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Jake Bentley Should Be Confident, It's His Job To Be

Mike Venditti
May 25, 2017 - 11:31 am

Jake Bentley said some things.  

For some reason, the fan base that's still celebrating a championship is obsessed with it.  

That's what I can't wrap my head around in this situation.  Not Bentley, Clemson fans.

What was Bentley supposed to say?  

"Yeah, well we were lucky to have even been mediocre last year.  The last coach left us a bunch of garbage to work with.  I'm expecting us to get lit up again this year against Clemson as we struggle to remain average."


That's asinine, but you'd think that it is what was expected from the folks in orange.  

Why do you care, Clemson fan?  

Seriously.  Your team is on top of the college football world.  All I ever see from your fan base is conversation about how irrelevant South Carolina is right now...yet you lost your mind when you saw the QB of your rival do what a team leader is supposed to do and exude confidence, regardless of how deserved it is.

Bentley isn't talking to Clemson fans.  He's talking to Gamecock fans, alumni and players.  He is saying what he is supposed to say as a leader trying to instill confidence on his team.

Eventually fans will realize that you aren't a better fan for being petty and hateful all the time.  What makes a better fan is the fan that rises above being petty and decides instead to spend his or her time on his or her own team.  Celebrate Tiger fans. You guys are the National Champs.

I am a Patriots fan. They are the defending Super Bowl champs.  You know what I won't be doing this summer as we head into the 2017 NFL season?  Listening to, obsessing over and flipping out about things that Dolphins, Bills and Jets players say about the Patriots or any talent gap that might or might not exist.  It's irrelevant and throwing a Twitter fit over it with petty, hate-based idiocy is unnecessary. 

I mean, Clemson fans say it all the time, the Gamecocks are irrelevant to why do you care so incredibly much?



See Bentley's comments here:

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