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Mike Venditti
April 10, 2017 - 11:38 am

When I used to co-host a morning show in Orlando, I would try to write Inside the Mind of Ditti blogs every morning and would wrap up weeks with a "News and Notes" column.  So I'm bringing it back and playing the old reverse card from Uno and doing in on Mondays!

So here we go...

Hey Football fans, shut up about Yadier Molina

We get it.  The NFL and their fans love overblown scandals, but please leave the ignorance at the door when you try to pretend you care about baseball.

In baseball, we don't stop the world over potential minor rules violations.  In fact, when it comes to manipulation of the ball, we are completely okay with it if done subtly and safely.  So if there happened to be a little pine tar on the ball that stuck itself to Yadi's chest protector, either from Molina himself or the pitcher, who cares.

That's right, I'll say it again...WHO CARES?

Hitters don't care when pitchers slightly doctor the baseball in order to better grip the ball, in fact they like it.  Something about a guy throwing a baseball towards you at high velocities makes one want that guy to have full control of said baseball.

Yes, the Cardinals had their hacking "scandal," but the Ben Maller's of the world need to let this nonsensical fake scandal go. Unless you go full Pineda, nobody cares if you doctor the ball a little bit.

When did Most Valuable Player become Winningest Player?

I always find it hilarious to see all of the argument that surrounds MVP races in all leagues.  Everybody has their own list of reasons why a player should or should not win the award and everybody you ask is 100% confident that their choice is the MVP.

This year, it really shouldn't be as much of a discussion as people are making it in the NBA.

To me, there is one stipulation that I feel that leagues should implement with this award....playoffs.  If your team is a playoff team and you are the reason for it then you may be the MVP.  Nothing bothered me more than Alex Rodriguez winning MVPs for the cellar dwelling Texas Rangers in the early 2000s.

Well, in the 2016-17 NBA season there are a number of players that could be considered MVP candidates, but really only two that I feel fit the meaning of the award.

LeBron James and Russell Westbrook.

Why?  Easy...neither the Thunder nor the Cavs would be in the NBA Playoffs without these two men.

Yes, James Harden is a very close third in this category for me, but I still put LBJ and Westbrook above him for MVP.  Honestly, I could almost interchange Harden and James and be okay with it.  The point of the story is that Westbrook is hands down the MVP of the NBA in 2016-17.

When you break records, overcome losing a league MVP and still make the are the most valuable player in the league.

Westbrook had 42-triple-doubles. 42.  That is absolutely insane on its own.

Now add in the fact that the Thunder were able to get a 6-seed in the Western Conference on the back of Westbrook ALONE. Former league MVP Kevin Durant left town, the team traded Serge Ibaka and Westbrook still took them to the playoffs and not in a "snuck in" kind of way. They're the 6-seed.

That, to me, is the end of the discussion. Without Westbrook, the Thunder are the Kings or Magic, with Westbrook they're facing the Rockets in the post-season.



If you didn't think Homer Time was a part of the news and notes...then you were dead wrong!

The Boston Red Sox didn't have the greatest weekend in Detroit, but thanks to the work of the only active Hall of Famer in major league history, Sandy Leon (credit: Jared Carrabis), the Sox have a chance to split the 4-game series today with Chris Sale on the mound.

The flu definitely took its toll on the Sox, but outside of a bullpen collapse on Saturday, this team has only really had one bad game.  With a win today the Sox would head back home for their first tilt of the year with their division rival Baltimore Orioles at 4-2.  If they are 4-2, heading home and finally healthy...then I expect to see an example set for how this division will go for the rest of the season!

Secondary homer time!


Another home match for the Lions and another 3-points AND clean sheet!

Yes, it would be nice to see more goals.  Yes, it would be great if Larin continued to score and Rivas began to score.  Yes, it would be amazing if everybody was healthy.

Thing doesn't matter right now because through 4-matches OCSC has 9-points and hasn't lost at home.

I'll take it.

Last, but not least...#BeBetterFans.

I loathe college recruiting hype and this weekend was reason number one.

Xavier Thomas, defensive end and #1 overall recruit for 2018, made his decision to play football for Clemson rather than South Carolina or anybody else this weekend and once again I had to witness the petty, childish nature of this rivalry.

On a picture perfect spring day in South Carolina, folks spent all day on social media whining and crying about the decision a teenage they don't know made in his own personal life.  Some morons even went as far as to attack the kid on social media.


I am an obsessed sports coming from me this is huge...but seriously people, it's just bleeping sports.  If your day-to-day life is so easily swayed by the decisions of teenagers, then you really need to do some soul-searching.  And if you are SO mad about a kid making his own personal life decisions that you spend an entire Saturday in April on Twitter saying awful things to him about need to be institutionalized and removed from society.

When fall comes around your favorite football team will have a full roster and show up to play.  They may not have all the players that you hoped they would, but they are still there to suit up and play for your enjoyment. Be a grown up and instead of being a jerk to those that decided not to play for your team, cheer harder for the guys that decided to come play for them.  If they lose, cheer even harder to show them that you're just happy they came to play for your enjoyment. 

Stop being idiots, stop embarrassing yourself and your university. BE BETTER FANS!

That's it for this week's "News and Notes" blog.  Make sure to catch me on The Huddle with Greg McKinney once a week and keep an eye out for some new podcasts...I promise they are coming!


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