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NFL Division Predictions

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Offsides with Marc Ryan
August 01, 2019 - 6:33 pm

Another NFL season is upon us, and Offsides is putting its’ crew to the test. Below, please find Marc and Lonzo’s record predictions for every division in the National Football League. Who’s predictions will prove to be the most accurate? And what should Marc and Lonzo have on the line as a bet?


AFC East


Buffalo Bills 7-9

Miami Dolphins 5-11

New York Jets 8-8

New England Patriots 11-5


Lonzo –

Buffalo Bills 6-10

Miami Dolphins 5-11

New York Jets 9-7

New England Patriots 10-6



Marc – If this division wasn’t softer than Charmin, I’d say the Patriots would be ripe for the picking. Since it’s not, the weakest Patriots roster we’ve seen in the past 15 seasons still cruises to a division title because the Bills have the wrong quarterback, the dolphins have no quarterback, and the Jets are in transition.

Lonzo – I want with everything within my being to say that the Patriots are done, but I can’t. Patriots win this, but not as easy as in the past. Keep an eye on those Jets!


AFC South


Indianapolis Colts 11-5

Houston Texans 9-7

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-6

Tennessee Titans 7-9



Indianapolis Colts 9-7

Houston Texans 10-6

Jacksonville Jaguars 9-7

Tennessee Titans – 8-8



Marc – Chris Ballard is a whiz kid of a general manager who has completely restocked the shelves in Indianapolis in a short period of time. Not only will the Cols win the division, I consider them a dark horse Super Bowl Champion contender.

Lonzo – I really like ‘The Big Nerd’, Andrew Luck, but he is injury prone and might be sitting out the pre-season. Deshaun Watson shines this season as the Texans win the division. Dearest mother, we were oh so close….but failed again.


AFC West



Broncos – 6-10

Chiefs – 12-4

Chargers – 11-5

Raiders – 5-11




Broncos 10-6

Chiefs 14-2

Chargers 8-8

Raiders 9-7



Marc – The Chargers and Derwin James will make this division competitive, but ultimately the Pete Maravich of the NFL, Pat Mahomes, will prove to much as Kansas City marches to the Super Bowl.

Lonzo – Each year the Chiefs move one step closer to the prize under head coach Andy Reid. This is their year to make it to the show. Pat Mahomes is the reigning, defending, undisputed MVP of the league and he will repeat. Chargers take a step back. Broncos and Raiders will be tough.


AFC North



Bengals – 5-11

Browns – 9-7

Steelers – 11-5

Ravens – 7-9



Bengals 8-8

Browns 10-6

Steelers 9-7

Ravens 9-7



Marc – The Browns are everyone’s flavor of the month, and there’s good reason. Baker Mayfield will be great. What isn’t as nice is the schedule which, when combined with many new faces needing to blend together, will result in a strong finish that’s ultimately too little too late. The Steelers return to form and capture the North.

Lonzo – The Browns will be the team to watch. Yes, I’m from Ohio and I want my best friend to wear his Browns gear proudly. Steelers are on the decline but they’re not done yet.


NFC East



Redskins 5-11

Cowboys 10-6

Eagles 9-7

Giants 4-12



Redskins 8-8

Cowboys 10-6

Eagles 8-8

Giants 4-12



Marc – It’s interesting that neither Lonzo nor I are buying the Super Bowl Champion of the season before last. Carson Wentz has been injury prone at every level of football he’s ever played at. I’m just not going to put down on that stock. Way too many “ifs.” The Cowboys steady rise continues.

Lonzo – Cowboys win this as long as Zeke is in camp. No Zeke and they will fall. Jerry will pay him. Carson Wentz hasn’t made it through a season without injury. The Giants are horrible and the Redskins will surprise, if Haskins is the starter.


NFC South



Bucs 5-11

Panthers 11-5

Saints 13-3

Atlanta 8-8



Bucs 6-10

Panthers 10-6

Saints 9-7

Atlanta 10-6



Marc – The Saints are hell bent on revenge. They’ll get it in a season where Drew Brees will prove he’s aging better than Tom Brady. Meanwhile, over our way, the Panthers, who’ve improved in many areas unbeknownst to many, are the league’s surprise team of 2019.

Lonzo – The Panthers will shock the world, or at least most of the media, and win the division. The Saints will suffer a Super Bowl hangover and Atlanta will bounce back.


NFC North



Detroit 6-10

Minnesota 10-6

Green Bay 9-7

Chicago 11-5



Detroit – 7-9

Minnesota 5-11

Green Bay – 10-6

Chicago – 11-5



Marc – Is Mitchell Trubisky real or a mirage? He’s shown glimpses, but that’s all they are at this point. And with a Super Bowl ready roster around him, that faint rustling of dissent from fans in the distance will grow to a roar that the team passed on Mahomes and Watson for a quarterback who clearly hasn’t been their equal. Trubisky’s steep learning curve prevents the Bears from being a true Super Bowl contender, but that roster is good enough to take the division.

Lonzo – Da Bears!!! Green Bay will contend. Kirk Cousins is such a joke!!


NFC West



Arizona 6-10

Seattle 10-6

49ers 7-9

Rams 12-4



Arizona 3-13

Seattle 8-8

49ers 9-7

Rams 12-4



Marc – In a division that finds itself in a transition period, the Rams are still the best of the lot. Darrell Henderson will be a surprise Rookie of the Year candidate at running back, and I predict this team will release Todd Gurley a year from now. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals will make up with excitement what they fail to produce in wins.

Lonzo – The Rams have a choke hold on this division. San Francisco will get a better outing from Garapppolo, who is coming off of injury, but will get back to the player he was in New England. Seattle is on the decline and will continue to do so. Kyler Murray is short and will be a bust.


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