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Carolina Lands Great Player, But Passes up a Hall of Famer

Offsides with Marc Ryan
April 24, 2020 - 12:07 pm

The Carolina Panthers selected Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown in Thursday night's opening round, and in so doing landed a hell of a player. He's compiled double digit tackles for losses each of the past two seasons, and was both an indestructable force and an immovable object on the Tigers D-line. I truly have no complaints about the player the Carolina Panthers landed.

I just hate that they passed up a Hall of Famer.

Isaiah Simmons is that dude. He's the most athletic, diverse player the NFL has seen in quite some time. His NFL comparisons have run the gamut, from speedy Lavonte David type linebackers to Sean Taylor on the back end. In today's complex game of multiple disguised looks within the same possession, Simmons is the baddest swiss army knife on the planet. 

My frustration with Carolina has nothing to do with passing up the local kid and everything to do with missing on football's version of Zion Williamson; a never before seen combination of elite athleticism and smarts under one shell. A baller that can play anywhere.

Quick Takes

- Aaron Rodgers is said to be "Beside himself" at his team's selection of Jordan Love in the first round. Wouldn't you be? With their best selection, Green Bay did nothing to address the patently clear talent gap that exists between their roster and San Francisco's. I smell a divorce coming sooner than later. Will Rodgers be the next octogenarian to leave the only franchise he's ever known?

- Detroit was mentioned as the team that held the keys to the draft. Yet, by staying put and selecting Jeff Okudah, that distinction shifted to the Las Vegas Raiders. Jon Gruden surprised by taking the player the team after them was pining for, San Francisco and Henry Ruggs III. A more feeble-minded president of football operations would have panicked, but that's not John Lynch. He pivoted, picked up a 4th rounder from Tampa to move down one spot, then nailed his team's selection with Javon Kinlaw. On Kinlaw: what a story, what a kid, what an athlete. The 49ers just landed their newest star.

- In the Tua vs. Herbert debate and the battle between two often clueless, meddling franchises, Miami finally put its best foot forward. One of these two was going to land the next Steve Young. One was going to land a rather mediocre over-hyped surfer boy. With Tua, Miami has the requisite star to get butts in seats, whenever that time may arise.

- It defies all rational thought that Tee Higgins is still available. I think he's the best wide receiver in this class. Back to back 1,000 yard seasons, and clear Trevor Lawrence's favorite target, and you're telling me Jalen Reagor and Brandon Aiyuk are better? The NFL doesn't want to see a mad Tee, but the NFL is going to get a mad Tee. All of us will benefit from it. And of course, the always classy Tee Higgins congratulated his mates that were drafted last night, despite the fact he was left at the altar. Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. As a sophomore. Scottie Pippen was a walk on at something called Central Arkansas and was the team manager. We know how that turned out. It will be the same for the special Clemson son. 

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