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Two Nights At Fenway

Don't Let The Few Represent The Many

Mike Venditti
May 03, 2017 - 9:11 am

What happened to Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones on Tuesday night at Fenway Park was inexcusable and as a Red Sox fan, embarrassing.  What happened at Fenway Park to Adam Jones last night was proof that the few will never represent the many.

Unfortunately this type of racist behavior happens far too often and in far too many sporting and non-sporting venues.  

Yes, Boston has an embarrassing history of racism, but painting a single town as the only place there is an issue is trivializing the very real, very troubling issue we have with race in America.

This unacceptable behavior must be stopped.  

Whether you're at a game in Boston, Chicago, L.A. or not allow the few to represent the many.  Report this type of behavior immediately to stadium security and help ensure at least one less racist buffoon will be at the ballpark.  

We must work together to stop hate.  


See how Fenway welcomed Adam Jones last night here:

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