Inside the Mind of Ditti: It's Not For You...And That's Perfectly Okay

Mike Venditti
April 25, 2017 - 3:27 pm

"Baseball is boring..."

It's a tweet, comment or statement that us baseball diehards deal with on a daily basis.  It's also not fact...but of course just your opinion.  Yet, when I reply "to you", the person always goes well out of their way to try to prove that it's just simply boring and not a matter of personal taste.

Problem is a matter of taste.  Most things are.

You may have enjoyed baseball when you were younger, but think it's unbearable now.  That is simply your tastes changing.  It happens to us all.  It does not mean that baseball has to pander to you in order to get you back.  Baseball just isn't for you anymore....and that's perfectly okay.

There is no written or unwritten rule requiring a sports fan to thoroughly enjoy every single sport equally.  I don't.

I love baseball, far more than every other sport.  With my ever-growing passion for Orlando City Soccer, my second favorite sport is a photo finish between soccer and football now.  Hockey would come next and then basketball for the "major" team sports in our country.

As a broadcaster in the sports talk field, I do my best to watch all sports in order to talk about them all on-air.  That being said, I personally find basketball games (both NCAA and NBA) to be kinda boring.  Does this mean that basketball is boring?  

Of course it doesn't.

Personally I am not a big fan of basketball.  When I was a pre-teen in the Sacramento area, I was a huge fan of the NBA.  I was even a huge fan of college hoops when I was younger.  I guess it's just not for me anymore....and that's perfectly okay.

I am not going to go around yelling "basketball is boring" at every single person that enjoys it. I also don't need basketball to change simply because I fell out of love with it. That would be ridiculous.

Think about this.  There are 321.4-million people in the United States of America.  The average number of viewers for Super Bowl LI was 111.3-million people. There are literally hundreds of millions of Americans that do not care about your beloved NFL.

They probably find it boring.

Is it boring?  

Of course not.  It's just not for them....and that's perfectly okay.

A lot of you probably don't enjoy certain genres of music or certain artists.  Those genres and artists are most likely enjoyed by millions of other people. It's just a matter of personal taste.

So please, for the sake of logical conversation, rational thought and really just to return to the realm of reality...instead of screaming from the rooftops that "baseball is boring" just take a deep breath and realize that it's just not for you....

And that's perfectly okay.


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