Inside the Mind of Ditti: Enough is Enough

Mike Venditti
May 04, 2017 - 12:05 pm

The Orioles and Red Sox saga continues tonight at Fenway Park, but I've had enough of it all.

Whether it's the bean balls, the attempted bean balls or the asinine one-sided recollection of both fan bases. I'm beyond ready for it all to end....but it probably won't. 

It won't because of the mysterious, boneheaded and pointless unwritten rules of the game.  Thanks to these rules that don't actually exist, we will probably see more drama between these two clubs.  If not tonight, count on it happening sometime soon as the Red Sox travel to Baltimore to start June. 

The initial blame for the idiocy we've witnessed over the last couple of weeks is undoubtedly on the Red Sox and their manager John Farrell. 

They decided to defend a guy (Dustin Pedroia) that didn't want to be defended.  Even worse, they waited until the next game, even though Orioles "bad guy" Manny Machado had another at-bat after his questionable slide that injured the Red Sox second baseman. 

That doesn't even follow the fictional rule and Pedroia said that in his exchange with Machado after the head-hunting fastball from releiver Matt Barnes. 

Barnes was ejected and suspended, Pedroia and Machado seemed to squash the beef and this thing should have been over right then and there...but that's where the Orioles earned their portion of the blame. 

Baltimore decided to continue the moronic bean ball fest by throwing at Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts on Monday night.  In terms of how one should throw at a batter (which they really never should purposefully) the O's did in fact do it the "right way" by hitting Betts in his upper thigh area. 

Flash forward to Tuesday.

The Red Sox decided they didn't want to be out done in the battle for biggest buffoons in baseball this week as Chris Sale again took aim at Machado, just this time throwing a hard fastball behind him.  Again, the better way to do something that is it shouldn't have been done. 

That's the of it end, right?  Nope.  Later in the game another Red Sox outfielder, Andrew Benintendi, had to duck an 89 MPH fastball thrown directly at his head.  

After the Tuesday's game it was again a war of blaming on social media and finger-pointing on both cities' local networks.  

Interestingly enough...all fans and all local media members in Boston and Baltimore are right about the other side.  They're just being irrational and overly homer (saying a lot coming from me) about their own side.

Let's quickly go over my thoughts on the buffoonery before moving on.

  1. The Red Sox deserve most of the blame for starting the nonsense.
  2. The Orioles deserve some blame for continuing the nonsense.
  3. John Farrell and Buck Showalter both need to be punished in some way for allowing the nonsense to continue.
  4. I am all for LONG suspensions for all players that throw at heads.
  5. I am for a suspension of Chris Sale for extending the drama another night. that we've gotten all of that out-of-the-way, we've arrived at Wednesday night.

A lot of fans and media members were upset with umpire Sam Holbrook for overzealously throwing out Orioles starting pitcher Kevin Gausman after a rogue slider plunked Red Sox (And former Greenville Drive) shortstop Xander Bogaerts in the hip area.

I'm not that upset with Holbrook.  He was wrong...I'm just not that upset with him. 

Of course Gausman wasn't throwing at Bogaerts intentionally and didn't deserve to be tossed.  Of course Chris Sale should have been tossed the night before if Gausman was tossed last night.  The problem is, Holbrook has had enough just like I have.  

Holbrook overreacted in an effort to stop the idiocy from continuing...and he kinda did, didn't he?

The only other drama at Fenway on Wednesday night was between Holbrook and Adam Jones and then of course another incident involving a moronic, hateful, bigoted fan...but that's a whole different discussion.

I don't agree with what Holbrook did.  It was bad umpiring, but it was also Major League Baseball's fault.

When Joe Torre announced that there would be no pre-game warning issued to the Orioles and Red Sox, he welcomed the opportunity for the O's to retaliate...again.  It seemed to me like the league wanted the brawl to be perfectly honest.  Due to this, Holbrook and the rest of the crew were on edge, expecting the worst. 

Maybe, just maybe, the worst didn't come because of Holbrook.

Sure Sale is a starter and who threw at Machado last, but all of the head hunting has been done by relievers.  The more expendable pitchers.  If Gausman doesn't get tossed then who knows what could have happened when Showalter went to the pen later in the game. 

This is a big, big problem for Major League Baseball.  One that extends far beyond the Boston and Baltimore drama.  I personally agree with MLB writer Ryan Fagan of The Sporting News when he says that it's prevention, not punishment that will end this.

There needs to be specific and strict rules in place for head hunters.  Rules with punishments so harsh that nobody will ever want to try it again.

This entire situation has been an absolute embarrassment for the league and that's not even factoring in the embarrassing reality of racism in ballparks that also arose during this series in Fenway...twice.

People like to claim that the bat flips and home run celebrations set bad examples for kids.  Well, this garbage we've seen in Boston and Baltimore over the last two weeks sets a FAR worse example than celebrating doing something amazing ever will.

Stop perpetuating the violence and glorifying bean balls and brawls if you're really concerned with the example being set for our youth. 

I really hope that tonight's game can be drama free...but I'm not very confident that it will be.

Oh, and before I wrap this up...on the topic of the disgusting bigoted morons at the Fens this week.  

They are the few and do not represent the many.  They are a problem in Boston, they are a problem in Chicago and they are a problem in Greenville.  Do not allow these hateful, disgusting human beings to continue to represent your fan bases.  Report any and all intolerant remarks and other abusive actions to stadium security.

It will take a unified front to combat these old-world thinking buffoons.  Let's work together and always remember to #BeBetterFans! 


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