silly me. A 63-3 victory over Kentucky wouldn't have surprised anyone ten years ago. But THIS Kentucky? With top 25 talent? Sheesh. No further questions.

2. Notre Dame - Owners of the best win of any team in college football, the Fighting Irish may remain in even after a loss in the ACC Championship game. Will they be tested against North Carolina this Saturday? *Shakes Magic 8-ball* Signs point to no. 

3. Ohio State - This isn't the Ohio State of 2019. They're vulnerable, especially defensively, and Indiana forced Justin Fields into mistakes no one else did a season ago. And make no mistake; they'll have to finish the Big Ten slate unbeaten to get in, with a win in the conference championship game. 

4. Clemson - While not as dominant as their form of last season, I get the season that this Clemson outfit is angry, has a chip on their shoulder, and has quite a bit to prove. I wouldn't want to face these guys in the season's final month. All is still there for the taking, and the Tigers control their own destiny. 

5. Texas A&M - Phil Steele had the Aggies #5 in his Power Poll in his CFB magazine, and many laughed. Guess who's laughing now? Jimbo is now seeing the trees of his labor in College Station bear fruit, and I was flat wrong about Kellen Mond. He's improved by leaps and bounds as a passer. If Texas A&M goes unblemished the reat of the way, they'll be hard for the committee to keep out.

6. Florida - Florida controls its destiny, and they do so completely. All Florida has to do is beat Alabama...that's all, no biggie, and win their final three regular season contests against Kentucky, Tennessee, and LSU, and the Gators will be in the Final Four. Hey, a Gator grad can hope, right?

7. Northwestern - Forget where they began the season (unranked). Forget what they did or didn't do last season (3-9). The fighting Rece Davises are an incredibly underrated unit who can beat anyone. The Wildcats also control their own destiny, and if you think beating the Buckeyes is a bridge too far, thing again. 

8. Cincinnati - A Group of Five team that doesn't play like one. They've been rolling folks in the best non Power Five league all season. Sadly, I don't think they'll have the necessary schedule strength to touch the top four.

9. Indiana - Were you as impressed as I was at the Hoosiers effort Saturday? Indiana had the ball with a chance to tie Ohio State in regulation. These aren't your fatgher's Hoosiers, and Tom Allen has built an unheralded Big Ten force.

10. BYU - Boy oh boy did they make a mistake. The Cougars had a chance to schedule Washington this Saturday and backed out, according to sources. Why, you ask? They like their position i the rankings. They'll regret that decision mightily Tuesday night. A win over the Huskies would have greatly bolstered a resume that is otherwise lacking. 

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